Chapter 323 Anxious to Return

Chapter 323 – Anxious to Return

Without anyone chasing after him, Yun Che walked away from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Walking amidst the frozen sky and snowy land, he looked at the vast expanse of whiteness that dyed the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, feeling indecisive and helpless for the first time within his heart.

Little Fairy, where are you… Just where did you go… What am I supposed to do to find you...

Jasmine could clearly sense his mental state, and said indifferently: “Perhaps you don’t need to deliberately seek her. Given your current influence, the news that you are alive would rapidly spread, and it won’t take long for her to hear about it too. At that time, she will naturally take the initiative to come look for you.”

“No!” Yun Che shook his head before saying with a sigh: “You don’t understand her. She is too cold, and she is used to being lonely and cheerless. She has never wished to have any form of contact with any strangers. Since she is pregnant and had self-abolished her profound art, she will surely avoid inhabited places even more, at all costs, to protect the child… Otherwise, given her unparalleled looks and temperament that can evoke disturbance wherever she goes, how come there would be no news about someone discovering her after leaving Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace for so long? Even Senior Sister Xueruo didn’t know about her expulsion from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… So she would have definitely gone to some miserable and desolate place similar to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, where she could remain cut off from the rest of the world. A place where no one would disturb her, or harm our child… As such, there would be no way for her to know that I am still alive… and I also don’t know where I should go look for her.”

“Someone’s coming!” Jasmine said all of a sudden.

Yun Che immediately raised his eyebrows. From the direction of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, a white figure was rushing toward him at an extreme rate, and very soon appeared in his line of sight.

The figure was actually a huge snow-white bird type profound beast. It was over ten meters tall, and its whole body was as white as snow. The features of its body appeared similar to a falcon’s, but it was even more robust, mighty and towering. Its head was similar to that of a hawk, but it was much more noble and lofty. Its claws were like hooks, and its eyes gave the impression of cold blades. It had a great majestic aura, and its speed was even greater, like a lightning. A girl in white dress was riding on its back, and pitch-black hair, like night, hung down to her waist. She seemed like a plum flower in the midst of innumerable mountains and countless snow, presenting purity and holiness along with a glamorous beauty.

“Chu Yue…li?” Yun Che’s brows slightly wrinkled. He stopped walking, and silently watched Chu Yueli approach.

With its extreme speed, the snow-white profound beast quickly arrived before Yun Che in no time. Chu Yueli twisted her slender waist, shook off the snow, and amidst the faintly cold fragrant wind, she swiftly landed ahead of Yun Che like a snow maiden descending to the world, confronting the icy pair of eyes coldly looking at her.

Yun Che’s eyebrows unconsciously raised up, but they immediately relaxed a bit when let alone killing intent… he didn’t even feel any hostility from Chu Yueli.

“You can be at ease, as I have not come to cause trouble for you. Right now, I am not your match.” Chu Yueli started talking before Yun Che did. Her voice was like a cold water crystal, ice-cold and clear: “In the beginning, I hated you to the bone because of what happened with my sister, but now, all of a sudden, I don’t hate you anymore… Although you did disservice to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, trampling my Asgard, destroying my palace gate, and injuring my Palace Mistress… however, doing all that has finally made you worthy of Elder Sister.”

“You chased me all the way just to say these things to me?” Yun Che asked.

Chu Yueli lifted up her jade arm, and made a simple gesture. Immediately afterwards, the large, fully snow-white bird moved in a circular motion, and quickly flew down from the sky. Then, it folded its wings and landed obediently beside Chu Yueli… From its body, Yun Che clearly felt the aura of the Sky Profound Realm!

Could this be a Sky Profound Beast?

“This is a Snow Phoenix Beast. A powerful Sky Profound Beast that only exists in this Snow Region of Extreme Ice. Even in the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice, there are only three of them. Although it is a Sky Profound beast, its nature is extremely gentle, and is even easier to tame and make it one’s contracted profound beast than most of the Earth Profound beasts.” Chu Yueli lightly said: “Even if your current strength is extremely astonishing, due to the limitation of profound power, you aren’t capable of flight. There isn’t any profound mark of a contracted beast on your hand either, so I’m giving you this Snow Phoenix Beast to make it your contracted profound beast.”

Halfway through Chu Yueli’s talk, Yun Che faintly guessed what she wanted to do. The value of a Sky Profound Realm contracted profound beast, was no less than a Sky Profound Weapon! Even if it was the Four Major Sects, they won’t have more than two or three contracted profound beasts of this level. So for Chu Yueli to be willing to give him something so precious, was no different from a gargantuan gift to him. But Yun Che didn’t give it much thought, and directly shook his head: “No need for that! I’m not used to travelling on profound beasts, and going on foot is also a kind of training for me.”

However, his reaction wasn’t at all unexpected to Chu Yueli, as she coldly said: “It’s called Little Chan, and the one who caught it live and tamed it was Elder Sister. Its one and sole owner until now, was also Elder Sister.”

Yun Che suddenly raised his eyebrows. A glint of light flashed past his eyes, showing the wavering of his decision, as he looked at the obedient Snow Phoenix Beast.

“Elder Sister severed her contract with it before leaving the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, and let it stay at Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. It seems she didn’t want to be found out due to this Snow Phoenix Beast. If you want to go look for Elder Sister, then bring it along with you. It was born in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, but it can equally adapt to torrid heat and dry weather. In addition, it possesses the two attributes of wind and water. Not only can it travel the distance of one thousand five hundred kilometers within a day, it also possesses a powerful offense. Moreover, since Elder Sister was its first master, it surely has not forgotten her aura even after she had broken off the contract, so it can perhaps help you to find Elder Sister even faster.” After she finished speaking, Chu Yueli further added a sentence: “Me giving it to you, is not to help you or anything, but simply for the sake of my Elder Sister.”

Yun Che’s eyes fluctuated for a bit, then he suddenly jumped up and extended his hand. A drop of blood flowed out of his fingertip, and he dropped it between the brows of the Snow Phoenix Beast.

The Snow Phoenix Beast spread opened its wings, and its mouth released a light cry. Rays of light faintly flickered between its brows… and then, a white-colored contracted profound seal appeared on the back of Yun Che’s hand, before slowly concealing within his hand.

With the help of the contract imprint that Chu Yuechan had left behind, Yun Che quickly succeeded in contracting with the Snow Phoenix Beast. The Snow Phoenix Beast let out a long cry, and flew up at low altitude. Then, it landed at Yun Che’s side.

“Thanks.” Yun Che expressed his gratitude with extreme indifference.

Chu Yueli lightly nodded, and without saying anything else, she floated up in the sky with the intent to leave.

“What about Qingyue? Why didn’t I see her there?” Yun Che suddenly questioned her.

Chu Yueli’s body stopped in the air, and she said after a little hesitation: “One year ago, Qingyue passed through the thirty-third floor of Ice Purgatory Trial, and became the first person in my Asgard to break through the thirtieth floor since the past nine hundred years. Nowadays, she is busy comprehending the divine art under the Frozen Prison which the ancestor had left behind one thousand years ago that hasn’t been successfully comprehended by anyone before —— Frozen End Divine Art. So even I do not know when she will be coming out of the Ice Purgatory. As you are nominally her husband, and also her great benefactor, if you want to leave a message for her, I can pass it on to her the day she comes out of the Ice Purgatory.”

After remaining silent for a while, Yun Che slightly shook his head: “That won’t be necessary.”

Chu Yueli didn’t speak any longer. She traveled through the snow and soon disappeared from Yun Che’s line of sight.

“Chan’er…” Yun Che went over to the Snow Phoenix Beast. He reached out his hand, and gently stroked its icy smooth snow-white wings for a while, before he softly said: “This is fine too. Let’s go together to look for your mistress.”

However, from where was he supposed to begin the search? And, how should he look around for her?

Looking at the white and boundless field before his eyes, Yun Che felt at a loss. He faced toward the north, turned toward the west, then faced toward the south… Finally, his gaze fixed at the east.

East… Floating Cloud City… Grandfather, little aunt…

The light in Yun Che’s eyes fiercely trembled.

Soon it would be a full three whole years since he left Xiao Clan.

Three years…

When he was trapped under the Sword Management Terrace, he had thought that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his promise to return in three years. But he lived through the predicament, and came out well and safe. His strength was also already enough to never let his grandfather and little aunt be bullied and humiliated by anyone in Floating Cloud City again…

The figures of his grandfather and little aunt became increasingly clearer in his mind, and they gradually occupied all of his thoughts…

“Chan’er, let’s go!”

The Snow Phoenix Beast let out a long cry. It flapped its wings as it flew up in the air, causing the sky to be filled with ice and snow. Yun Che jumped up, and landed on the Snow Phoenix Beast’s back. Then, together with the Snow Phoenix Beast, he transformed into a long white figure, and disappeared at the end of the sky within the blink of an eye.


As a Sky Profound Beast, the speed and endurance of the Snow Phoenix Beast was incomparably amazing. When Chu Yueli said that it could “travel one thousand five hundred kilometers within a day,” she wasn’t exaggerating in the least.

After leaving Heavenly Sword Villa, Yun Che had traveled day and night, hurrying to the Blue Wind Imperial City, and disrupted Fen Juecheng’s bride escort. He had originally thought of rushing back to Floating Cloud City after staying in the Imperial City for a day, but when he suddenly found out about Chu Yuechan’s matter, he had to change his mind and rushed to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice while burning with anxiety… Now, although Chu Yuechan’s matter had left a deep impression on his mind, the land was boundless and he had no clue about the starting point of his search. So the time of when he could meet her again, only depended on the wishes of the heavens. With his heart set on speeding home, he traveled day and night like lightning, heading toward the east. According to the distance he remembered, he was getting closer and closer to the incomparably familiar Floating Cloud City.

This day, he arrived over the skies of the New Moon City.

Even though he had stayed in New Moon City for a very short time, he encountered all kinds of accidents. It was also the New Moon City where he met Cang Yue, and was brought to the Blue Wind Imperial City. Then, right after that, he experienced a series of trials and hardships. It could be said that running into Cang Yue in New Moon City, was a huge turning point of his fate.

He still remembered that after arriving in New Moon City, he first looked for Sikong Han in accordance with Xiao Lie’s wish, to have a place arranged for him to stay. Afterwards, he directly entered the New Moon Profound Palace… But in the end, he only stopped over for only less than two days in the New Moon Profound Palace.

After thinking about the past events, Yun Che put away the Snow Phoenix Beast within his contracted profound seal, and straightaway landed inside the New Moon Profound Palace.

“…Have you heard!? Yun Che didn’t even die that time. He was alive and went back to Blue Wind Imperial City. There he snatched back the Blue Moon Princess during the Burning Heaven Young Master’s bride escort, and heavily injured Fen Juecheng… I heard there were a total of eight Sky Profound experts escorting him… eight of them, you know! But surprisingly, Yun Che had single-handedly beat the hell out of them! The might he showed was practically like that of a completely unrestrained powerful tyrant!”

“Nonsense! Is there even anyone around who doesn’t know about it?! However, that eight Sky Profound experts part of your information seems to be wrong. According to what I heard, there were twenty Sky Profound Experts accompanying Fen Juecheng, and all of them were one by one pounded down by Senior Brother Yun Che. Then, that usually overbearing Burning Heaven Young Master was directly beaten into an abused dog, and in the end, while showing great mercy, Yun Che spared his sorry life. After that, he just dejectedly ran away back to the Burning Heaven Clan. Senior Brother Yun Che is simply the greatest genius of the Blue Wind Empire!” When the young man mentioned the four words “Senior Brother Yun Che,” his eyes released a light of infatuation. Thinking about the fact that he could truly call himself Yun Che’s younger brother, as Yun Che had once stayed in the New Moon Profound Palace, he felt himself so fortunate that he almost passed out.

Right after landing on the ground, Yun Che made his way to a place where he could hide himself from others, and the first thing he heard, were rumors related to him.

He still didn’t know that because he had once become New Moon Profound Palace’s disciple for a brief period of time, the popularity of the New Moon Profound Palace had soared explosively. Its fame had transcended all the other branch Profound Palaces, and was only second to the core Blue Wind Profound Palace.