Chapter 375 - Lingxi

Chapter 375 - Lingxi

Midnight, Moon Embracing Palace.

Beside the Lotus Flower Pond, Xiao Lingxi placed her hands on her cheeks as she sat there silently, watching the ripples form under the cool wind breeze. The bright moonlight which was shining directly at the pond provided a bright and clear reflection of her snow white face and her moving and dazed eyes.

She had already sat for quite a while and no one knew what she was thinking.

“Little Aunt, why aren’t you asleep yet?”

The familiar yet surprising voice caused Xiao Lingxi to look up, and she saw Yun Che, whom she didn’t know when, standing beside her. Stunned, she softly called out to him: “Little Che? Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in the wedding chamber with Princess Sis today? Why are you not accompanying her… and came here instead!”

“She is already sleeping. Then… Being a little worried about you, I went to your room before finding you here.” Yun Che smiled as he spoke. Then, he took a step forward and sat beside Xiao Lingxi, enjoying the view of the Lotus Flower Pond which was glimmering under the moonlight.

“I… I can’t sleep.” Xiao Lingxi looked down as her heart seemed to suddenly beat faster. She stopped for a moment before continuing softly: “Why are you worried about me? There’s nothing wrong with me… All your time and thoughts today should be with Princess Sis.”

Yun Che did not reply. Instead, he stared at Xiao Lingxi for some time before suddenly stretching his hand out, putting in on her shoulder and pulling her closer to hug.

“Ahh…” Xiao Lingxi softly cried out in shock. However, she did not resist and just gently laid within his clutches.

“Don’t you feel that… this is the same as that other time.”Yun Che smelled Xiao Lingxi’s scent as he said with a smile.

“Other time… What?”

“Three years ago when I first got married. That night was the same as today. Under the night sky, I was hugging Little Aunt the same way.”

This sentence seem to invoke the memories of the two, as they instantly recalled the memories of that day. That ambiguity vaguely consisted of the forbidden, but it still silently intoxicated them. Neither of them was willing to break the image of that night. That night was suppose to be Yun Che and Xia Qingyue’s wedding night. However, he spent the entire night hugging Xiao Lingxi in his embrace in the rear mountain.

Tonight, it was similarly his wedding night and similarly, he was beside Xiao Lingxi.

“It’s not the same…” Xiao Lingxi shook her head slowly, replying softly: “That time, when you were going to get married to Xia Qingyue, actually… I felt more unhappiness than happiness. As the wedding neared, I felt that Little Che would no longer belong to me anymore, and belonged to someone else. Furthermore, I was afraid that Xia Qingyue would mistreat you or even bully you. She was regarded as the number one talent in Floating Cloud City. You were no match for her and I could no longer stand by your side to protect you… It seems that Dad had the same feelings. He was elated that you got married, but at the same time, he was also very stressed… But this time is totally different.”

Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes lit up immediately: “Princess Sis is a princess! She is the most honorable girl in the entire Blue Wind. She is gentle and looks so pretty… I can tell that Dad is also exceptionally happy today. This is the first time I have seen him drunk. Seeing Little Che obtain such a good wife makes me really happy too.”

“...If Little Aunt is truly happy, then why are you unable to sleep, and is instead daydreaming here alone?”

Xiao Lingxi became silent. She leaned so close to Yun Che’s chest that she could hear his heartbeat. After a while, she finally uttered out: “I suddenly… miss the old times… Those times, me and Little Che… were together… every minute… every second. If I wanted to, I could see Little Che anytime. At that time, Little Che completely belonged to me, and it seemed as though the whole world belonged to us…”

Yun Che: “...”

“Now, Little Che is all grown up, and has become so strong. You’re admired by many and have even married the most outstanding girls in the whole world. One is the number one fairy of Blue Wind Empire, and the other is Blue Wind Empire’s sole princess… I’m very happy and proud… But a little sad… be… be… because…”

Xiao Lingxi gently shrunk herself tightly in order to get closer to him, as though he would just disappear if she were to relax even for a little: “Because I can no longer catch up to Little Che’s footsteps and be in your world… I’m so normal. I can’t compare to Princess Sis, can’t compare to Xia Qingyue… All the people that came today were all huge figures that I normally get to hear in legends… I also do not possess the ability to protect Little Che anymore… Instead… I can only be Little Che’s burden… Uuu…”

Xiao Lingxi’s lips were gently covered by Yun Che’s hands, preventing her from speaking any further.

“Little Aunt, do you know…” Yun Che spoke in a calm and determined manner: “If you really want me to say who’s the most important in my heart, that person, would definitely be you… Furthermore, it will forever be you. No matter who or what, you cannot be replaced! Therefore, I definitely will not allow anyone to say that my Little Aunt is inferior to others. Even if it was you yourself.”


A very silent cry sounded, as though her heart had been moved by the speech. Xiao Lingxi’s soft body shuddered a few times and her heartbeat sped up. Then, she placed a hand on Yun Che’s chest and laughed a little: “Little Che will always be Little Che, so glib-tongued, cheering me up.”

“I am not glib-tongued. Every sentence I say to Little Aunt comes from my heart. What I say today is true, and what I said in the past is true as well.” Yun Che assured frantically: “Just like… those words I said to Little Aunt in the past, I wonder if Little Aunt still remembers it.”

“...Which words?”

Yun Che looked into her eyes and said affectionately: “If… you weren’t my Little Aunt, I’d marry you!”

The air seemed to grow tense as the two froze while looking into the other’s eyes.

The first time Yun Che said that to Xiao Lingxi was on the night of his marriage with Xia Qingyue… However, the same words held a very different meaning between then and now…

Because at that time, Xiao Lingxi was his Little Aunt.

Now however, they and everyone else already knew that they were not blood related.

Badump… Badump… Badump...

In the silent night, Yun Che could hear Xiao Lingxi’s heartbeat clearly. Suddenly, the soft body in front of his chest started to shift away, replaced by a push that was not strong nor light. Unable to block in time, he fell and sat onto the ground. In front of him, Xiao Lingxi stood up and actually had on an angry expression....

“Y-y-y-you’re… using those nonsensical talk to take advantage of me again like last time!” Xiao Lingxi’s cheeks flushed red as she seemed to be rather confused, and her speech started becoming incoherent: “Today, you married princess sis… yet you’re telling another girl that you want to marry her on the night of your marriage… Last time, it was the same last time… Little Che, you… You are indeed a super womanizer!”

Yun Che immediately stood up with a face of innocence: “I…”

“Stop talking!” Xiao Lingxi turned away and said loudly: “Why haven’t you returned to accompany your princess wife. If you stay here and say any more nonsense, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll tell Princess Sis… and ignore you! Hurry up and go back, go, go, go!”

Yun Che and Xiao Lingxi had lived together for more than ten years, and he thought that he knew everything about her, so much that he would even be able to detect any slight changes in her emotions accurately. This time, however, he was stunned by her sudden change in emotions. He could only reply somewhat panickedly: “Alright alright… I understand, I’ll go back now… Little Aunt… You need to rest earlier…”

“Leave quickly!!!”

“Ahhh… Alright.”

Xiao Lingxi used a commanding tone that Yun Che had never disobeyed before. This has become a habit that had been followed for more than ten years. Yun Che obediently disappeared from Xiao Lingxi’s presence and returned to his new room. Xiao Lingxi however, did not return to her room immediately. She remained standing beside the lotus flower pond for sometime… This time, she did not have her initial dazed look, and covered her face occasionally, laughing sillily. Her smile was even brighter than the stars that filled the sky.


After the fifth period of the night, the sky outside the window was already started becoming bright.

Cang Yue, who bore her first rain, had already woken up at this time. As she opened her eyes, all she felt was a slight tearing pain. Then, the soreness of her body reminded her that what happened yesterday was not a dream.

“Xueruo, you don’t want to sleep a little more? It’s still early.” At her slight movement, Yun Che had awoken. Seeing her shy, timid eyes, he smiled.

“Uu…” When she saw the completely naked male body in front of her and her similarly undressed body, Cang Yue let out a cry that sounded like that of a small animal and hid her body into the blankets. After a while, she said softly: “Today is our first day as a married couple. We shall pay respects father earlier today… I… Shall I help you wear your clothes first?”


Behind the obscure red veil, Cang Yue knelt on the bed and helped Yun Che wear his clothes with her slim jade hands. At this point, she was no longer a princess, but a wife giving her husband her tender care. However, it was obvious that she had not done this before as her actions were unfamiliar and slow. During the entire process, she was completely naked and was being constantly groped by Yun Che. When she had finally helped him wear his clothes, she was already panting and her face bright red. She then frantically wore her own embroidered golden phoenix dress...

“Yun Che pay respects to father-in-law.”

“Yue’er pay respects to father.”

Yun Che and Cang Yue came into the Monarch Palace hand in hand to pay respects Cang Wanhe. Cang Wanhe nodded slowly and smiled pleasingly: “Che’er, now that I have handed Yue’er to you, I feel completely reassured. Especially since you two love each other. This cannot be more perfect. Yue’er’s mother would also rest in peace in heaven. After three days, you need to remember to go pay homage to her mother.”

“Yes, this is Yun Che’s duty.” Yun Che replied.

“Okay!” Cang Wanhe nodded as his expression suddenly turned stern: “Che’er, yesterday was your big day so some words were better left unsaid. Today however, I must say that I believe you’re not a rash person. Yesterday’s incident does indeed bring about the possibility of huge repercussions. The strength of the Divine Phoenix Sect is far beyond your imagination. Even if our four major sects were to combine together, they would not be comparable to even one of the branch sects of the Divine Phoenix Sect. Their heritage and legacy are so vast that it is comparable to that of the sacred grounds. Yesterday, the reason you dared to injury them and force them to retreat is probably because you know that they would probably try to cover up this matter. However, we do not understand their true intentions and are uncertain whether they would really do that. Furthermore, there were so many people present. Although we have warned them, we cannot be certain they would not divulge this matter, or even spread it to the public. If this matter were to really spread… Divine Phoenix Sect would definitely attempt to kill you.”

Even after what Cang Wanhe had said, Yun Che still had a completely calm face. He merely nodded and said: “I have thought about what father is worried about. Please rest assure. The fact that I dared to act like that against the three from the Divine Phoenix Sect was not only because of the fact that they might hide this matter. Actually, even if this matter were to spread, or if they were to voluntarily inform their sect, the Divine Phoenix Sect would not exact revenge against me in the short term.”

“Oh?” Cang Wanhe had a face full of questions.

Yun Che looked up and said: “Because of the upcoming ‘Profound Sky Seven Nation Ranking Tournament’ and the ‘Primordial Profound Ark’ thing. With these two important matters at hand, and the fact that I already told the three of them that I would be heading to the Divine Phoenix Empire in five months, even if the Divine Phoenix Sect found out about what happened yesterday, they probably wouldn’t be so free to look for me to take revenge.”

“However, just as a precaution, I would still need to prepare for possible changes. Therefore, I will be leaving the palace in one month’s time.”