Chapter 970 - Incurring Hatred

Chapter 970 - Incurring Hatred

This kind of desperate, self harming cultivation method could be said to be extremely cruel. Every time he went from extremity to rebirth, his body and profound veins were reborn and experienced breakthroughs. After his ninth recovery, he actually had enough energy remaining to make his eighth strike. It was as though a streak of dawn flashed in his soul, causing him to become even more frenzied. Even the pain he felt every time had become slightly less unspeakable.

Immersed in such a cruel yet outrageous cultivation, Yun Che had completely become numb to the passing of time. He inflicted heavy injuries on his body and overdrafted his profound energy every time before making a full recovery yet again. Every time he recovered, the number of times he was able to swing the Heaven Smiting Sword quietly increased, from seven to eight, to nine...

Three months quickly passed. Yun Che spent most of that time concentrating on making a recovery. As a result, he felt as though only a few days had passed.

In those three months, he had reached his limits more than two hundred times. Under the “Rumbling Heaven” state, he was now able to make a full power attack with the Heaven Smiting Sword fifteen times! Moreover, this was not just a quantitative increase. The might of every strike far surpassed its predecessors.

During this process, a quiet change which Yun Che himself could not sense had also happened to his body and profound veins.

Yun Che sat upright on the Starpicker Stone. Even though his body was filled with blood stains and bruises, his expression was incomparably tranquil. After maintaining that posture for close to eight hours, he opened his eyes. Both the state of his body and profound strength had completely recovered yet again.

Below him, the starlight released by the Starpicker Stone had become much dimmer than it was three months ago.

If this Starpicker Stone were to be used by any other profound practitioner, even if they used it unceasingly from day to night, they would be able to continue using it for ten years.

Yun Che had the Rage God’s power and the rate at which he absorbed and utilized the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was several times greater than any ordinary person. After being below Yun Che for a short three months, its power had been consumed by a full seventy percent! However, Yun Che, who was immersed in his cultivation had not sensed this yet.

When he opened his eyes, a frightening cold glint flashed past by. He extended a hand and the five million kilogram Heaven Smiting Sword was sucked into his grasp. Right when he was about to forcibly open Rumbling Heaven again, a profound energy fluctuation suddenly transmitted from his sound transmission jade.

Yun Che’s movement’s stilled… Members of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect transmitted messages through the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade and it was absolutely impossible for a sound transmission from the Blue Pole Star to reach the Snow Song Realm. Not even Mu Bingyun or Mu Xiaolan knew his sound transmission imprint.

Since he arrived in the Snow Song Realm, he only gave his sound transmission imprint to one person...

He had given it to Feng Mo, who was also from the lower realms and was the only person who dared to speak for him in front of Mu Fengshu three months ago!

Feng Mo had passed Freezing Snow Hall’s final examination at that time, becoming an official disciple of Freezing Snow Hall but the person he had angered that day was still Freezing Snow Hall’s Main Hall Master! Just from how Mu Fengshu acted, she definitely didn’t seem like a magnanimous person and she had been utterly furious at that time. It was extremely probable that she would bring trouble to Feng Mo in the future… As a result, he had given Feng Mo his sound transmission imprint as thanks while also hoping that he would be able to return the favor one day.

He was, after all, now an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple and one that was protected by Mu Bingyun at that too.

When he took out the sound transmission jade, Feng Mo’s voice rang, true to his expectations.

“Senior Brother Yun Che… save me…”

Feng Mo’s voice was exceptionally weak and clear pain was held within it as well. Yun Che’s brows tightened. He swiftly responded, “Where are you!?”

After obtaining Feng Mo’s location, Yun Che quickly withdrew the Heaven Smiting Sword and hopped off the Starpicker Stone. Then, he released his profound energy, expelling the broken clothes and bloodstains from his body to then change into intact training clothes. Right when he was about to take his first step to leave the cultivation room, he suddenly stopped in place and then lifted both his hands in puzzlement.

This feeling...

Tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!?

When he sensed his own profound strength aura, he was stunned in place for a while.

What’s this? When I consumed the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet, my profound strength had obviously broken to the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm… but why am I now at the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm? When did I break through?

As the pinnacle of the Nine Mortal Realms, each small realm breakthrough in the Sovereign Profound Realm would be accompanied by a qualitative change in profound strength. During this process, one’s profound energy would circulate and riot to then become even more condensed. It could be said that once one reached this realm, every breakthrough was a new rebirth and would be a hard and endless process that was accompanied by extreme risk.

Yet Yun Che, had broken through without realizing it… and this was a breakthrough of two small realms.

It was as though his profound strength had silently crossed over to the next realm with incredible smoothness… It was quiet to the point that he didn’t sense it at all.

Yun Che was stunned in place for a good while, still confused. Even though he had wholeheartedly been concentrating on cultivating, released all his power within the Rumbling Heaven state and then had to immediately focus his mind and willpower on recovering or else he might possibly die, it was impossible for him to not have sensed his profound strength breaking through.

This was the Sovereign Profound Realm!

Could it have something to do with the way I was cultivating?

Moreover, in such a short period of time… I’m already at the tenth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm!?

He was at the doorstep of the divine way!!

He was astonished, bewildered and then jubilant. Even though he didn’t know what weird change had happened to his profound veins, his profound strength had truly reached the highest level of the Sovereign Profound Realm. This was far beyond what he had expected, a miraculous progress even… This also meant that the cruel method of cultivation he had selected really did produce shocking results!

Xuanyuan Wentian took more than six hundred years to go from the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm to the tenth level. Yet he had only used three months!!

This was also completely reliant on self cultivation, not any external power or medicine. This kind of speed was enough to even shock everyone within the God Realm.

Yun Che lifted his right hand, silently channeling the power of the devil origin orb. A ball of black energy condensed within his palm and the light in the surrounding space quickly dimmed. The atmosphere had also become sinisterly chilly.

“The devil origin orb’s growth rate sped up again,” Yun Che muttered. “At this rate, it may one day surpass the power in my profound veins…”

The devil origin orb had completely fused into his profound veins and could be considered a hidden, independent source of power inside his profound veins. Due to the darkness Heretic God seed within his body, he wasn’t worried about the devil origin orb’s power going out of control.

The devil origin orb’s power was an independent existence that wasn’t at all influenced by his cultivation. Instead, it had always increased alone, undoubtedly giving Yun Che a greater enticement, tempting him to want to use it… However, it would also bring grave consequences the moment it was exposed.

“Jasmine once said that after the Northern Primal Chaos assimilated with the Southern Primal Chaos, darkness profound energy was a heretical existence within the God Realm. Now that I’m in the God Realm, I shouldn’t reveal it… I guess it’s best for me to forget the devil origin orb’s existence.”

Yun Che muttered to himself, then pushed open the cultivation room’s doors. He released all his profound energy and immediately dashed toward the teleportation formation closest to the thirty sixth palace.

Freezing Snow City, in an unnoteworthy corner outside of the Freezing Snow Ninth Hall.


Following the crisp sound of bone shattering, a somewhat thin and weak figure was thrown far away, landing on the snowy ground. A scarlet bloodstain quickly dyed the layer of snow beneath him. His broken left arm lifelessly hung as his right struggled to support his body. A stubborn and savage gaze glared at the two people before him. Even though pain covered his face and the corner of his mouth was filled with traces of blood, he had unexpectedly not uttered the slightest groan.

“Oh, this one’s pretty stubborn, huh.”

A young man dressed in blue clothes casually walked over with a dark expression on his face. He looked down on Feng Mo who had almost lost his ability to stand up straight and said, “Tsk tsk, I’ve seen enough hard heads from the lower realms these years but it’s still the first time I’ve seen one that’s this hard.”

“Heh, even if it’s harder, we’d only need to add a bit more power to break it.” The other young man hugged at his chest and stood there without moving. When he looked at Feng Mo, contempt and pity filled his gaze. “It’s only a Snowsilk Seed. Wouldn’t it be good to be obedient and give it up? You just had to insist on bringing yourself this much pain. Not only are you trash from the lower realms trashier than the next, your brains are also dumber than the next.”

Snowsilk Seed, the most precious spiritual medicine out of the resources distributed to Freezing Snow Hall’s official disciples. They could only get one every three months and the one on Feng Mo’s body was the only one he had receiving since joining Freezing Snow Hall.

“Liu Hang, Di Kui!” Feng Mo’s left arm was broken and the injuries on his body reached more than a dozen. The immense pain caused Feng Mo’s complexion to pale and his sweat to rain down his forehead. He gritted his teeth and said, “Our Freezing Snow Hall prohibits private battles and the malicious theft of resources is even more serious of a crime… If you have the guts, just kill me, otherwise… Every injury on my body will be proof of your crimes!”

“Oh?” Liu Hang and Di Kui glanced at each other, then laughed wildly at the same time. With a lift of his foot, Di Kui flew over and ruthlessly kicked Feng Mo flying. Amidst loud laughter, he said, “Proof? What proof? The injuries on your body were done by us? Who saw it? Did anyone see it? We’ve known the disciplines deacon for more than twenty years now and have also respected him for more than twenty years. Tell me, do you think he will believe you or us? Oh, right, Senior Brother Liu, I remember that maliciously slandering another is also a serious crime in Freezing Snow Hall.”

“You… You two! Cough…” Feng Mo laid on the ground on his stomach. Under his rage, he coughed out several mouthfuls of blood.

“Tsk tsk, it seems like this pitiful crawler from the lower realms still doesn’t understand the situation.” Liu Hang narrowed his eyes to slits. “We have always loved our newly arrived junior brothers dearly. Even if they don’t do what they’re told, all that means is that they’ll take longer to learn their lesson. You were the only one who actually dared to offend the Main Hall Master on the day you entered Freezing Snow Hall. You unappreciative idiot, it’s a miracle you lived to this day after speaking up for the person who injured the Main Hall Master’s nephew.”

“What kind of a status does the Main Hall Master have? Of course she wouldn’t bother lowering her status by dealing with a lowly blockhead like you. But if someone helps the Main Hall Master ‘deal’ with you, I’m sure she wouldn’t be in a bad mood. Forget about injuring you, even if we cripple or kill you… Main Hall Master is fair and impartial so there will be punishment… but she might even secretly reward us, hahahahaha!”

Di Kui swaggered over to Feng Mo yet again, then placed his right foot on the latter’s head and slowly said, “Little Junior Brother Feng Mo, let me tell you another thing. Senior Brother Liu Hang’s cousins are Ice Phoenix Palace disciples. Senior Brother Liu Hang’s cousin Liu Yizhou… oh no no, Mu Yizhou is the head disciple of the First Ice Phoenix Palace. Head disciple, you know? With Senior Brother Yizhou as our cover, even if you didn’t offend Main Hall Master, us killing you wouldn’t be too big of a deal anyways.”

“...” Feng Mo firmly gritted his teeth but he couldn’t utter a single word. He had experienced numerous setbacks and suffering to come here from the lower realms so how could he resist those who were born in the God Realm? The other new disciples that had come from the lower realms had all chosen to submit to the humiliation and some were even currying favor with the others. Only he, who was naturally stubborn, couldn’t endure it—even if he knew what the consequences of that might be.

“I’ve already said all I wanted to say. Think about whether or not that little Snowsilk Seed is more important than your future and life. Stop trying to put our limited patience to the test. This is your last chance. Otherwise… your right arm’s next!” Di Kui’s foot slowly lifted, heading toward Feng Mo’s right arm.

“Just try touching his right arm.”

When Di Kui finished talking, a cold and indifferent voice suddenly came from up above, freezing him in place.