Chapter 20 This is Really Interesting

Chapter 20 – This is Really Interesting…

For the first 20 or so needles, Xiao Che’s handling was very effortless. However, when sweat started to appear on his forehead, the left hand holding the needle also started to tremble. In addition, his movements clearly slowed by quite a bit. Before, he could pierce one needle in the space of a breath, but then it gradually turned into several breaths… after thirty needles, it took longer and longer each time.

If Xia Qingyue looked back, she would notice that while Xiao Che was giving acupuncture treatment, he always used his left hand. He wasn’t left-handed at all, and it’s even less true that his left hand was more skilled. Rather, it was because the Sky Poison Pearl was contained in his left hand.

Whenever a silver needle pierced down, the Sky Poison Pearl in his palm would lightly flicker once. Following the silver needles, the Sky Poison Pearl’s power silently entered Xia Qingyue’s body. Of course, this power wasn’t some kind of poison, but rather was a purifying force. The Sky Poison Pearl had the ability to purify the world’s tens of thousands of poisons. In addition, this “poison” didn’t necessarily have to be a life ending kind of poison, but also included poisons that damaged the body’s interior, as well as superfluous impurities. However, this wasn’t necessarily as simple as washing the marrow and cutting the artery. To use the power of the Sky Poison Pearl was the main reason that he racked his brains today figuring out how to give Xia Qingyue acupuncture treatment.

To disperse the cold air and clear the meridians were only side effects and pretenses. What he was really doing was “opening the profound” for Xia Qingyue.

One minute passed… ten minutes passed… a quarter of an hour passed…

Wisps of cold air slowly rose from each and every silver needle. After a full half an hour had passed, Xia Qingyue’s back had been pierced by a full fifty four needles. Xiao Che’s hands finally stopped moving at this point but after stopping for not even half a minute, he once again reached out, both hands dancing. He removed each and every needle from Xia Qingyue’s back with incomparable swiftness. In the blink of an eye, all of the fifty four needles had vanished from Xia Qingyue’s back.

Xia Qingyue’s jade back was still luminously snow white, like the purest of white jade. Under Xiao Che’s extremely skilled technique, not a single mark was left.

“It’s done…” Xiao Che, having recovered all the needles, breathed a long sigh of relief.

The moment all the silver needles were removed, Xia Qingyue felt as if she were floating through heaven, her entire body indescribably warm and cozy. It made it hard for her to believe, through her stupor, that this was indeed her own body.

She threw her clothes back on and immediately used her profound strength. As the Frozen Cloud Arts rushed forth, she almost jumped in fright, because her profound strength transferred practically the moment the thought crossed her mind. The speed at which it circulated within her body was a cause for joy, as it was many times faster than it was before.

Even after practicing the Frozen Cloud Arts for four years, she still frequently had moments when she couldn’t completely control it. However, now, feeling the Frozen Cloud Arts circulating through her body, she was completely certain that with her body in its current state, she could completely control it. The speed at which the Frozen Cloud Arts circulated also, as a natural result, improved by a tier!

She did not have many hopes to begin with, so she was pleasantly surprised from the bottom of her heart at this kind of result. At the same time, she was also overwhelmingly shocked… shocked that everything that Xiao Che had spoken of had in fact been achieved! Furthermore, the results were even better than he said they would be!

She believed that her current body state would even startle her own master, if she were to see it!

“Now… do you believe me?”

Xiao Che’s voice echoed next to her ear, but seemed to be especially hoarse and weak. Xia Qingyue returned to her senses and looked towards Xiao Che. He was powerlessly leaning against the headboard. His forehead and all of his clothing had already been soaked in sweat and his complexion was pale enough to frighten, like he had just survived a severe illness.

Thinking about how every needle had been accompanied by profound strength, an aching feeling suddenly appeared in her heart… a feeling similar to being pricked. This feeling threw her mind into disorder, because she shouldn’t have any feelings of heartache for this person that she could only share the status of being married, and nothing else, with.

“I believe you… I believe that you really are a spirit doctor.” Xia Qingyue gave him a complex look: “It turns out that you, who had been looked down upon by everybody in Floating Cloud City, actually had such an shocking ability… But, you clearly know that I don’t have any kind of affection for you. After one month, I will still forever leave you… Why expose all of this to me? Why grant me such a large favor and… try so hard for me?”

Favor… this was really an incomparably immense favor.

“Three reasons.” The powerless Xiao Che panted and was gasping for breath, but still smiled with his entire face: “Almost everyone looked down on me and you had even more reason to look down on me. But you didn’t, and instead have always protected my pathetic dignity to the best of your ability… Last night, you went out to look for me because you were worried, and also silently delivered a blanket for me… Everyone who treats me well, I will forever treat them even better!”

Xia Qingyue: “…”

“The second reason… You are, all in all, my wife.”

Xia Qingyue opened her mouth a few times, but couldn’t find the words.

“The third reason is also the most important reason…” The smile on Xiao Che’s face turned vague: “I thought that your appearance after undressing would be a lovely sight to see.”

“…” Whenever Xiao Che took liberties with her using his vulgar mouth, she would always treat him with a cold indifference. However, this time, watching the vulgar smile on his pale face, she couldn’t bring herself to be angry.

“The explanation is over.” Xiao Che extended a hand towards the medicinal pot that he had brought: “Qingyue my wife, go pour out the medicine in that medicinal pot and drink it.”

Xia Qingyue gave him a very deep look, then walked over without asking what kind of medicine it was. She poured the concoction from the pot out and swallowed it in one gulp.

“This is the first treatment. If you want to keep this current state forever, you need a total of seven ‘treatments’. The best time is at three in the morning because this the one time in the day when the Ying qi is the heaviest and result of the treatment, the best. Of course, whether we proceed or not, the decision lies with you.”

After saying all of that, Xiao Che closed his eyes in exhaustion. It definitely wasn’t an act, his physical strength had truly been gravely overtaxed.

“Have a good rest.” Xia Qingyue’s gaze became even more complex. After she quietly spoke, she walked outside and soundlessly closed the door.

Standing in the center of the courtyard, Xia Qingyue raised her hands and looked at her palms, the expression in her eyes hazy.

What kind of person is he really?

At the very least, I’ve always judged him wrongly… All of Floating Cloud City have also judged him wrongly.

After Xia Qingyue left, Xiao Che’s body had also fallen completely and crookedly onto the bed. He rested there, not wanting to move at all, his mouth occasionally uttering a vague mumble.

“Huhu… My current stamina is too poor. I almost collapsed from fatigue just opening the profound…”

“If master knew that I actually had the other person take off her clothes, he might be angry enough to come down from heaven to teach me a lesson… After all… I could practice acupuncture through clothing at the age of thirteen… and could practice acupuncture through clothing with my eyes closed at fifteen… huhu… to sleep…”


The entire Xiao Clan had been immersed in an extremely different atmosphere every since they received the letter from the Xiao Sect. Clan master, elders, performed their duties each day with great diligence. From morning to evening, they prepared to greet them for fear of showing the least bit of neglect. The younger generation, as if on steroids, trained even harder. They all dreamed of having a breakthrough in these next few days, thereby increasing the chance of being brought back to the Xiao Sect…

However, all of this clearly had nothing to do with Xiao Che. He could be counted as the most leisurely person in the entire Xiao Clan.

Today, at the Xiao Clan’s rear mountain.

This was the cemetery opened up in the rear mountains by the Xiao Clan. After a member of the Xiao Clan died, it was more than likely that they would be buried here.

Xiao Lie quietly stood in front of a gravestone, his white hair, the result of having been through many changes and sorrow, fluttering freely in the wind. The wind whistled. Everything else was desolate.

On this gravestone, the two words “Xiao Ying” were engraved.

“… Ying Er, I know that ever since childhood, you dreamed of fulfilling your ancestor’s hopes and returning to the Xiao Sect. To shake off this abandoned blood of ours. Now, this opportunity has finally arrived, it’s just… a entire sixteen years too late.”

The expression in Xiao Lie’s eyes was misty. He stiffly stood there, his mouth uttering an involuntary sort of mutter…

“I know, even though so many years have passed, that you still have many concerns… Che Er’s profound veins have been deformed since his childhood… This is also fine. Even though he’s destined to be mediocre all his life, but without action, there won’t be struggle and hatred. Now, Che Er is already married. I hope from now on he can always live on peacefully… Even though he’s not your real child, he is still the one that you two spent your lives, and the life of your child, to protect. I will also protect his peace to the best of my ability…”


A quiet snapping sound entered Xiao Lie’s ear, startling him. He returned to his senses in a flash and turned his head, shouting in a low voice. “Who?”

Following his shout, Xiao Yulong’s figure walked over from behind a thick and solid tree at the center of the courtyard. He looked at Xiao Lie distractedly, walked forward a few steps and assumed the proper etiquette of a junior: “Yulong greets Fifth Elder… I did not think that Fifth Elder would even be here? Did Yulong disturb Fifth Elder?”

Xiao Lie’s eyes revealed his turmoil… His heart was just then filled with sorrow and he was despondent for a time. It was unexpected that he didn’t discover someone approach this place. He also didn’t know if this Xiao Yulong had heard his monologue just now. He furrowed his brows and asked: “Yulong, what are you doing here?”

Xiao Yulong promptly responded: “Xiao Sect’s emissaries will arrive tomorrow. Father believes that this is a large event that will change the Xiao Clan’s fate, and believed that he should inform his grandfather. So he had me come… To accidentally disturb the Fifth Elder, Yulong made a mistake.”

“Then did you hear what I just said?” Xiao Lie’s voice became cold and stiff all at once. An imposing aura abruptly pushed against Xiao Yulong.

The strength of a someone at the peak of the Spirit Profound Realm was more than what Xiao Yulong could withstand with his current ability. As his complexion paled, he immediately shook his head: “Yulong also just arrived. If Fifth Elder hadn’t just then spoke, I wouldn’t have discovered Fifth Elder. I definitely didn’t hear Fifth Elder say anything… If Fifth Elder does not wish to be disturbed, Yulong will immediately leave!”

Xiao Lie couldn’t spot any gaps in Xiao Yulong’s expression. His thoughts relaxed a bit and his aura retracted. His expression also eased: “Forget it, it’s nothing. The Xiao Sect emissary will arrive tomorrow. You are the most likely to be selected. When that time comes, you will be reviving our blood’s greatest wish.”

“Fifth Elder’s words are heavy. Yulong doesn’t deserve them,” Xiao Yulong humbly said.

Xiao Lie nodded towards him and turned around to leave this place.

After he left, Xiao Yulong’s expression gradually changed subtle. He rubbed his chin with his right hand and muttered with a frown: “Don’t tell me… if this is true, this would be really interesting…”