Chapter 220 - Yun Che VS Fen Juebi

Chapter 220 - Yun Che VS Fen Juebi

Today’s Sword Discourse Arena was filled with a peculiar kind of atmosphere. Especially members of the Burning Heaven Clan; their complexions were all quite unsightly.

The first match of the Quarterfinals was Yun Che versus Fen Juebi. Although Yun Che had surprised people time and time again in every one of his previous matches, to the majority of the audience, this competition was still not suspenseful at all. It wasn’t because they still held Yun Che in contempt after being shocked again and again, rather, it was because the image of the Four Major Sects prime positions had long since been deeply ingrained.

“You must win this match no matter what! Yuange was defeated by Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Xia Qingyue, and Jin’er had the misfortune of going up against Ling Yun. Out of all of us, the one remaining that entered the Quarterfinals, is only you! Looks like, in this session, the fact that we are still ranked fourth out of the Four Major Sects has essentially been decided. But, if you lose to this Yun Che brat, then we would not even be able to enter the top four and can only rank fifth! For our Burning Heaven Clan, this is an absolutely unacceptable humiliation… You understand?”

Fen Moli said with a heavy expression. In yesterday’s Round of 16, Burning Heaven Clan’s core disciple, his last grandson, Fen Jin, had the misfortune of going against Ling Yun, so he had to leave the stage prematurely. This made him suddenly feel extremely pressured. He could accept being at the bottom of the Four Major Sects’ rankings, after all, it had basically been that way for all these years. But if they placed outside of fourth place… This was a matter that had not happened for several hundreds of years! It was enough to bring shame to the entire Burning Heaven Clan, so he was absolutely positively unwilling to accept that.

And the first match of the Quarterfinals just happened to be the battle that decided that outcome! If they defeat Yun Che, Burning Heaven Clan would enter the top four, and even placing in the top three would become a possibility. But if they lose...

“Rest assured Great Elder. Coming across anyone of the six people outside of Yun Che and I, would have to make me carefully consider the match. But this Yun Che…” Fen Juebi laughed with extreme disdain: “Trash that completely relied on luck to get here doesn’t even have the qualifications to go against me. If I can’t even defeat him, then I seriously do not even have the face to continue living.”

Fen Moli nodded his head slowly. Even though the strength that Yun Che had displayed was more shocking than the next, he still had never believed that Fen Juebi could lose. However, his complexion was still as tense as before as he spoke in a low voice: “For you to have such self-confidence is naturally good. You can be confident in yourself but you must not, by any means, be too arrogant! Because that will deceive your eyes. Also, when going against Yun Che, you must not underestimate him. Yesterday, he suddenly revealed a bizarre and unpredictable movement skill that even I did not see through clearly. Not only that, he can also control fire as well, and it cannot be certain that he does not have the ability to restrain our Burning Heaven Fire. The most important thing worthy of careful attention, is that it does not seem like he has completely revealed his true strength… You must be careful!”

“Great Elder is overthinking it. His movement skill is merely a simple instantaneous displacement. How could it possibly compare to our Burning Heaven Clan’s ‘Burning Phantom Illusion’. Besides, even if his profound movement skill is a hundred times more delicately fine, it is useless within a Sword Discourse Arena entirely enveloped in the Burning Heaven Fire that has no blind spots. As for his control over fire, hahahaha… The fire he released yesterday was clearly the lowest level of profound fire, so how could it possibly compare to our Burning Heaven Fire? If you’re saying that he could possibly restrain my power, you might as well say that I could completely control his power.”

Fen Juebi’s expression was filled with complete disdain. His words made Fen Moli crease his brows as he said in a somewhat grave voice: “Juebi, there is one thing that I must remind you about. If you lose this match, then the entire Burning Heaven Clan would be humiliated. You must not become our Burning Heaven Clan’s sinner. If that happens, it is not certain if Clan Master would forgive you.”

Fen Moli’s last words finally made Fen Juebi retract his sloppy attitude and made him nod quite seriously: “Great Elder’s instructions are, that in this match, even if the opponent is many times weaker, I still should not hold back… To only win, and not lose.”

Fen Juebi closed in next to Fen Juecheng’s ear and softly said with half-narrowed eyes: “Big bro, the match is about to start soon. Do you want to cripple both his legs, burn his face off, or turn him into an eunuch?”

“Burn his face off!” Fen Juecheng’s eyebrows sunk as he answered without the slightest hesitation. Because during a match, this kind of matter could completely be regarded as an “unexpected accident”.

“I won’t let big bro down.” Fen Juebi stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his lips. He quietly laughed sinisterly: “To me, instead of saying that this is a competition, I’d rather say that this is a… Mn, incomparably wonderful game.”

Time was approaching in the blink of an eye. Yun Che and Fen Juebi leapt to the center of the Sword Discourse Arena at almost the same time with a distance of more than thirty meters between them.

Yun Che’s expression was completely tranquil. But in the eyes of the Fen Juebi in front of him, he saw a distinct disdain and mockery, as well as a close to perverted cruelty mixed within. The corner of Yun Che’s mouth twitched, as a hint of a sneer flitted by.

In Fen Juebi’s eyes, Yun Che was a mere dish that he could flatten or make round.

But in Yun Che’s eyes, Fen Juebi was not even considered a dish. He was not even as threatening as yesterday’s Mu Xiongyan. Mu Xiongyan’s various unknown firearms had at least, scared him enough to choose to win by a surprise move in the shortest time possible. This Fen Juebi however, could be said to not even be a threat since the very beginning… Because this guy only played with fire.

“Say, do you think it’s possible for Yun Che to defeat Fen Juebi?”

“Isn’t this fundamentally impossible? While Fen Juebi’s profound strength is the same as yesterday’s Mu Xiongyan, his true strength is in a different level. He’s Fen Duanhun’s second son!”

“If Fen Juebi actually loses, Burning Heaven Clan would be kicked out of the top four and that would surely be fun to watch.”

“How could that kind of thing even happen…”

“Quick, look at what’s in Fen Juebi’s hands… That must be the legendary Sky Profound Weapon —— the Demon Flame Blade! It looks like that Fen Juebi’s not going to give Yun Che any chances whatsoever.”

“That’s only natural. To the Burning Heaven Clan, they have no other choice but to win and not lose this match. Even if the opponent is a mere grasshopper, they definitely cannot hold back.”

Even though the two on the Sword Discourse Arena had not exchanged words, the atmosphere was filled with a strangeness that was difficult to describe. Seeing that the two were already prepared, Ling Wugou did not wait any longer and waved his hand: “The first showdown of the Quarterfinals… Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che versus Burning Heaven Clan’s Fen Juebi, battle start!”

“Heh!” Fen Juebi laughed sinisterly: “If you had chosen to not get on stage and directly surrender, I seriously would not have known what to do. Luckily, you did not disappoint me and obediently came up here. It is already too late if you wish to surrender right now. Today, is going to be the most unforgettable day of your life.”

“Tch.” Yun Che curled his lips in disdain: “I never expected that not only are you ugly, you also say this much rubbish. No wonder Burning Heaven Clan could only stand at the bottom of the Four Major Sects, it’s actually made up of these piles of trash.”

With his poisonous tongue, Yun Che was indeed an expert in the same field. Fen Juebi immediately went into a violent rage once those words of his came out: “Die!!”

Scarlet flame ignited atop Fen Juebi’s body. Then, it all concentrated onto the Demon Flame Blade. The flame’s dazzling light reflected upon the surrounding profound energy barrier and revealed its shape, while bringing along an incomparably shocking high temperature. In the wake of Fen Juebi’s blade thrust, the flame on the blade’s body immediately swirled into a huge flaming tornado. Like a ferocious flame beast, it came at Yun Che with opened deadly fangs.

This power behind this strike made several tens of meters of audience cry out in alarm. Yun Che slightly lowered his brows as he instantaneously retreated backwards. The Overlord’s Colossal Sword immediately came out with a wave, and was then swung outwards, conjuring up a tyrannical profound energy tornado that collided with Fen Juebi’s flaming tornado. In a split second, Yun Che’s heavy sword energy was burnt out by Burning Heaven Fire. In turn, the Burning Heaven was extinguished by the heavy sword energy layer after layer. At the location of the two force’s collision, fire and space began to violently distort.


Following the loud explosion, the heavy sword energy and the flaming tornado were simultaneously exterminated. The two were pushed into the distance by the tremendous windstorm. Fen Juebi stood in place as his expression became even more dangerous: “Heh. You have truly surprised me. To have actually received a strike containing sixty percent of my strength, it looks like you did not entirely rely on luck to reach this place. Oh, but what a pity. In front of me, you are still merely trash.”

He pointed the Demon Flame Blade forward with slightly narrowed eyes and a proud posture, as if he was issuing Yun Che his life’s trial: “I was just greeting earlier. I’ll let you properly see and experience our Burning Heaven Clan’s Burning Heaven Fire next. Believe me, it is something that you will remember for a whole lifetime. Even until death, you would probably never forget its exquisite scenery. Hahahaha!!”

In the midst of his wild laughter, Fen Juebi suddenly dashed forward at a great speed as fire ignited once more on his body and the Demon Flame Blade. Bringing along a strand of fiery silhouettes, he immediately attacked Yun Che. Before he was even fifteen meters away from Yun Che, the flames on his body suddenly changed from scarlet to blue.

Orange colored flame was known as “ordinary fire”, and was the weakest level fire. Above orange fire, was scarlet colored fire. Middle-low level profound flame was also scarlet in color, and above scarlet, from the lowest level to the highest, was Blue Flame, Purple Flame, White Flame, Gold Flame, as well as the rumored Star Scorching Flame and Primordial Flame of legends.

When transforming profound energy into fire, its power could more or less be determined by the color of the flame. But as for the special flames of the Phoenix, Vermilion Bird, and Golden Crow, they were not ordinary profound fire, rather, they were the Divine Beast’s personal “Divine Fire” that possessed their own properties and color, which did not follow that sort of procedure.

Blue Flame, was profound fire that surpasses the Scarlet Flame by one level!

To everyone’s knowledge, only those who have reached the Earth Profound Realm were capable of releasing such high level profound flame!

Once this blue colored flame came out, it undoubtedly made the entire audience cry out in surprise.

“Blue… Blue Flame!!”

“It has been said that one needed to have profound strength in at least the Earth Profound Realm to have the capability of igniting blue colored profound flame… Fen Juebi’s innate talent for flames was actually this high! To actually have the capability of igniting blue colored profound flames at only the eighth level of the Spirit Profound Realm.”

“As expected of the son of Burning Heaven Clan’s Clan Master, looks like Fen Juebi’s true strength needs to be evaluated once more. With him igniting blue colored profound flames, it seems like Yun Che does not even have a little bit of hope left.”

At the Burning Heaven Clan’s seating area, Fen Moli faintly laughed as he thought out loud: “Looks like this Great Elder’s words had frightened him. To have actually revealed his trump card so early, it is simply making a big deal out of a small matter, and using a butcher knife for oxes to kill chicken.”

“Come, let me hear the sounds of you crying, begging, and struggling!”

Fen Juebi laughed wildly as he closed in on Yun Che. The blue colored flames on his body suddenly exploded, dispersing into more than a dozen different sized flaming tornados. The flaming tornados quickly combusted in the air, spreading directly towards Yun Che as well as every nook and cranny within the profound energy barrier. It was as if it wanted to completely cover the space within the profound energy barrier and change the surroundings into a sea of blue colored fire without any blind spots...