Chapter 75 - Xiao Luocheng

Chapter 75 - Xiao Luocheng

Lu Zhannan got up from the floor battered and exhausted; his complexion was ghastly white and a hole had already burned through the clothing on his chest, revealing his skin that was almost seared black. Under the protection of his profound energy, Yun Che’s flame did not actually severely injure him; however, the pain that was brought by the fire that ignited inside his body was enough to make him remember it for a lifetime, and also imprinted a very deep scar in the depths of his heart. At this moment, his gaze towards Yun Che was filled with horror. He lowered his head, dragged his sword, and walked back towards Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion without another word.

He knew that today, he had completely become the “stepping stone” Yun Che had spoke of. Thinking back now, the various ridicule and disdain he had toward Yun Che earlier were just like a pile of jokes that he slapped on his own face.

“Lu Zhannan… actually… lost!!”

“How terrifying! What kind of strength does Lu Zhannan have? Even he was defeated by Yun Che!”

“Sixteen years old… A first ranker of Nascent Profound Realm, yet his profound strength was so alarmingly deep and thick; his movement skills were even more strange and unmeasurable. In addition, he still knew such a high-grade fire attribute profound art! The fire attribute profound art that he had displayed just now, seems to be different from Cloudy Sun Sect and Burning Heaven Clan, yet its level is so high that it’s terrifying… he’s clearly only sixteen years old!”

“This kind of talent, even though it can’t be matched with Xiao LuoCheng, the difference isn’t too far away either! Perhaps, it’s enough to be on par with Fen Ziluan of Burning Heaven Clan! Amongst the younger generation inside New Moon City, his talent is enough to enter the top five… No, top three!”

From the disciples to the elders, everyone of the Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion all lost their spirit, because they were the ones who understood Lu Zhannan’s abilities the best; but with a strength like his, he actually was defeated by a sixteen year old disciple of New Moon Profound Palace. This kind of spiritual impact was far too great, so large that they couldn't believe the reality of what they saw.

Xuan Yu, Yan Ming, and Feng Guangyi, who were previously defeated by Yun Che stared for an even longer time, as their throats became dry… When they were defeated by Yun Che, every single one of them refused to accept it in their hearts; but now, they clearly understood that their loss was far from unjustified! When Yun Che had fought them, he clearly did not unleash all his strength; perhaps he did not even use half of his actual strength! Otherwise, their loss would have been even quicker and more tragic. Thinking back now, their arrogance in front of Yun Che earlier… was simply like an ignorant puppy barking furiously at a lion cub.

“This kind of talent is extremely rare even in the seven sects with their strong and solid heritage, and such a disciple unexpectedly appeared in our New Moon Profound Palace! Perhaps, this New Moon Profound Palace which had been silent for all these years may rise because of him.” Sikong Han spoke as he emotionally sighed.

The two elders beside him also slowly nodded their heads, and deeply agreed with him.

By no means were talents needed in excess, and they would never appear in surplus either. Being able to have one was enough to bring prestige to one’s family. And with New Moon Profound Palace being the one and only Profound Palace that was set up in the New Moon City by the imperial family, heaven knows how many years it had been since a top-notch genius who could be comparable to the seven sects’ talents had appeared. This was also the main reason why New Moon Profound Palace were always been unable to raise their head in front of the seven sects. And this “curse”, perhaps would be broken starting with the emergence of Yun Che… No! It has already been broken! This time, solely because of Yun Che, New Moon Profound Palace had finally stood up with pride and blew off their steam at the seven sects who came to show off their strength. This also made the seven sects’ disciples gazes, no longer contain the proudness and contempt they had when they first entered the Main Palace.

Meanwhile, the disciples of New Moon Profound Palace were still all in shock. Facing the powerful Lu Zhannan, Yun Che, who was only sixteen years old had won once again! The shock they received that was brought by this outcome was indescribable in words. A first ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm defeating a seventh ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm; what kind of horrifying talent must one possess to accomplish this! This was also the first time they knew that a first ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm could actually reach such a terrifying power! Round after round, almost every match was a victory that had far exceeded their predictions; it was as if they were inside a dream.

“I always thought my talent was already considered as a genius level, but compared to Junior Brother Yun… *Sigh* It isn’t even worth looking at.” Within the seats, quite a few New Moon Profound Palace’s disciple sighed to themselves. To be able to attend this banquet today, no doubt were they the most elite disciples of New Moon Profound Palace, and naturally would have self-pride inside their heart. However after witnessing Yun Che’s five battles in a row, the proudness inside their hearts had vanished without a trace; their hearts were filled with respect and admiration towards this junior brother that had just joined the Profound Palace.

“Is this… really my brother-in-law…” It was not known how many hundred times had Xia Yuanba murmured this, his eyes staring wide open from the start to the end.

He and Junior Brother Yun similarly came from the same little Floating Cloud City located in the east. In that place, surely there wouldn’t be any high-grade resources; and under such conditions, Junior Brother Yun could actually reach such a realm. If he had been born in a major sect, his accomplishment now would certainly be even more universally shocking… Lan Xueruo silently thought in her heart.

He… Wasn’t he the person I was looking for all along!

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As she thought about this, Lan Xueruo’s charming eyes were in violent turmoil and released an incomparably touching radiance. Her gaze towards Yun Che also subtly changed all of a sudden. Yun Che clearly had consumed a great amount of energy after fighting five consecutives battles; even though he seemed to be undisturbed on the outside, his forehead was already been covered in beads of sweat and his breathing had also obviously became hurried. On his left arm, the bloody gash was a ghastly sight to see, and the blood that flowed out had already dyed half of his sleeve a scarlet red.

Lan Xueruo immediately stood up; she took out all of the various kinds of ointments she carried, walked quickly towards the Yun Che’s side, and asked with concern: “Junior Brother Yun, your arm is injured, how severe is the wound?”

Yun Che smiled and replied: “It’s fine, it’s just a scratch that didn’t reach the bone. Furthermore, it had already stop bleeding. I thank Senior Sister for the concern.”

“Stop acting tough, come, let Senior Sister take a look.” Lan Xueruo stretched out her jade hands and lifted Yun Che’s arm carefully as she checked his wounds. Following that, her face revealed an expression of astonishment. Even though the wound on Yun Che’s arm was very deep, but like he had said, it had indeed not reached his bones. That was undeniably a slash from Lu Zhannan, yet it only caused this kind of injury that could only be considered a minor wound!

Not to mention the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, even if a similar person at the seventh level of the Nascent Profound Realm received a strike from Lu Zhannan, they definitely wouldn’t have only received such a light injury! As a first ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm, how was it possible for him to possess such a strong protective profound energy.

As he saw the astonishment on Lan Xueruo’s face, a proud look slowly appeared on Yun Che’s face: “Do you believe me now, Senior Sister? My body is made of iron, you know; how could I possibly be seriously wounded that easily.”

Lan Xueruo laughed gently: “How is your body made of iron when you look so white and tender? You look more like a standard boy toy.”

“Eh… boy toy?” Yun Che raised his eyebrows for a moment, then he looked at Lan Xueruo’s snow white face and happily laughed: “Only men that are being kept and provided for by a beauty can be called a boy toy, and I don’t even have a beauty to provide for me… How about, Senior Sister keep me?”

“Pff… your mouth sure is naughty.” A laugh escaped from Lan Xueruo as she rolled her eyes at him: “I’m still your Senior Sister, okay. If you dare to tease me any further, be careful of Senior Sister spreading the word about your marriage out. You wouldn’t even be able to deceive a single girl after that."

Yun Che’s expression immediately became sullen.

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Seeing Lan Xueruo take the initiative to approach Yun Che to show her concern, and furthermore, while chatting and laughing together, both of them appeared to even show a hint of flirtation… Murong Ye’s face turned green in an instant, his teeth nearly shattering in pieces from the grinding. He and Lan Xueruo were publicly known as the golden couple of New Moon Profound Palace. Just one more step was needed before they would become a couple recognized by the masses. However, he clearly knew how difficult this one step was; at the very least, Lan Xueruo had never treated him the way she’s currently treating Yun Che.

“That damn brat!” Murong Ye gaze suddenly became more and more sinister.

As if he had felt the gaze that was filled with jealousy and hatred, Yun Che’s head slightly turned in Murong Ye’s direction; the corner of his lips curled up into an unnoticeable curve.

*Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!*

At this moment, a sharp and clear clapping sound rang out in the Main Palace, and caused everyone to look towards the origin of the sound. The person who was clapping had already slowly stood up from their seat.

“Wonderful! Truly brilliant beyond comparison! I had originally come in my father’s stead to congratulate Palace Chief Qin, but unexpectedly, I was able to enjoy one brilliant battle after another between tigers and dragons. I’m even more so in luck to see another brilliant star rise in our New Moon City.”

While the young man started to speak, he also walked towards Yun Che as he cheerfully grinned from ear to ear. He looked quite young, and had the appearance of a sixteen or seventeen year old. However, there weren’t any signs of immaturity his face; instead, he carried a intangible noble and proud aura. His voice was clear and gentle, yet it carried a pressure that made one suffocate.

As they saw the young man who had slowly walked out, the palace immediately became completely silent.

Xiao Luocheng!!

The undeniable number one of the younger generation in New Moon City!

When Xiao Luocheng walked into the Main Palace, all the gazes were focused on him. However, after that, not many people kept their attention on him; even when Yun Che had declared war at all the sixteen year olds of the seven sects and no one from the seven sects responded, nobody had thought of him at all… This was because the level Xiao Luocheng was at had already far surpassed this little New Moon City; his terrifying talent was not something that the disciples of New Moon City or the seven sects could compare to. Tie Hengjun entered fourth level of the Nascent Profound Realm at age seventeen, Lu Zhannan entered seventh level of Nascent Profound Realm at age eighteen; they were all famous and top-notch genius in New Moon City.

Yet Xiao Luocheng… At the age of sixteen, was at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm!

Xiao Luocheng had never participated in the battles between the younger disciples of the New Moon City sects; because within the New Moon City’s younger generation, no one was qualified to be his opponent, and none were worthy for him to show his power either.

Even though he was the young sect master of Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect that was located in New Moon City, everyone knew that once he reached the age of twenty, it would be unthinkable for him to remain in New Moon City; instead he would return to the main headquarters of Xiao Sect. With his terrifying talent, he would be in a decently high position even inside main sect. Xiao Sect’s Main Sect; that was a colossus that New Moon City didn’t even have the right to look up at! It was a major sect that even Blue Wind’s Imperial Family had to curry favor with. That was where Xiao Luocheng should belong; for New Moon City was simply incapable of containing this exceptional genius known as Xiao Luocheng.

However now, not only did Xiao Luocheng personally step up, he even walked towards Yun Che.

Everyone’s heart started to frantically beat. Is it possible that, he’s going to…