Chapter 907 - Devil Sword, Power of the Divine Profound

Chapter 907 - Devil Sword, Power of the Divine Profound

Though Xuanyuan Wentian was one of the Four Sacred Masters of the Profound Sky Continent, when he was young, he was a person with mediocre talent.

Furthermore, in a place like Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, his aptitude could not even be considered mediocre. If not because of the surname “Xuanyuan” he held, he would have been ousted out of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region like the progenitor of Heavenly Sword Villa due to his poor aptitude.

Profound Sky Continent was a world where the profound reigned supreme and a place like Mighty Heavenly Sword Region even had a clear distinction of levels… Levels of profound strength, represented the absolute positions within the place. He was not ousted because of the Xuanyuan bloodline that ran in his veins but similarly because he carried the Xuanyuan bloodline, his aptitude had become the shame of the Xuanyuan family. In Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, he was faced with countless cold looks, ridicule, scorn, humiliation and even his biological parents were completely disappointed in him, turning their blind eyes to him. He had six biological brothers, yet not a single one of them would usually give him another glance.

He had endured too much scorn and humiliation and adding the hatred he harbored towards himself, on one particular day, he finally snapped, completely. Like an awakened demon, his lust for power madly grew...

Mediocre talent? Then he would make up for it with desperateness… Others cultivated for eight hours every day, while he cultivated for sixteen hours and even up to twenty hours a day. In order to obtain even more training resources, he resorted to all possible means and had even maliciously harmed one clan member after another in secret… including two of his brothers.

When his strength quickly grew, surpassing more and more people of the same age, he began to be acknowledged, praised and even fawned over by some people. The heaven and earth difference in the treatment between the weak and the strong had pushed his pursuit for power to even further extremes and actions in his pursuit for strength grew even wilder and more unscrupulous. On the day he finally reached the top of the Sword Region and became the Sword Master, he changed his own name to “Xuanyuan Wentian.”

That he would one day challenge the heavens, was the meaning behind the name.

Because he could no longer suppress his heart that lusted for power, especially when he found out about the existence of the Realm of the Gods in the ancient records, he had even turned demon-like in his pursuit of that world.

In order to become Sword Master Xuanyuan, he assassinated his own elder brother.

For the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, he risked the danger of being sanctioned by the other three Sacred Grounds, exterminating the enormous Eternal Night Royal Family.

In order to release the seal on the devil sword, he traversed the entire Profound Sky Continent, using several hundred years to search for countless mystical objects and mystical stones… For the final devil blood, he sealed Ye Mufeng’s soul and chased after Ye Huang’s reincarnation… For the day of the Thirteen Star Alignment, he bitterly waited for a thousand years… For the Mirror of Samsara, he schemed against the other Sacred Grounds to launch a combined effort in attacking the Illusory Demon Realm… For the final seal of the devil sword, he schemed against the entire Profound Sky Continent.

Finally, because one slight miscalculation, he gnashed his teeth and abandoned his own body and bloodline.

Finally, he gained the power he had today and truly had the world in his grasp.

Tenacity, obsession, patience, wits, maliciousness, ruthlessness… and adding a small bit of luck, had made Xuanyuan Wentian what he was today.

With the power he presently possessed, he had always believed that it was something he deserved and was the only one in the world. On the day he completely refined the devil blood, other than him, what was left of the Profound Sky Continent were but mere ants.

However, when his grand title as a Heavenly Sovereign had only just been born to the world, Yun Che suddenly popped out and displayed power that he could not suppress… And it had only been a short one month since the last time the two of them exchanged blows.

The power of a devil god he had sacrificed his entire life to obtain had actually been caught up to by Yun Che in just a short one month. How could he possibly accept that!?

Yun Che said with a sunken voice, “A large half of my power comes from my master, while I obtained the other small half through gambling with my life! At the very least, I’m definitely not like you, who would exterminate an entire clan, throw the Illusory Demon Realm into chaos and snatch away someone’s body, all in order to satisfy your obsessive pursuit for power!”

“Master…” Strands of blood ripped apart within Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes, as that peerlessly terrifying girl in a red dress surfaced in his mind. Even when he had become the “Heavenly Sovereign”, whenever he recalled Jasmine, fear would still strike his heart. He screamed out unwillingly, “Why… Why did this sovereign not encounter a master like that!? Why!? Not fair… This isn’t fair! AHHHH!!”

Envy, was similarly a type of negative emotions. The moment his envy was stimulated by the dark profound energy, it would grow even more intense like straws set on fire.

With a loud roar, Xuanyuan Wentian made a frontal charge, pouncing towards Yun Che like a wild beast which had gone berserk. Two enormous devil claws materialized at the same time and they slashed towards Yun Che’s body in a criss-crossing manner.

Yun Che pushed off his feet and his figure instantly flashed several dozen meters away. Xuanyuan Wentian, who struck empty air stopped in his tracks, constantly trembled. However, he did not turn around… After a long while, the shivers of his body gradually weakened, until they stopped completely.

Even his previously disarrayed dark profound energy had completely calmed down as well.

“Heh, heheheh,” Xuanyuan Wentian was laughing, however, it was no longer that furious, uncontrollable wild laughter. Rather, his laughter was especially sullen. He slowly turned around, his pair of pitch-black eyes had actually regained their terrifying calm.

Yun Che. “...”

“This sovereign almost overlooked something.” He raised his eyes and focused on Yun Che, as he sullenly said. “Your profound veins were crippled before you were sixteen years old and from then to now, you have at most cultivated for not more than eight years. Not more than eight years… Heh.”

“To possess your present level of strength in less than eight years, just how many secrets are you hiding in your body?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s smile grew even more sullen and the eyes he was looking at Yun Che with, had suddenly grown several times more dangerous.

“So?” Yun Che returned a cold smile.

“In the end, the luck between two people can never be compared. To possess your present level of strength in just less than eight years, you must possess the largest amount of luck in this continent as well… Unfortunately, the greatest tribulation you will ever face in this lifetime of yours, is encountering this sovereign.”

“This sovereign will completely sever your luck and life! After your death, all the secrets hidden within your body will naturally belong to this sovereign as well!” Xuanyuan Wentian’s eyes instantly widened, exuding out a blazing and wild glow. “Then, all your luck will become the stepping stone for this sovereign to ascend to the other world!!”

“What a great shame. Even if I die, you shouldn’t even think about snatching even the slightest bit of what I have in my body.” Yun Che had an expression that looked as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Is that so…” Devil Wheel Blood Sacrifice, the forbidden technique of the devil way, which the devil sword had activated back then with Fen Juechen’s energy to devour himself whole, flashed in Xuanyuan Wentian’s mind. The corners of his mouth curved up little by little. Though activating it a second time in such a short time frame was a little straining, if he could obtain all of Yun Che’s powers… This madman would be willing to suffer even the largest of prices.

“Yun Che, you being able to reach such a level has indeed astonished this sovereign greatly. Not only did you succeed in making this sovereign lose control of his emotions, you have even made this sovereign feel fear in that short moment,” Xuanyuan Wentian blandly said as he slowly raised his hand which was tainted with black light. “However, it’s time for everything to end.”


Pitch-black lightning sparks flashed from bottom to top as if they were dark lightning bolts that came from purgatory. A large pitch-black sword was grasped in Xuanyuan Wentian’s hand and at the sword hilt, a pair of devil eyes was exuding out a terrifying black light.

In an instant, the dark aura on Xuanyuan Wentian’s body surged. The black light that was pitch-black in the first place, had turned even deeper. What was even more terrifying, was that the dark power on his body was quickly spreading at a horrifying rate. Under this dark might, the sky and earth quickly dimmed. The relentlessly tumbling ocean beneath, as if it was being pressed down by a mountain, turned incomparably still.

When this dark might surged to a certain extent, it instead weakened all of a sudden. However, the sense of pressure it was exuding on Yun Che did not weaken in the least but had instead, all of sudden, jolted his soul for a moment. Following after, under Xuanyuan Wentian’s aura, an intense sense of inferiority was quickly birthed within Yun Che and it was even increasing in intensity.

This is...

Xuanyuan Wentian’s profound aura… is undergoing a qualitative change!?

Under the indescribably enormous, terrifying might, several hundreds of kilometers of the ocean turned dead silent. The sky turned sinisterly dark and space itself was no longer trembling in the slightest, as if it had been sealed. Under the sky-enveloping might, countless profound practitioners in Supreme Ocean Palace subconsciously knelt down from immense fear, not daring to stand after a long while.

Under this might, it was as if they were facing the descent of a divine being.

“...” Yun Che’s body stiffened. He slightly gnashed his teeth and then took in a heavy breath. His chest, which had been stifled for a long while, finally heaved heavily for a moment and that overbearing suppressive feeling slightly lightened up as well.



The sky had completely darkened. In the region the two of them were at especially, it was no longer possible to see one’s fingers when stretched out. Even the ocean water had turned pitch-black in color. Bolts of dark profound lightning struck down, their battlefield looking as if it had turned into a dark purgatory.

“Do you see this? Do you feel it? This is this sovereign’s true power.”

With the devil sword in hand, with blood and soul interlinked, Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength had undergone far more than just an earthshaking change. In the Snow Region of Extreme Ice back then, Xuanyuan Wentian without his devil sword in hand was defeated by the Little Demon Empress but the moment he revealed his devil sword, he instantly made a comeback against the Little Demon Empress.

Now, the increase in Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength provided by the devil sword had grown even more evident.

“This is the power of the divine way, the power of the Divine Profound Realm. In the Profound Sky Continent, it was but a mere ancient legend. However, because of this sovereign, it has become a reality.”

Xuanyuan Wentian slowly raised the Eternal Night Devil Sword. Its blade sliced open a long, black trail… That spatial tear, however, did not scatter even after a long while.

“This might be a little bad…” Yun Che softly muttered to himself. He had really never expected that Xuanyuan Wentian’s strength to have actually risen to such an astonishing extent. Though his heart was clenching, he did not reveal the slightest bit of fluster on his face. Instead, he said with considerable scorn. “Divine Profound Realm? Heh, such a joke.”

“Mn? What do you mean?” Xuanyuan Wentian’s voice suddenly turned dark, as if he was furious at Yun Che for doubting his power.

“Though my power is still far from the Divine Profound Realm, my understanding of the Divine Profound Realm is much greater than yours. Because my master’s power, is the true power of the divine way!” Yun Che’s lips slowly curved into a sneer. “My master once said that, to truly step into the divine way, not only must there be a breakthrough in profound strength, one’s vitality, soul energy and spiritual sense must also reach a suitable realm before one can truly step into the Divine Profound Realm. And, the moment one enters the divine way, one’s entire being will be reborn, allowing one to sense a different world and its laws, allowing one to possess a soul that can exist on its own, along with possessing an extremely long lifespan.”

“As for you, though your profound strength has indeed reached the level at the Divine Profound Realm, unfortunately, your lifespan and soul energy…”

“Shut your mouth!!” Xuanyuan Wentian suddenly trembled, the dark light surrounding his body and the sword twisted intensely all of a sudden as well. “You actually dare… You actually dare to doubt this sovereign’s power of the divine way.”

“Oh—” Yun Che laughed. “Looking at how agitated you are, it seems you’re very aware of it too.”

“Though only possessing a thin amount of devil blood and a damaged devil soul, in order to pursue power, you forcefully guided out all of their energy in a short time. This is exactly the biggest taboo of the profound way… Oh no, rather, such a short-sighted action is a taboo of any plane,” Yun Che coldly said. “Though you now wield an extremely strong power that might compare to the Divine Profound Realm, this will be the peak of your power for your entire life. From today onwards, it will only weaken and it will no longer increase even the slightest bit. As for your lifespan, heheheh, most probably, you will only be able to live for up to a thousand years at most, which can’t even compare to an early stage Overlord.”

“You!!!” The dark light surrounding Xuanyuan Wentian’s body had turned completely chaotic and his entire body was even releasing an extremely intense air of hostility. Because Yun Che’s words had ruthlessly torn through the most painful place under his arrogant and proud outer appearance.

“Not to mention!” Yun Che’s words however did not stop there, as he shouted out even louder than before. “Your vitality and soul energy are even weakening instead of growing stronger and how can your spiritual sense possibly improve as well? Xue’er and I had previously concealed ourselves just ten kilometers away from the Sea God Arena, yet you did not manage to sense us even to the very end, how can you possibly sense the existence of another world… Heh, evidently, that is just a pitiful imagination you’re using to lie to yourself…”

“You!! This sovereign shall shred you into tens of thousands of pieces!!” Xuanyuan Wentian wildly roared as he pounced towards Yun Che while carrying a dark aura that could swirl up the entire sky and earth. The Eternal Night Devil Sword released a dim light that looked as if it had come from purgatory itself.

Yun Che’s eyes narrowed. He did not dare to take it head-on and had instead quickly dodged, retreating far away. While he was at it, he did not forget to stab another ruthless blow. “Not only did you not step into the Divine Profound Realm, you will definitely not be able to step into the true divine way your entire life!”