Chapter 232 - Overlord's Finale

Chapter 232 - Overlord's Finale

“Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword, Final Form —— Radiant Sky!!”

Ling Jie shouted out loud. The cyan and orange light beams suddenly exploded at the same time in midair, emitting sword beams that covered the skies and shielded the day. The brightness and power of the sword beams nearly outshone the shine of the sun in the sky. Within the terrifying sword beams, the two Sky Profound Swords released countless spiraling sword intent, which finally formed a gigantic cyan and orange sword of about thirty meters in length, and it began to descend from the skies.


The entire profound barrier broke under the pressure of the sword force that was as majestic as a tsunami. Several cracks formed and spread wildly atop the Sword Discourse Arena, and the longest crack that formed spread all the way to the borders of the stage. Yun Che stood at center of the Sword Discourse Arena, where the ground was starting to sink quickly.

Such a formation had made several disciples gather their profound strength for defense out of fear. Just the sword stance of Ling Jie’s one move, was already so frightening. Its power was simply unimaginable. However, Yun Che who was standing at the center had stood through all of this as he showed no signs of wanting to tear apart his stance. His expression was also indifferent, showing no signs of fear or solemnity… Obviously, he wanted to face this attack head on.

Ling Yuefeng stood up and looked at Yun Che’s stance, while muttering to himself: “If you are able to receive this attack, forget about Jie’er, even I, would admire you!”

Looking at Yun Che who showed no intention to avoid his attack, Ling Jie’s eyes also gave off a strong glint. He gathered all his profound strength, sword intent, and even all of his determination for this attack. This resulted in the biggest Radiant Sky Sword he had ever created in his life… Even though he had always wanted to defeat his big brother Ling Yun, he had never gone as all out as today before.

If you can’t receive it, I win! If you do receive it, you acquire the right to have me, Ling Jie as your little brother!!

The Radiant Sky Sword struck down like a flaming star falling. Under the strong pressure, Yun Che’s hair and clothes were stuck down onto his skin but his body had not moved at all. Although his feets sunk deep into the ground, it was as if he was nailed to the ground and did not shift at all. The half a segment of colossal sword in his hands gave of a overbearing aura. The aura not only did not shrink under the pressure but instead grew even more intensively.

As the Radiant Sky Sword approached, from the time it fell for less than a breath of time, the center of the Sword Discourse Arena had already sunk by at least one foot. On the surface of the stage, countless new cracks had appeared. Half of Yun Che’s body had already been forced below the ground, and his clothes had been cut into countless strips by the blinding sword aura.

Thirty meters… Fifteen meters… Ten meters… Three meters… One meter...

“Overlord’s… Fury!!!”

Just when the gigantic Radiant Sky Sword’s point was no less than a meter from the top of his head, the previously silent Yun Che seemed like an angry dragon that had suddenly awakened, as all of his profound strength exploded in an instant. In his cry, the half a segment of Overlord’s Colossal Sword that was surrounded with hostility swung to match the falling Radiant Sky Sword without any fear. The overbearing howl of the sword was like the roar of an arrogant dark devil.

Less than a meter above Yun Che’s head, the Overlord’s Colossal Sword violently crashed into the sharp end of the Radiant Sky Sword above it…


A loud noise that seemed as though a thunderbolt had struck earth rang throughout the Sword Discourse Arena. It even rang through half the Heavenly Sword Villa. At that time, it caused everyone’s heart to tremor.

During the noise, two energies that seemed like volcanoes erupting exploded at the same time. The energy seemed to be dispelled frantically during the impact and a scary storm brew within the Sword Discourse Arena. The storm blew from the center of the stage to where the corners where the audience sat. An extremely strong profound radiance shone on the bodies of Yun Che and Ling Jie, which even completely overshadowed the Radiant Sky Sword. Looking from afar, it was as though ball of fire had exploded on the ground. Within this fire, there were numerous cyan and orange lights which looked like dragons that flew about.

The entire Sword Discourse Arena started to tremble and the wide cracks started to spread. The longest one had split the entire Sword Discourse Arena into two halves.

Other than Yun Che, Ling Wugou was the nearest to the falling point of the Radiant Sky Sword. With his strength in the late stages if the Sky Profound Realm, such an energy would definitely not injure him. However, he was not careless and did not bother to fix the profound barrier. Instead, he jumped far away and with a slight roar, and released his profound energy to block of all the sword aura coming his way. At the same time, several other places in the Sword Discourse Arena also had a relatively strong Heavenly Sword Villa disciple to seal up the sword aura, and prevented those around with lower profound strengths to get hurt.

The power of the Radiant Sky Sword far exceeded what Yun Che had expected. However, the prowess of the attack Yun Che executed swinging out his half a segment of colossal sword shocked Ling Jie. The Radiant Sky Sword that was filled with Ling Jie’s strength and sword intent was stopped in midair when it collided with the Overlord’s Colossal Sword. The two energies exploded and the gigantic Radiant Sky Sword could fall no further. More than ten breaths later, a tiny crack appeared on the tip of the Radiant Sky Sword and it soon spread throughout the sword until it reached the hilt…


Another loud sound came, which scattered a few clouds in the sky. This time, it was the sound of the Radiant Sky Sword shattering from its center…

The Yuan Yang dual swords broke the Overlord’s Colossal Sword.

However, the broken Overlord’s Colossal Sword, in a more ruthless fashion, shattered the Radiant Sky Sword that was formed by the Yuan Yang dual swords.

The was the rage of the Overlord and his revenge. It was the pride and arrogance of an Overlord!

The breaking of the Radiant Sky Sword was not horizontally, but vertically from the tip to the hilt. The wild sword aura that were like storms had also been dispelled quickly as its main body had been shattered.

The tremor on the Sword Discourse Arena gradually subsided, and the violent storm in the sky stopped roaring as well. Within the disappearing energy light, Ling Jie’s figure fell from the sky. Following the torrents of the wind, he drifted countless of meters away, and landed powerlessly on the ground. When his two feet made contact with the ground, his body violently swayed, as he seemed to have a hard time trying to stand steadily. The Celestial Yang Sword and the Celestial Yuan Sword were still held firmly in his hands, but the current Yuan Yang dual swords had already lost their glows of energy, lacking their former luster. His expression, though, was so pale that there was not even a hint of red on his face.

The storm of sand and profound energy enveloping Yun Che dispersed with the wind, and Yun che’s figure was finally revealed. In his immediate surroundings was a giant crater of about hundred and fifty meters in length, and six meters in depth. He was standing right at the center of the crater. It was such gigantic crater, yet, it looked as smooth as a mirror, with not single pothole in sight. It could be imagined how terrifyingly sharp the sword intent was earlier.

Currently, the entire Sword Discourse Arena could only be described as too tragic to look at. If one did not personally witness it, no matter who it was, that person would probably not believe that such a scene, was actually caused by a fierce fight between a Spirit Profound Realm and a True Profound Realm practitioner.

Yun Che’s hair was currently extremely disheveled. His entire face was covered in dust, and his clothes was even torn to the extreme. Basically, they could no longer be termed as clothes, but a messy continuous strand of cloth. The good thing was that his key parts were still covered, no doubt barely, otherwise, even if he had skin as thick as a city wall, he would not be able to maintain his demeanor.

On his much exposed body, countless small wounds could be seen. But they were simply extremely thin wounds, and to a practitioner, they were basically not a problem. Forget about heavy injuries, there was not even a single proper wound on his body.

Ling Jie, who was closest to him, looked at Yun Che’s condition, and his eyeballs had almost popped out from their sockets. Earlier, Ling Jie had even warned Yun Che that if he was unable to block it, he might possibly die. However, he was confident that Yun Che would be capable of blocking it, though, it would be inevitable for him to be extremely fatigued after that. However, even if he were to die, he would not have thought that the strike which he had poured his entire sword intent and profound energy into… would actually only tear his clothes into pieces, and cause a few small wounds that were no different than itches to him!


The cherished sword which he would usually treat as though it was his life, was directly thrown onto the ground. He fell flat on his butt, and shouted out as though he had been broken. “I’m not fighting anymore… I quit, I quit, I quit! I surrender! Aaaaaahh… I, Ling Jie, will never, ever, ever, ever… ever fight with a monster like you ever again!!”

After saying the two words “I surrender”, Ling Jie momentarily felt his body relaxing, as though the heavy boulder that had been pressing on his body had been removed. In this battle, he had used his full strength, and yet, he still lost. He should have felt a great sense of gratification and satisfaction, but to that earlier battle, Ling Jie’s strongest feeling was nothing but “unbearable”.

He had never felt this unbearable in all the fights he had fought. Usually, when he sparred with the senior brothers Heavenly Sword Villa, even if his opponents were to overpower him by a large margin, he would not be undaunted, and would clash against them fiercely like a young tiger. Even if he were to be injured in those battles, he would not feel any hint of fear or have the thought of retreating. But, when he exchanged blows with Yun Che, he was constantly nervous and cautious. When slashed or pierced by a light sword, as long as he could prevent it from hitting his fatal points, it would at most give him a scar. But if he were to make contact with a heavy sword, it would not be exaggerated for his entire body to get smashed. His strikes were nimble and ever-changing, his speed was as fast as the wind, and he kept his intentions unpredictable. Yet, in front of Yun Che’s heavy sword, all of those had basically turned into mere ornaments: No matter how fast the speed of your sword, no matter how many sword beams you make, no matter how tricky the angles are, I will simply smash my sword towards it. Either I blow away all of your sword beams, or I force you to retract your sword and retreat far, far away.

During the exchange, most of the time, it could be said that no matter how close or how far away Ling Jie was, he was always on guard against every single one of Yun Che’s strikes. He was over-cautious, his mind strained throughout the entire battle, and he did not dare to slack off even a single bit. No matter if it was his heart or body, it was as though a gigantic boulder was pressing on them, and he could hardly breathe.

This feeling of being tightly suppressed, was basically unbearable to the point that he wanted to puke blood.

With that one sentence “I surrender”, that feeling of relaxation allowed Ling Jie to heave a long sigh of relief, and then, he took a big breath. The words he spoke of about not wanting to fight with Yun Che ever again, was completely from the bottom of his heart. It was definitely not something he said out of impulse.

A long, long time ago, Heavenly Sword Villa once had a heavy sword style. But, this style declined at an extremely quick speed. Many years ago, the last Elder of the heavy sword style went to test himself in the Wasteland of Death, and then, he never returned. Hence, the heavy sword style was completely severed in the Heavenly Sword Villa, and the few heavy swords that were stored in the Sword Management Terrace, became the final remnants of the heavy sword style in Heavenly Sword Villa.

Ling Yuefeng had once told him that heavy swords were only suitable on the battlefield, and they did not suit practitioners. Even Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, which prided themselves for their swords, and possessed every single type of sword styles, had long lost their heavy sword style. He had even said that practitioners who trained in the way of the heavy sword, were all total retards. But now, when he personally experienced the terror of heavy swords, Ling Jie really wished to personally shout a single sentence at his father, Ling Yuefeng: Your sister!


Mn, in the meantime, I shall list out all of the profound skills Yun Che currently possesses.

Profound Arts:

Heretic God Arts (Came from Jasmine)

Great Way of the Buddha (Came from Jasmine)

World Ode of the Phoenix (Forced Comprehension, Incomplete)

Heavenly Wolf Hell God's Tome (Came from Jasmine)

Frozen Cloud Arts (Came from Chu Yuechan)

Profound Skills:

Heretic God Series

1st Realm - Heretic Soul: Falling Moon Sinking Star

2nd Realm - Burning Heart: Sealing Cloud Locking Sun

3rd Realm - Rumbling Heaven: Destroying Sky Decimating Earth

Phoenix Series

Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing

Star Scorching Demon Lotus

Heavy Sword Series

Overlord’s Fury

Heavenly Wolf Slash (Heavy Sword + Heavenly Wolf)

Phoenix Break (Heavy Sword + Heavenly Wolf + Phoenix)

Profound Movement Skill:

Star God’s Broken Shadow (Came from Jasmine)