Chapter 9 Wife, Are You Asleep?

Chapter 9 – Wife, Are You Asleep?

He had married such a beautiful wife yet on his wedding night, he could not touch, caress any part of her body, or even sleep on his own bed. He could only silently hug his knees as he leaned against a wall in the corner of his room…

Xiao Che now had really felt the maliciousness of this world.

The red candlelight reflected against this newly transformed room, making it seem lovely. The two people in red dress entered a long silence, one sat at the edge of the bed and the other huddled pitifully in the corner. The only sound heard during this dragging silence was the vague sound of their breathing.

After a while, Xiao Che finally could not help but say: “You will not….really make me stay here all night?

Xia Qingyue’s long eyelashes fluttered and the graceful curve of her body turned slightly to lie down on the bed. She released the scarlet curtain and it fell, hanging down. Xiao Che could only make out her vague blurry shadow under the dim candlelight. Suddenly, Xia Qingyue waved her hands and a cold windy breeze extinguished the two red candles simultaneously….making Xiao Che sit in the dark shadows of the room.

“……” If it wasn’t impossible for him to beat this woman, even though she was as cold as her appearance, he still would have jumped her.

“I was just joking earlier. Not only am I not drunk, I did not even drink one sip this entire afternoon…. You can’t even take a little joke, you have no sense of humor.” Xiao Che resentfully muttered.

“I knew you weren’t drunk.” Xia Qingyue replied coldly: “But I really hate men who could defecate and urinate anywhere.”

Defecate and urinate… anywhere?

Could it be… when he was trying to get the wine out of the Sky Poison Pearl?


Xiao Che’s eyes widened as he jumped up from his corner: “You said that I indiscriminately urinate anywhere? Which eye did you see that with! You only heard the sound of me pouring wine! Pouring wine… pouring the wine! As a dignified man of the Xiao Clan, I would never do something as uncultured and filthy as that. You are allowed to look down on my Profound power but not insult my noble character and personality!!”

A little white after Xiao Che roared at her, he heard the leisurely sound of Xia Qingyue’s voice: “I was only joking too.”

“! # $… ” Xiao Che had almost vomited out his blood.

Depressed, Xiao Che went back to his corner and became silent again… This woman really knew how to joke around!!

Usually he would sleep comfortably in his bed but on his wedding night, he had to sleep in a corner… There was no way he could fall asleep! After holding in for a long time, Xiao Che let out his voice again: “So, when are you going back to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace? Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow?”

Xia Qingyue: “!?”

Xiao Che laughed with a light expression and calmly explained: “Although I know very little about the ways of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, I do know that they only accept women. Emotions of love are forbidden and they all have to be chaste. There are countless beautiful women in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and I have never heard of anyone there getting married. But you married me. Looks like even among the people of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, your talent and gifts are a rarity. You are perhaps a talent that they have only seen once in hundreds of years. Otherwise, why else would they break such a precedent in your favor?”

Xia Qingyue: “……”

Xiao Che raised his head and looked up at the darkness of his ceiling and continued: “For someone like you, they would do all they can to recruit you into their Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace in the shortest time possible. There must be countless strong practitioners that study the way of the Profound that an ordinary person would never see in their entire lifetime, and countless treasures as well. Under these circumstances, your Profound power and status would sky rocket. You are probably going to leave soon, am I right?

Xia Qingyue remained silent for a long time. After a while, she answered in a vague voice: “In a month.”

“A month?” Xiao Che’s surprised expression became a smile as he lowered his head and whispered: “Thank you.”

Xia Qingyue: “?”

“You must have asked them for this month. I doubt that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would willingly let you delay your recruitment and let you stay with a useless person like me against your wishes. One month is quite a long time and you are their treasured talent. In the future, you may even reach the same level and even be on par with the Mistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Others may laugh at me, mock me, and never put me in their eyes, but someone like you who would improve to unimaginable lengths in the future, was willing to marry me. You tried to protect and maintain the pride of a laughable man like me… Although I know you are doing this to repay my late father’s kindness, I thank you just the same.”

“No need.” Xia Qingyue answered unemotionally. But her heart slightly shifted inside her as she became slightly moved by what he had said. He was not wrong at all, for even her master told her that talents like her were as rare as can be even in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Her master even said that once Xia Qingyue entered Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, she was confident that she could breakthrough the Profound Spirit Realm and even reach the Profound Earth Realm… A level that not even the number one practitioner in Floating Cloud City, Xiao Lie, could reach.

Reaching the Profound Earth Realm before the age of twenty… To the people of Floating Cloud City, that was an unimaginable feat.

“Before I married you, I thought you would be like all those people who hold me in contempt and ignore me, but you are better than I thought you would be. Not only are you beautiful, you are also talented and kind. As a woman, you can be considered to be flawlessly perfect.

Xia Qingyue: “……”

“Well, since you are so kind, you certainly won’t let your husband sleep in the corner on your wedding night, right? My bed is quite large and it definitely would not be crowded if two people slept on it….”

Before Xiao Che even finished his sentence, a cold and murderous aura blew across the room and he shivered. “If you keep talking rubbish, I’ll throw you out!”

Xiao Che crooked his mouth and obediently shut up as his stiff bottom bitterly went back to where he sat before.

“Somebody’s here.” Xia Qingyue suddenly exclaimed.

After a while, Xiao Che heard the soft faint sound of footsteps. If he did not deliberately try to hear it, he would never have noticed those footsteps. The owner of those footsteps seemed to have suddenly stopped in front of his courtyard. The careful footsteps stopped right in the middle of the courtyard and went no further… because in the room was the untouchable Xia Qingyue. After sneaking around the courtyard for what seemed like half a day, the owner of those footsteps left as quietly as they could, the same way they quietly snuck in.

It was night and Xiao Yulong could not sleep. He looked out his window with a frantic expression on his face from time to time.

The door opened and Xiao Yang’s hurried footsteps had come in. Xiao Yulong narrowed his eyes and asked: “How is it?”

“This…” Xiao Yang carefully looked at Xiao Yulong’s expression and spoke with great care: “I just came from Xiao Che’s place, Xiao Che seems… to not have been locked out.”

“……” Xiao Yulong’s hopeful expression dropped off his face.

Xiao Yang’s heart thumped and he hastily said: “But you don’t have to worry Boss. Xia Qingyue even views the guys from the governor’s mansion and the Yuwen family with a contemptuous disregard, how could she even like that Xiao Che of a wastrel. Although he had not been driven out, it’s probably because… because she pitied him. She probably does not want him to get laughed at…. although he is in the same room as Xia Qingyue, I doubt they are lying on the same bed. He’s probably laying on the ground right this minute… that must be it.

Xiao Yulong’s dark uncertain face cast his eyes in the direction of Xiao Che’s courtyard. He clenched his fists: “Xia Qingyue is the woman I want, and no one can meddle in my affairs! I will personally check out what had happened. Absolutely do not let him touch Xia Qingyue !!”

“Yes!” Xiao Yang quickly answered.

The small dwarf-like Xiao Che who was rolled up in a ball was still awake in the corner of his room in the middle of the night. He opened his eyes and raised his left hand to look at the center of his palm. In the darkness, there was a striking faint green light that came from the Sky Poison Pearl.

In Azure Cloud Continent, with only the power of the Sky Poison Pearl, he alone stirred the world’s wind and storms, but also incurred the wrath of the entire Azure Cloud Continent… However, this had almost used up all its poisonous power!

The Sky Poison Pearl had fused with his body to become a part of him, and he could hardly feel the presence of its usual toxicity. Before his death on his killing field, he had used the Sky Poison Pearl’s power to slaughter many strong practitioners. He had overdrawn the Sky Poison Pearl’s power and its poisonous powers ran dry… Overdrawing and exhausting are two different concepts. If exhausted, it could slowly recover. However, overdrawing directly depleted the source of the power, making it perhaps, virtually impossible to restore it to its original strength.

Today’s Sky Poison Pearl only had the most basic of detoxification, refinement, and fusion capability… of course, its storage remained as well.

With his Profound Vein disabled and the Sky Poison Pearl’s strength depleted, he would never be a viewed as an important person in this small little city.

The most intolerable fact was… that he did not even have the ability to consummate his marriage with his own wife!

If he wanted to have strength, the most basic step he should take would be first to repair his destroyed Profound Vein.

Repair his Profound Vein…

Xia Qingyue was certain that his Profound Vein could not be restored in ways an ordinary practitioner would use. But for him, this was not an impossible feat because he was the successor of a medical saint! His teacher had told him many times of the healer’s theory in medicine. When in the face of a problem, one must remember that there is cause and effect. If there is a problem, there must be a solution. If there are people suffering, there must be healers. In this world, there is no incurable disease and if people say there one, it was only the healer’s own lack of ability.

Regarding how to repair his Profound Vein, Xiao Che had been thinking about that to this very day. His Profound Vein had not been an inborn disability, but was damaged by another at birth. After growing up, his Profound Vein has now been thoroughly crippled, making him unable to even use the most conventional of methods to restore it.

In order to destroy his old disabled Profound Vein and recultivate another, he needed at least three things…

“Wife, are you asleep yet?” Xiao Che asked.

After a long period of silence, he still did not receive a response.

“Cough cough, wife you aren’t really asleep right?” Xiao Che asked again.

“My name is Xia Qingyue!” Xia Qingyue replied in a cold soft voice.

“I know your name is Xia Qingyue.” Xiao Che scratched his eyebrows and strangely asked: “Wife, I have something to ask you.”

“Call me Xia Qingyue!” She said in anger.

“Oh, okay!” Xiao Che nodded. With a poker face on, he asked: “Wife, after you go to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, are you able to obtain the Seven Profound Gem Grass, a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, and a beast core of the Earth Profound Realm? Are you able to get a hold of those three things?”