Chapter 253 - How do you want to die?

Chapter 253 - How do you want to die?

Heaven Basin Secret Realm, northwest direction.


The mountain was directly blown apart, revealing large chunks of soil and rocks that were buried under the snow and ice. According to the previous experiences of those who entered the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, some unusual stones tend to frequently be laid beneath the mountain.

However, after blowing the mountain apart, Fen Moli did not advance. Instead, his entire body trembled and froze on the spot, and he wore an extremely ugly expression. The middle-aged man that was beside him immediately asked: “Great Elder, what’s wrong?”

Fen Moli’s expression slowly turned incomparably gloomy. The anger and murderous intent that were being released from his body caused the middle-aged man to tremble with fear. After quite some time, he then said with a low voice: “Juebi… has died!”

“What!!” The middle-aged man exclaimed. Not even two hours had passed since they entered the Heaven Basin Secret Realm. Before they even reaped any rewards, they had instead received such a grievous news first. He asked in alarm: “Great Elder, you had left a soul imprint on Juebi’s body. Who is it… Who is the one that had such nerve to actually kill Juebi!”

“It is Mu Tianbei!” Fen Moli tightly clenched both his fists, and nearly crushed his hand bones. Suddenly, he let out a punch, releasing a path of purple flames in front of him that directly blew the small mountain in front of him into rubble. A roar filled with extreme anger came from his mouth: “Mu Tianbei!! There are no grudges nor enmity between you and my Burning Heaven Clan, yet you actually committed such an evil act. In the span of one month, I will definitely erase your Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress from the face of this world, forever!!”

On the other side, Mu Tianbei descended from midair and looked towards the dismembered body of Fen Juebi that was all over the ground. His body spasmed a bit and his face turned ugly, as if he had swallowed a dead fly. Fen Juecheng’s expression was ten times uglier. A face that was originally handsome and outstanding was now distorted to the point that even his biological mother would never be able to recognize it.

Fen Juebi died… He had just used the existence of the soul imprint to threaten Yun Che, but now Fen Juebi died in the blink of an eye… He didn’t even die in the hands of Yun Che, but died because of the fatal blow Mu Tianbei was preparing for Yun Che.

Bang Bang Bang Bang….

Light and brisk clapping sounds echoed from the side. Yun Che had a face full of schadenfreude. His gaze shifted towards Mu Tianbei as he gratefully said: “You are worthy of being called the Fort Master of Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress. That strike of yours is so fleeting, transcendent, and incredibly exquisite. This junior didn’t know that you were still brooding over the clash he had with the Young Fort Master Mu from before, and still had some problems with it. Not only were you prepared to hit a person who was already down, you had the indifference of a bystander. You stuck by your actions and killed the second young master of the Burning Heaven Clan! This mind, this spirit, this boldness, makes this junior feel shame and admiration at the same time. I heard that Fen Juebi carried the soul imprint that Fen Moli left for him on his body. Right now, Fen Moli should already know about Fort Master Mu's impressive feat of having killed his clan’s second young master in one spear strike. He must be angered to the brink of life and death by now, hahahahahaha..."

After Yun Che’s sarcastic ridicules, he didn’t forget to let out a burst of mad laughter. Mu Tianbei’s complexion went from clear to black, then black to white. The anger he held within his belly narrowly avoided exploding his stomach. He clenched his fists and angrily roared: “Little junior! Young Burning Clan Master would naturally resolve this matter for this Fort Master. Death is close at hand, yet you are still able to laugh! Just watch as one of my strikes ruthlessly break the bones in your body!!”

Mu Tianbei angrily rose, and charged toward Yun Che. His right hand became a claw that grabbed straight towards the top of Yun Che’s skull.

Yun Che stood motionlessly in place as he gazed at Mu Tianbei’s approaching right claw with ridicule. This reaction immediately made Mu Tianbei’s heart waver as his movements slowed. But at this exact moment, an extremely cold air suddenly assaulted him from ahead. A few specks of cold bristles shot right toward his eyes and Mu Tianbei’s figure stopped to grab those incoming things which were in fact icicles that released a bone chilling coldness.

But at the same time, a long strip of white ribbon shot out from within the wind and snow. It wrapped around Yun Che’s waist and brought him flying along with it. On the other side of the long ribbon was the fine, snow white figure of a female!

“Qingyue?” Yun Che looked at Xia Qingyue, who had suddenly appeared. He never thought that the fourth person who was following him whom Jasmine mentioned… was actually Xia Qingyue.

“Don’t say another word. Let’s leave quickly!”

Xia Qingyue’s crescent eyebrows furrowed tightly. She took Yun Che with her as she moved forward through the snowstorm at an extremely fast pace. Under these kinds of situations, the movements of other profound practitioners would be greatly hindered. For her, not only would there be no harm; on the contrary, she could draw strength from the ice and snow to quickly recover her profound strength. Therefore, even if she brought along Yun Che, her speed was still extremely fast, as the two quickly disappeared into the wind and snow.

Mu Tianbei had also obviously recognized that it was Xia Qingyue. He flung off the icicles on his hands and did not pursue them. Instead, he stopped in place and did not move for a long while. Only his expression was constantly changing.

“Fort Master Mu, what are you still standing there for! Quickly go, and kill him!” Fen Juecheng anxiously yelled.

Mu Tianbei still made no movements. He breathed in a large breath of air and said: “That person is Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue! When Yun Che was just by himself, I obviously wanted to get rid him to save trouble in the future! However, Xia Qingyue is by his side now. If I kill her, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s people will know! If news got out that I, the Great Fort Master of the Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress, killed Yun Che within the Heaven Basin Secret Realm, how can I still stand up!”

“Then go kill Xia Qingyue along with him!” Fen Juecheng said with a sinister face.

“Wuh… What?!” Mu Tianbei’s was suddenly shocked. What kind of person was Xia Qingyue? She should be considered the most talented disciple in all of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s history. If by chance Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace knew about it, then the issue would not be about whether or not he could stand up. Instead, the entire Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress would become Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s mortal enemy. Against their extreme rage, his sect's hundreds of years of foundation would be pulled up by its roots. The consequences were something he absolutely could not bear.

“Why is this something to hesitate about?” Fen Juecheng said with a loud voice: “After killing those two, and once the secret realm closes, this matter would become top secret! The matter regarding my second brother, I’ll explain it clearly to my Great Elder. If you let them go like this, the fact that you took action to kill Yun Che would spread out anyway. The reputation of you, Mu Tianbei, would suffer in the future just the same. You’ve seen how very fiery Yun Che’s temper was. You provoked him earlier and just now, you acted with the intent of taking his life. When he matures in the future, do you feel that your Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress would still have peaceful times? The ones to suffer would be more than just yourself."

“If you still can’t think it through!” Fen Juecheng started to have a threatening voice: “Then I won’t feel like explaining the matter regarding my second brother to my Great Elder… hehe. Do you want to make matters worse and kill me as well to make Burning Heaven Clan despise you even more?”

Mu Tianbei’s entire body froze. After a twitch of his face, the ice and snow beneath his feet suddenly rose up. He chased in the direction of where Xia Qingyue and Yun Che left like a hawk.

“Qingyue, you… why… are you here …?”

The speed of their pace was too fast. When Yun Che opened his mouth, large amounts of wind and snow poured into his mouth. After making the effort for quite a while, he was able to finally ask a question, which had a very obvious answer.

Xia Qingyue said nothing. It was unknown whether it was because she didn’t hear it or that she was too worried about Mu Tianbei chasing up to them. She didn’t dare to be distracted in the slightest.

Earlier, before Yun Che had left, she quietly changed directions and followed behind him because she feared Yun Che would run into some danger. In an environment filled with wind and snow, it was very easy for her to conceal her aura. Therefore, whether it was Yun Che or Mu Tianbei, none of them found out that she was always in their vicinity. As for why she was unable to control herself from following him, she gave herself the reason that since Yun Che’s injuries were caused by her, she was responsible for protecting his safety in this dangerous place.

Only, she didn’t think that Fen Juecheng and Fen Juebi would take advantage of this situation to kill him, and expected the Sect Master class Mu Tianbei even less!

Yun Che’s eyeballs shifted as his body tilted and his head fell into the ice and snow. Then, he was miserably dragged across the ice and snow by Xia Qingyue. She stopped right away and hurriedly asked: “Are you alright? Hurry up and quickly get up! If Mu Tianbei catches up, it’d be a disaster.”

Yun Che straightened his upper body, shook the ice and snow off his head, and miserably said: “Qing… Qingyue my wife, my internal injuries seemed to have worsened… I already… I already can’t run anymore… You should leave… don’t worry about me! The one he wants to kill is me… As long as you get far away from here, he won’t do anything… to you… Cough cough cough cough…”

Yun Che coughed for a while to forcefully cough out the ice and snow that had previously poured into his stomach.

Xia Qingyue nervously looked back. Without caring about anything else any longer, she retracted the Ice Phoenix Snowflower Ribbon, put her right hand under Yun Che’s ribs, and supported him up: “Hold onto me tightly… In this environment, it’s not impossible for us to escape!”

This time, Yun Che had indeed swiftly reached out to hold onto Xia Qingyue’s soft and slim waist. Just by holding it, it was hard to imagine that this body, which was seemingly as weak as a willow, could unexpectedly release a heaven freezing, earth sealing power. Once Yun Che held onto it, he couldn’t bear to let go. It was comforting to the point that he almost let out a groan.

Having her body touched and held by a male, caused a deep and peculiar feeling to flash within Xia Qingyue’s heart. She immediately activated the full power of her Frozen Cloud Arts to use Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s exclusive profound movement skill, “Frozen Fantasy Snow Dance”, and moved towards the north at an extremely fast speed.

“Juniors! Where are you running off to! Prepare to die!”

Mu Tianbei’s roars suddenly sounded from behind them. Xia Qingyue quickly looked back, only to astonishingly discover that within the wind and snow behind them, the figure of Mu Tianbei appeared, and was gradually approaching.

Cold light concentrated within Xia Qingyue’s beautiful eyes. She extended her left arm and a ball of icy blue light danced about. The flying snow in an area of a few hundred meters around her all became under her control and flew towards Mu Tianbei.


After a huge sound, all the flying snow was easily dispersed by Mu Tianbei. Mu Tianbei was Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress’ Fort Master with a profound strength that had surpassed the fifth level of the Sky Profound Realm. His total strength seemed to not be inferior to Xia Qingyue’s teacher, Chu Yueli. He was someone that Xia Qingyue had absolutely no chance of defending against. Even if she forcefully activated her Frozen Cloud Domain, it would basically be ineffective against him.

At the moment, Yun Che comfortably held Xia Qingyue and his hands rubbed her slender waist from time to time. He wasn’t satisfied at all because Mu Tianbei stubbornly came and disturbed them as he chased closer when he got into a distance where he could attack them. Yun Che bore his teeth in quite a bad mood and lightly muttered: “Jasmine, kill him!”


There was clearly nothing ahead of him, and Mu Tianbei, who saw that he would soon overtake Xia Qingyue and Yun Che, suddenly collided into an incredibly tough thing that made him dizzy. Only after he spun a few circles in midair did he steady his body. He shook his head and looked up front again, but any traces of Xia Qingyue and Yun Che had long since been lost. What calmly floated in front of him was a little girl clothed in a cute, red colored princess dress.

Flying snow fell down in great packs and flooded every corner of the surrounding, but not a trace of snowflake landed on the body of the little girl. Mu Tianbei stared blankly for a long while as he looked at her, because this little girl was too refined; practically a hundred times more refined than the highest quality porcelains dolls meticulously sculpted by the top artisans of the Blue Wind Empire. It was exactly this excessively refined little face that hung a completely grim expression which didn’t match her age and lovely figure at all.

She extended her finger which was more tender than snow and pointed towards Mu Tianbei. Her crystalline eyes emitted a bloody ray of light: “How do you want to die?”