Chapter 263 - Grandwake Mountain, Grandwake Clan

Chapter 263 - Grandwake Mountain, Grandwake Clan

On the way, Yun Che conversed with Su Hengshan. He ascertained once more than this place was indeed Azure Cloud Continent from Su Hengshan’s own mouth, and the year was in fact 1999! When Su Hengshan asked them where they came from, he responded without thinking that him and Xia Qingyue left their sect to experience the outside world, but not long ago, they had an unlucky encounter with a vicious profound beast, and Xia Qingyue lost consciousness from a heavy injury.

During his past life, Yun Che was already sure that Su Ling’er had an extraordinary family background. Although she normally wore the simplest of clothing to do his laundry, bathe him, mend his clothing, cook, pick his medicine, season his medicine and treat him… She did everything more skillfully than how a girl from an ordinary family background would have done, but her instinctive grandeur and grace was not something an ordinary family could have raised. He only figured through his conversations with Su Hengshan, that Su Hengshan was an incumbent sect master of the Grandwake Clan! And Su Ling’er, was precisely the princess of the Grandwake Clan. East of the Supwake Country’s river, Grandwake Clan was without a doubt the number one sect, as well as the biggest power. Their status was similar to New Moon City’s Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect, and they relied on Grandwake Mountain for its incredibly generous amounts of natural resources and minerals.

From the estimates of Su Hengshan’s profound energy aura and the encounter with the three men in black earlier, this Grandwake Clan’s power level should be higher than New Moon City’s Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect by a level or two, but it absolutely wasn’t at the level of the Four Major Sects’ level.

However, even in the east of the Grandwake River, Grandwake Clan still had enemies: the Blackwood Stronghold!

As sect master, Su Hengshan had the dignity and might of a sect master, but he had an even more cultured and refined personality. When he was facing a junior, he did not show the pride of the number one sect master east of the river. Not a hint of falsehood or reservation hung on his face as he showed his appreciation and thanks for Yun Che. If he didn’t hear it from his own mouth, Yun Che wouldn’t even have believed that he was a sect master at all!

Having a father like that, it was no wonder that Su Ling'er was raised to be so honest and elegant.

He wanted to learn about the matters concerning Su Ling’er as much as possible. When he asked the father daughter duo why they would encounter such aggression, Su Hengshan let out a long sigh. His face exposed a deeply angry look: “They’re all just some sect grudges. If I say it, we would just be mocked, Little Brother Yun… Except I didn’t think that they’d take action against Ling’er! This kind of insulting behavior is utterly unforgivable!”

Yun Che muttered to himself a bit and said: “Senior Su, forgive this junior for talking too much. You and Su Ling’er just came out together to have some fun for a little while, but encountered such an obviously calculated ambush. It’s clear that someone exposed your and Su Ling’er’s whereabouts.”

“Sigh!” Su Hengshan sighed: “How can I not know about all this. It’s just that I really don’t want to suspect anyone on my side.”

Grandwake Clan was far larger than Yun Che could imagine. At the very least, the size of this clan was far greater than the Xiao Sect Branch Sect he had once went to. For a clan of this size, there would be at least a few tens of thousands of disciples.

“Big Brother Yun Che, look, this is my home! It’s big isn’t it! This huge mountain behind us is also our home!”

As they approached Grandwake Clan’s main entrance, Su Ling’er happily and pridefully introduced everything to Yun Che. Su Hengshan’s brows were constantly tight and his mind was occupied the entire way, but Su Ling’er was actually being a bit too carefree considering she almost encountered a great disaster. A naive and adorable smile constantly hung on her face like she had already forgotten all the events prior to this… Looking at her fairy-like smile, Yun Che’s line of sight was constantly confused and dazed… Ling’er, how wonderful would it be if you could be this carefree without worries your entire life...

“Father! Ling’er, you’re back!” A barely twenty year old young male welcomed them from afar and emotionally yelled: “I heard rumors that you guys encountered an ambush from the Blackwood Stronghold. Seeing you guys without any problems is wonderful… Father, Ling’er, you two aren’t hurt right?”

“No problem, just a bit of a scare and luckily, this little brother helped.” Su Hengshan nodded and introduced Yun Che: “Little Brother Yun, this is my son, Su Haoran. I am forty six this year and only have a pair of son and daughter like this. Even saying such things is a bit shameful, hehe… Haoran, this is Little Brother Yun Che. If he didn’t save Ling’er, Ling'er might have been captured by those bastards from Blackwood Stronghold. Little Brother Yun’s wife suffered a few minor injures, and requires our help for a few days. You have to thank and take care of them for your father.”

“What! Blackwood Stronghold’s people took action against Ling’er? That’s lower than low! Utterly heartless!” Su Haoran’s entire face was filled with anger and he cupped his hands toward Yun Che: “Brother Yun, thank you for saving Ling’er…”

When he spoke to this point, he shot glance toward Xia Qingyue being carried by Yun Che within his arms. Suddenly, His gaze was completely fixated and was unable to move away anymore. His face became imbecilic and foolish like he had lost his soul all of a sudden.

Yun Che remained calm and collected, and embraced Xia Qingyue closer to his chest to hide her face away Su Haoran’s line of sight, then gently smiled: “It only took a bit of effort. Brother Haoran is too courteous.”

“Big brother.” Su Ling'er who stood by Yun Che’s side crisply shouted at Su Haoran with her emotionless voice and joyless face. This felt a bit strange to Yun Che because he distinctly felt Su Ling'er wasn’t intimate toward her brother. It almost seemed like there was a slight bit of alienation.

And this Su Haoran's look towards Xia Qingyue also made him very uncomfortable.

Su Haoran just recollected his thoughts and half lowered his head and with an unnatural expression, he said: “Father, the clan already knows the matter about you being ambushed. Second and Sixth Uncle are in the conference room waiting for you.”

Su Hengshan nodded: “I’ll go then. Haoran, you go and arrange residence for Little Brother Yun and his wife… Oh, just set them up in the Dragon Perching Pavilion.”

He turned around and said to Yun Che: “Little Brother Yun, I have some matters to attend to, excuse me. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell my son. Please don’t be too polite. Ling'er, come and follow papa.”

Su Hengshan brought Su Ling'er and left quickly. Su Ling'er looked back once in awhile; the fact that she didn’t want to leave Yun Che was written all over her face. Under Su Haoran’s guidance, Yun Che carried Xia Qingyue to the Dragon Perching Pavilion that Su Hengshan mentioned and gently placed Xia Qingyue on the only huge bed there.

Grandwake Mountain’s atmosphere was incredibly grand since it was one of the twelve divine mountains in the Azure Cloud Continent. There were countless spirit medicine and spirit stones within the mountains. The rich resources gave birth to the powerful Grandwake Clan. The room that Su Hengshan personally appointed for Yun Che was extremely luxurious. The name “Dragon Perching Pavilion” wasn’t pointless. On top of all kinds of red hardwood decorations, sculptures in all shapes and forms depicted a majestic five clawed flying dragon. This place should be where Grandwake Clan received their most honored guests. It goes to show just how grateful Su Hengshan was towards Yun Che for saving Su Ling'er.

“Brother Yun and this lady are… husband and wife?”

“That’s right.” Yun Che nodded. Then, he saw a hint of jealousy within Su Haoran’s eyes.

“Heheh.” Su Haoran forced a smile and said: “Brother Yun is truly fortunate to actually be wedded with such a beautiful fairy-like bride. Oh, Brother Yun doesn’t lack natural talents either. You actually stepped into the Spirit Profound Realm, not bad not bad.”

These words from Su Haoran contained the arrogant tone of the strong talking to the weak. He complimented Yun Che’s natural talents, but his demeanor was in fact proud and aloof. He was twenty years old this year, and his profound strength was already at the fourth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. He was at the peak level within the younger generation east of the river. Just comparing profound strength, he was stronger than Yun Che who was only at the first level of the Spirit Profound Realm… but that was merely profound strength.

“Brother Haoran is wrongfully praising.” Yun Che spoke without thinking.

“Except, Brother Yun, it’s not that I’m criticizing you. Although your natural talents aren’t bad, you came out just like that to experience the world together with your wife. You’re just making too much trouble for yourself. In this world, there are many people with better natural talent than you. Arrogance, complacency, and ignorance aren’t good things. Before you have the strength to properly protect your family, it’s better to to not do as you please. Otherwise, when you encounter an actual disaster and you don’t have the strength to protect your family, harming your fairy-like wife’s life would be terrible.

When Su Haoran spoke, he peeked at Xia Qingyue from time to time. Every time he glanced towards her, his fingers would tremble a bit… In his entire life, he had never seen a girl as beautiful as Xia Qingyue; furthermore, he could never imagine it was possible for a girl to be beautiful to such a degree. There were even several times when he couldn’t resist losing control to knock Yun Che out, and then enjoy this sleeping beauty however he liked.

Yun Che faintly smiled and said: “Thank you Brother Haoran, for your reminders. I’ll remember it.”

Su Haoran extended his right hand and had difficulty enduring making a grabbing motion: “This lady is in a coma and isn’t waking up. Looks like her injuries aren’t light. I just happen to have some medical expertise. Let me examine a bit, then grab some spirit medicine, and she’ll be awake in no time.”

After he finished talking, Su Haoran casually walked forward and approached Xia Qingyue’s bedside.

Yun Che took a step forward and impolitely blocked Su Haoran’s way and calmly said: “No need, I can’t be any more certain of my wife’s condition. There is no need to for Brother Haoran to feel troubled. Thank you Brother Haoran, for your warm reception, I won’t waste your time any longer. You may leave.”

Su Haoran’s expression changed and he didn’t have a reason to stay anymore. He stared at Yun Che a bit and said: “Very well then. I won’t bother you two. If you need anything, you can tell my servants outside anytime.”

After Yun Che saw Su Haoran leave, he tightly shut his room’s door. He coldly smiled and muttered: “He dares to lust after my wife… humph! You can think all you want, but if you think about anything else, even if you are Ling'er’s brother, I won’t go easy on you!”

Xia Qingyue was sleeping soundly, and had no idea that she already came to another world. Yun Che kept close and guarded by her side. Every eighth of an hour, he would check her inner vitality, and see that her internal energy became increasingly calm, which finally put his mind at ease.

“Jasmine, do you have any way to help her recover a bit faster?” Yun Che asked. Although Xia Qingyue’s condition had temporarily stabilized, the injuries in her profound vein were too severe. To completely restore Xia Qingyue would take a long time even for him. Him and Xia Qingyue could only stay here for a day. After returning to Heaven Basin Secret Realm, they could stay a maximum of half a day. When they leave the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, the people of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would never let Yun Che see her again. Yun Che believed they wouldn’t be able to completely restore Xia Qingyue if she was brought back to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

“Of course!”

Yun Che was only casually asking, but he didn’t think Jasmine would decisively answer with certainty: “It’s precisely the thing that you found with her, the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus!”

“This lotus flower’s effectiveness is far greater than you can imagine! After using the Sky Poison Pearl to perfectly refine the essence of the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus, if you give it to her afterwards, her entire body would recover shortly and her profound strength would step into the Sky Profound Realm right away... in your Blue Wind Empire, she would be considered the first person under twenty to step into the Sky Profound Realm… Only, the premise of everything is that you’d have be willing!”