Chapter 317 - Slaughter

Chapter 317 - Slaughter

“Thir… Thirteenth Elder!!”

Fen Moran’s corpse was split into two; one half flew towards Fen Duancang and landed on his feet, while the other half flew towards Fen Moli, and had almost splashed his entire face with blood. The upper half of Fen Moran’s body landed on the ground, and was still spasming a little. His two eyes were opened extremely wide, as he was unable to die in peace… and he did not even understand how he died.

The remaining six people were extremely taken aback; the faces of those few people who had only seen Yun Che for the first time especially, had instantly paled. They were basically unable to trust their own eyes. It was already shocking to see him catching Fen Moran’s Burning Heaven Blade with his bare hands… But he had actually smashed him into two pieces with a single slash! Fen Moran was not just a mere Sky Profound Realm practitioner, he was a peak expert at the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm. His overall ability was even able to enter the top ten in the entire Burning Heaven Clan. With such ability, with such tyrannical profound defense, he was actually killed in an instant by a single slash from a youth!

And he even died without his corpse whole!

The eyes of those who were usually on friendly terms with Fen Moran were opened wide, to the point where the sides of their eyes were tearing. Fen Duancang had exchanged blows with Yun Che, and he believed that it was definitely impossible for Yun Che to be his own opponent. However, the single slash Yun Che used to attack Fen Moran earlier… Although it was simply a casual and light smash, the imposing aura that exploded out in an instant had actually caused heart to convulse for a moment… However, he was definitely unable to believe that the strength of someone, in a matter of a few days, could actually explosively increase to this extent. His current profound aura, was still only of the sixth level of the Earth Profound Realm. The only explanation he could think of, was that Fen Moran was too careless! That was the only possibility!!

“Avenge… Avenge Thirteenth Elder! Great Elder, allow me to cripple this brat personally!”

Fen Duancang was completely enraged. With his fury released, the Burning Heaven Blade appeared, bringing a searing wave of flames and endless wrath, as it pierced towards Yun Che’s chest. As an ultimate expert among the few of them, second only to Fen Moli, the moment Fen Duancang threw out his move, the temperature of the surrounding airspace within a few dozen meters suddenly rose, and behind Yun Che, Fen Moyu thrusted out his sword as well. “Duancang, I shall support you!”

As a high-ranking individual in the Burning Heaven Clan, usually, none of them were not proud and arrogant, they were definitely not willing to attack a single person with the combined efforts of two people, even more so when they were attacking a junior together. The two of them belonged to the same clan, had known each other for several dozens of years, and this was still the first time they had ever attacked a single person at the same time… Yun Che had just instantly killed Fen Moran, and clearly, this had created an incomparably large shock in their spirits.

Two Burning Heaven Blades brought about two seas of flames that were incomparably searing hot in the air; like two crimson red sea waves, they engulfed towards Yun Che.

A disdainful smile hooked up at the corner of Yun Che’s lips. The flames were indeed sufficiently scorching hot, and was enough to burn rocks into magma. However, to him, how could they threaten him even in the slightest bit? He basically did not even turn to look at the two people, and smashed his sword out. The power of “Overlord’s Fury”, under the formidable might of the Emperor Profound Dragon Fault, reached a brand new extreme, bringing about a furious roar, as though it had came from a real dragon.


The two flame tongues were instantly shattered by the smash, scattering into countless of embers which filled the air. Fen Duancang and Fen Moyu were smashed flying at the same time, and the shock in their faces once again aggravated. However, they once again roared out loudly at the same time, their bodies rolled in the air, and from their bodies, even more terrifying Burning Heaven flames began erupted!

“Blazing Sun Slash!!”

“Burning Heaven Blood Claw!!”

With just that one exchange, they had personally felt the extreme terror of Yun Che’s strength as well, and they no longer dared to hold even the least bit back, as the two of them dished out their ultimate moves. A monstrous purple flame, and a sky-enveloping claw of blood, brought along an incomparably terrifying might and a sound similar to the wailing of ghosts, as they smashed towards Yun Che at the same time!

Facing the ultimate attacks of two great Sky Profound practitioners from both the front and back, Yun Che’s gaze sank. “Huuuh!!”

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!!”

Crimson flames ignited from Yun Che’s body, and like a shooting star, his entire body sprang out; his speed was so quick, even Fen Moli was unable to catch his trajectory. Fen Moyu’s Burning Heaven Blood Claw had tightly locked onto Yun Che earlier, as though he had wanted to tear Yun Che into pieces with a single claw. But suddenly, his vision blurred, and Yun Che had already disappeared from his line of sight, while the shadow of a fireball which was searing hot to the extent where he could not believe it, suddenly appeared right in front of him. The heavy sword which was burning with flames, smashed onto the Blood Claw which he had poured all his profound energy in.


The Burning Heaven Blood Claw exploded with a boom, and wild Burning Heaven flames scattered in all directions, razing the surrounding few dozens of meters of ground. Under the explosion of this raging blood-colored flames, Dragon Fault, like breaking a bamboo, passed through the flames, and smashed onto Fen Moyu’s chest… Fen Moyu cried out miserably; as though he was struck by a shooting star that came from beyond the sky, he dropped down. With a “bang” sound, he smashed deeply into the ground… and no longer moved. At this moment, Yun Che stopped, and a cold smile formed on the corner of his lips. He then turned around and Dragon Fault flew out of his hands.

“Phoenix Break!!”


Dragon Fault, which was enveloped by the Phoenix’s flames, seemed as if it had turned into a flaming phoenix. Wherever it went, it brought about an incomparably ear-piercing space tearing and blazing sound. Fen Duancang stared widely as he looked at the mass of phoenix flames as they approached him. With a twist of his sword, he went up against it with all his strength. However, the moment the tip of his sword made contact with Dragon Fault, he felt as though he had touched a mountain. As though he had touched a mountain with an unseeable peak...


Within the ear-piercing tearing sound, the Burning Heaven Blade was torn and split apart, forming into countless of pieces. The force of the Dragon Fault did not decrease in the slightest, and like penetrating tofu, it penetrated through Fen Duancang’s body.

Fen Duancang groaned as both his eyes convexed. The broken Burning Heaven Blade powerlessly fell off from his hands. He opened his eyes wide, as he lowered his head down little by little… On his own chest, he saw a transparent hole that was even larger than his own brain. On the other side of the hole, he could clearly see the scenery behind him.

“Urgh…” A groan of despair painfully spilled out from Fen Duancang’s mouth. His eyes once again widened a little, and then, finally, they lost their luster as well. His body fell from the air, and with a “puung”, he smashed onto the ground.

Yun Che reached out his hand, and Dragon Fault stopped in mid-air, and then, it whizzed as it flew back, while it was accompanied by a resounding dragon’s hum. It steadily landed in Yun Che’s hands, and at the tip of the sword, two bizarre points of red light flashed.

Usually, when Yun Che wanted to recover his heavy sword, he would use his profound energy to suck it back. With the Dragon Fault’s weight, if he were to forcefully suck it back, he would undoubtedly require a huge amount of energy consumption, and he might even be blocked by his opponents. However, this time was different. The current Dragon Fault had already awakened with an actual sword spirit, even though it was not that high, it still definitely did not possess a small amount of spirituality. Also, adding that Yun Che’s body possessed the Dragon God’s soul, its sword spirit completely submitted to Yun Che. Hence, if he wanted to recover it, he only had to command the soul!

With the Phoenix’s flames extinguished, Yun Che casually stabbed Dragon Fault into the ground, calmly looked at the four people who were already dazed like a wooden chicken, and chuckled. “Who’s next to send himself to death? Don’t be anxious. Come slowly, one at a time. I will definitely not run. If you people can’t bear to wait, I suggest that all of you come at me together.”

Badump… badump… badump...

The four people who were still standing, could very clearly hear the sounds of their own hearts beating wildly. When Yun Che’s gaze swept towards them, their hearts had almost popped out of their throats. The faces of the two who were weakest in terms of strength, had already turned ashen.

With the Great Elder leading the group of eight Sky Profound practitioners from the sect together, to kill a youth who must be killed in the shortest time possible… Initially, they had thought that this was an easy mission which could not be any easier. What they had definitely never expected to face, was such a terrifying monster. Fen Moran, who was at the seventh level of the Sky Profound Realm, who was placed third among them in terms of strength, was killed instantly in a single exchange! And Fen Duancang and Fen Moyu, whose strengths were only second to Fen Moli, worked together to kill him, yet they actually instantly lost their lives with merely three exchanges from him!!

They were not heavily injured, not pushed back, rather, they instantly lost their lives!

The terror of the strength of that heavy sword and the speed of the entire fight’s process, caused them to be panic-stricken.

A strength of such degree, even if it was Fen Moli, whose strength was at half-step to the Emperor Profound Realm, he would definitely be unable to do it either!

This seemed to be approaching the strength of their Grand Clan Master!!

Fen Moli, who had at first, wanted to aggressively slaughter Yun Che, had already lost his six senses at the moment, and was trembling with fear. His gaze landed on Dragon Fault, sensed the might that caused his heart to palpitate, and suddenly said with a trembling voice. “Em… Emperor Profound Weapon!!”

In Blue Wind Empire, Sky Profound Weapons were already existences at the level of treasures, even if it was the mighty and huge Burning Heaven Clan, they only possessed a single Sky Profound Weapon as well. And this Sky Profound Weapon was usually in the hands of their Clan Master. As the Great Elder of Burning Heaven Clan, Fen Moli never dared to wish for it either.

As for Emperor Profound Weapons, they were like legends, mythical existences. Not one had ever appeared in the entire Blue Wind Empire! He had lived for nearly a hundred years, and had never been able to see one! Even if it was Ling Yuefeng of Heavenly Sword Villa, his weaponry only consisted of a single high-grade Sky Profound Weapon.

While the sword in Yun Che’s hands, although its outer appearance looked exactly the same as before, the might of the sword, had actually, clearly underwent a titanic change. That was an aura that could completely suppress Sky Profound Weapons, and even suppress his aura to an extremely large degree!

Yun Che chuckled. “Seems like your eyes aren’t completely blind. That’s right. The sword in my hands, is an actual Emperor Sword. To die under an Emperor Sword, is really good fortune the eight of you have accumulated for your entire lives!”

Fen Moli looked at Yun Che as his heart filled with extreme shock and disbelief. Earlier, as they chased after him, he had always been struggling to flee for his life. Although he managed to escape due to his tricks that one time, he, himself, had caused Yun Che to suffer injuries that were not light. However, only two days had passed, yet Yun Che’s strength had actually increased to such a terrifying degree… Clearly, it had even reached to the point where it was even enough to suppress him!

Even if he, himself, wished to defeat Fen Moran with his full strength, he would still need at least ten breaths. Yet, Yun Che had only used a single breath worth of time!

How could there be such a thing in this world!? How could such a monster exist!?

Yun Che could no longer bother to speak with him. Cris-crossing his hands, he pulled out Dragon Fault, and thrusted it straight towards Fen Moli. The sharpness of the sword caused the space in the vicinity to tremble severely.

The color of Fen Moli’s face sank. He forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart, and even though he felt weak, he fiercely said. “Arrogant junior! You’re simply borrowing the strength of the Emperor Sword! Do you really think that with just your strength, you’re capable of defeating me!? Since you wish to send yourself to death so eagerly, then I shall fulfill…”

Before Fen Moli could finish saying his words, Yun Che’s sword was already three meters away from him… Although there was still a distance of three meters, that terrifying windstorm had already rushed to where he was, causing Fen Moli’s body to feel as though it had been instantly trapped within a tornado, and he was unable to even speak out the words at the end. Extremely shocked, he forced out a wild roar, instantly picked up the Burning Heaven Blade with his two hands, and slashed out dozens of deep purple-colored fire dragons in the air, which fiercely pounced to bite towards Yun Che’s face.