Chapter 320 - Fury

Chapter 320 - Fury

This was Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Great Palace Defending Formation. As a profound formation of the most excellent sect in the Empire, one could imagine its tremendous might. Just by simply getting a feel of its aura, Yun Che was certain that even the most high leveled practitioners of the Sky Profound Realm wouldn't be able to to barge past it. And even if it was someone in the Emperor Profound Realm, it would also be extremely difficult to breach through. While, spanning the entire of Imperial City, the total number of practitioners in the Emperor Profound Realm could be counted with both hands.

Yun Che grabbed Dragon Fault Sword and stomped forward without hesitation.

In a split second, a wave of aura that chilled both the heart and bone shrouded Yun Che completely. The ice-blue colored profound formation quickly began spinning, and countless specks of tiny icicles rose from below, and pierced over like a storm.

Yun Che leapt up, and constructed a profound energy barrier as phoenix flames instantly ignited from his entire body. He possessed the Heretic God’s water seed, and water attributed energy wouldn’t be able to harm him in the first place. Moreover, the energy contained within these icicles was interlinked with the energy of the Frozen Cloud Arts, so even if these icicles were to come into direct contact with Yun Che’s body, it would be difficult to harm him. And even more so, upon contact with the phoenix’s flames, they had already melted into water droplets right away and even evaporated into vapour. Momentarily, dense “sizzling” sounds came from Yun Che’s body, as the vapor around him tumbled. Bringing with him the water vapor around his body, he swiftly rushed forward, straight towards the palace gate.


Ice cold rays of light flashed before Yun Che, and an ice lotus of seven metres wide bloomed on the ground, before rising steeply and rushed towards Yun Che head on. The frighteningly cold aura it carried even froze over all the icicles that were being shot from below. Yun Che’s brows twitched, and Dragon Fault smashed out straight onto the heart of the approaching ice lotus….


The gigantic ice lotus exploded in an instant, and the shattered ice shards filled the sky. When these icicles fell onto Yun Che, they also quickly melted.

The enormous might contain by this ice lotus, was enough to make even an peerless strong expert like Fen Moli to be flustered. Yet under Yun Che’s sword, it had exploded instantly. However, how could the protective Profound troops of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace be so simple? Before Yun Che was able to move his feet, a cold light from the surroundings reappeared. From behind, to the left, right… from a total of eight different directions, eight more ice lotuses that did not seem to pale in comparison in both power and size to that ice lotus from before blossomed simultaneously. After which, the eight then joined to form a huge ice lotus formation, attacking Yun Che in unison.

Yun Che’s gaze flashed icy cold, his Profound energy surging up violently and explosively: “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun!”


Eight ice lotuses all smashed into Yun Che, layer by layer. That wave of enormous power could almost be comparable to eight thousand-metre tall ice mountains. And the cold aura they concentrated within, was more so enough to freeze an entire volcano over. “Sealing Cloud Locking Sun’s” protective screen had been impacted to the point of distorting, yet it still did not break, and forcefully withstood the frightening power of eight ice lotuses. At this very moment, the Phoenix blood within Yun Che also burst into life with a manic frenzy...

“Star Scorching Demon Lotus!”


A fire lotus that was a few dozen times bigger than the ice lotus blossomed from Yun Che’s body, swallowing all eight of the ice lotuses. Following Yun Che’s continuous and explosive increase strength, the might of the Star Scorching Demon Lotus could not be compared to what it had been in the past. Even the ice lotuses that contained enormous amounts of cold energy and icy might could only last for less than five breaths of time in the phoenix flames, before quickly melting and turning into wisps of rising vapor.

Fire and water counters each other. What the phoenix flame burned wasn’t merely the eight ice lotuses, but also the entire Frozen Cloud Formation. The light from the entire Frozen Cloud Great Formation began growing chaotic, and the speed of its rotation also fell by a large extent. Yun Che raised his sword with both hands, and the shadow of a wolf appeared behind him. With a great roar, a “Heavenly Wolf Slash” blasted forward…..

Boom boom boom boom!!

Under the long howl of the Sky Wolf, a deep ditch of seven metres wide and a hundred metres long opened up in the ground that held the profound formation. The entire Frozen Cloud Great Formation was directly split into two halves straight from the centre. All the fire on Yun Che extinguished, and his figure transformed into a swift shadow. With just a few leaps, he had already rushed past the Frozen Cloud Great Formation’s area, and stood before the main entrance to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

And at this time, the ice crystal gate that had been shut tightly suddenly opened. Together with a woman’s cold and angry voice, a ray of cold sword light pierced straight at Yun Che’s chest, “Who goes there, to actually dare to barge into my Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!”

The sword light that came toward him was incomparably chilling, but it was of no threat to Yun Che at all. With a casual swing of his arms, Dragon Fault racked up an enormous gust of heavy sword wind storm. Before the tip of the woman’s sword could even come within seven metres of Yun Che, she was already thrown back by the violent heavy sword storm, landing back at the main entrance with a flip. On her beautiful jade-like face which was as cold as snow, the expression of utter shock was apparent.

To be able to get through the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s protective spell, the trespasser must have extremely great might. Therefore, Chu Yueli had undertaken this task and struck out personally; However, she had not expected that the opponent’s power would actually be at such a frightening level, to actually be able to knock her away with just the sword’s wind…. The very moment the sword wind touched her, she felt as if a tremendous hammer had crashed onto her chest.

Upon clearly seeing the face of the intruder, the look of shock on her face instantly magnified: “Yun Che… you’re not dead? You’re actually not dead!”

The Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s gate was right in front of his eyes, and he only needed a few steps to enter. Yun Che suppressed down the turmoil in his heart, and spoke as he looked at Chu Yueli: “That’s right, I am not dead! Let me in, I want to see Chu Yuechan!”

Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had always been in closed state, separated from the world, so even though Yun Che had already escaped from under the Sword Management Terrace for many days and even did something that shook the world, the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace hadn’t know about Yun Che still being alive until today. Whether it was his survival or the shocking strength he had shown earlier, they all made Chu Yueli extremely shocked in her heart. And as she heard him mention the words “Chu Yuechan”, her heartstrings was instantly stabbed with pain: “You… you actually still have the face to find Sister! If it’s not for you, how could she have broken the asgard rules, and become laughed at by the entire world. And if not for you, how would she be forced to discard her profound arts and become exiled from the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace forever… It’s all because of you!”

Chu Yueli’s words was as if a thunder had sounded beside Yun Che’s ears. On the way here, he had been accompanied by fear at every single moment, afraid of hearing the news that he was most unwilling to hear. But after coming to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, the first sentence he heard about Chu Yuechan, was already a thunderbolt out of the blue.

Yun Che’s rage, as if gasoline that has touched a spark, instantly started to crazily and uncontrollably burn. He rushed up with a “whoosh”, grabbed up Chu Yueli’s collar at once, and roared with a distorted ferocious face: “What did you say? What did you say just now? Say it again… SAY IT AGAIN!!”

The moment that Yun Che’s fury exploded, Chu Yueli felt a sense of suffocation in her chest, and her entire body was tightly suppressed by a heavy imposing aura. The speed that Yun Che rushed toward her was not too fast, but she didn’t even have the time to move at all before her collar was already caught by him. That face which distorted under extreme fury was also extremely close to her charming face. Under shock and anger, Chu Yueli subconsciously threw out a palm strike, and heavily smashed onto Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Che’s body was instantly blasted away, and consecutively retreated five or six steps… While the entirety of Chu Yueli’s being fell into a dumbfounded state. That strike she sent out earlier was almost subconsciously done under anger, and at least used seventy percent of her force. It was enough to crack open a short mountain from within, yet when it hit Yun Che, it actually only blasted him back a few steps… Looking at his complexion, there was basically not even a hint of being injured!

From the time he “fell” at Heavenly Sword Villa, sixteen month has already passed. Within these sixteen months, just what had happened to him? Not only did he come back alive, his strength, actually also grew by such a terrifying extent!

“You said that Chu Yuechan had been crippled of her Profound Art and thrown out of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… Is that true!!” Yun Che gaze ruthlessly locked onto Chu Yueli, as he roared with his voice cracking. Right after, he suddenly muttered to himself: “She’s the head of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies. Apart from the secluded senior of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, her position is only second to the Palace Mistress…. The only person who can do this to her… would be the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s Palace Mistress…. Only the Palace Mistress!”

Before the Ranking Tournament, on the way to the Heavenly Sword Villa, he remembered that Cang Yue had told him that the current asgard mistress of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was Gong Yuxian who had already stepped into the Emperor Profound Realm forty years ago, and is currently reigning at the ultimate pinnacle level of the strongest practitioners!

Yun Che raised his head suddenly, within his eyes, there was as if two blood red balls of fire burning within his eyes. Rushing towards the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he roared loudly like a ferocious wolf: “Gong Yuxian! Get out right this moment!”

“Gong Yuxian, get out here right now… Right now!! Or else, I will throw your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace upside down, and even fowls and dogs wouldn’t rest in peace! Get out here right now!!”

Yun Che’s enraged roar was carried by Profound strength, and spread very far, reaching into every corner of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Standing before the main entrance of the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace and roaring for the Palace Mistress to “Get out here right now”, Yun Che was absolutely the first in all history!

Even if it were beings of the pinnacle level like Xiao Juetian and Fen Duanhui, they would still definitely retract all of their arrogant air when they arrive at the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s territory, and keep from causing any offense as much as possible.

Yun Che was not someone who could become easily enraged. Oftentimes, he would appear angry on the surface, yet his mind would be incomparably calm. But this time, his anger crazily burned, and it could not be controlled no matter what; because this matter was related to Chu Yuechan… and also their child! Unless he had severed all of his emotions, and extinguished his soul, there was no way he could become calm!

Yun Che’s snarl had undoubtedly ignited the ire of all who were in the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. The Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was a sacred land that had stood for thousands of years, and was a place no one dared to provoke. Today, their asgard mistress was actually being taunted right in their own territory. Momentarily, the originally calm and empty Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace shone flashed with icy glow from all directions, and all of the Frozen Cloud disciples appeared in the snow, gathering towards the palace gate.

From above the palace gate, five silhouettes clothed in white descended simultaneously. Each of them brought a wave of might that was enough to freeze the land. When they landed, ice spirits floated in the surroundings, and snow fluttered in the wind. Their appearances were peerlessly beautiful as if they were goddesses that descended to the mortal world, as their ethereal beauty made the entire world to lose its colors.

Other than Xia Qingyue, the six of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies were: Murong Qianxue who was ranked second, Jun Lianqie, who was ranked third, Mu Lanyi, who was fourth, Chu Yueli, who was fifth, and Feng Hanyue, the sixth, as well as Feng Hanxue, who was seventh. All six had appeared in front of Yun Che.

Facing Yun Che who looked to be less than twenty years of age, all of their faces were all painted with surprise. But seeing the horrifying ditch behind him and the Frozen Cloud Great Formation which had been wrecked to an unrecognizable extent, all of their surprise was replaced by deep shock.

The appearance of the six from the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, without even taking into account their fame and prestige, just by their proud and lofty disposition as well as their matchless beauty, the picture they made was already enough to dazzle any man and make their soul fly out. However, it was as if Yun Che didn’t even see this beautiful scenery; his pair of eyes were filled with deep anger and hatred. Looking toward the front, he said with a overcast voice: “Not coming out? Then I’ll have to…. pull you out myself!!”

During his low mumbling, Yun Che grabbed Dragon Fault, and rushed straight towards the palace door like an angered cheetah.

“Stop him!!”

Chu Yueli turned pale with fright. With a wave of her ice sword, an ice lotus blossomed from the tip of her sword, and pierced toward Yun Che’s chest. From above, along with Chu Yueli’s shocked cry, the other five Frozen Cloud Fairies attacked in unison, and a large number of ice lotuses bloomed at once. The cold wind howled, and the surroundings were frozen over in an instant.


Yun Che clenched his teeth, and with a furious howl, he ruthlessly smashed down Dragon Fault. The phoenix’s flame and the Heretic God’s profound energy were released from the sword without holding back in the slightest, as the phoenix’s and dragon’s cry shook one’s heart and soul.


The ground burst apart, and the Frozen Cloud palace gate which possessed a powerful defensive profound formation and had stood its ground for thousands of years, was directly smashed into pieces, becoming mere useless rubble. The strong storm of energy swept away everything within three hundred metres in radius, and the ice and snow that would never thaw in ten thousand years began was swept up, filling the entire sky… While all of the Frozen Cloud’s six fairies, who had strength to shock the entire world, were blown far away with a groan under the might of this single strike by Yun Che, just like snow-white butterflies being swept away by a storm.

The Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s disciples had all rushed over by then, and the first thing they saw, was the scene of their palace gate exploding and the Frozen Cloud’s Six Fairies all being thrown away in one sword strike… In that instant, all their lips fell agape and could not be closed for a long while. Confusion and terror filled their eyes; because they had just witnessed the hardest to believe scenery in this world..