Chapter 350 - Xiao Sect’s Choice

Chapter 350 - Xiao Sect’s Choice

“This matter is the genuine truth. What Fen Duanhun had said is almost exactly the same as what Xiao Moshan had described to me. Three years ago, Yun Che’s name wasn’t Yun Che, but Xiao Che. He only changed his name after he was exiled from his home. He was the one that Youngest Master…”

“Enough!” Xiao Juetian was so angry that his entire body was shaking. His eyes were almost spewing out fire. Just a moment ago, he was still extremely shocked about Yun Che’s matter, and was also somewhat gloating over Burning Heaven Clan’s miserable encounter. But in just the blink of an eye, he had heard such a bolt from the blue. If this was real, and if Yun Che really was the person at that time, then the matter back then would undoubtedly be his teeth-grinding hatred. This resentment would at least, far surpass kidnapping his family members.

Burning Heaven Clan was met with the revenge of clan annihilation because they abducted two of his family members, and if these were all true...

The news of Yun Che heavily injuring Fen Yijue and killing Fen Ziya all alone resounded once again within Xiao Juetian’s brain, and even caused him, who was the master of the sect to uncontrollably shiver. Even though Fen Ziya was slightly weak within the Emperor Profound, Fen Yijue, on the other hand, was a being whose strength was completely even with Xiao Sect’s Grand Sect Master Xiao Wuqing! Right now, he entirely had the ability to avenge the grudge back then, and with that disposition of his, visiting their doorsteps was almost certain!

“Immediately… Go call that Xiao Moshan here!” Fen Juetian’s said while grinding his teeth, as his expression darkened.

“Yes, Sect Master.” The black attired elderly person didn’t dare to say half a word more, and hastily left.

Very soon, Xiao Moshan walked in with hasty steps. For the Sect Master to actually summon a East Pavilion butler like him, made him both uneasy and confused. The moment he entered the Main Pavilion, he saw Xiao Juetian’s expression that was as sullen as rainclouds. His heart instantly thumped, and he carefully spoke with his head lowered: “Xiao Moshan greets Sect Master. May I ask what Sect Master is summoni…”

“Xiao… Mo… Shan…!!”

These three words that spewed out from Xiao Juetian’s mouth clearly carried a tremble of extreme rage, and made cold sweat instantly pop out of Xiao Moshan’s entire body. He had always been honest and well-behaved within the sect, and never did any disobedient things. He simply couldn’t think of anything at all that could actually make Sect Master be so enraged. He heard Xiao Juetian’s overcast voice speak: “Do you still remember three years ago, because of Elder Xiao Zhen’s entrustment before he passed away, you accompanied Kuangyun to a place called Floating Cloud City in the east!”

Xiao Moshan raised his head, and nodded dumbfoundedly: “Yes, Moshan naturally remembers. Moshan had only gone out of the sect three times in all these years, and one of them, was accompanying Youngest Master to Floating Cloud City.”

The inside of Xiao Moshan’s heart was even more astonished. Because that was truly an matter so insignificant that it wasn’t worth mentioning. If one had to say something that was worth mentioning, it would be that they had actually unintentionally encountered someone of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… And it was even the Fairy of Frozen Glass, Chu Yueli of the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies. He couldn’t understand just why Sect Master would even mention such an insignificant matter after three years.

Xiao Juetian firmly locked his gaze on him, and said solemnly: “What exactly had happened after you and Kuangyun went to Floating Cloud City, I want you to speak without omitting any details! With your memory and profound strength, it’s not yet to the extent that you’d forget things after a mere three years! Tell me everything from start to finish! If you dare to omit or hide anything, I’ll blow your head off on the spot!”

Xiao Juetian’s last sentence instantly made Xiao Moshan’s sweat flow down like rain. He truly noticed the importance of this matter, and hastily kneeled down to the ground: “Ye… yes… Back then, after Youngest Master and I went to Floating Cloud City…”

At once, Xiao Moshan recited everything that happened three years ago at Xiao Clan, including any words and movement he could remember Xiao Kuangyun doing as exact as he could. Under Xiao Juetian’s gaze that was as sharp as the edge of a knife, he didn’t dare to hide anything at all as he desperately tried to recall everything. Within this, naturally included the complete process of Xiao Kuangyun fancying Xiao Che’s newly wed wife and his little aunt, plotting an insidious scheme with Xiao Yulong and the others, then being exposed by Yun Che before everyone, but still forcefully had his way and exiled Xiao Che from Xiao Clan because of Xiao Kuangyun having Xiao Sect’s absolute coercion...

Before Xiao Moshan had finished speaking, Xiao Juetian’s entire body was already shaking; his lungs even almost exploding. The last sliver of fluke mentality in his heart completely vanished as he lost control of his voice and roared: “This sinful swine, actually... actually had committed such a scandalous act!!”

“Young… Youngest Master is young and frivolous, and was at the age of having lustful thoughts, to do things like this, was also… was also understandable. It’s… it’s Moshan who’s not strict enough, and relaxed his restraint toward Youngest Master. Moshan is willing to receive any punishment from Sect Master.” Xiao Moshan drooped down his head, and said regretfully, but the confusion in his heart also became deeper and deeper… Out of Xiao Juetian’s four sons, Feng, Yu, Lei, and Yun, Xiao Kuangyun was the only one who was born from his legal wife. Because he had been grown up being spoiled, he drowned himself in carnal pleasures all day long, and Xiao Juetian had just let it go unchecked. Things like laying his hand on other people’s wives, Xiao Kuangyun did many times, and after Xiao Juetian knew, he would at most condemn him with a few words symbolically. That matter at Floating Cloud City, he didn’t even get what he wanted in the end… He couldn’t get just why Xiao Juetian would deliberately fly into a rage because of this small matter.

“Bastard!!” Under Xiao Juetian’s rage, he knocked Xiao Moshan back a few tumbles with a kick: “Did you know that person whose wife and aunt you guys wished to seize from, who was kicked out of Xiao Clan, was precisely that Yun Che who took first place at the Ranking tournament back then, who has now destroyed over half of the Burning Heaven Clan alone!”

Xiao Moshan, who had just stood back up in a fluster, instantly stared with wide eyes the moment he heard this, and said with fright: “Im… Impossible! That person back then wasn’t called Yun Che, but Xiao Che, and he was even a wastrel with crippled profound veins from birth. Impossible, simply impossible… Something must have been mistaken somewhere!”

“Many things in this world won’t just not happen because you think it is impossible!” Xiao Juetian’s chest undulated to the extent where it was almost going to burst apart. He pointed at Xiao Moshan with his fingers. He said each of his words in a heavy tone: “You, scram right now and call Xiao Kuangyun here… Go right now!”

It was actually the first time he had ever heard Sect Master shouting out Xiao Kuangyun’s full name, his entire body started trembling: “Young… Youngest Master he… he is currently…”

“I don’t care what he is doing right now. If he dares to not come, then beat him half to death and drag him here!” Xiao Juetian explosively roared.

“Yes… Yes…” Carrying a full body of sweat on his back, Xiao Moshan left as if fleeing.

The elderly person who had always stayed beside Xiao Juetian walked over, and said with a solemn expression: “Sect Master, about this matter, how do you plan to respond.”

Xiao Juetian’s brows tightly locked together. His expression became incomparably heavy and dark: “If the rumors weren’t fake, then Yun Che’s strength has already reached the point that we could not help but fear it… Accompany me to meet father, this is something that absolutely cannot be waited upon. As for how to respond, we’ll need him to personally decide.”


In a concealed ground within a withered forest, Yun Che was currently sitting cross legged. The Snow Phoenix guarded beside him, driving away all the nearby profound beasts.

After an entire day of rest and Yun Che’s medicinal provisions, the Snow Phoenix Beast had finally recovered thirty percent of its vital energy. Yun Che’s injuries, had also recovered about eighty percent, and his profound strength ninety percent. And at this moment, the profound strength in his profound veins was suddenly in turmoil, and the originally tranquil profound energy surged and inflated like boiling water.

This was the premonition of a profound strength breakthrough!

After escaping from under Heavenly Sword Villa’s Sword Management Terrace, Yun Che continuously fled and fiercely battled. Even though he didn’t deliberately train, his profound strength had unwittingly neared the edge of breaking through under the accumulation of battle.

Yun Che quickly concentrated his mind right away, guiding the profound energy’s movements and change. After seven minutes had passed, a light pop sounded in his profound veins, and all of the profound energy fluctuation completely died down, becoming even thicker and richer than before.

Yun Che opened his eyes. His profound strength had also completely broke through and reached the seventh level of the Earth Profound Realm at this moment. And to him, every single time his profound strength increases, it would be a different concept with any other ordinary profound practitioner. Under the Heretic God profound vein’s berserking amplification, for every time his profound strength makes a breakthrough, the increase in his true power would be several times greater than that of ordinary profound practitioners.

Yun Che lit up the phoenix flames and roasted a pile of dragon meat. After a great feast, he changed a set of new clothes, then refreshingly stood up… If Burning Heaven Clan knew that he only used a single day to recover almost all of his injuries and strength, he wondered if they would all just faint from despair.

“Alright! I’ll thoroughly smash Burning Heaven Clan into a mesh tonight!” Yun Che looked in Burning Heaven Clan’s direction and said with a cold smile: “Though I don’t know whether they had been so scared out of their wits that they all ran away while tossing their so-called thousand years of heritage aside.”

“After being forced to this extent, they must have taken actions. You’d best completely recover before going.” Jasmine reminded him in an indifferent tone.

“If they still have any trump cards, they ought to have played them long ago.” Yun Che said disdainfully: “The most probable action they would take right now is to abandon the sect and flee; otherwise, it would be to ask for assistance from other sects. Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace won’t bother with their request for help, and as for Xiao Sect and Heavenly Sword Villa…”

Yun Che’s brows shifted, and he suddenly recalled Ling Jie’s warning yesterday. After staying silent for a bit, he sat back down on the spot: “Alright, you are right. I really should wait until my body completely recovers before I go. The price that they ought to pay, they’ll never escape it!”

At the same time, a dark figure dressed entirely in black centered Burning Heaven Clan without any sound. Looking at the Burning Heaven Clan full of rubble in a foul atmosphere, he coldly laughed. That expression in his eyes was fifty percent pity and fifty percent gloating. He stepped forward, not making any sound below his feet, and sneaked into the Main Pavilion Fen Yijue resided in the turn of an eye.

“Who is it?” Fen Yijue, who was meditating, abruptly opened his eyes. In front of him, it wasn’t known just when a black silhouette had appeared.

“Haha, old friend, long time no see, do you still recognize me?” The black clothed man raised his head up, and said while laughing.

“It’s you!” Looking at the person before his eyes, Fen Yijue quickly raised up his body. After his expression complicatedly changed for a while, he suddenly said: “Just you alone?”

“Just I alone, isn’t enough?” The black clothed man said arrogantly.

Fen Yijue knitted his brows, and said: “Not enough! You clearly have completely underestimated Yun Che’s strength. He is much more terrifying than what you imagined…”

As Fen Yijue was speaking, he suddenly noticed the three purple colored spatial rings on the black clothed man’s fingers, and his gaze instantly went stiff as his face revealed joyous surprise: “Could it be, you have even brought… those things?”

“Hahahaha!” The black clothed man loudly laughed with his head tilted upwards: “Grand Sect Master’s orders. This time, Yun Che is our common enemy, he must be eliminated from this world. If he dares to come, I’ll certainly make sure he doesn't leave!”