Chapter 390 - Fiendish Claws (1)

Chapter 390 - Fiendish Claws (1)


Without any anticipation, when they heard Yun Che’s words, the Xue Yue sisters screamed out in shock. They seemed like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.

“B-b-bre… Breast?” Feng Hanyue instinctively held her snow clothes closer to her chest as she stammered.

“If you were to open her Jadepool Entrance, you would have to place your hand… the same way you put it on her back, on her chest?” Feng Hanxue stared widely and said.

Yun Che nodded innocently.

“How can this be!!” The Xue Yue sisters cried out in alarm.

“This, this…” The two young girls screamed even louder with decibels high enough to make Yun Che shrink uncontrollably as he frantically added on: “I know you two senior sisters are all pure and noble, and would definitely not allow something like this to happen. Therefore… Therefore, I don’t know what to do either.”

“You, you, you… You wouldn’t be saying that in order to try and take advantage of big sis, right?” Feng Hanxue watched Yun Che as she hit the truth immediately.

Feng Hanxue’s words somehow seemed to remind Feng Hanyue: “That’s right, that’s right! Are you doing this on purpose! You… You peeped at us bathing the other night. You must be… Must be… The big pervert that Senior Qianxue and Senior Lianqie mentioned before!”

“!#¥%…” The edges of Yun Che’s mouth twitched as he replied with grief and indignation: “ I have already explained numerous times that I didn’t do it on purpose that night. Qingyue even stood up for me that day. Even if you don’t believe me, you must believe my wife Qingyue. The most crucial thing is that I’m handsome, charming, upright and is also an unparalleled genius. Even your Grand Palace Mistress broke your thousand year old rule and accepted me as a disciple of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. How can a person like this be the ‘big pervert’ that you mentioned!”

“Ugh…” Yun Che’s sad and indignant expression and speech caused the two sisters to be shocked. From what he said, they felt as though they had wronged him. Feng Hanyue grabbed her snowy clothes tight against her chest, and said softly: “You… You really aren’t lying in order to take advantage of us?”

Yun Che looked serious and replied sternly: “If you don’t believe that the Jadepool Entrance is inversely concealed, you could always go out to seek the advice from an experience medical person. Whatever they say would be without a doubt the same as mine!”

“But, we sisters have never left Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace before, and we do not know of any experience medical person.” Feng Hanyue weakly replied.

“Eh? You have never left the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace before?” Hearing that, Yun Che revealed a face of shock. They were all highly ranked, of the extremely famous Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, yet they had never left Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace before?

“That’s right… Because Palace Mistress says that we will easily cause trouble and even affect the reputation of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace if we go out.” Fen Hanxue’s voice turned sad: “Ugh… Sister and I has always listened obediently to Palace Mistress and have always been in good terms with the other sisters and disciples. However, the other sisters are able to go out, only we are prohibited from doing so… Mistress is so biased.”

Yun Che could understand fully well why Gong Yuxian did not allow this pair of siblings to go to the outside world.

The reason was simple… The ladies of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace always gave off an icy cool arrogance and seemed so distant, especially their cold stare which could almost freeze one’s heart. But although Feng Hanyue and Fen Hanxue also practiced the same Frozen Cloud Arts, their personality and temperament was completely unrelated to “icy proudness”. Furthermore, they were a part of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies. If they were to interact with people from the outside world and revealed their actual personalities, it would undoubtedly distort people’s impression of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

“Actually, Palace Mistress refusing to let you two go out is not due to bias. Instead, it is to show her love and care for you.” Yun Che replied in all seriousness: “In the outside world, there are all sorts of dangers you two cannot imagine. There are especially many ‘Big Perverts’ that you guys mention. Within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, you two senior sisters are not only the prettiest, but also the most lovable. Look at me, though I have only known you two for three days, whenever I see you two, my heart would feel happy immediately. Palace Mistress must like you two the most, and therefore is worried of your safety, she feels that it is unsafe to let you two leave the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

Liking compliments is the nature of humans, especially women, it was their most fundamental nature. Yun Che’s few words got the two sisters over cloud nine as they replied happily: “Is what you said really true?”

“Of course it’s true.” Yun Che nodded seriously before continuing: “If I really were the big pervert that you speak of, Senior Sister Qianxue, Senior Sister Lianqie, Senior Sister Lanyi, Senior Sister Yueli… I would have already taken advantage of all of them. However, they all managed to successfully opened all profound entrances. You two are so lovable that I cannot possibly think of bullying. If you really still don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do as well.”

As Yun Che spoke, he quickly revealed a hurt expression.

“No, no… We’re not completely suspecting you, but, but… uu, what shall we do? There’s only the Jadepool Entrance left… All the other senior sisters have already completely opened their profound entrances and obtained the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, but I…”

Feng Hanxue bit her lips and asked hesitantly: “Yun Che, my sister has already opened fifty three out of fifty four profound entrances, and is only missing the Jadepool Entrance. If we skipped that one, there shouldn’t be a huge difference, right?”

Yun Che gaze was clear as he shook his head seriously: “If it were comparing between fifty two opened profound entrances and fifty three opened profound entrances, the difference would be very little. However, the difference between fifty three opened profound entrances and fifty four opened profound entrances would be like heaven and earth! Because when all fifty four Profound Entrances are opened, one attains the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins. If one is missing, it wouldn’t be the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins anymore. The reason the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins are called Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins is because when all the profound entrances are opened, the flow, gathering, and release of profound energy reaches a higher level where the world seem to run on different laws. This allows the profound veins to ascend from the stage of being ‘human’, to a completely new level… One profound entrance, when comparing the difference, would be the same logic as when talking about profound realms. The ninth and tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm are not that much different, but the tenth level of the Sky Profound Realm and the first level of the Emperor Profound Realm would be like the difference between the clouds and mud.”

“Senior Sister Hanyue already opened fifty three profound entrances, and the strength of her profound veins have nearly been increased by twofold. However, compared to the other senior sisters who had already obtained the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, the speed of cultivating of profound strength, channeling speed, and speed of gathering profound energy would be only around fifty percent.”

“Fif… Fifty percent!?!”

Yun Che’s words caused the two sisters to be petrified for a moment, especially when he mentioned Murong Qianxue and the others who were also with them among the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies. Hearing the list of these huge disadvantages between her and the others, Feng Hanyue nearly broke down crying on the spot… As fellow disciples, and together among the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, they originally had the same potential and grew up together. But now, because of one Jadepool Entrance, she had such a big disadvantage. How could her pure and competitive heart take this.

“Uu, Xuexue, what should I do? If it’s like this, I would be left behind by our senior sisters and the gap would keep increasing.” Feng Hanyue helplessly asked.

“...No worries, wait until I have the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins. I will put in your effort as well. This way, if we work together, we would prevent our senior sisters from pulling the gap away from us.” Feng Hanxue heart achingly consoled her.

Her pure words of encouragement did not console her at all, and instead caused Feng Hanyue to suddenly feel even more helpless… Because not only her senior sisters, even her younger sister would also attain the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins. Not only would her senior sisters widen their gap from her, her younger sister would as well...

NO, NO, NO! I can’t let them widen the gap from me. Just one more step, and I would be able to the same as the senior sisters… This cannot happen...

Feng Hanyue turned her head and looked at Yun Che, asking pitifully: “Yun Che, is there really no other way open the Jadepool Entrance?”

Yun Che replied guiltily: “If there were, I would use all my abilities to do it and risk it all to do it for Senior Hanyue. However… The position of the Jadepool Entrance is too unique. There really is no other way.”

Feng Hanyue did not say anymore, as her pearl like teeth bit on her lips, slowly biting harder and harder. After a while, she had finally made the most difficult decision of her life. She replied with a face full of grievance: “If… If I let you help me open my Jadepool Entrance… Can it be done with clothes?”

“Ahh? Sis, you really want to?”

Feng Hanyue hid her face within the snowy clothes and meekly grumbled: “Just a bit more and I would be able to attain the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins… If I don’t open my Jadepool Entrance, I might not be even be able to stay within the Frozen Fairies with Xuexue after some time… Furthermore… Furthermore, he has already seen it all that day… Also, in comparison to the Heavenly God’s Spiritual Veins, all these do not matter!!!”

“This…” Yun Che carefully selected his words: “Senior Sister Hanyue, are you sure you want to this? It’s just that if it’s done with clothes on, it carries along a huge risk. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the entire Jadepool Entrance collapses and gets destroyed.”

“Then… close your eyes?”

“I can’t see if I close my eyes, what if something goes wrong…”

“~!#¥%%... I don’t care, I don’t care!!” Feng Hanyue, who had always been facing Yun Che with her back, suddenly turned around. Even though her snowy clothes were still bunched up against her chest, the curve of her snow white charming shoulders was still beautiful beyond compare. Her beautiful eyes stared at Yun Che with a piercing look. An extremely clear resolution was within her death defying expression: “If we open the Jadepool Entrance like this… how long would it take!?”

“...Three minutes.”

“So long… That… That… After you help me open the Jadepool Entrance, you must not tell anyone else of today’s matter! You must not tell anybody! Not even Qingyue! You can’t tell anyone!”

Yun Che nodded like a chick pecking at rice: “Of course, this matter concerns Senior Sister’s reputation, I would never… never ever mention this to anybody!”

Nonsense, if people on the level of Gong Yuxian knew about this matter, the lie would definitely be exposed!!

“Then… then… then you… go ahead!!”

Feng Hanyue’s petite hands that were clutching her snowy clothes trembled for a while before she finally closed her eyes and released her hold. In an instant, her snowy clothes fell to the ground and an eye catching patch of whiteness gently emerged, like a pair of tender flower buds were about to bloom. They quivered upon her supple and snowy skin, causing Yun Che’s sight to spin and be dazzled.

“AHHH!” Feng Hanxue covered her mouth in shock… She had never expected Feng Hanyue to be so daring and actually...