Chapter 373 - Extreme Deterrence

Chapter 373 - Extreme Deterrence

Feng Xichen had already been knocked unconscious, but although the injuries on his body were shocking to the eyes, they were not fatal. The black and red elders heaved a huge sigh of relief, yet the anger and hatred in their hearts were basically unable to calm down. However, they were not Yun Che’s match; even if their hatred were ten times stronger than now, they still had to put up with it. The two of them walked forward, faced Cang Wanhe, and said with lowered heads. “Thank you Your Majesty, Blue Wind Emperor… for your benevolence.”

“Hoho, there’s no need for this.” Cang Wanhe slightly raised his hand, his body was filled with the dignity of an emperor. “The seven nations, including my Blue Wind, are of the same breath and branches, causing a ruckus would benefit no one. Although, in the end, the prince has been heavily injured in today’s matter, ultimately, the cause of it came from your side. About this point, none of you will deny it, right? And if news of this matter were to spread, it will benefit neither your side, nor ours. Instead, it will bring about consequences that we are unable to predict. Hence, just as you have said before, the matter today shall be taken as though it had never happened. For the people that are present, I shall guarantee that none of them will say a single word about this, if otherwise, there’s no need for your side to step in, for we will be the first one to punish them. As such, do any of you have any objections?”

When the Blue Wind Emperor finished his words, his mighty gaze swept the surroundings. Ling Jie immediately stood out, and said with a high voice. “Your Majesty, please be at ease. Ling Jie, and my elder brother Ling Yun, of Heavenly Sword Villa, will definitely not leak news of this matter to anyone… Including my father. I shall swear upon these words! If I were to go back on these words, I shall face the wrath of the heavens!”

With Ling Jie taking the lead, the rest of people followed one after another as well, swearing that they would never leak news of today’s matter to anyone.

If other strong nations or sects were to visit today instead of the Divine Phoenix Sect, the matter today would have been equal to setting up an endless grudge. However, the Divine Phoenix Sect was really too mighty and strong. Once this type of strength became too dazzling, and was incapable of being moved, it will naturally form a kind of burden, known as honor… which was exactly the Divine Phoenix Sect’s honor and dignity. It could never be trampled and humiliated, especially when they’re up against people that were much weaker than them.

So this conclusion had once again, allowed the black and red elders to heave a huge sigh of relief. With cautious eyes, they swept through the surrounding crowd. Then, without saying another word, they left embarrassingly carrying Feng Xichen, and very quickly, they disappeared from everyone’s line of sight, while Yun Che’s voice was sent into the direction they disappeared to as well, entering their ears.

“You three, listen up. Five months later, I will personally head over to Divine Phoenix Empire to participate in the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament! You people had better make preparations to strive to make sure I will never return five months later. Do not disappoint me~~~”

This huge threat which came from the Divine Phoenix Sect that suddenly descended, concluded just like that, in a way which no one could have ever expected.

When Feng Xichen and his group appeared and acted against Yun Che, everyone thought that Yun Che was completely done for this time. However, not only was Yun Che not injured in the slightest, nor did he take any losses, he had instead severely beaten down the three that came from the Divine Phoenix Sect with his astonishing strength, and had even stepped on their achilles heel… Although his strength and shrewdness were frightening, in comparison, what was more frightening was his ruthlessness and decisiveness. Early on, his annihilation of Burning Heaven Clan had shook the Blue Wind. When compared to the incident today, his deed of annihilating Burning Heaven Clan basically could no longer be considered as something notable!

Not only did the Divine Phoenix Sect’s arrival not bring about any negative influence for Yun Che, rather, his prestige and deterrent force had once again risen. In their eyes, the title “Number One of Blue Wind” was no longer sufficient to describe the current Yun Che. The eyes they cast on Yun Che, began to carry a much deeper respect, shock, and fear.

Yun Che turned around, and said with a calm smile. “Everyone, I’m really sorry. I casually chased away some hyperactive clowns, which affected everyone’s mood. Everyone, please, return to your seats. It is this humble one’s big wedding today, and all of you esteemed guests will definitely enjoy it. Regarding the matter earlier…” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed. “I believe everyone must have already forgotten completely about it, right?”

Yun Che actually referred the mighty Divine Phoenix Prince as just a “hyperactive clown” whom he had “casually chased away”. The hearts of everyone present cramped, and Yun Che’s final words, that threat, infiltrated every single one of their hearts and souls… Currently, Yun Che’s words were undoubtedly a royal decree which could not be defied. Everyone present hurriedly responded, and for a moment, the various sounds constantly mixed, every single of them nervously promised to completely forget about the incident that happened today. And then, they turned back towards the great wedding hall, with none of them daring to take an early leave. These were all mighty and arrogant heavyweights in their own territories, yet currently, all of their footsteps were especially slow as they cautiously moved, the Sect Master of Xiao Sect in particular… when he returned to his seat, his buttocks did not dare to sit too heavily on the chair.

As for Crown Prince Cang Lin and Third Prince Cang Shuo who had guilty consciences, their faces were even more pale. The summer sun was blazing, yet their bodies were chilling cold as they constantly wiped off their cold sweat… Though they had the same statuses as princes of an empire, when compared to the Divine Phoenix Prince, they were basically less than shit. Yun Che had even dared to step the Divine Phoenix Prince beneath his feet, so if he wanted to crush them, it would basically be no different than crushing an ant.

A large hole in the roof of the great wedding hall was made by Yun Che himself, but after a quick clean-up, the wedding proceeded. However, there was clearly a change in the atmosphere, especially when Yun Che was giving toasts, none of the people facing him were not filled with fear and trepidation. That frightened look… basically looked as though every single one of them wished to kneel and return the toast to Yun Che.

A strong person might not cause others to fear him. Ling Tianni, for example, had been number one in Blue Wind for dozens of years, however, towards him, people felt more of respect, admiration. He was someone to look up to, and there was hardly any fear to speak of. Because even though Ling Tianni was extremely strong ability-wise, generally, he was a very modest person. The ones who feared him, were only those extremely vile and ferocious people. However, Yun Che was different. Not only were his abilities strong, which had exceeded everyone’s expectations, his personality, could be termed as ‘vindictive, and overbearingly tyrannical’, his means were even more decisive and ruthless… A great sect which had prospered for a thousand years, because they had captured his family, even in the situation where none of them were injured, he instantly exterminated that entire sect! As for the mighty Divine Phoenix Prince, an ultimate figure whom not many in the entire Profound Sky Continent would be capable of offending, he actually unhesitantly gave him a thrashing, and had even stepped on his head with his foot...

With a personality like this, adding with that kind of strength… who would dare to offend him!? Who dared to rebel against him!? Who dared to not respect him!?

And, this was also a deterrence, which Yun Che had deliberately built since back then.

With all of the esteemed guests back in their seats, the wedding ceremony between Yun Che and Cang Yue proceeded on. However, the master of ceremonies’ voice began to shake, and occasionally, he even stammered, which continued for exactly fifteen minutes, before it finally improved. Very quickly, Xiao Lie took up his seat, and his seat was, impressively, at the same level as Cang Wanhe’s. Everyone present firmly memorized Xiao Lie’s facial features… It was this old man whose profound strength was only at the Spirit Profound Realm, who looked gentle and filled with vicissitude, that brought about Burning Heaven Clan’s annihilation. The mayors and grandmaster-class individuals present looked at Xiao Lie over and over again, afraid that they might one day forget his look. They constantly warned themselves to definitely treat him like their own fathers when they see him… If they were to accidentally offend him, the annihilation of their sects would be the damn consequence!

The atmosphere that was flooded with fear and cautiousness however, did not persist for too long, as the celebration music made by the gongs and drums once again livened up the place. Everyone gradually began to let loose, letting out bursts of clamor. Holding onto a red silk, Yun Che walked in from outside the great hall. On the other side of the red silk, led by Xiao Lingxi’s arm, was Cang Yue in a phoenix gown, who walked over lightly, and shyly.

The earlier unforeseen event frightened Cang Yue. However, as the dust settled, and Yun Che did not receive any sort of injuries, the anxious “badump” in her heart, once again changed into another type of anxious “badump”.

The sunlight today was exceptionally gentle. Her phoenix gown shone enchantingly as the glittering sunlight reflected on it, the prideful and brilliant shine dazzled everyone’s eyes. The bright red gold-threaded phoenix coronet was covered with thin long pearl tassels, slightly covering the ruby at the center of her forehead and her slightly powdered snow-jade face. The darkened brows, snow-like skin, bright eyes, and jade lips she possessed were delicate and moving. That shy posture which could cause one’s heart to shake, and the pearl tassels which slightly concealed her face, multiplied her charm. As though she was a woman who was banished from the heavenly court, her beauty was unearthly...

In her lifetime, today was undoubtedly the moment she was the most beautiful. The current her, was like a fairy who had walked out of a painting, people were unable to shift their eyes away from her absolute beauty.

Her beauty, and that formless elegance and grace, subdued all of those who had seen her before and those who had not. Those who looked straight at her unconsciously held their breaths, their eyes dazed… Ling Jie especially, who was bursting with good impressions towards Cang Yue, was watching completely with disbelieving eyes, to the point where even his drool was flowing down his chin.

She was the Blue Wind Imperial Family’s only princess, she was a woman with the most honorable status in the entire Blue Wind. At the same time, she also possessed beauty that could shake the nation, and a gentleness that no man could extricate himself from… it was as though the creator of the world had poured all of his love onto her. All of the esteemed guests present were sighing in praise in their hearts. And only Yun Che, could be worthy of such a woman, who was the pride of the heavens. And only such a woman, was worthy for Yun Che, whose age was not even twenty, yet had already set foot at the summit of Blue Wind.

Cang Yue looked at the tip of her own toes and counted her own heartbeats. Held by Xiao Lingxi’s arm, she firmly held onto the red silk in her hands as she walked forward, step by step. With every step, an image that only belonged to her and Yun Che would surface in her mind… From their encounter in New Moon City, they fled together, overcame adversities together, and feelings unconsciously began to blossom in her mind. Then, the separation of life and death at Heavenly Sword Villa surfaced with that everlasting sorrow and grief she felt during that period of time, to the dream-like happiness she felt when she once again saw him… And from today on, she would be his wife. After this, she would stay together with him for life. His everything, would be integrated into her life, and her everything, would completely belong to him.

Every single moment of this suddenly felt as though it was a flourishing dream. She was so blissful that it did not feel realistic.

The deafening joyful music by the gongs and drums filled everyone’s ears. In the great hall, in front of Cang Wanhe and Xiao Lie, under the eyes of countless individuals of the highest status in Blue Wind, under the roaring voice which the master of ceremonies was doing his best to drag out, the bow exchanging ceremony began…

“First bow to the heaven and earth!”

“Second bow to the elders!”

“Husband and wife, exchange bows!”



At the same time, in Black Fiend Empire, a place in the extreme west of the Profound Sky Continent which was surrounded by dark energy all year round and was filled with dense, cold air.

Tap… tap… tap...

The sounds of heavy footsteps rang within the fog of the dark forest. As the line of sight pulled closer, a human figure with his body slouched was currently dragging his feet, taking a step at a time. His footsteps were slow and heavy, as though he had to use a large amount of strength and will to move every single step… His clothes were extremely tattered, his body was covered with scars and bloodstains. Even his face, was engraved with dozens of trenches of blood. His hand was dragging a longblade, the edge of the blade was already severely rolled up, while the blade itself was damaged in several places, new bloodstains and old, dried up bloodstains alike, covered the entire blade...


The figure heavily fell onto the ground. His two hands supported the ground while his whole body trembled. He released a hoarse growl from his mouth, yet he was unable to stand up even after a long time. Hence, with his two hands grabbing onto the ground, he crawled forward bit by bit. The place which he had crawled on, was left with shocking stains of blood...

“Yun Che… I will kill you… Even if my body is smashed into pieces… I will still kill you!!!!”

Painful growls, which were filled with resentment, poured out from the corner of his lips. He did not know how many times he had repeated these words, they had long been deeply engraved in his soul, as though they had become his only belief in life.