Chapter 47 The Boundary of Life and Death

Chapter 47 – The Boundary of Life and Death

Yun Che sat in place and closed his eyes. A few breaths later, his expression became completely tranquil as his heart emptied. In addition to the pangs of hunger, his excitement and rashness from receiving the new set of Profound veins also completely faded away. His mind and consciousness were all centralized in the middle of the new set of profound veins within his body.

Due to his two lifetimes of cultivating in the ways of the Profound, he no longer needed another’s guidance when progressing from zero to hero. The first wave of profound strength in the Profound Veins came from one’s vitality; precisely, by slowly pulling one’s vitality bit by bit into the Profound Veins, it would slowly transform into a sparse profound energy. Once the Profound Veins were filled to the brim with this sparse profound energy, it would be the first official step into a profound strength of the Elementary Profound Realm!

Practitioners with mediocre talent generally required around half a year for this process. Practitioners with great talent could complete it within three to four months. Once this extremely important foundation was completed, one could then continue to further cultivate by absorbing the vitality from the sky and earth. There was no way around this process because only after officially entering the Elementary Profound Realm , would one have the ability to use their Profound Vein to absorb the vitality of the heavens and earth.

In the midst of silence, strands of Elementary Profound energy started to condense in Yun Che’s Profound Veins… With all his Fifty-four Profound Entrances opened, the vitality from his body influxed from fifty four directions all at once; its speed was as fast as one could imagine…

Before Jasmine had entered the Sky Poison Pearl, she had told Yun Che not to disturb her within three days. However she had not expected that after she awakened from her slumber, seven days had already passed.

After falling fast asleep inside the Sky Poison Pearl for the past seven days, the negative aftereffects from using her profound strength previously, had finally been completely eliminated. She looked toward Yun Che from inside the Sky Poison Pearl and let out a faint *Eh?* sound of surprise from her pink lips after a while.

Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range, waterfall between the mountains.

On the wall of the mountain that was about two to three hundred meters, a gigantic waterfall rushed down, and crashed into the pool below, causing mist to rise into the air. The enormous deafening sound was like the rumbling of thunder, which traveled far and wide.

At the edge of the waterfall, a topless bare-footed youth was currently walking step by step towards the screen of water that looked like it was falling from heaven. All his profound strength was being released without reservation whilst protecting his head and his back.

His figure seemed especially miniscule under this gigantic screen of water. Although the height of this waterfall wasn’t too ridiculous, the force of the water crashing down was still enough to easily smash one’s body into pieces…

However the youth continued without a care, and walked toward the huge boulder that the waterfall had been smashing on for who knows how many years.

When Jasmine left the Sky Poison Pearl, what she saw was exactly this scene. She took a look at the height of the waterfall, and her moon-like eyebrows faintly rose.


The impact of the huge current collided ruthlessly onto Yun Che’s body, breaking apart his weak profound energy defense instantly, and smashed him ruthlessly into the violent and churning pool.

A hot and searing pain enveloped Yun Che’s whole body as his entire upper torso turned completely red. In the corner of his mouth, a frightening line of blood leaked out.. However, there was not a single trace of retreat nor fear in both his eyes. Panting heavily, he floated up from the churning waters and used all of his strength to resist the heavy current as he climbed up the shore with difficulty..

The blow of the waterfall caused quite a bit of damage to him, and by resisting the current and swimming to the shore, he nearly exhausted the last of his energy. However, he did not fall down and pant after he climbed up the shore,, but instead, once again, walked toward the boulder under the waterfall with his swaying body. He then focused the strands of feeble profound energy, the last of his profound energy, and gathered it above him to protect his head.

“Already at the first level of the Elementary Profound Realm? He is actually that fast!” Looking at the tiny profound energy Yun Che was releasing, Jasmine was amazed in her heart. In just a short span of seven days, he actually officially stepped into the first level of Elementary Profound Realm! This speed, even among the people she knew, was enough to startle another.

It was clearly a mortal’s body and before his new profound veins had activated the Heretic God’s Secret Arts, it was no different from an ordinary person’s profound veins… What method did he use to enter the Elementary Profound Realm within such a short span of seven days! With the body of a human, even if all the profound entrances were opened, it would normally take at least a month!

However, to actually challenge this kind of waterfall at just the first level of the elementary Profound realm; this was clearly a death wish!

And after getting heavily damaged by the waterfall the first time, under the condition of nearly having all his profound strength routed, he barely had any rest before stepping toward the waterfall once more.

Jasmine rushed over and yelled in a charming tone of voice: “Are you wishing for death!”

Yun Che heard Jasmine voice and and his footsteps paused for a while. However it was only a short while, for he continued to walk toward the waterfall.


The last of the remaining profound energy were immediately dispersed without question, and in an instant, over a dozen tiny wounds split open on Yun Che’s back. As his vision turned black, he spew a big mouthful of fresh blood from his mouth, and then smashed into the churning waters once more.

“How truly reckless!” Jasmine frowned. In a flash, she rushed toward the direction in which Yun Che was swept away, ready to throw him ashore. Soon enough, Yun Che’s silhouette floated up to the surface of the water, but when she came closer to Yun Che and was about to pull him up, she instead heard a hoarse and weak, yet determined rejection…

“Do not… help… me…”

Yun Che’s face that floated out from the surface of the water was white as paper. The scars on his body was a horrifying sight; as he opened his eyes halfway, his gaze seemed to be lax, yet at the same time, extremely sober.

He actually didn’t lose consciousness… Jasmine retracted her hands, and her heart was amazed once more. Wrong! According to his previous condition, if it was an ordinary person who took that impact, there was no way possible one could remain sober.

As she looked at him, Jasmine suddenly wondered, was possible that he was using only his willpower, as if his life depended on it, to stay conscious?

“It’s impressive enough that you did not lose consciousness. Are you sure you can come ashore?” As he wished, Jasmine floated above him and did not give him a helping hand. After she finished her sentence, as if she suddenly remembered something, her face flushed and she quickly retreated in a frightened sort of manner. She continuously withdrew in a straight line, her two small hands simultaneously pressing downwards on herself, until she was quite a distance away.

Only, at this moment, it was evident that Yun Che’s attention was obviously not on her. If he was in his normal condition, he could still resist this kind of current. However to the him now, this rapid current was undoubtedly a nightmare; he squeezed out his nearly exhausted profound veins and raised his practically numb arm. As he unwaveringly resisted the heavy impact of the current against his body, he proceeded to slowly swim ashore, bit by bit…

A few breaths later, the muscles in his arms and shoulders began to convulse… This was the natural reaction of the body when one had completely depleted their strength. Under this situation, the arms were already fundamentally impossible to be lifted, and could be considered to be more or less, disabled.. The scars on his back grew larger as they slowly split apart, as blood cascaded downwards without stopping… Jasmine’s heart grew more and more apprehensive as she continued to watch this scene, for even her previously clenching hands involuntarily loosened…

However, both of Yun Che’s arms began to raise and move, and his body gradually approached the shore. It was impossible to imagine where he had squeezed out that energy from when it was clear that his body had reached its limit, for his strength was completely depleted, and even his consciousness ought to have scattered… Perhaps it was not strength that propelled his body forward, but willpower… An incomparably frightful willpower!

Under Jasmine’s blank gaze, Yun Che once again climbed back ashore. At that moment, Jasmine’s heart shuddered as if she had just witnessed an incomparably large world war. Just when she’d thought Yun Che would faint after being this weak, she instead saw him sway about as he stood up once again.

He could actually still stand up!!

Yun Che who had stood up once again, walked in Jasmine’s direction; his footsteps were extremely slow, and with every step he took, his body would sway violently, with the possibility of collapsing anytime. He continued to walk onwards for over a dozen steps before finally stopping to a halt. It was then that Jasmine discovered a small pool in that direction. The pool was obviously man-made and was no long than a meter. Its interior was filled with… a black liquid!

Yun Che entered the black pool and sat down with difficulty until his entire body, aside from his head, was submerged in the black liquid. It was then that Yun Che closed his eyes and finally lost conscious.

Jasmine landed from the air and watched the unconscious Yun Che with a complicated expression.

The pool was obviously dug by Yun Che, for there was a large spread of assorted items near its surroundings. Most of which were different kinds of herbs, perhaps with over twenty types of different varieties. Among them, the item with the highest quantity was a pile of pitch black branches and leaves that looked like dry firewood. The odor it gave out was extremely similar to the one the pool let out.

Jasmine casually picked up a root, placed it at the tip of her nose and took a light sniff. Immediately, her complexion slightly changed: “Demon Skull Vine!”

He actually soaked himself in this!!

So he used this type of method, in a short span of seven days… No! Maybe even less than seven days, to forcefully push himself into the Elementary Profound Realm!?

Jasmine stared at Yun Che’s face in silence… His soft and immature face was proof that he was indeed only sixteen years old, yet how was it possible for him to achieve this level!! Could it be that he really had… experienced hell before?

Two hours later, Yun Che woke up to see Jasmine floating beside him. The moment he opened his eyes, she coldly looked at him with her little face. Once she saw him opened his eyes, she immediately pressed down as if it was her conditioned reflex.

“You’ve been continuously doing this these past few days?” Jasmine opened her mouth and asked.

“More or less.” Yun Che straightened his still powerless body, while the wounds on his back were more or less healed. In the pool, there were not only the Demon Skull Vines present, but also the herbs he’d personally picked, which were used to make the best of recovery fluids.

“Are you not afraid of sudden death!” Jasmine’s face became somewhat chilly.

“I won’t let myself die. Absolutely not!” Yun Che lightly laughed as he said that with complete self-confidence and determination.

Jasmine smiled disdainfully: “You overestimate yourself. Did you think that there will only be water in that waterfall? If a boulder somehow had gotten mixed in, fell and smash on your body, your body could snap into two halves… I want to know, for what reason, are you so desperate?”

“Because, I need to have a strong enough power.” Yun Che looked up halfway in the pool, and slowly said: “If I had enough power, my master wouldn’t have been forced to die, my family wouldn’t have had to suffer humiliation either… Previously, my profound veins were crippled, thus I had no qualifications to pursue strength. Now the heavens… Oh that’s not right, it was Jasmine who gave me a brand new set of profound veins, so of course I had no reason to continue to be lazy and negligent… And you! My little master Jasmine, you opened your mouth and the first thing you wanted me to do was to reach a realm that no one in the entire Blue Wind Empire, had ever reached before, in a mere thirty years; for your sake, how could I not be desperate?”