Chapter 272 - The Dream-Waking Hour

Chapter 272 - The Dream-Waking Hour

Ling’er turned around, and rested her head on Yun Che’s arm. Her eyes were hazily looking at the moonlight shining down between the gaps of the bamboo trees. A long time later, she gently said. “If I can sleep in a bamboo forest, while under the moonlight, it will definitely be a very beautiful, beautiful thing.”

Yun Che gazed upwards, and gave a gentle and natural smile. Pushing out his palm, with a “bang” sound, the bamboo ceiling above revealed a large enough hole. A full moon, completely appeared within Ling’er’s line of sight. A huge amount of moonlight took the opportunity to pour down as well, lighting up every corner of the bamboo house.

“Wa!” Su Ling’er let out a tender cry. Looking at the full moon in the sky, and feeling the atmosphere coming from the man beside her, this was the first time she ever experienced the sort of feeling where even her heart was intoxicated.

“Big brother Yun Che, can I really become your wife, like beautiful big sister, and be with you together forever?” Su Ling’er asked sillily. The current her, still did not really understand the relationship between a man and a woman. However, she really purely, really strongly, liked and wished to be together with him.

Yun Che held onto her small hand, and gently said. “Of course! Your papa, had already betrothed you to me in front of so many people. When the day I return comes, and Ling’er is grown up, we can then marry, and then, be together forever…”

Su Ling’er first laughed lightly, and then, reacted over something, as she instantly grabbed onto Yun Che’s arm. “When you… return? Big brother Yun Che, you’re… you’re going to leave?”

This was an illusory realm created by the Heretic God’s soul. Things like illusory realms, Yun Che was not foreign to them. Within the Phoenix’s trials and the Dragon God’s trials, the places that he had been to, were all illusory realms. The people that appeared in illusory realms, would not know they were actually illusions either. However, illusory realms were, after all, illusory realms. He could only only stay here for twenty four hours, and after he leaves, everything here, would all disappear as well.

Sensing the panic in Su Ling’er’s voice, his heart stifled, and said. “Ling’er, I’m not someone that belongs to this place. My home is in a place that’s very far, far away. Even though I don’t wish to leave, I still have to return, and I must leave, by tomorrow… But, Ling’er, don’t worry, when you’re grown up, I will definitely return… I will return to marry you, and then, bring you away, and stay together with you… alright?”

These were all lies that could not be fulfilled. Because, after the end of twenty four hours, every single thing here would disappear. No matter was it Su Ling’er of the past, or the current Su Ling’er, both of them could never appear again in his world. However, this promise of his, actually came from his soul, and did not have any hint of falsehood. If Su Ling’er was still alive in this world, then, no matter how heavy the price, he would definitely fulfill it, and never would he allow her to painfully wait for him again.

The night instantly became very quiet. The moonlight no longer shone, and even the intoxicating night wind had seemingly disappeared without a trace. When the information of Yun Che leaving tomorrow, and was even for a long period of time, entered Su Ling’er’s mind, she realized everything she was currently feeling revelled about, had quietly turned into reluctance and sadness… She and her father had come to this bamboo forest many times, and every single time, she would always be happy. However, she definitely had not felt as blessed as tonight. What she liked the most was not the bamboo forest, but the person who was currently accompanying her in watching the bamboo forest together...

Su Ling’er threw herself onto Yun Che’s body. She did not cry, she simply closed her eyes tightly, and said gently, as though she was sleep-talking. “Big brother Yun Che… You must come back. I will properly, and obediently grow up. I will wait for you to come back and marry me, no matter how long, I will always be waiting… I will continue to wait till you come back and marry me…”

Although these words of infatuation that came from a ten year old girl were filled with innocence, it was more refreshing than a mature woman’s emotional words. Because, the words from a girl at such a young age would not carry even a hint of falsehood, purposefulness and deliberateness, but only the purest and simplest of emotions, feelings and desires.


On the second day, when Yun Che carried Su Ling’er back to the Grandwake Clan, it was already noon. Based on the time, the twenty four hours stated by the Heretic God’s soul, they were only left with less than an hour.

Last night, they slept in each other’s embrace, and in the morning, when the sky was still dark, Yun Che carried her and climbed up Grandwake Mountain, where they watched the sunrise together, and ate the wild fruits that came from Grandwake Mountain. They left many of their voices and footprints on Grandwake Mountain… And just like that, unknowingly, the deadline had approached.

“Che’er, are you really not considering to stay for a few more days? Ling’er isn’t the least bit willing to see you go, you know.”

Seeing Su Ling’er who was lying on Yun Che’s back, and refused to get down at all, Su Hengshan helplessly said with a smile. To Yun Che and Xia Qingyue, he was naturally grateful in his heart, however, before he could even accommodate them, they actually come forward to say their farewells.

“I really wish to stay as well, however, I really do have a reason which I have no choice but to leave for. I seek Father-in-law for your forgiveness…” He turned his head and glanced at the girl he was carrying. With the calmest voice he could possibly use, he said. “I’m unwilling to let Ling’er go as well.”

Su Hengshan nodded. He had already firmly believed that Yun Che and Xia Qingyue must be disciples born from a Sacred Ground-level Sect. Their actions and decisions, even with his title as ‘Father-in-law’, he basically did not dare to interfere either. Glancing at the girl who was quietly lying on Yun Che’s back, with her two hands strongly hugging onto his neck, he silently sighed, and said. “Are you going to leave now?”


“Have Ling’er take my place to send you two off then.”

The one who sent off Yun Che and Xia Qingyue, was only Su Ling’er. Because, Su Hengshan knew that the person Yun Che cared about was only Ling’er, and even if he were to personally send them off, it would simply be excessive.

After leaving Grandwake Clan, Su Ling’er accompanied Yun Che and walked a very far distance, where they could not even see the silhouette of the Grandwake Clan. The time left from the full twenty four hours, had finally reached its final countdown as well.

Su Ling’er tightly grabbed onto Yun Che’s hand. She was filled with sweet laughter while they walked, and did not even reveal a depressed look in the slightest. Walking up to here, Yun Che’s feet stopped, and he gently said. “Ling’er, you can stop sending us off from here. If we go any further, I’m worried for the safety of your return journey.”

Su Ling’er did not have the slightest resistance, as she nodded, and said with a grin. “Mn! I shall listen to big brother Yun Che’s words. You and beautiful big sister must be careful on the road… Uuu, big brother Yun Che, can you give me something… something… something that will allow me to feel big brother Yun Che is always by my side…”

As she smiled… a teardrop that she did not control well, actually fell from the corner of her eye, a long tear mark drew down her tender face.

Yun Che’s heart trembled, and then, he was instantly filled with a complicated sourness. He squatted down, and gently took off Su Ling’er’s outer clothing. Then, he took off the Dragonscale Armor from his body, and under Xia Qingyue’s surprised gaze, he put it onto her body. The Dragonscale Armor could automatically adjust itself according to the wearer’s figure, so, even if Su Ling’er’s figure was very slim and small, it was still very compatible. “Ling’er, this clothing is called the Dragonscale Armor, and it can protect you very well. You must wear it frequently, just like how I will be by your side, protecting you.”

Taking off the incomparably valuable Dragonscale Armor, and giving it to Su Ling’er who was within a illusory realm, this seemed to look utterly ridiculous, however, Yun Che simply could not control himself at all… Because this was the best protection he could give Su Ling’er after leaving her.

He took out a purple spatial ring, and transferred all of the various food and water stored in the Sky Poison Pearl into it. Then, he took out the various medicinal pellets that he had usually refined himself, and put them into the ring as well, as he taught her the usage of each one. “These are Small Heaven Returning Pellets, use it when you’re injured… These are Green Dew Pellets, when you’re accidentally poisoned, eat one of these… These are Profound Recovering Pellets, when you do not have any energy left, eat one of these… In the future, if… I’m saying if there comes a day that you have no choice but to leave your home, and constantly encounter danger, you must definitely remember the items inside here. You must use the items here, to protect yourself well, alright…”

Su Ling’er listened to his words, constantly nodded, and nodded...

Yun Che did not wear this spatial ring on Su Ling’er’s hand, because that would be too easily eyed by people, after all, purple rings which have a gigantic space and a long shelf life were still considered to be rather valuable treasures even in the Grandwake Clan. He passed a gold silkworm thread through the ring, hung it on Su Ling’er’s neck, and had the spatial ring that was sparkling with purple light enter under clothes.

Within Su Ling’er’s pair of eyes, teardrops were currently falling. Patapata. Every single teardrop, fell into the deepest part of Yun Che’s soul. He carried Su Ling’er in his arms, and gently said. “Ling’er, don’t be sad. We’re not going to be separated forever, after all. Once you grow up, I will then return… return to marry you! So, you must grow up happily, and cheerfully, so that when I return, I will be able to see the most beautiful Ling’er… If in the future, you were to encounter some difficulty, you must not be afraid, and you must not despair either. You have to forever remember that, in this world, there will be a person who, even if he can’t see you, he will still forever think of you, and miss you…”

“Mn… Mn!!” Su Ling’er strongly nodded, and struggled to suppress her crying voice. Her thin teeth, had already bit rows of deep teeth marks into her small red lips...

The time left, had begun to enter the end of the end. Yun Che released Su Ling’er, held her face with his two hands, and gently kissed on her forehead. Then, he turned around, gritted his teeth, and walked forward, step by step… further and further away from Su Ling’er’s line of sight...

Su Ling’er did not chase after him. Her two hands hugged the front of her chest, and she hugged onto the Dragonscale that came from Yun Che, which still carried his lingering scent. Within her blurry vision, she stared at his gradually disappearing figure. Finally, she could no longer hold it in any longer, and her tears poured out. Loud shouts accompanied by crying voices resounded through the entire large open patch of land...

“Big brother Yun Che! I will wait for you… I will wait for you to return and marry me…”

“Big brother Yun Che, you must think of me… you definitely have to think of me… You can’t not think of me…”

“Big brother Yun Che… I will grow up quickly… You must return… You must… You must… You must return…”

“Big brother Yun Che… I’m unwilling to see you go… Uuuu… Uuuuuuuu….”

Yun Che’s figure went further and further away, and finally, at a certain moment, he disappeared completely from her line of sight. She gently knelt on the ground, held onto her face, and began to cry out loudly… Her big brother Yun Che had left, and even her soul, had been brought away as well...

Su Ling’er’s loud cries entered Yun Che’s ears through the wind, causing his every step, to become incomparably more difficult than the previous one. His expression was painfully bitter, yet, he did not dare to turn back. Because, he was afraid that if he were to turn, he would no longer be able to take another step.

“The relationship between you two, is very strange.” Seeing Yun Che’s expression, Xia Qingyue softly said. She was unable to understand how a grown man and a girl who was only ten years old, create such a strong bond in just a short period of time of a single day.

Yun Che raised his head, and looked towards the sky. “Qingyue, do you believe in… past lives?”

Xia Qingyue was slightly startled. She silently looked at Yun Che for a moment, and gently nodded. “I do.”

At this moment, in Xia Qingyue and his surroundings, a ripple of spatial distortion suddenly appeared.

“We’re finally about to return.” Yun Che closed his eyes, and softly whispered. “Good bye… My Ling’er…”

As he whispered, his and Xia Qingyue’s figure had already disappeared within the spatial distortion at the same time. Following after, the feeling of a spatial shuttle assaulted over, and then, in a flash, it disappeared again. Within that moment, a cold wind blew over.

When opening his eyes, his vision was filled entirely with white snow… He and Xia Qingyue, had returned to the Heavenly Basin Secret Realm, however, their position was not at the top areas of the Heaven Basin.

“Huu…” Yun Che heaved a long sigh. Even though that was just a young Su Ling’er from an illusory realm, and only an illusion constructed by the Heretic God’s powers, even if that was the case, his separation with Su Ling’er still caused his chest to sink, as though it was about to explode.

“No matter how the beautiful the dream, eventually, there will come a time when one still has to wake up from it.” Yun Che looked in front of him, and said with melancholy. Right after, he entered his subconsciousness, and said to Jasmine. “Jasmine, why did the Heretic God’s soul use the last of its powers to send me to such an illusory realm? Could it be, after reading my memories, it helped me resolve some of my regrets?”

“Illusory realm?” Jasmine’s voice sounded. “So you’re saying, you have been thinking the entire time that the world you stayed in for a single day earlier, was just an illusory realm?”

“... That’s obviously an illusory realm.” Yun Che powerlessly said. If it was not an illusory realm, then how would Su Ling’er, who had long passed away, appear? And she was even Su Ling’er who was still at a young age.

“Heh…” Jasmine suddenly began to laugh out strangely, as though she had found out something interesting, as she slowly said. “I see, it’s no wonder your emotions and actions were so unusual. You actually treated that place as an illusory realm… But, I can very responsibly tell you this. That world you were at earlier, definitely… wasn’t… an… illusory… realm!!”


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