Chapter 909 - Absolute Sword of No Return

Chapter 909 - Absolute Sword of No Return

“Oh? You actually only suffered minor injuries?” Looking at Yun Che’s condition, deep astonishment flashed within Xuanyuan Wentian’s pitch-black eyes, however, he immediately flashed a cold smile right after. “Very good, this sovereign shall enjoy your struggles to the fullest!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice turned arrogant. The moment he released the power of the divine way, Yun Che’s strength could no longer suppress him in the slightest. He let out a loud laugh as the Eternal Night Devil Sword struck down. A dark sword beam that was close to three hundred meters in width swept across space, slashing towards Yun Che.

Yun Che focused his gaze as he flew upwards, leaping up to three kilometers in height. The black light flashed past beneath his feet and a dark divide was instantly sliced across the ocean below. With his two arms raised high, he locked onto Xuanyuan Wentian’s position. Flames ignited around the blade of the sword and the roar of the Sky Wolf resounded through the vast ocean.

“Phoenix Heavenly Wolf Slash!!”


Space was torn apart like cotton and even the dense dark energy was ruthlessly chiseled away. Crossing several kilometers of space in an instant, the image of the Sky Wolf bombarded straight towards Xuanyuan Wentian’s chest.

“Hmph, in the face of this sovereign’s devil god power, this bit of strength is but a mere joke!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian did not use his sword. Instead, he stretched out his hand and a mass of black light smashed into the blazing image of the Sky Wolf. Amidst the sudden explosions of wailing noises, the orbit of the blazing image of the Sky Wolf twisted a great extent and swept by Xuanyuan Wentian’s side. Then, it exploded behind Xuanyuan Wentian and the energy tornadoes that exploded forth were quickly engulfed by the darkness.

Yun Che, “...”

“Did you see that? This is the power of the divine way, this is the difference between you and this sovereign!” Facing Yun Che, Xuanyuan Wentian stretched out three fingers that were tainted with a black glow. “Thirty breaths. Within thirty breaths, this sovereign will obliterate you into dark ashes! Even if you use the Primordial Profound Ark, don’t even think of escaping from this sovereign’s hands!!”

“And then, that little phoenix will be next!”

“The so-called ‘limitless possibilities and future’ you spoke of, are but mere jokes in the eyes of this sovereign!!”

Darkness swirled and Xuanyuan Wentian swept up an illusory shadow within the darkness as he quickly approached Yun Che. The Eternal Night Devil Sword once again slashed out, striking out with a strange six-pointed sword light. The moment it appeared right before Yun Che’s body, it had already turned into an enormous dark sword formation, causing Yun Che’s soul to experience immense, piercing pain.

Conflict flashed past Yun Che’s face. In the end, he did not choose to receive it head-on and instead speedily flashed away with Star God’s Broken Shadow, completely dodging the sword formation. Xuanyuan Wentian instantly re-locked onto his position as well and pierced out a second sword strike that tore through space like a surging lightning bolt.

Yun Che’s figure flashed again, shattering out five afterimages one hundred and fifty meters away.




Xuanyuan Wentian threw out five sword strikes consecutively and all had amounted to nothing under Yun Che’s strange and unpredictable Star God’s Broken Shadow.

The strongest aspect of the Heretic God Arts, Yun Che’s core profound arts, was its berserk profound energy and the heavy sword in his hands could even allow his destructive power to reach extreme levels. Thus, a head-on clash had never been something he was afraid of.

Usually, the Star God’s Broken Shadow was mostly used to supplement the drawbacks of his profound movement skills, preventing his opponent from escaping and forcing his opponent to exchange blows with him head-on. This was the first time he had consecutively used the Star God’s Broken Shadow to avoid a head-on clash with his opponent.

Because with just the previous two sword strikes, he had already taken considerable damage. The terror of the power of the divine way had greatly surpassed his expectations.

“Fleeing?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s face turned ferocious, “This sovereign wants to see how you’re going to escape!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s hand suddenly reached out and he fiercely grasped the space Yun Che was positioned in.

In an instant, several hundreds of kilometers of space surrounding Yun Che had completely distorted and amidst the distortion, they gathered towards Yun Che’s position.

Yun Che’s expression instantly changed, because he clearly felt that space itself was tightening and all his body parts felt as if they were being pressed under a tremendously heavy iron plate. Even his breathing was being severely obstructed. He hurriedly wanted to move away but his body had only managed to sway a little, before the surrounding space fiercely shrank again. The suppressive forces on his body suddenly grew by several times, preventing him from even raising his arm for a moment.

This… This is...

“At this sovereign’s realm, space is already this frail and weak.” Xuanyuan Wentian retracted his hand and leisurely approached him. “This is the intervention towards space by the power of the divine way, an almighty power that you will never have the chance to make contact with in your entire lifetime!”

“Allow this sovereign to witness if you will beg while wagging your tail like those lowly ants, at the moment of despair! Hahahahaha…”

Facing Yun Che who was already a turtle in an urn, Xuanyuan Wentian let out an arrogant laugh. The Eternal Night Devil Sword swung out and a pitch-black sword beam that was about ten meters long pierced towards the space-sealed Yun Che, carrying the peerlessly terrifying power of the divine way.


Yun Che groaned as he gnashed his teeth, struggling with all his might. This seal was completely different from the “Darkness Prison” which Xuanyuan Wentian used back then. Darkness Prison used darkness devil energy to forcefully restrict the target’s movement abilities, but the one exerted on Yun Che was a spatial seal executed by interfering with space purely through immense strength.

Spatial seals were things which Yun Che had experienced before but he had never experienced such a terrifying spatial seal.

The profound energy in his entire body wildly poured out, yet, he had only managed to slightly shift his body. However, the dark sword beam had already pierced through space, striking straight into his chest.


Even the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword could not completely disperse the dark sword beam which originated from the Eternal Night Devil Sword as it ruthlessly smashed into Yun Che's chest. Amidst of the burst of black light, a large cloud of bloody mist exploded forth, instantly dyeing Yun Che’s upper body red. A painful groan flowed out of Yun Che’s mouth as well.

“Mn?” Xuanyuan Wentian, however, narrowed his eyes… Because this sword strike, a sword strike that carried the power of the divine way, had clearly struck straight onto Yun Che’s chest, yet it did not penetrate his body.

“That’s truly a tenacious body.”  Xuanyuan Wentian slowly crooned. Though his eyes carried a playful vibe, his heart was filled with lasting shock and disbelief. Because he was very certain that even if his own body was struck head-on like this by that sword beam, it would have definitely been pierced through as well.

Could Yun Che’s body have actually surpassed this sovereign’s devil physique!?

That’s definitely impossible!!

“Then what about… this strike!?”

Xuanyuan Wentian flashed out a ferocious smile of a vile devil from the corner of his lips. A pitch-black sword beam that was close to several hundreds of meters long suddenly appeared above the Eternal Night Devil Sword. Shortly after, the sword beam had instead began to quickly shrink, shrinking from several hundreds of meters, to merely a length of two feet.



The space around the pitch-black sword beam emitted a wailing howl, as if it was trembling due this sword beam which held extremely terrifying power.


The space around the Eternal Night Devil Sword completely exploded apart, shattering into countless spatial fragments. The sword beam that had a deeper black than the abyss itself tore through the shattered space and flew straight towards Yun Che’s chest with the aura of a death god.

Seemingly at the same instant, brilliant golden flames suddenly erupted from Yun Che’s body.

“Yellow Springs Ashes!!!”


The Golden Crow flames wildly erupted with Yun Che’s body as the center and with every booming noise, another layer of flames would explode outwards. The space that was sealed and intensely shrunk under Xuanyuan Wentian’s profound energy was instantly melted through in a forceful manner. After being penetrated by more than twenty layers of flames, even the sword beam that was flying towards Yun Che had been completely obliterated at a distance of several meters away from Yun Che’s chest.

“Oh?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes once again widened. Right after, he let out crazed roar that was either from anger or excitement. “Good! Struggle just like that! Struggle with all your might!”

Facing the terrifying flames that were wildly erupting, Xuanyuan Wentian had instead taken them head-on amidst his crazed roars. All the dark energy behind his body had instantly gathered onto the Eternal Night Devil Sword. Then, following the swing of the Eternal Night Devil Sword, an enormous arc of dark light materialized, smashing towards the Golden Crow flames that were still spreading at an immense speed.


The exploding Golden Crow flames were instantly sliced apart by the arc of dark light. Looking from afar, it looked as if a blazing sun had been ruthlessly sliced into two right at the center. Yun Che, who had just escaped the spatial seal and released the Yellow Springs Ashes with all his might had yet to catch his breath when an overwhelmly heavy pressure descended from the sky.

Yun Che fiercely gnashed his teeth as he forcefully circulated the profound energy in his body that was already in a state of utter chaos. Amidst his loud roar, the Heaven Smiting Sword was smashed upwards with all his might.

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”

The vermillion heavy sword aura surged upwards, ruthlessly smashing onto the arc of dark light originated from the Eternal Night Devil Sword. The energy of the arc of dark light instantly weakened but it was still not something that Yun Che could block with a sword strike he hastily dished out so the energy of the heavy sword dispersed after a short stalemate. Yun Che groaned as he was sent flying far away like a withered leaf being swirled up by a hurricane.

“It seems this is the limit of your struggle! This time… thoroughly die then!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian slowly raised his arm. A formless sword intent reverberated silently between heaven and earth and then, he gently pushed out the Eternal Night Devil Sword.

The world was suddenly silent for a single moment. All the colors, sounds, and objects completely froze. Between the heaven and the earth, merely a single enormous dark sword that seemed as if it had come from the depths of purgatory was piercing through the air… The pitch-black trail it left behind looked as if the entire sky had been sliced apart.

Sword of No Return. An extreme sword technique that could only be activated after attaining the highest realm of the Heaven’s Might Absolute Sword. It was also the single sword move at the apex Xuanyuan Wentian attained after sacrificing his entire life in the way of the sword.

Ever since the day he cultivated it, there had never been anyone who could dodge this sword strike.

This sword strike was simply too fast, to the point where even Yun Che was unable to catch a hint of its tracks. However, the ice-cold sensation of an incoming life-threatening blow ruthlessly stabbed his soul. His body was a step faster than his consciousness and seemed to have instinctively expanded the Heretic God’s barrier.


The instant the Heretic God’s barrier expanded, the Eternal Night Devil Sword smashed onto the Heretic God’s barrier as if it had flown out from the cracks in the dimensional rift.

As though he had been struck by lightning, Yun Che’s body, which was in a state of flying backwards in the first place, was instantly sent plummeting down like a falling meteorite. In an instant, he was sent flying several dozens of kilometers away.


Yun Che’s teeth were close to shattering from his gnashing as the energy in his entire body was gathered onto the Heretic God’s barrier. All the injuries on his body had all completely burst as well. What looked like a simple sword strike, actually carried a never-before-seen terrifying strength. The moment it smashed onto the Heretic God’s barrier, Yun Che could feel as if the bones in his entire body were about to completely scatter away.

In an instant, in merely that short neglectable instant, he had already been sent flying twenty to thirty kilometers away. It was also in that one moment, that countless cracks surfaced on the Heretic God’s barrier, residing at the very brink of collapsing. Furthermore, the Eternal Night Devil Sword that was right before his eyes had already ruthlessly stabbed into the barrier and was not even five inches from his chest. Not to mention it was still closing in quickly.

This was the sword strike of the number one swordsman in the Profound Sky Continent.

Furthermore, it was his ultimate sword strike infused with the power of the divine way.

Being able to hold it back for this single instant with the power of a mortal, was already enough to go down in history as a miracle in the Profound Sky Continent.

And in the next instant, he could not possibly hold it back, no matter what.

“Rumbling Heaven!!”

Yun Che fiercely gnashed his teeth and drops of blood from his mouth scattered into the air as the fourth gate of the Heretic God Arts opened.


His profound energy surged and his profound aura grew. The defensive power of the Heretic God’s barrier instantly rose in strength and then, it immediately erupted right after.

And at this moment, Yun Che had already been sent flying for almost fifty kilometers by the Eternal Night Devil Sword. Supreme Ocean Palace was now less than five kilometers behind him.

Finally, the Eternal Night Devil Sword was barely shaken off by the shattering of the Heretic God’s barrier. A long streak of blood sprinkled across the sky, as Yun Che fell straight into the ocean.

And at this distance, it was already enough for the countless experts in Supreme Ocean Palace to clearly witness this scene.

“Big Brother Yun!” With her beautiful face paling, Feng Xue’er cried out. No longer caring about anything else, Phoenix flames ignited all around her body and she flew straight northwards. In a fluster, Feng Zukui and Feng Tianwei wanted to obstruct her but they had only managed to grasp empty air.

However, before she had yet to fly out of the region of the Ocean Palace, Yun Che’s voice suddenly resounded next to her ears. “Xue’er, no need to worry about me. Protect Yuanba and the rest.”

Though the voice was a little frail and painful it was especially calm. Feng Xue’er slowly came to a halt and she stared blankly at the vast ocean which had swallowed Yun Che for a long while.

The Eternal Night Devil Sword drew a long streak of black shadow in the sky and then flew back into Xuanyuan Wentian’s hands.

“He had actually managed to directly block it.” Xuanyuan Wentian muttered to himself with narrowed eyes and then, let out a sinister laugh. “It seems he used some sort of a final trump card but he should be more or less dead by now.”

The moment his voice fell, he suddenly sensed Yun Che’s aura coming from the depths of the ocean and it was even moving further and further away.

“Mn?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s black eyes fiercely narrowed. “He actually still has reserves… Heh, wanting to flee?”

“This sovereign wants to see just where you’re fleeing to!!”

Xuanyuan Wentian’s body descended, sinking into the boundless ocean as he chased after Yun Che’s aura.

Within the vast ocean depths, where the ends could not be seen, it was hard to determine one’s location and it was even harder to clearly discern one’s direction. Yun Che kept the Heaven Smiting Sword and pressed his hand onto his chest, quickly stabilizing his injuries. His body split apart the ice-cold ocean water as he fled further into the ocean depths at his fastest speed.

Behind him, Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura suddenly enveloped downward and was furthermore approaching him at high speed. His loud, arrogant laughter had even penetrated through the ocean water and resounded in his ears. “Yun Che, flee with all your might, flee as desperately as you can! However, even if you flee to the end of the world, don’t even think about escaping from this sovereign’s hands!”

“...” Yun Che did not turn back and once again sped up. As if his entire body had turned into a sharp sword, he sliced apart the heavy obstruction of the ocean water and quickly charged into the deeper regions of the ocean.

Behind him, was Xuanyuan Wentian’s approaching heavy and sinister dark aura. When Xuanyuan Wentian had already caught up to just half a kilometer distance between them, the two had already sunk thirty kilometers below the ocean surface.

Thirty kilometers into the deep ocean, the surroundings were completely enveloped in darkness without the slightest strand of light. The water pressure in this place was enough to instantly crush a profound practitioner into flesh pulp. It was a peerlessly terrifying death zone.

And right here, Yun Che who had been fleeing deeper into the ocean, suddenly stopped… The moment his body turned around, a dense dark light flashed within his eyes for an instant. The corners of his mouth which were still slowly seeping out blood, had actually curved up, revealing a strange, light smile.