Chapter 285 - Cutting Off All Means of Retreat

Chapter 285 - Cutting Off All Means of Retreat

In the dark space, there was no night and day. Thus, there was no way to tell time. Yun Che didn’t know how long he was stuck in there, and in his heart, there was only the thought of trying to get out of here with all his might. The first step was to completely recover from his injury.

He concocted medicine, and with Purple Veined Heaven Crystal in addition with Great Way of the Buddha's recovery power, Yun Che’s recovery rate was extremely quick. Within half a month, his wounds were completely healed. In this type of surrounding, Yun Che’s originally life threatening wounds did not even worsen to cause his death, but instead rapidly recovered. Within everything he has seen and heard, and within all his experiences, it was the first time he was secretly shocked… This could not simply be called a recovery… but a rebirth!

His back that was originally struck into a bloody skeleton, and his backbone that nearly snapped, was now perfectly fine, without even a spot of scarring left behind, which was completely unbelievable!

“What an interesting fellow, unexpectedly fully recovering from this kind of wound in such a short period of time. This was mostly unrelated to medical skill, it looks like you trained in some type of miraculous Profound Art! But I have lived for a few hundred years, and I have never heard of such an amazing level of Profound Art existing! “ the demon said with a low voice. Looking at the killing intent starting to gather in Yun Che’s eyes, he laughed loudly and said: “You think you can kill me just because you recovered from your wounds and that I can’t move? Even though my profound strength has been greatly suppressed because of this formation, with just your miniscule Spirit Profound Realm, you shouldn’t even think about killing me. You can’t even hurt a strand of my hair!”

His wounds had fully recovered, and his profound strength had also recovering to around ninety percent. Yun Che grabbed Dragon Fault, and said with a heavy face while standing at the edge of the enchantment: “In this place, if it’s not you who dies, then it’s me who dies! Since I actually managed to survive, then I definitely wouldn’t let myself die again… the one who’s going to die is only you!”

“His profound strength is being suppressed, but looking at the aura he emitted before at the Sword Management Terrace, he could probably release the strength of an early stage Emperor Profound Realm. Even though you’re not suppressed by the formation, the distance between you and him is too too far, killing him is simply just a dream. But his body is tied up, and he can only move one hand, so he can’t chase after you. With Star God’s Broken Shadow and Sealing Cloud Locking Sun, keeping your life when attacking him isn’t a hard thing to do… If you want to know whether or not there’s a possibility of killing him, then you can try and see.” Jasmine lightly reminded. But clearly, she didn’t believe Yun Che could actually kill this demon.

“Without trying, how could I know!”

Yun Che’s brows sank. He swung Dragon Fault, activated Burning Heart, and quickly charged within the boundary. The feeling of suppression suddenly hit him, but then instantly disappeared. He gazed at the demon’s only movable right hand, tightly focusing with his whole body, but surprisingly, after he charged into the boundary, the demon didn’t attack him. Under his long white hair, he stared at Yun Che with those gloomy eyes that contained no hostility.

Until he got close in front of the demon, the demon still did not move a single bit.

“Haah! Overlord’s Fury!”

Yun Che growled, and Dragon Fault brought along a shocking wave of pressure that perilously pounded towards the demon. Yun Che’s only goal was to kill this demon, so his attack contained no mercy. This strike, smashed straight for the demon’s head… Under the heavy locus of Dragon Fault, the demon still did not move, allowing the extremely heavy Dragon Fault to severely smash against his head.


Yun Che’s profound strength was only at the early Spirit Profound Realm, but his overall strength absolutely could not be measured by just profound strength alone. The threat of this one slash was enough to shatter a small mountain, not to mention a person’s head. The slash brought along an oppressive huge boom. The surrounding air was forcefully pushed away, creating a temporary yet horrifying vacuum.

Yun Che was stunned… because the demon actually didn’t dodge, and didn’t block.

Dragon Fault smashed on the demon’s head, but from the head to the whole body, the demon did not even budge one bit. Under Dragon Fault, he slowly raised his head, smiled and softly said: “You really are a freak, to not be suppressed inside the formation! And with the strength of a Spirit Profound realm unleashing a battle power of such a level, even in the Illusory Demon Royal Family, there aren’t many that can do this. I am suddenly interested in your cultivation and Profound Arts!”

With such a violent slash that could hack mountains and shatter rocks hitting the demon’s head, not even a strand of hair was hurt. Yun Che felt shocked in his heart, quickly reversed his body and swung Dragon Fault downwards even more violently.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star!”

This time, the demon moved, welcoming Yun Che’s Dragon Fault. The demon bent his arm with a speed so fast that it was unseeable, placing his palm diagonally, with his middle finger and ring finger that was difficult to exert a force on, and pinched the heavy blade of Dragon Fault.

All of the power Yun Che poured into Dragon Fault, was instantly like a clay ox entering the ocean, and disappeared completely. It was followed by a terrifying power that came from the sword, causing him to feel an extremely dangerous and shocking feeling. Yun Che didn’t even think twice. He withdrew his hands in a flash, but he was still hit with a storm of profound strength from the sword and flew away with a groan. When he landed, Yun Che quickly moved sideways and retreated to the outside of the boundary. After retreating out of the barrier, he squatted while panting, and his eyebrows locked up stubbornly.

An extremely scary demon!

He couldn’t even hurt a strand of hair with a strike that contained all his strength. And the demon only used two fingers of strength to directly snatch away my weapon, and even forced me away… Jasmine was right, with my strength, killing him was essentially an idiot’s dream!

Dragon Fault, weighing more than four thousand kilograms, was easily pinched between the demon’s fingers as if pinching one’s chopstick. Feeling the weight of this sword, a touch of shock flashed across the demon’s face. He shook his fingers and said: “A pretty good sword. To be able to release such a power like that with this sword, you’re quite unusual! This sword, I’ll return to you!”

The demon moved his fingers a bit, Dragon Fault suddenly became a gray shooting star, and shuttled through the boundary. With a “ding”, it deeply embedded into the floor in front of Yun Che.

“Why didn’t you kill me?” Yun Che asked as he coldly stared.

“Why should I kill you?” The demon asked in return: “In my life, even though I’ve killed countless people, I’ve never killed an innocent person. Truthfully speaking, looking back at it, by bringing you in here, it’s the first time in my life that I’ve hurt an innocent! That is due to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region’s despicable junior angering me, causing me to lose my reason. Now that you actually survived, I have no reason to kill you again. If I kill you, apart from increasing my crimes, there is no benefit whatsoever. If I keep you here, at least before you die, I’ll have someone to accompany me… In the end, you are just a pitiful victim!

Yun Che’s ability to know people well was very strong. Frankly, he couldn’t find a bit of cruelness or savageness from the demon. In this period of time, what he felt the most from the demon was sadness, resentment and longing. But these feelings could not be reasons that would cause him to not kill this demon. Because this demon had brought him here, only by killing him could Yun Che leave this place. He coldly smiled and said: “If you have really never killed an innocent person, if you don’t want your sins to increase, then kill yourself, let an innocent person like me leave this place! Or else, don’t spout any grand and lofty bullshit.”

“Hahahaha…” The demon laughed out loud, and said: “Junior, you don’t have any qualifications to speak to me like that, because my life is worth way more than your life!” He opened his eyes widely, his pupils shooting out a frightening anger and hatred. His voice had also became hoarse: “I was never afraid of death. Being alone in the darkness for a hundred years, this type of loneliness and despair is a thousand times more painful than a quick death! But I’m not willing to die pointlessly like this, as I still haven’t personally annihilated the mongrels from that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! They won’t let me die, then I’ll just live well until the day I can leave this place and destroy their whole sect! I won’t kill you, but you shouldn’t even hope to kill me!”

Yun Che clenched both his hands tightly, and panted a coarse breath as his gaze sharpened, but did not speak for a good while.

The air in this place was extremely turbid, the rate of exhaustion of the body was much faster than outside. Half a month without drinking, in addition to his heavy injuries, Yun Che’s body revealed a weakness; his stomach was making noises due to the obvious feeling of hunger.

“If you still had the Phoenix Flames, then there’s a chance of burning him. But the current you has no chance of hurting him. No matter how you attack, there’s no chance of success, and it would instead exhaust your stamina quicker. You’d best take a calm posture, and wait for the Phoenix blood to awaken. That way, you might still have a small chance of hope!”

“But the precondition is that you have to live until then!”

After thinking back to leaving all the food within the Sky Poison Pearl with Su Ling’er, he came to a realization that even though he managed to survive, he was still in the abyss of despair, and was falling even deeper into the abyss.

With profound strength at the Sky Profound Realm, it was not a problem to not eat and drink for a year. At the Emperor Profound Realm, there was basically no need for food and drink. At that level, delicacy was only for the enjoyment of the taste, and not for sustenance.

But for Yun Che, the distance to that level was at an impossible distance! An unreachable distance to the stage of not drinking and eating.

Time passed day by day. The feeling of hunger grew stronger, his body became weaker and weaker, until the feeling of hunger was akin to a nightmare. At this time, he was searching in a craze in the Sky Poison Pearl, yet he could not find anything edible. He even ate those dried miracle medicinal herbs, but to refine them used even more profound strength and body strength...

A month later, Yun Che completely could not feel the existence of hunger. It seems as if he couldn’t even feel the existence of his body. His head felt dazed sometimes, felt absent-minded sometimes, his body was as light as a goose feather, and even moving was particularly difficult. Without the Dragon God’s blood preserving his life, without his life threatening injury healing, without eating and drinking for more than a month, and being stuck in an incomparably turbid and vile environment, he would have starved to death long ago.

“In my first life, I was poisoned to death by someone.”

“In my second life, I jumped off Cloud’s End Cliff, and committed suicide…”

“I can… die a tragic death, or even die miserably… but how can I possibly… starve to death!”

Yun Che mused dejectedly. His eyes were half open, his rate of breathing extremely slow, and his upper body rocked, shook, as if he would fall to the ground at any moment. In this period of time, he spent most of his time sleeping, and after sleeping a long while, waking up every time was getting harder than the last. He had no idea whether or not if he would wake up from his slumber the next time he fell asleep.

I can’t die….

Even if I die… I can’t just die hopelessly from starvation… Definitely cannot...

Yun Che extended his left hand, and the Sky Poison Pearl flashed a green light. In front of Yun Che suddenly appeared a hundred foot tall, huge crimson red dragon! Only, this supposedly immensely strong dragon had no signs of life. Even the corpse was split perfectly into four pieces.

Yun Che grabbed the Tiger Soul Sword, and walked to the Flame Dragon’s tail end while panting. He activated Burning Heart and slashed downwards with all his strength. He cut off the peak of the Flame Dragon’s massive tail bloodily, and grabbed it in his hands. The dead Flame Dragon did not have profound strength reinforcing its body, so even though the corpse was still extremely tough, it was enough for Yun Che to cut open. If it was a living Flame Dragon, even if Yun Che’s profound strength was ten times stronger, there would be no chance of hurting its body in the slightest.

Things stored in the Sky Poison Pearl wouldn’t have a qualitative change. Even though this Flame Dragon had been dead for over a year, it was still preserved at the state when it had just died. Fresh blood quickly streamed down from the part of the tail that was cut off, and that, was completely pure dragon blood!

Looking at the pouring dragon blood, Yun Che’s eyes shone with a deep greed and longing… At this time, Jasmine’s voice came out from his heart and helpless said: “Did you think this through? You should know that this is an Emperor Profound Dragon, and the power contained within its blood and flesh is not something that you can handle. If you really eat it as food… you could very likely die immediately!”

“I… have no other choice! I believe… I can handle the power! Even if… even if I can’t handle it, I’d rather die from my body exploding, rather than dying from starving to death!

After speaking, Yun Che raised his arms quickly, and brought the dragon tail to his lips. The drops of dragon blood dripped into his mouth… The dragon blood’s fishiness, for Yun Che at this moment, was as good as honeydew from the heavens.