Chapter 379 - Frozen Cloud Male Disciple

Chapter 379 - Frozen Cloud Male Disciple

There were several Frozen Cloud Secret Grounds within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s lands. Its mysterious Grand Palace Mistress silently cultivated all year round in one of those secret grounds. Yun Che and Xia Qingyue followed Gong Yuxian all the way down, and finally arrived in front of a room of ice.

“Senior Master, Yun Che has arrived.” Gong Yuxian said respectfully before the ice room’s entrance.

Right after, a woman’s voice that appeared slightly elderly came from within: “Come in.”

As the voice fell, the ice room’s gate that was tightly closed slowly opened. Countless ice crystals dispersed out from within the ice room, and didn’t fall for a long time

In the center of the ice room, a woman whose expression was as calm as water, with hair already half white, sat upright on a blue colored ice jade. The ice jade slowly emitted an ice cold fog, shrouding her entire body within this hazy fog of ice. When Gong Yuxian’s group of three walked in, her closed eyes opened, radiating a gentle yet far-reaching gaze. And this gaze, directly fell onto Yun Che’s body.

She was the previous generation Palace Mistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and also the current Grand Palace Mistress —— Feng Qianhui.

“Disciple Gong Yuxian, greets Senior Master.”

“Disciple Xia Qingyue, greets Grand Palace Mistress.

The elderly woman raised her hand, and spoke lightly: “No need for formalities, have a seat… So, you are Yun Che?”

The person up ahead, was shockingly another pinnacle level being of Blue Wind’s profound practitioning world. From her body, Yun Che even felt a sense of pressure almost not inferior to Ling Tianni. He stepped forward, and spoke as he gave a salutation: “Junior Yun Che, greets Senior.”

Feng Qianhui’s gaze sized Yun Che up from head to toe, and slowly nodded. Suddenly, the expression in her eyes changed, her arm abruptly swung out as several tens of ice crystals condensed in the air, flying toward Yun Che’s chest.

Toward Feng Qianhui striking out, Yun Che didn’t display any surprise. His body remained in the same position, his chest slightly stuck out, yet he didn’t even construct up defensive profound energy, and directly used his body to receive it.

Bang bang bang bang...

All the ice crystals solidly smashed onto Yun Che’s body, yet directly shattered into pieces the moment they touched Yun Che’s body, and dissipated. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of injury on his body.

A hint of deep surprise flashed through Feng Qianhui’s gaze. The ice crystals just now only carried half of her strength, but it would definitely be hard for even a Sky Profound expert to receive it. While the young man before her eyes was only Earth Profound Realm, yet did not even use protective profound energy to take it head on just with his body, furthermore, he did so without even getting injured at all… Just with this, it would be impossible to find a second person capable of doing so in the entire Blue Wind.

But Feng Qianhui’s probing was naturally not only this much. As all the ice crystals fell onto the floor, both her hands extended out together as her hair and the ice spirits around her entire body fluttered up. A tremendous frozen cloud energy released outwards, causing the ice room that wasn’t very big in the first place to seemingly fall into an icy purgatory.

Along with Feng Qianhui’s quickly altering hand signs, seven enormous ice lotuses bloomed one after another around Yun Che… They were similarly ice lotuses, but these lotus flowers coming from Feng Qianhui definitely wasn’t something Xia Qingyue’s ice lotus back then could compared to. The frozen cloud energy inside every single ice lotus was enough to completely freeze a five kilometer wide lake.

A glint appeared within Yun Che’s eyes. Without waiting for these seven ice lotuses to begin changing, he already grabbed up Dragon Fault in an instant, and at the same time, opened Burning Heart. As he stepped with Star God’s Broken Shadow, Dragon Fault swung out seven matchless overbearing strikes in the blink of an eye.

As the seventh sword strike fell, Dragon Fault had also already disappeared within his hands.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Ear deafening sounds of explosions instantly flooded the entire ice room. Before the just bloomed ice lotuses had time to release their frozen cloud might, they had already all burst apart like chaining firecrackers, turning into tiny ice crystals that fluttered all over the place. Being pushed to the sides of the ice room by the not yet completely dissipated heavy sword storm, they carpeted the ice room’s wall with a thick layer of ice.

Feng Qianhui’s arms stalled in midair as a deep expression of surprise flashed through her eyes. No matter how much one hears from rumors, it wouldn’t beat witnessing it personally. After two sessions of probing, it was already enough for her to recognize just how frightening Yun Che’s strength was. And his profound strength level, was indeed merely an unbelievable Earth Profound Realm.

“Good!” Feng Qianhui exclaimed in praise: “Looks like you being called “Number One of Blue Wind”, definitely wasn’t an exaggeration. The number one prodigy throughout Blue Wind’s history, was more so not bogus at all.”

Yun Che humbly spoke: “Senior is praising me too much. This junior is still young, with shallow foundations, and certainly cannot be compared to beings on Senior’s level. The so-called ‘Number One of Blue Wind’, is also merely a casual remark, Junior does not deserve such a title.”

Feng Qianhui answered: “I heard that you eliminated the entire Burning Heaven Clan, heavily wounded Divine Phoenix’s prince, went on a rampage and is wildly arrogant without limits. Coming before this old woman, what need is there for pretenses… Have a seat.”

Yun Che sat facing Feng Qianhui as instructed.

“This old woman’s trivial name is Feng Qianhui, you may call me Granny Qianhui. With your current strength and fame, you could entirely ignore the request of this old woman wanting to meet you. In the entire Blue Wind, there is almost no one who possesses the qualifications for you to have to move to meet. Why would you come to this far away extreme northern land to meet this old woman?” Feng Qianhui asked as she looked at Yun Che. Her expression, clearly showed that this question wasn’t asked on a whim.

Because Yun Che’s stance toward Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, would decide her following decision.

“About this…” Yun Che took a glance sideways toward Gong Yuxian and Xia Qingyue: “Senior wishes to hear the truth?”

“Naturally, the truth.”

“Alright, then this junior will speak frankly.” Yun Che raised his chest, speaking in a very natural and poised manner: “Actually, the reason is very simple. Qingyue is Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciple and also my wife. I was worried that if by chance I didn’t come, I would put Qingyue my wife in a difficult position. And so, I came.”

Xia Qingyue: “...”

“Yun Che, do not speak rubbish in front of Grand Palace Mistress!” Gong Yuxian said coldly with her brows knitted.

“It’s fine.” Feng Qianhui looked at Yun Che’s eyes, yet faintly smiled: “He wasn’t speaking rubbish. What he had said just now, ought to be the thought from the bottom of his heart. Yun Che, this old woman heard, that because your family was abducted, you annihilated the entire Burning Heaven Clan in a flight of rage. Yet you also came to see this old woman, just because you didn’t want to put Qingyue in a difficult position. Looks like, you weigh family and friendship, even heavier than strength… Very well. Then, do you know, why this old woman had always wanted to see you?”

“I ask senior to enlighten me.” Yun Che could faintly figure sixty or seventy percent of it out, but he couldn’t be entirely sure. Before today, he had never heard any rumors of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Grand Palace Mistress; clearly she had stopped bothering with mundane matters long ago. But now, she suddenly wished to meet him. Evidently, the reason should be a certain great matter regarding Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, that even Gong Yuxian was incapable of deciding.

Feng Qianhui slowly said: “Regarding the matter between you and my Asgard’s disciple Chu Yuechan, this old woman had already learnt of everything. Since you have combined with Yuechan, then, you naturally have understood a great secret of the Frozen Cloud Arts. Starting from two years ago, you started to possess our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s core profound art… Frozen Cloud Art; this, will you deny?”

“Indeed, there is Frozen Cloud Arts on me. However, I had never used it in front of anyone, and also had never told anyone.” Yun Che said honestly.

Feng Qianhui continued: “Sectoral profound arts is the soul of a sect, and also a taboo that absolutely cannot be passed onto outsiders! Whether passing sectoral profound arts to the outside, or secretly learning other sect’s profound arts, they are all one of the greatest taboos of the profound practitioning world! In any sect, when exiling a disciple, crippling their sectoral profound arts would be the first thing to do. Yuechan grew up within Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and is also the head of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies, yet even so, she had no choice but to discard her own profound arts before leaving Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… While you are not my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciple, you possess the sectoral profound art of my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. This is the reason why this old woman wanted to see you. This old woman believes that you won’t pass it onto others, and perhaps may not even deem my Asgard’s mere Frozen Cloud Art worthy in your eyes, however, to my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, this is a great matter that definitely cannot be ignored!”

Yun Che slightly pondered for a bit, and said: “What does senior hope for me to do?”

“You have two choices.” Feng Qianhui said solemnly: “First choice, would be to let this old woman dispose of your Frozen Cloud Arts. Water and fire suppresses each other; you have the phoenix’s bloodline, ice attribute profound arts are extremely unfitting for you in the first place, and may even cause burden and damage to your profound veins because of conflicting attributes. So, discarding Frozen Cloud Art, to you, shouldn’t be something unacceptable.”

Just simply discarding Frozen Cloud Art, Yun Che indeed wouldn’t be upset over it. As Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s profound art, it was unquestionably an incomparably powerful profound art in the eyes of ordinary people. But compared to the Heretic God, Rage God, Heavenly Wolf, and Phoenix that Yun Che possessed, it was too weak. When fighting enemies, Yun Che more so never used it. With the same expenditure, the phoenix flame’s might far surpassed the Frozen Cloud Arts. When he occasionally used it, it was also just to conceal his presence a little using Frozen Cloud Barrier.

However, this Frozen Cloud Art came from Chu Yuechan! It was granted to him by Chu Yuechan’s virgin vital yin, and even became a link that could not be severed between him and Chu Yuechan. Now that Chu Yuechan was nowhere to be found, it became the only trace she had left in his body.

Thus, he absolutely wasn’t willing for the Frozen Cloud Art to be disposed of.

“I want to hear the second choice.” Yun Che didn’t think about it too much, and spoke flatly.

Feng Qianhui gave Yun Che a deep look, and said: “The second choice, is to join my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and become Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciple.”

This sentence of Feng Qianhui would be said as extraordinarily surprising; none of the three had expected that Feng Qianhui would actually utter these words. Before Yun Che replied, Gong Yuxian had already stood up and lost control of her voice: “Senior Master, this…”

“Say no more.” Feng Qianhui extended her hand to stop Gong Yuxian from continuing, and said calmly: “I have my own thoughts.”

Gong Yuxian opened her mouth, and didn’t continue speaking. Beside her, Xia Qingyue’s face also revealed astonishment.

“This… From what I know, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had only taken in female disciples since the time of its existence, and never had such a thing as taking in male disciples. Could it be, that senior… wants to make an exception because of this junior’s matter?” Yun Che spoke in a very uncomposed manner.

“The reason why my Asgard had always only taken in female disciples, was because the female’s constitution leaned toward Yin, and is more fitting to cultivate the Frozen Cloud Arts. At the same time, the saying that love between males and females will obstruct Frozen Cloud Art’s cultivation is false. The secret that the Frozen Cloud Art could be inherited through virgin vital yin is the main reason why no male disciples are taken.” Feng Qianhui said slowly: “But under the condition of not harming the sect’s principle, the sectoral rules can be slightly bent. You are Qingyue’s husband in name, possess the Frozen Cloud Art passed onto you by Chu Yuechan, and already have a huge relationship and ties with Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. With the strength and prestige you currently possess, if you are to join my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, it would be able to greatly raise my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s influence. Weighing the trade off, if you aren’t willing to discard the Frozen Cloud Arts, I can make an exception to take you in as the first male disciple in all of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s history."