Chapter 212 - Consecutive Victories!

Chapter 212 - Consecutive Victories!

Seeing that his opponent was Yun Che, Lei Zhentian was evidently startled for a moment, and then began to laugh out loud. “I didn’t expect that my first opponent today was actually you, brat. Looks like this great dark horse, is about to become a dead horse soon. Reveal your weapon!”

“Then that will depend on whether you have the capability.” Yun Che said indifferently.

If the opponent who said that was several levels higher than him, he would have been alright with it. However, the person who said this was someone who was only at the True Profound Realm; undoubtedly, he instantly went into a rage. Without saying anything more, he swung his twin hammers, creating two fierce and abnormal waves of wind which struck directly towards Yun Che’s chest.

Lei Zhentian’s Twin Thunderbolt Hammers weighed four hundred kilos each, but in his hands, they were incomparably light and nimble, and the roaring of the wind brought by the swings were especially deep and heavy.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Six incomparably fierce hammer strikes were entirely blocked by the back of Yun Che’s hands. Those concentrated banging sounds were completely unlike the sound of impact between a heavy hammer and a human body and were more like the sound of a heavy hammer smashing onto a rock. When these six blows landed, shocked surfaced from Lei Zhentian’s expression. With the Twin Thunderbolt Hammers that weighed a total of eight hundred kilos together, and adding his innate profound strength, they were actually blocked continuously by his opponent’s bare hands!

And after blocking them, forget about injuries, there were not even reddened marks on his hands.

Is his body actually made of iron!?

I simply won’t believe that you’ll be able to continue blocking all of them!!

Lei Zhentian’s gaze darkened. The profound energy in his entire body began to flow wildly and just like a blazing wheel of fire, his body began to spin at high speed. Like a fierce hurricane, he smashed his Twin Thunderbolt Hammers towards Yun Che, with each strike fiercer than the previous one.

Bang bang bang bang...

In a few breaths of time, dozens of crazy hammer strikes had landed, yet, still none of them had stained Yun Che’s clothes; all of them were blocked by the back of his hands and wrists. The more Lei Zhentian struck, the more shocked he became. Finally, with a great roar, his sect’s profound art exploded out instantly.

“Rumbling Thunderbolt!!”

The Twin Thunderbolt Hammers suddenly smashed down at the same time with a pressure that was much stronger than earlier by several times. Yun Che frowned. He did not take the hit directly, instead, he retreated a distance of three body lengths. When the two hammers struck empty air, they suddenly smashed against each other. A bolt of lightning which contained a strong concentration of lightning energy was suddenly released, charging straight towards Yun Che’s side.


With a deafening screech, the bolt of lightning exploded as it made contact with the floor, causing a big portion of the floor to turn crisp black. As for Yun Che, he had already leaped far behind. When he landed, with a swing of his arms, he held onto the Overlord’s Colossal Sword in front of him with his two hands.

For the first time in the Ranking Tournament, he finally revealed his heavy sword.

“The hell! What a big sword! So that’s his weapon?”

“Is that the legendary heavy sword? He’s actually using a heavy sword as his weapon? Can he actually swing it?”

The moment Yun Che brought out his heavy sword, it brought about a huge wave of astonishment and whispering voices. On the Sword Discourse Arena, Lei Zhentian’s expression shook, because he realized that the moment Yun Che wielded his heavy sword, he had changed into a completely different person.

Heavy swords were excessively large; no matter the weight, or size, they were extremely difficult to wield. However, when Yun Che was wielding such a huge sword in his hands, it actually looked very fitting, and there was not even a hint of incoordination, as though the sword was birthed just for him, forming a single entity with Yun Che. It was not grabbed onto by his hands, rather, it grew from his hands, and was a part of his body in the first place.

The atmosphere around Yun Che had undergone an earthshaking change as well. Earlier, he saw that under Yun Che’s calmness, there was a hint of mysteriousness but he had not possessed any sharp edges. However, the moment he brought out his heavy sword, it was as though he was looking at a towering mountain with a indiscernible peak in front of him. A thought of “basically no possible way of winning” quickly sprouted in his heart, causing him to grip onto his two hammers even more tightly. However, even after a long while, he did not dare to take a step forward.

Just what kind of freak is this… I had once tried a heavy sword-type weapon, but I was completely incapable of wielding it, hence, I could only give up on it. But this person, not only can he wield a heavy sword, his compatibility with the heavy sword could actually reach such an extent… With the heavy sword’s characteristics, even if it’s a genius, he would at least require hundred, or even hundreds of years to reach a realm as high as this...

As he thought of this, Lei Zhentian’s back was drenched with even more sweat.

“Receive my blow!”

Yun Che wielded his heavy sword horizontally and with a flash of his body, he instantly closed the distance by fifteen meters. Lei Zhentian quickly regained his senses. With a loud roar, he poured all of his strength into his two arms, taking the blow head on… The heavy sword in his hands moved so quickly that it might be possible that his heavy sword was simply large in size while its actual weight was not that heavier than a light sword.

Only when the Twin Thunderbolt Hammers clashed against the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, did Lei Zhentian realize that the thought he had in his mind was nothing but laughable imagination. A majestically large force that exceeded far beyond his expectations came from right in front of him, causing the hands he was wielding his two hammers with to momentarily numb. As though it had been blown away by a hurricane, his body was sent flying high in the air...


Lei Zhentian struck heavily onto the profound energy barrier in the rear, tumbled down onto the ground, and he was completely in a daze. When he finally managed to stand himself up, his Twin Thunderbolt Hammers had long flown away from his hands.

“Do you still want to fight?” Yun Che lightly tapped his heavy sword on the ground. With the tip of the sword as the starting point, a fissure appeared on the incomparably hard floor of the Sword Discourse Arena. If he had not pulled out his heavy sword, Lei Zhentian could still stand up against him, however, the moment he wielded his heavy sword, Lei Zhentian simply turned into fodder.

It could be said that, when compared to his unarmed state, Yun Che’s combat strength wielding his heavy sword was in a completely different realm.

Recalling the catastrophic strength he demonstrated earlier, although Lei Zhentian did not receive any substantive injuries, he no longer had the courage to continue the battle. With a bow, he softly said. “I admit defeat… Since you’re able to wield a heavy sword which I am not capable of even after working so hard to do so, I'm well convinced about my lost!”

“Lei Zhentian admits defeat, Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins!!”

The people who paid attention to this match, who waited for Yun Che to lose terribly, were once again completely dumbfounded.

Even Lei Zhentian, had actually lost in the hands of a disciple from Blue Wind Imperial Family who only possessed the strength at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm!!

A result like this, could only be described ‘incredible’.

In Yun Che’s second match, his opponent was a spear-using practitioner with strength at the fifth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. This time, Yun Che wielded his heavy sword the moment the match started, and after three exchanges of blows, his opponent’s spear was sent flying, and his opponent was sent flying as well after the fourth exchange...

“...Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins!”

Third match...

“...Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins!”

Fourth match…

“...Blue Wind Imperial Family’s Yun Che wins!”

Fifth match...

Sixth match…

Seventh match…

Eighth match…


Yun Che’s matches began to receive even more attention with each subsequent match, to the point when, the moment he stepped onto the Sword Discourse Arena, even if disciples from the Four Major Sects were competing on another Sword Discourse Arena, a large number of eyes would still immediately shift onto his Sword Discourse Arena. And then, they saw him obtain victory… victory… victory… another victory… and still another victory… Their expressions toward him would change over and over as well, startlement… astonishment… shock… horror… and at the end, they were basically numbed.

Every one of them still recalled the first day of the Ranking Tournament; that burst of laughter that resounded through the entire audience when Yun Che came up on stage for the Profound Strength Assessment. But now, he used one match after another, with each match capable of being crowned as ‘impossible’ and ‘miraculous’ victories, to respectfully give every one of those, who laughed at him, a resounding slap on the face in turn.

Whenever each match began, everyone would think that he would definitely lose that match, but he still turned out victorious… Everyone then began to feel like watching a match he would lose in, but they were still left disappointed. In the first round of group stages, Yun Che obtained complete victories in all twelve matches. Even during the second round of group stages, as each match went by, he still obtained victory in every one of them, not giving them the chance to see a single loss.

If he was at the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm, or a practitioner at the sixth or seventh level, then everyone would be shocked when he obtained successive victories, but they would not feel that it was unacceptable. But this Yun Che… His strength was merely at the True Profound Realm! A profound realm in which they thought was simply unworthy of participating in the Ranking Tournament.

Yet he swept through one Spirit Profound Realm absolute genius after another!

And he swept through their understanding as well.

As Yun Che accumulated victories, Qin Wushang’s expression became more and more agitated as well. When Yun Che won his tenth match, he was so agitated that he stood up from his seat and momentarily teared up… Because with these ten victories, even if he were to lose all of the five remaining matches, it would still be enough to for him to place in the top hundred of the individual ranking! Blue Wind Imperial Family’s group ranking, might even directly enter the top fifty as well!!

Not only did it break Blue Wind Imperial Family’s history of never being in the top hundred of the Ranking Tournament, it was even a huge breakthrough!

Covering her lips with her two hands, Cang Yue’s cheeks were also stained in tears. She looked at Yun Che who was walking down the Sword Discourse Arena. Her vision was become more and more blurry, and in her heart, she was screaming this over and over: ‘Father, are you seeing this? Junior Brother Yun has carried us to the top hundred rankings… Father, your dream has truly been fulfilled. With this one vent of frustration, our Blue Wind Imperial Family will no longer be ridiculed by others… Father, are you seeing this…? Are you seeing this...’

Where there were happy people, there would naturally be angry ones as well. At the Burning Heaven Clan’s seating area, Fen Juecheng’s expression was sullen and his lungs were about to explode from anger. He was currently really regretting coming to the Heavenly Sword Villa personally. Otherwise, he would not be so angry to the extreme, because he was unable to personally take action, and had to suppress his rage so much that he felt like dying. He wanted to see Yun Che being ridiculed. He wanted to see him tortured by his opponents. Yet, what he saw was Yun Che taking the spotlight time and time again, while grabbing everyone’s eyes time and time again; he even suppressed the spotlight of all the Four Major Sects’ disciples.

These two rounds of small group matches, were basically his own personal performance matches!!

“Big bro, it’s completely unnecessary for you to be so angry over such a small figure.” Fen Juebi said slowly. “For him to be capable of winning up till now, I can only say that his luck is simply too great. In the first set of small group matches, he was basically alloted into the group with the weakest average strength… and in this second set of group matches, hehe, did you see all those trashy opponents he encountered? Until now, his strongest opponent was only at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm. If he had encountered any single disciple from the top ten sects, he would have been thrashed so hard his own mother would’ve been incapable of recognizing him.”

“Hmph!” Fen Juecheng gave him a glare. “When you’re at the tenth level of the True Profound Realm, were you able to defeat an opponent at the sixth level of the Spirit Profound Realm!?”

Fen Juebi was momentarily at a loss of words, and then, he simply pouted his lips. “If you put it that way, then he’s indeed a freak. But currently, I really wish to see him continue winning, until… he enters the top thirty-two.”

Fen Juecheng’s eyes flashed. “Are you saying?”

“Hehe! If he were to really reach the top thirty-two, enter the elimination matches, and unfortunately be matched up with me, tsktsk…” Fen Juebi licked his lips, his expression revealing a smile like that of a poisonous snake. “I have a way to turn this freak into trash. The exhilaration from personally destroying a freak-level genius, big brother, you know of it as well, it’s a wonderful sensation that cannot be described.”