Chapter 81 - Xiao Sect’s Visit

Chapter 81 - Xiao Sect’s Visit

Not long after Yun Che left New Moon Profound Palace’s Main Palace, a figure in snow-white attire, who was as beautiful as a goddess, slowly entered the palace.

Qin Wuyou was still in the main hall and had not left. It appeared as if he was thinking about how to deal with this matter between Yun Che and the Xiao Sect. As he saw the woman enter, he was startled at first; subsequently, this New Moon Profound Palace’s new Palace Chief, who was also the person within New Moon Palace that held the most authority, suddenly revealed a face of respect. He stood up from his seat, to then quickly advance forward until he was within three steps of the woman, and spoke as he bowed: “Your Highness.”

If any of the elders in New Moon Profound Palace saw Qin Wuyou unexpectedly show such a respectful attitude towards a girl, the resulting shock would definitely make their jaws drop. The woman slightly nodded her head and said: “Palace Chief Qin; regarding Yun Che, what do you think?”

Qin Wuyou thought about these words and cautiously said: “To consecutively defeat opponents who exceeded him by several levels and even someone who exceeded him by almost an entire realm, while at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm; this type of talent, I have never seen before in my entire life. If he had been born in a major sect, by this time, he may already be famous under the heavens. His future accomplishments, will definitely be boundless.”

“My thoughts are also the same. But today, he invited a great trouble. If nothing unexpected happens, within three hours, Xiao Sect will come to our doors. At that time, I wish for Palace Chief Qin to use all his strength to obstruct them and preserve Yun Che’s life.” The woman gently said.

“This……” Qin Wuyou slightly froze for a bit: “Could it be that Your Highness has….. chosen him?”

The woman nodded her head faintly, and lightly sighed: “These past few years, I’ve already searched through seven profound palaces but still couldn’t find a candidate to my liking; yet this Yun Che, has brightened my eyes.”

“Indeed, although Yun Che displayed a shocking talent, he is still only sixteen years old. Furthermore, he is only at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm. The time left between now and that grand event is only two years. His current talent within New Moon City can be considered top notch, but when compared to those monsters…… the difference is far too large. Even when compared to the top disciples of Blue Wind Profound Palace, he is quite far away.” Qin Wuyou said while perplexed.

The woman calmly replied: “It’s because, with the strength of a first ranker in the Nascent Profound Realm and under a weakened condition, he crippled an opponent who was on the verge of entering the True Profound Realm in one move. He was able to do something that no other top notch genius I’ve ever met could do; this point alone, is already enough. Although his current strength is still very weak, when he crippled Xiao Luocheng, I had a hunch; after two years, he will definitely be able to reach a height that would shock anyone.”

As she spoke to here, she smiled: “You know, the scariest thing in this world, is a woman’s intuition.”

Qin Wuyou slightly pondered, lowered his head, and then respectfully said: “I understand. Since it is the wish of Your Highness, I will preserve his life with the best of my abilities. His cultivation within the palace, I will also provide him with the greatest convenience. Only, about his background…..”

“You don’t have to worry about this point. He is Xia Yuanba’s brother-in-law; the same as Xia Yuanba, and comes from Floating Cloud City, a small city in the east. Born Xiao Clan, a small clan, and never left Floating Cloud City before the age of sixteen. Half a year ago, he was discovered to not be of the Xiao Clan bloodline and was thereby expelled. He is currently alone. In order to find a place to stay, he found Sikong Han, who was an old friend of his grandfather, and thus became a member of New Moon Profound Palace. His life is extremely simple and clean. All of this was already confirmed by Sikong Han and Xia Yuanba. Just now, I have already sent people to immediately head to Floating Cloud City to investigate; but nine out of ten, it will reveal the same things. Sikong Han would not lie to me. As far as Xia Yuanba,” the woman giggled: “Whether or not he is lying, you can tell with just a glance.”

“However, I am only tentatively choosing him; I will continue to stay in New Moon Profound Palace for a period of time and approach him as much as possible. In the end, if he disappoints me, I will select someone else. Palace Chief Qin, during the following period of time, I’ll have to leave it to you. Although it is only Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect, they will still be exceedingly difficult to deal with.”

“Heheh, Your Highness doesn't need to worry. I’ve dealt with ten or so people from Xiao Sect’s Main Sect, so what do I have to fear from a little outer sect. Only…. it is unknown how this Yun Che came to have such an attitude and temperament; he is clearly only a young child, but his shrewdness is terrifying. Nearly everything he does, everything he says, all possess a definite purpose. Just now when I spoke with him, he was clearly standing in front of me, but I could not see through him at all. From beginning to end, his expression resembled the calmness of a corpse." Qin Wuyou shook his head while laughing bitterly: “Even the emotionless Fen Juechen, Blue Wind Profound Palace’s number one on the Heavenly Profound Ranking, didn’t give me such a feeling. I feel that it is impossible to completely control this person; forget about whether or not he can reach Your Highness’ expectation, just convincing him to serve Your Highness, ought to be extremely difficult. Your Highness must know that, when he entered New Moon Profound Palace, he had absolutely no desire to serve the imperial family.”

“Oh?” With regards to Qin Wuyou’s evaluation, the woman’s face revealed amazement for a long time. Subsequently, she faintly laughed: “Rest assured Palace Chief Qin. About this issue, I will personally deal with it. I believe in my own foresight and judgement, and even more so, in my own capability.”


South Moon Mountain majestically towered over the southern outskirts of New Moon City and was precisely the place Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect was located. The entirety of South Moon Mountain all belonged to Xiao Sect. Behind South Moon Mountain was a forest that continuously extended for one hundred fifty kilometers; it too, was also Xiao Sect’s land. Although this forest was not that big, it had excessively tall and lush vegetation. As a result, the forest was covered in darkness all year round, and was called the “Dark Forest” by people of New Moon City. The Dark Forest was home to an innumerable number of dangerous profound beasts. It was often used by Xiao Sect as their training grounds and each year, the death toll of Xiao Sect’s disciples numbered in the thousands.

It was after dusk and the curtain of nightfall had just descended, yet bursts of urgent shouts completely broke the silence of this Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect.

“Out of the way! Get out of the way quickly! Young Sect Master is heavily injured! Hurry and inform Sect Master and people of the Medicine Hall! Quickly!!”

Xiao Zaihe personally carried Xiao Luocheng as he rushed through the main gates of the Sect like a madman, straight for the Medicine Hall. Several people behind him also had faces full of sweat and frightened complexions. Seeing that it was Xiao Zaihe, the Sect members got out of the way in quick succession; included among those were some who raced to inform Sect Master Xiao Tiannan.

Not long after, Xiao Tiannan and two elders of the Medicine Hall hastily rushed over. As soon as he saw Xiao Tiannan, Xiao Zaihe knelt down and said with a sorrowful voice: “Sect Master! Quickly, quickly save Young Sect Master. He has sustained heavy injuries….. Even his meridians and profound veins have…. have…”

At sight of the blood-covered Xiao Luocheng on Xiao Zaihe’s back, Xiao Tiannan and the two elders simultaneously turned pale with fright. Xiao Tiannan rapidly rushed forward and his hand reached to grasp Xiao Luocheng’s right wrist. Just as he touched his wrist, he withdrew his hand like lightning as his stalwart face become incomparably savage in a flash. He grabbed Xiao Zaihe’s collar, and with a head full of a lion’s fury, he roared: “Who was it? Who was it that did this! Who did this!!”

“It was…. New Moon Profound Palace!” Xiao Zaihe’s said with a trembling voice: “Young Sect Master and a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace was exchanging pointers, and was heavy-handedly attacked by the opponent. Young Sect Master, he… he….”

“New Moon…. Profound Palace?” Xiao Tiannan’s eyes unblinkingly opened wide: “Rubbish! Amongst those trashy disciples from New Moon Profound Palace, which of them could possibly have the ability to hurt Luocheng!”

“Sect Master, calm down first. It looks as though Young Sect Master has been injured very heavily; we must first send him to the Medicine Hall at once.” The two elders behind him hurriedly stated.

“Calm down? How can I calm down? The top half of the meridians in Luocheng’s body have almost all been severed; Profound Vein shattered and almost crippled, with all of his cultivated profound energy leaked out. How do you expect me to calm down!” Xiao Tiannan roared.

“Wha…. what!?” The two elders immediately turned pale.

“Both of you, hurry and send Luocheng to the Medicine Hall! Afterwards, immediately request the city’s best physicians! Zaihe! You must tell me what exactly happened, at once! How exactly did this come about!!”


After Yun Che returned to his living quarters, he sat upright on top of the bed and quickly entered a meditative state to slowly restore the exhausted profound energy. When he finally opened his eyes, night had already completely fallen. His profound energy had also recovered by less than half. Nevertheless, his entire body still felt the existing fatigue and prickling stabs of pain.

“Phew, finally recovered a little bit.” Yun Che moved his body about and then released a lengthy sigh: “But, this pain in my body….”

“This is the aftermath of forcibly using Heretic Soul.” Jasmine coldly replied: “It’s good that you only used it for half a quarter of an hour; else, you wouldn’t just have a sore body right now, but instead have ruptured flesh and severed meridians!”

“Rest assured, my own body is the one I understand the most. When I can’t handle it, I will naturally stop.” Yun Che said with a face full of indifference. Then he sighed again and spoke: “But this ‘Heretic Soul’ is merely the Heretic God’s Profound Art of the first realm, yet was unexpectedly this terrifying! It actually allowed me to be completely victorious against someone at the seventh level of the Nascent Profound Realm.”

“Heretic God Secret Art’s nature, is precisely ‘Berserk’! The first realm’s Heretic Soul, can make your profound energy instantly increase two to three-fold; the second realm’s Burning Heart, can make your profound energy increase by three to four-fold; the third realm’s Purgatory, can increase it by four to five times; the fourth realm’s Rumbling Heaven, can increase it by five to six times. The fifth realm’s Hell Monarch, can increase it by six to seven times.”

“So... terrifying?” Jasmine’s words scared Yun Che’s eyes wide open. He had personally experienced the first realm’s “Heretic Soul”; that type of feeling when his profound energy all of a sudden, explosively increased, made his blood boil a little as he remembered that sensation. If he didn’t have Heretic Soul, he couldn’t possibly defeat Tie Hengjun and Lu Zhannan. Also, it was not that Yun Che had never heard of this type of power, which could instantly increase his profound strength by such a large margin, but that it usually also came with an enormous price. It was only in a crisis or a situation with no hope, that one would use this extraordinary profound art; for after its execution, one would have to deal with an enormous drop in profound strength, so large that it could use up most of one’s lifespan as a cruel side effect. In addition, the increase in profound strength could not even be up to par with “Heretic Soul’s” direct double amplification.

And this Heretic Soul, was only the first realm!

If he reached the second realm, Burning Heart, then even if he didn’t use “Sinking Moon Falling Star”, he could still easily cripple Xiao Luocheng.

If one was able to open the third realm, fourth or fifth realm, the result was simply impossible to imagine. Perhaps at that time, even if one had reached the Spirit Profound Realm where every single level represented an enormous difference in strength, one could possibly defeat an opponent who was ahead by an entire profound realm!

“Then when will I be able to completely control Heretic Soul? At what time can I access Burning Heart?” Yun Che asked somewhat eagerly.

“After the sixth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, Heretic Soul can be freely used. As for Burning Heart, we’ll have to wait until you step into the Spirit Profound Realm for that possibility.” Jasmine said blandly.

At this moment, a *BANG* suddenly came from outside. Afterwards, a voice that could shake the heavens angrily roared from a distance:

“Hand over Yun Che at once! Otherwise, I will flatten your New Moon Profound Palace tonight!!”