Chapter 333 - Dragon Soul Domain

Chapter 333 - Dragon Soul Domain

The white haired old man who had spoken to Yun Che previously had nearly dislocated his wrist from being jolted by Yun Che’s strike. Even though he was shocked in his heart, his expression was not at all frenic as he said in a stern voice: “As expected, you are indeed strong! No wonder even Great Elder had died in your hands. But once the Nine Profound Dipper Formation is established, no matter how much you struggle, you would still inevitably die today!”

The nine people simultaneously went forward, swinging nine streaks of purple colored flame dragons from each of their Burning Heaven Blades, driving them straight at Yun Che.

“The ones who will die, are you lot!”

With a loud roar, Yun Che stood in place as the heavy sword’s power crazily released, and an explosive “Overlord’s Fury” smashed down within a rumbling sound… This strike, was actually striking towards all nine people!!


Profound energy exploded as purple flames filled the sky. The surrounding thirty meters or so area of ground had been flattened, as the dismembered bodies everywhere scattered into the distance like dead leaves.

The heavy sword’s attribute was just this tyrannical. Although this strike of Yun Che were smashing against nine people, these were nine people condensed with the power of an entire thirty Sky Profound experts!! It was a direct confrontation between one person and thirty Sky Profound experts! In the midst of the explosion, all nine of the Burning Heaven Elders were blasted more than thirty meters away. Yun Che didn’t move at all from his position, but a trail of blood slowly leaked out from the corner of his mouth.

In this attack, he had suffered internal injuries.

In the entire Blue Wind, aside from Yun Che, who could possibly withstand the combined attack of thirty Sky Profound experts!?

Even though he suffered internal injuries, Yun Che’s expression was nevertheless still incomparably clear and not the least bit panicked. The Nine Profound Dipper Formation was more troublesome than he had originally thought it was, but if they wanted to defeat him, they better not think that it was this easy!

The nine people who had been blasted off loudly roared at the same time as they went forward again. They were of the same clan, cultivated in the same Burning Heaven Arts, so under the profound formation, and along with the same profound strength, their movements were even more identical, flawlessly executing their advances, retreat, and constrainment together.

Boom! Bang! Clang! Whoosh...

The heavy sword’s explosive sounds were deafening. A terrible loud sound was brought about each time Dragon Fault was swung, and would simultaneously blast off the nine people besieging him. However, the nine would just immediately come back again as a incomparably hot purple blaze came together, firmly sealing Yun Che in the middle while suppressing him step by step.

As the number one battle formation for a thousand years in Burning Heaven Clan, the Nine Profound Dipper Formation’s might was not trivial at all. Yun Che began to distinctively realize that he had been forced into a disadvantage, as Fen Duanhun and every Burning Heaven disciple’s complexion had finally began to ease.


Yun Che’s left shoulder had taken another attack, and the wound was deep enough to see bone. Under the acute pain, Yun Che’s ferocious nature suddenly exploded. Like an extremely angry evil dragon, Dragon Fault suddenly chopped towards the Burning Heaven Elder that had cut him.

“Falling Moon Sinking Star… Die!!”


The five Burning Heaven Blades that blocked in front of Dragon Fault were all instantly shattered. Carrying an extremely ferocious power, Dragon Fault smashed onto that Burning Heaven Clan Elder’s chest, and blasted out a bloody cavity as big as a person’s head from his chest. That Burning Heaven Elder let out a despaired scream as he flew backwards like a cannon ball and violently crashed onto another Burning Heaven Elder behind him, shattering his sternum. Sticking together, those two flew out one hundred and fifty meters away.

“Elder Mowu, Elder Xinghao!!”

Even under the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, another elder was actually killed; this made Fen Duanhun’s heart convulse to the point of bleeding. However, the Nine Profound Dipper Formation wasn’t very affected because of this. After Yun Che smashed one dead and another injured, an additional two quickly went up to fill the gap, becoming the new profound formation’s core. Two of the Sky Profound experts outside of the formation also quickly joined in, allowing the Nine Profound Dipper Formation still maintain thirty people.

“Heavenly Wolf Slash!!”

Nine people once again encircled toward him, yet they were immediately scattered by the Sky Wolf’s image that Dragon Fault swung out. The two who had just filled in didn’t even have the chance to swing out their first strike, before they both became two halves under the Heavenly Wolf Slash at the same time.

“Wh...What!?” Fen Duanhun’s entire body trembled, and almost puked out blood on the spot.

The powerful profound skill of a True God still allowed Yun Che to easily kill his opponents even under suppression. But regardless whether it was a Falling Moon Sinking Star, or a Heavenly Wolf Slash, they were all accompanied by enormous depletion of strength. Every time these two profound skill gets unleashed, it would definitely be able to kill at least one of the opponents; however, opponents could substitute in right away, suppressing him once again… The Nine Profound Dipper Formation’s strength never weakened from beginning to end, but every time he used an ultimate move, his strength and oppressive air would decrease somewhat.

About this, Yun Che was well aware.

But even if he did not use profound skills, every single smash of the heavy sword was still incredibly terrifying. Even though the nine encircling Yun Che faintly had the upper hand, the hearts of every single one of them were constantly trembling with fear… The sense of dread when Yun Che’s Dragon Fault assaulted at them, were even more terrifying than that of nightmares.

With the Dragon Fault in his hands weighing at over ten thousand kilos, Yun Che’s movements were being restrained. Adding on that all the enemies beside him could use the Profound Floating Technique while he couldn’t, he had always been unable to escape the nine’s joint entanglement. The wounds on his body started to increase, and his body rattled with lines after lines of bloody marks. But he never truly collapsed since the beginning; on the contrary, the people encircling him died one after another under his intermittent eruptions of power.

Every time Yun Che’s Falling Moon Sinking Star and Star Wolf Slash was unleashed, at least one person would become a corpse on the ground. Moreover, all of these casualties were people at the level of Burning Heaven Clan elders and pavilion masters. Every time one died, Fen Duanhun’s heart would shudder a little more. After the sixth one died, his body swayed, as he directly fell onto his knees… Until now, including Great Elder, an entire fifteen Sky Profound experts within Burning Heaven Clan had lost their lives in Yun Che’s hands


Losing fifteen ordinary disciples, even averaging late state of Earth Profound Realm, would be inconsequential to the Burning Heaven Clan. But losing fifteen elders and pavilion masters, was an extremely heavy impact to Burning Heaven Clan. Even though Burning Heaven Clan was ranked as the last of the Four Major Sects, they were always confident that their comprehensive power wasn’t much weaker than Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace or Xiao Sect at all. However, the Burning Heaven Clan after losing fifteen Sky Profound experts, had almost lost their qualification to sit shoulder by shoulder with Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and Xiao Sect.

Even if they were to successfully kill Yun Che today, such a enormous loss simply couldn’t be recovered either.

Yet all of this, were done by Yun Che, and him alone!!

Fen Duanhun clenched his teeth tightly, and the knuckles of his fists turned ghastly white from gripping… He felt all the more, that provoking Yun Che once and once again, had brought the greatest nightmare in Burning Heaven Clan’s history! If he were to be given a second chance to choose again, he definitely wouldn’t have allowed Fen Juecheng to accompany Fen Juebi to the Ranking Tournament, and when the Elder Council insisted on assassinating Yun Che, he definitely would have tried to stop it with all his power.

But he didn’t have such a second chance.

Moreover, Yun Che’s limit, seemed to be far more than just this. He had originally thought that since Yun Che only had the profound strength of Earth Profound Realm, his endurance would certainly be very weak, and with heavy sword as a weapon, his exhaustions would be even faster. But he didn’t expect that even though the current Yun Che was covered with wounds, his heavy sword’s might was still incomparably domineering. Although the nine jointly attacking him had the upperhand, they could never entirely suppress him.

Mortal Parting Heavenly Pavilion was located at the highest ground of Burning Heaven Clan, and from there, one could view every corner of the entire Burning Heaven Clan from above. Xiao Lingxi stood by the window, and could clearly see everything that was happening below... Starting from when Yun Che appeared, her gaze had always been fixedly focused on him, and could no longer move away again… Looking at him roaring furiously, seeing him swinging his heavy sword, making the peerlessly strong Burning Heaven Clan into a river of blood...

“Little Che… Little Che…” Xiao Lingxi tightly covered her lips, as her entire body trembled uncontrollably. Her pair of charming eyes shimmered with a hazy yet dreamy light… That was the voice belonging to him, and she could even faintly discern his features… However, she could not believe, that this was really the Little Che who grew up with her, who had always needed her care and protection...


“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!!”

Yun Che furiously shouted with a loud voice. A fire lotus exploded on his body, and swept toward his surroundings carrying a heat wave that surged toward the sky.

“Block it!!”

The instant that phoenix demon lotus bloomed, a surge of heat wave, terrifying to the point of exceeding their imaginations, rushed toward their face. The nine roared loudly, simultaneously stepped forward while crazily conjuring up all their profound energy, and greeted toward the incoming blooming scarlet petals.

The Star Scorching Demon Lotus’s blooming speed instantly became slower, and started to irregularly sway from the nine powerful obstructive forces. In the end, it actually slowly stopped blooming. Under an entire dozen breaths of time in stalemate, the fire lotus suddenly directly exploded, scattering down shattered lotus petals all over the sky. The nine people were also all blasted flying away by the heat wave; everyone’s clothes and hair were all mostly burnt, their faces were charred, and their palms were more so gravely scorched. They were all in an extremely sorry state.

Switching back to Yun Che’s perspective, he, who released the Star Scorching Demon Lotus instantly felt a surge of strong sense of weakness in his entire body. His body slacked, and his entire person knelt onto the ground with one knee. Panting heavily from his mouth, the sweat on his forehead flooded out like a spring, and stains of blood were scattered all over his body.

Yun Che was evidently already exhausted, yet he could actually still resist to such an extent under the Nine Profound Dipper Formation, and even killed a whole six elders! This was already a terrifying miracle, and was more so a nightmare enough to make Burning Heaven Clan remember for generations to come. One could tell that if there was no Nine Profound Dipper Formation, even if all the Sky Profound experts were to flood in at once, they would perhaps all meet their deaths in his hands.

“Yun Che! Your death is at hand, let’s see how else you can still act arrogant!” Covering his chest, Fen Moji pointed his finger at Yun Che and loudly roared. Even though his voice was cold and harsh, anyone could hear the trembling within.

Yun Che raised his head, hands still grabbing onto his heavy sword, yet, a hint of a cold smile could be seen at the corner of his lips as he said in a low voice: “If… all these people were to die... then, wouldn’t it be all over… for your Burning Heaven Clan?”

Yun Che’s cold laugh was as gruesome as a vicious demon; his words, were more so like the most venomous curse, making even the imposing Second Elder of Burning Heaven Clan uncontrollably shudder. The muscles on his face convulsed as he pointed his finger at Yun Che, and expending his loudest voice, he roared: “You actually still dare to make such insolent and audacious remarks… Elders and Pavilion Masters, he is already an arrow near the end of its flight, quickly kill him and avenge the kinsmen who died in his hands!”

“Devilspawn, die!!”

The nine who were injured by the Star Scorching Demon Lotus all fell back, and another nine pressed forward at the same time as their nine Burning Heaven Blades respectively pierced toward Yun Che’s nine vital points… Every single one of their strikes, all struck to kill! They wished to doom this terrifying Yun Che to death right away.

At this moment, Yun Che suddenly stood up with Dragon Fault in his hands. An azure colored mysterious light suddenly released from his eyes. Behind him, an image of an azure colored dragon suddenly appeared.



A majestic and overbearing dragon roar descended from the heavens, quaked souls and flooded the entire world. Three feet above Yun Che’s head, a pair of azure colored eyes that were as eye-scorching as the stars, and as profound as the skies, abruptly opened.