Chapter 302 - Self-harm

Chapter 302 - Self-harm

“Who goes there!”

The disciples of the Burning Heaven Clan in front gave a loud shout and quickly rushed forward, moving into formation and blocking the route ahead. An impenetrable cylindrical formation swiftly formed around Fen Juecheng. Although it looked as if they were about to face a formidable enemy, there wasn’t a single hint of panic on any of their faces, because they were the Burning Heaven Clan! Within the Blue Wind Empire, they had absolutely no need to fear anyone. If this person in front of them was truly here to make a ruckus, then he would definitely just be courting death.

The soundwave made when the person in the air had landed caused everyone in his surroundings to be dumbstruck. Among them, let alone landing with this sort of momentum, just by that frightful vibration, it would have been enough to kill a large portion of them.

As the dust that had been swept up settled slowly, Yun Che’s face, which was cold as a frozen lake appeared. A terrifyingly cold light was hidden in his eyes and that enormous Dragon Fault was all the more unmistakable.

Regarding the fact that a person had suddenly landed from above in front of them, and seemingly with such prestige and power, all of these showed that he was definitely a high leveled opponent. Yet Fen Juecheng was not the least bit frightened; rather, he continued staring forward contemplatively. However, when Yun Che’s visage, as well as the Dragon Fault in his hands, entered his line of sight, his face stiffened in a flash, as he cried out involuntarily, “Yun... Yun Che!!”

Yun Che’s name had already spread like fire in the Blue Wind Empire and he was practically known to everybody. His portrait had long been circulated widely. Upon seeing his face, the people were already struck with a sense of familiarity, and all the more, Fen Juecheng’s words caused the entire street to explode directly in a burst of raucous frenzy.

Yun… Yun Che? That Yun Che? Could it be…

“Could it be any other Yun Che!? This person’s appearance, the large oddly-shaped sword in his hands, everything is the same as it is in the rumors!”

“But, hadn’t he already died a year ago? This is a fact that those ten large sects had all seen with their own eyes, so this should probably be a person who looks similar, no?”

“I guess… so?”


The roar of noise from the crowd drowned out all legible hearing. Regarding this person who had clearly already passed away, while others might treat him as someone who was possibly an imaginary person, Fen Juecheng would never recognize wrongly. Facial features might be similar, but that Sky Profound heavy sword with that frightening aura… In this world, there was only one! Also, he had been enclosed under the same Sword Management Terrace as Yun Che then. His gaze, his demeanor and that completely inexplicable manner, all of these matched the Yun Che he knew exactly!

Looking at this Yun Che in front of his eyes who seemed exactly like he had resurrected from the dead, Fen Juecheng had reached a point of being incapable of being even more shocked than he already was, “You’re…. You’re not dead!”

“Heh!” Yun Che raised his eyes slightly and laughed coldly at Fen Juecheng, “I, Yun Che, have quite a long life. Even you are living so well, so how can it be proper for me to just die like that… Does my still being alive disappoint you?!”

This voice, was also definitely Yun Che’s. Fen Juecheng’s pupils shrunk for a split second, following which, he was calm again. After that, he suddenly laughed aloud, “Hahahaha, it’s really interesting, Yun Che. Your life really is doggedly good. Mu Tianbei couldn’t kill you, and was killed by you instead. Everyone had thought that you had been killed by the demon, yet after such a long time, you still climb back alive unexpectedly. My respect for you is already at an extreme. As for disappointments, you sure don’t give much. On the contrary, seeing you still alive, I’m actually rather glad, since you died too ‘easy’ a death that day. That large debt you owe us for killing my second brother, we, the Burning Heaven Clan, still have yet make you properly pay it off!!”

These few lines that Yun Che and Fen Juecheng exchanged set off an even bigger explosion through the surrounding crowd again.

“He’s really… really that Yun Che who had clearly died?”

“Age, appearance, weapon…. Everything fits! Other than the Yun Che who had ranked first, who can have such monstrous strength at such a young age, to cause the earth to crack like this just by landing! Other than Yun Che, who would have the guts to block the path of the Burning Heaven Clan’s procession!”

“I’d heard that Yun Che had been severely injured by an extremely wicked person then, and then he had been pressed at the bottom of the Sword Management with that person… But nobody had seen his corpse! Maybe he hadn’t actually died then, and has now come back anew! We might be wrong, but how can the Young Clan Master Fen be wrong?!”

“Big news! This really is big news that will shock the entire country!”

As Blue Wind Empire’s peerless legend, Yun Che once caused almost unprecedented controversy about him, and right now, news that this legend who was originally dead was now back alive, it was clear as day how big a commotion it would stir up. Almost everyone who had a Sound Transmission Jade began making transmissions at the first possible moment. Only a dozen or so breaths had passed since Yun Che’s appearance, and news of him being still alive had quickly dispersed like an invasive ripple.

“Your Majesty! Something big…. Something big has happened! A voice transmission was just received, Yun Che… Yun Che is back! He hasn’t died, he has returned alive!”

Within the imperial chariot, Cang Wanhe had just left the Moon Embracing Palace. Originally dispirited and lifeless, upon hearing this news, he trembled, “What did you say? Yun Che? Impossible, it’s practically a load of nonsense, Yun Che died at Heavenly Sword Villa, this is something that everybody knows, how can he possibly be back all of a sudden!”

“It’s absolutely true! He has appeared outside the Imperial Palace, and is now obstructing the path of the Burning Heaven Clan’s procession… All who are at the scene have seen him clearly!”

The little eunuch had just finished speaking when an imperial bodyguard clad from head to toe in golden armor rushed forward hurriedly and spoke urgently, “Your Majesty! Something big has happened outside the Imperial Palace. The Yun Che who should’ve been dead has actually appeared alive, and is now blocking the front of Burning Heaven Clan’s procession!”

At this, Cang Wanhe, who practically had no strength left in his body originally, seemed to have been electrocuted. Sitting up straight, he said with a trembling voice, “Quick, quick! Bring us to the front… quick!!”

Not far ahead, Qin Wushang and Qin Wuyou exchanged glances with eyes filled with shock and incredulity. After which, both became gusts of violent winds, and rushed towards the outside of the Imperial Palace.

The entire street was currently in a mess. The main character of today was originally supposed to be Fen Juecheng, but with Yun Che’s appearance, all the attention and spotlight had been stolen by him. How large of an impact he had made in the period after his “death”, could clearly be seen.

From beside Fen Juecheng, a silhouette flashed and Fen Moran dashed out. Staring at Yun Che, he spoke heavily, “So he’s Yun Che? Hmph, it’s better that he’s not dead. Causing Second Young Master’s death, if he died just like that, it would be too easy on him! I’ll take him down here, and bring him back to our clan!”

“Wait!” Fen Juecheng put out a hand to stop him, and said with narrowed eyes, “There is no need for Thirteenth Elder to take matters into his hands today. Today is a joyous day for me and Princess Cang Yue. If we were to accidentally see blood, it would be unlucky. Yun Che, I really don’t know if I should admire you for your laudable courage, or if I should deride you for egotistical foolishness. It wasn’t easy for you to recover your life, yet you won’t hide away obediently, choosing rather to deliver yourself to death! However, your luck’s not bad. I’m in high spirits today, so I’ll reward you with a few more days to live. Regarding the matter of my second brother, after Princess Cang Yue and I are done with our wedding, I’ll settle it with you properly… Before I change my mind, you should best scram now!”

Fen Juecheng’s expression and intonation was like that of an aloof judge. After all, beside him were two thousand elite Burning Heaven Clan disciples, as well as eight Sky Profound Realm experts. This surmounted to a strength that was enough to make the entire Blue Wind Empire walk sideways. If it was him alone, he would definitely be restraining fear while talking to Yun Che, but with such a troop by his side, how would he even seen Yun Che as anything of a threat… However, wanting to let Yun Che off today, of course, wasn’t because he was “feeling happy”. Rather, it was because the influence Yun Che had amassed and left behind this past year was simply too large. Even if he was from the Burning Heaven Clan, it still wasn’t good for him to lay hands on Yun Che in front of such an audience. If he did, it would be extremely easy for him to be publicly denounced.

Fen Juecheng’s voice had just fell, and then a young girl’s quivering voice came from behind him, “Junior Brother Yun… Is it really you… is it really you!?”

While she was speaking in a voice that was moved emotionally to the extreme, Cang Yue had already jumped down from the palanquin, rushing forward without a care towards Yun Che. In her rush fueled by desperation, Fen Juecheng was left only being able to reach an arm out subconsciously, unable to hold her back. He could only watch as she rushed in front of Yun Che, and locked both her arms around him tightly.

“Junior Brother Yun… It really is you… You’re still alive… Junior Brother Yun… Junior Brother Yun…”

He was but mere inches away from her, yet Cang Yue just couldn’t believe her eyes. Her tears sprung forth like a lake and in her agitation, her speech was incoherent. His features, eyes, sword, aura… Everything about him spoke volumes to her, telling her that truly, he was the Yun Che she had once thought she had lost forever, and he was wholly, in the flesh, back here, by her side. This immense fantasy-like surprise caused her to almost faint.

Yet unlike Cang Yue, Yun Che’s expression was especially flat, as if he wasn’t moved at all. He hadn’t even moved forward to hug her. Looking at her completely tear-stained face, he spoke gently, “It’s me... I’m back here alive, just in time… to catch Senior Sister’s marriage.”

Cang Yue’s slender frame shook and she shook her head hurriedly, “No… It’s not like this… Junior Brother Yun… It’s not like what you’re seeing, I…”

“There’s no need to say anymore, I understand.” Yun Che cut her off, allowing her no chance to continue. His expression remained calm, so calm that it made Cang Yue flustered and terrified at the same time… He had returned so miraculously, yet his first look at her was the sight of her being escorted to the wedding ceremony. Even she, herself, knew how unforgivable she was being right there and then. However, it really had not been her intention to marry Fen Juecheng, yet in her fright, she was unable to explain her situation… However, the fact that she was marrying out today was an indisputable fact, firmly cast in stone.

At this, Yun Che reached a hand out lightning fast, grabbing at Cang Yue’s chest. His hand reached straight away into her wide red clothing, and subsequently, swiftly pulled out… Held in his palm, was a slender dagger with a three inch blade. Upon the tip of the blade was a faint flicker from a smear of mild green… It was the luster of an extremely toxic poison!

Yun Che’s nose was extremely sensitive to poisons, so when Cang Yue approached, he could immediately smell the highly toxic scent, and this dagger, which had been covered with extremely toxic poison had been hidden by Cang Yue right under the lapels of her clothes in front of her chest!

Pinching the dagger, which had been dipped in poison, Yun Che did something that astonished everyone. Under a blanket of alarmed cries, he flipped his palm and ruthlessly drove the dagger into his own chest… In that moment, drops of blood splashed out of his chest, and the three inch blade was driven entirely into his body.