Chapter 383 - Frozen End’s Rudimentary Completion

Chapter 383 - Frozen End’s Rudimentary Completion

The might of a sword strike under ninety percent of Yun Che’s strength was naturally nothing humble; Xia Qingyue was forced thirty meters of distance away, and she silently looked at Yun Che who appeared to be in a slightly sorry state, lacking anything to say. Yun Che put away the Dragon Fault, flung his arms that were more than halfway numb as if nothing happened, and spoke without appearing to lose his cool: “I tried it, this stone is indeed very tough, as expected of the place that Frozen Cloud Ancestor took a liking to. If this place can be sealed up, it’ll simply be the safest spot within the entire Blue Wind. Even if the entire Heavenly Sword Villa came, it’s guaranteed that they wouldn’t be able to barge in.”

As he finished speaking, Yun Che turned toward the wall where Frozen End Divine Arts were engraved, extended his hands and silently channeled Frozen Cloud Arts. As blue light flashed within his hands, the ice-blue colored words quickly emerged from the green colored wall.

“I heard that other than Frozen Cloud Ancestor back then, in these thousand years, only Qingyue my wife could comprehend and practice Frozen End Divine Arts. This can prove two things; it shows that Qingyue my wife is very amazing, and also proves that Frozen End Divine Arts are indeed very mysterious.” Frozen End Divine Arts’ profound formula has already begun to engrave inside his vision: “Let me take a good look at what it’s made of.”

“Frozen End Divine Arts —— Main Formula —— Ice, extremity of water, extremity of coldness. All things under heaven can become ice; water can be frozen into ice, blood can be frozen into ice, energy can be frozen into ice, the profound can be frozen into ice. Mountains, hills, and the skies all can be frozen into ice…”

Frozen End Divine Arts’ profound formula appears to be simple and frank, yet also seems immensely profound. And looking with a glance, it didn’t seem like some powerful profound formula at all, and was instead just an ineffable and superfluous text. At first, Yun Che only wanted to simply take a look at this mysterious Frozen End profound art; but after the profound formula entered his eyes, entered his heart, and entered his soul, his entire person actually had already unwittingly been immersed within. His expression, also became increasingly tranquil and blank. Afterwards, when he was completely sunk within it, even his six senses were unconsciously shut off, as he even forgot about Xia Qingyue who was beside him.

Frozen End Divine Arts’ profound formula entered his heart through his eyes; within Yun Che’s world of consciousness, there seemed to be a voice slowly reading the Frozen End Divine Arts’ profound formula, as he firmly engraved this voice into his mind. Gradually, he felt the water-attributed Heretic God’s Seed that had been silent most of the time suddenly become active, as if it smelled some kind of presence it thirsted for.

Yun Che still had a leisurely expression one moment before, yet in the next moment, he suddenly entered a state of vacancy while looking at the wall. Surprised in her heart, Xia Qingyue did not utter any sound to disturb Yun Che, as a deep expression of astonishment condensed on her face… Frozen End Divine Arts’ profound formula was incomparably abstruse; it embodied the most fundamental, most comprehensive, yet toughest to thoroughly grasp laws regarding the energy of ice. When Frozen Cloud disciples made contact with it for the first time, facing this pile of profound formula, the only feeling they had was that it was “unintelligible”. In order to comprehend the Frozen End Divine Arts, Xia Qingyue did not spare to stay several months under the fourth layer of ice hell. Only by submerging herself inside profound ice, did she finally comprehend the ice attribute energy’s core natural laws in a gradual fashion, and successfully cultivate the Frozen End Divine Arts.

Yun Che had only made contact with it for the first time, and what he ordinarily used was nevertheless fire attributed profound energy conflicting with ice attribute; he actually entered the comprehension state just like that!?

The water attribute Heretic God’s Seed faintly cried in excitement within Yun Che’s profound veins, and slowly began to whirl. And at this time, a stretch of circular shaped fog of ice suddenly condensed surrounding him, then dispersed out like ripples, carrying up a wave of unhurried chilly wind. Very quickly, the second ball of ice fog condensed once again around Yun Che, but this time, the ice fog did not disperse for a long time. Gradually, as a hint of blue light flashed, an ice spirit suddenly appeared within the ice fog, and started to flutter around Yun Che’s body as if it was alive.

Xia Qingyue’s pink lips slightly opened, as her charming eyes shone with a glint of disbelief. This ice spirit wasn’t an ordinary ice crystal condensed by the Frozen Cloud Arts’ cold energy, but the spirit of ice formed when Frozen End Divine Arts’ first stage is completely mastered!

And from when Yun Che started to comprehend the Frozen End Divine Arts, not even a mere hour had passed!

A supreme Ice Attributed Profound Art that no one in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was able to comprehend within these thousand years, and even required several months to thoroughly comprehend even with Xia Qingyue’s comprehensive abilities, Yun Che had actually only used less than an hour to directly complete the elementary stage!

Xia Qingyue’s eyes stared at Yun Che in a daze. She wondered just how many more inexplicable secrets there were on this man who was her husband in name only.

Actually, in terms of comprehensive ability, though Yun Che’s was definitely high, it wouldn’t surpass Xia Qingyue’s.

However, there was the Heretic God’s Seed of water in Yun Che’s body.

Ice was one of the forms of water. In order to comprehend Frozen End Divine Arts, one first needed to reach an extremely high level of understanding toward the natural laws of ice. And Yun Che who possessed the water attribute Heretic God’s Seed, had complete affinity with the water element; his understanding of the laws of ice, had reached the most extreme limit as well. As such, the threshold and hindrance of cultivating Frozen End Divine Arts, was simply nonexistent for Yun Che!

At the same time, the speed of total comprehension of a profound formula and imprinting it into the soul, also had a most direct relationship with one’s soul power. Yun Che possessed the Dragon God’s soul in his body, and even though he couldn’t display too abnormal of a soul power because of the restriction of his profound strength, it was definitely not at a level that ordinary people could compare to. With the existence of the Dragon God’s Soul, it can be said without the slightest exaggeration, that it would be nearly impossible to find any profound formula that Yun Che couldn’t comprehend and handle within the entire Blue Wind.

Another hour passed, the ice spirits surrounding Yun Che gradually increased in numbers. From one, to a dozen, then to several dozens, and hundreds… After imprinting all of the Frozen End Divine Arts’ profound formula into his mind and soul, Yun Che had also already closed his eyes. At this moment, his body suddenly emitted a wave of cold energy that pierced the bones and bored at the soul. At the same time, lines of silk formed by ice crystals quickly extended outwards from various spots on his body. Not long after, these ice crystal silks intertwined around his body, forming into an increasingly bigger and denser net of ice.

The Yun Che now, had clearly already entered an oblivious state with all six senses shut off. This kind of state could be said as the utmost state for comprehension, and absolutely shouldn’t be disturbed in any way. Xia Qingyue slowly floated up, and after looking at him for a while, she left without any sound… Under this kind of extreme comprehension state, one wouldn’t feel the lapse of time at all, and continuing for several days, or even several dozens of days couldn’t be more normal. And if it were at an extraordinarily high level, such a state could even make one unwittingly immerse themselves for several years, to even several hundred years.

However, the amount of time that Yun Che’s comprehension lasted this time, wasn’t as long as Xia Qingyue had expected.

The cold moon hid behind the cloud. As the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was completely shrouded by a boundless curtain of the night and sunk into desolateness, Yun Che finally awakened from the comprehension state.


As his eyes opened, all of the ice crystals surrounding him burst apart, becoming a field of ice fragments. Yun Che spread opened his arms, looked left and right at his hands, and only felt that his entire body was indescribably refreshed and comfortable from head to toe, as if his body had been completely purified by some sort of utterly pure and clean thing.

“Tree of Frozen End!”

As Yun Che uttered a light chant, two little trees of ice crystals quickly grew on his two palms, unfolding lush branches and leaves of ice.

“Frozen End Illusory Mirror!”


As Yun Che’s two hands opened, an almost completely transparent ball-shaped barrier completely enveloped Yun Che within. Instantly, the cold energy and presence coming from Yun Che was almost entirely isolated, his voice was more so entirely covered. This profound art of concealment, was an unknown times stronger than the ‘Frozen Cloud Barrier” conjured from Frozen Cloud Arts. If the ‘Frozen End Illusory Mirror’ was opened, Yun Che believed that even someone two entire realms above him, under deliberate searching, would still have great difficulty discovering his hiding location even within a three-hundred-meter area.

Yun Che stopped the Frozen End Illusory Mirror, and muttered in a low voice: “Reaching the fourth stage in one breath, these Frozen End Divine Arts don’t seem to be that difficult either… It really is too much easier when compared to breaking through the Star God’s Broken Shadow and the Great Way of the Buddha.”

Not to mention other people of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, even if the Frozen Cloud Ancestor heard these words of Yun Che’s, she would probably spray his face with a mouthful of blood from anger… Heretic God’s Seed, and Dragon God’s Soul, with various cheats that didn’t belong to this plane on him, he actually had the nerve to say these words!

Xia Qingyue was already no longer beside him. Yun Che walked out by himself and exited the underground, and only then did he discover that it was already nighttime. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace at nighttime was excessively quiet, and not a single person could be seen within view.

Even though the moonlight was mostly obstructed by the thin cloud that wouldn’t disperse all year round, with the reflecting light of the white snow on land, the lighting wasn’t that dim either. Yun Che instantly somewhat regretted that he didn’t ask for the directions to Xia Qingyue’s room during daytime. Otherwise… what a perfect opportunity this was!!

Other than him, there were only females within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Since it was nighttime, it seemed unsuitable for him to go find anyone other than Xia Qingyue. Plus that Gong Yuxian hadn’t declared him to be a Frozen Cloud disciple, even running into a Frozen Cloud disciple head-on would probably instigate chaos… Shouting Xia Qingyue’s name where he stood? That seemed to be even more out of the question.

What should I do now? Don’t tell me that I’ll have to wait right here, until Qingyue my wife voluntarily comes to look for me?

Yun Che stood where he was at, and didn’t move for a long time. If this were some other place, even if it were one of the Four Great Sacred Grounds, he would dare to casually stroll for a bit. But this place just happened to be all women… It really wasn’t easy to move in the middle of the night!

Oh well… Let’s return to the Frozen End Divine Hall.

Yun Che thought grudgingly, turned around and was about to return to the underground. As he just took a step forward, his ear suddenly twitched… To his right, female voices could vaguely be heard. He hastily concentrated his hearing to listen carefully… That was indeed the voice of females, and didn’t seem to be just one person. The distance to him, was probably only two or three thousand feet away.

And one of the voices… seemed to belong to Chu Yueli!

If he could find Chu Yueli, then what happens next would naturally be much easier to manage. Without even thinking about it, Yun Che quickly walked toward the origin of the voice… As he neared, the sound beside his ears also became more and more clear.

“Yueli, is there still no news on Senior Sister Yuechan?”

“No, Big Sister may be worried about the child’s safety, and went hermit in a place cut off from the rest of the world. She may even have left Blue Wind Empire… Sigh, I’m really worried about her.”

Another voice as gentle as water spoke: “Don’t worry, Senior Sister Yuechan’s profound strength is as great as Emperor Profound. Even though she no longer has profound arts, protecting herself absolutely isn’t a problem.”

“I still can’t understand, why would Senior Sister Yuechan do such a thing with that person called Yun Che? Really… How incomprehensible.” This was a very lively voice, and seemed to have come from a young lady’s mouth.

“Mhm, it really isn’t understandable at all… Speaking of which, is that Yun Che really so amazing? Grand Palace Mistress had always wanted to see him, but why is that? Does Senior Sister Yueli know?” This voice was almost exactly the same as the previous voice. If there weren’t a slight difference in the tone, it could easily be thought to have come from a single person’s mouth.

Yun Che walked closer and closer. He didn’t deliberately hide his presence, and was naturally quickly discovered by these women. Very soon, their voices started to point toward him… Only, he had just finished practicing Frozen End Divine Arts, and his entire body was radiating with cold energy. Furthermore, he was implanted with “Frozen Cloud Soul Crystal”, so anyone who were similarly people of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace would immediately be able to detect it, and would naturally believe that he was a certain Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciple...

And they definitely wouldn’t have thought, that it would be a man who was walking closer to them.

“Someone’s coming toward here. Eh? This presence… seems to be a little unfamiliar.”

“This presence, seems to be the Frozen End Divine Arts’ presence. That’s not right, this profound energy presence is clearly only at the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm, it can’t be Qingyue.”

“Everyone, let’s guess, which sister or disciple will it be?”

“I’m guessing Lingxue… No, could it be Surou?”

“It seems like Luluo… The presence really seems somewhat unfamiliar, could it be that a certain sister or disciple is deliberately hiding her presence to tease us?”

“Sister on the outside, come in quickly. If you keep on hiding around, we’ll come out and snatch you in, okay.”

Ahead of Yun Che, was a door of ice that wasn’t tightly shut. Behind the ice door, the voices of six females disseminated out… Some were clear and cold, some were gentle, and some were lively and pleasing to the ears. And the words they spoke afterwards, made Yun Che unable to resist it more and more. He quickly speculated about the possible attitude they would show toward him, then took a step forward, and pushed open the ice door...

He opened his lips, but before he could even manage to utter the first word, his entire person entirely went rigid there as if he had been electrocuted...

Before his eyes, was a pool of water so clear that the bottom could be seen. There was no fog above the pool of water, so it naturally wasn’t some hot spring. This was the only natural cold spring that wouldn’t freeze even under the cold of the Snow Region of Extreme Ice.

Within the cold spring, were six stark naked bodies of jade akin to have been carved out of ice. Their appearances were as if drawn by the otherworldly brush, each one having their own merits, yet were all as beautiful as goddesses, and picturesquely elegant. Their skin was as if congealed from ice and snow, fair without any flaws. Pairs of smooth, clean, graceful and slender charming legs were curled, straightened, gathered together, or raised in various fashions within the water. Amongst the pairs after pairs of towering twin peaks, some were like reversely covered jade bowls, some were as ample as the moon, and some were pressed into a graceful curvature by arms… Everything was sketching out an enchanting scenery that could make men’s blood vessels explode in an instant and fish their soul away from their bodies.