Chapter 967 - Risking Life, Jadefallen Ice Soul (1)

Chapter 967 - Risking Life, Jadefallen Ice Soul (1)

Mu Bingyun’s gaze turned around. Yun Che’s current appearance definitely didn’t look like the impulsive ravings of a hot-head. But no matter who spoke those words, they would all be too ridiculous. The fact that they came from someone who had yet to step into the divine way, someone who had yet to cultivate to the peak of the Sovereign Profound Realm… that made it an even greater gargantuan joke.

“Yun Che, that is not possible,” Mu Bingyun said faintly. “You are currently still in the middle stage of the Nine Mortal Realm’s Sovereign Profond Realm. Even though the strength you exhibit is barely able to defeat Ji Hanfeng, who was in the middle stage of the Divine Origin Realm, you still have yet to truly touch the divine way.

“The advancements in the Seven Divine Profound Realms far surpass those in the Nine Mortal Realms. After the Divine Origin Realm, every following level is much harder than that of the Sovereign Profound Realm. Even if your innate talent was higher, your comprehension stronger and luck greater, it would be impossible for you to cultivate to the Divine Tribulation Realm in two and a half years.”

“Hmph, forget about Sovereign Profound Realm to the Divine Tribulation Realm, in all of the Snow Song Realm’s several hundred thousand years of history, no one has ever used thirty months of time to break through from the first level of the Divine Origin Realm to the first level of the Divine Soul Realm.” Mu Xiaolan muttered in a small voice, “So stupid.”

Yun Che, “...”

Even though Yun Che had exchanged blows with power from the divine way, his profound strength level was still in the Sovereign Profound Realm. He didn’t know a single thing about cultivating in Divine Profound Realms. Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan’s replies were like a bucket of cold water after he had already been beaten, causing both his hands to tighten once more.

“It seems like the person you wish to see is incredibly important to you.” Seeing Yun Che’s silence and his somewhat chaotic aura, Mu Bingyun softly continued after seeing that he still had no intention of giving up his plans, “You also don’t need to be that discouraged. There are still thirty months. I will discuss this matter with the Great Realm King as soon as possible and perhaps…”

Mu Bingyun did not continue, because if she gave him hope now, when the time came, he would receive a greater disappointment. She was very clear in her heart that this was not just the restriction placed by the four great king realms but a restriction that came from the divine power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl… it was impossible that there was any way around it.

What she was pondering right now was what she should give Yun Che as compensation.

“Yun Che, calm down first. If you have any other decisions, you may tell me them another time.”

Mu Bingyun gently sighed, then left with Mu Xiaolan. Yun Che’s entire body was locked in place. Then, after a long while of trembling, he finally fell bottom first onto the ground.

Someone who was only at the middle stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm, who had yet to even touch the threshold of the divine way, who was completely ignorant of divine way cultivation, had actually yelled that he was going to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm of absolute geniuses in a short thirty months… When he thought about it, even he found it funny.

However, aside from this, what other choice did he have?

Going to the Eternal Heaven Realm was the only chance he had to see Jasmine.

The Golden Crow Soul had said before that if he didn’t see Jasmine within five years, he would never see her again. If he didn’t meet the qualifications to enter the Eternal Heaven Realm by that time, then it also meant that… he would never be able to see Jasmine in his entire life.

“Phew…” Yun Che held his hand to his chest and took several hundred deep breaths before finally being able to calm down.

“Jasmine…” He closed his eyes and muttered, “You never believed that I would not hesitate to do anything for you, so I went to pick that half of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower for you…

“And it will be the same this time.”

“If this is a test the heavens have given me, then… I will let the heavens and you clearly see how resolute I am in wanting to find you!!”


Within the burst of profound energy and the howling of sword wind, Yun Che tightly lifted the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. However, he did not swing it and just held it in place. No matter how unresigned he was to this, he was absolutely clear that even if he bitterly cultivated like this without rest for more than twenty hours every day, it was impossible for him to reach the Divine Tribulation Realm in thirty months.

This was a natural chasm even the God Realm viewed as impossible so there was no way an ordinary method would work.

Yun Che closed his eyes and then recalled his route of cultivation amidst the silence.

His starting point had been from the Heretic God’s Profound Veins he obtained from Jasmine.

His cultivation had also advanced under Jasmine’s guidance. However, his profound strength had not come from the stable advancement of doing his best to cultivate. Instead, it had come in great waves every time.

Back then, he had also possessed an unquenchable thirst for profound strength because of Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi. With that thirst in hand, he went to New Moon City and didn’t hesitate to provoke various great sects there. When he came to the Blue Wind Profound Palance, he immediately challenged the inner palace disciples on the heavenly ranking list… then after that, in order to make another great breakthrough, he headed for the Wasteland of Death.

Beneath the suppression of Heavenly Sword Villa, he forced himself to eat the flesh of a flame dragon, drink the blood of a flame dragon...

In the Primordial Profound Ark, there was that spatial storm that was even more frightening than nightmares.

In Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, he leapt into the Sea of Death while carrying the Little Demon Empress...

Before he came to the God Realm, he flew two more times. The first one came from Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix vital yin and the other time came from when darkness woke within him below Cloud’s End Cliff.

On his road of cultivation, it seemed as though there had never been tranquility or steady progress.

His luck was outrageous and Jasmine had repeatedly told this to him many times. However, what made him progress that fast was more due to various circumstances that were either critical, adverse, dangerous, desperate, deadly… Even he himself was unable to count how many times he had brushed shoulders with death.

Perhaps it could be said that everything he possessed was obtained with obsession and him risking his life.

“Thirty months… Divine Tribulation Realm… I have to think of a way… even if I have to use unscrupulous ways to do so!!”

A savage, evil energy brewed within both Yun Che’s eyes and soul. It wasn’t targeted at any enemy but himself.

“Eeeeeh? Master, what are you doing? Why does it seem like you’re really angry all of a sudden?”

It was rare that Hong’er was not asleep within the pearl of the sword hilt. She currently looked at him curiously, with wide, vermillion eyes. It was because Yun Che’s current appearance did indeed look somewhat frightening. He was baring his teeth like some fierce, man-eating beast.

“No matter how hard it is, I definitely… have to see Jasmine again.” Yun Che tightly gritted his teeth. “Hong’er you probably also miss your Big Sister Jasmine too.”

Jasmine is a goddess from the heavens, she’s even a supreme character within the God Realm. In her eyes, the Divine Tribulation Realm is like dust. If I can’t even pass through this threshold… what right do I have to appear in her life again?

“Oooh… I think I do maybe miss her a little.” Hong’er tilted her head with uncertainty.

“~!@#¥%……” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth twitched. Then, he took a deep breath and thought aloud, “The conditions to participate in the Profound God Convention having profound strength no weaker than the Divine Tribulation Realm while below the age of sixty. I have absolute confidence that I can reach the Divine Tribulation Realm before the age of sixty. However, at present… two and a half years… how exactly can I do this…”

“...Squishy? Master, why do you want to squishy yourself? Is it because you don’t feel well?” Hong’er gaped.

Yun Che went nuts. “It’s sixty! Not squishy! Sixty as in sixty years old!”

“Sixty years old, that’s so old! When Master turns sixty, will he become an old grandpa too?” Hong’er blinked and bit her finger somewhat anxiously.

“Of course not! Even when I turn six thousand years old, I’ll look the same.” Yun Che rolled his eyes as he thought to himself: This little girl who’s probably more than a million years old actually thinks that sixty is really old...

Speaking of which, with my current cultivation and special bloodline, my lifespan should exceed six thousand, right?

As he deeply pondered this with concentrated brows, Yun Che slowly put down the Heaven Smiting Sword. Then, he slowly picked up a sparkling bead that flickered with an odd blue light and seemed to have been made from congealed ice.

The Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet!!

This was the first time he had touched a pellet from the God Realm. Its aura couldn’t be compared with any pellet Yun Che had seen before. What he was even more uncertain about was its medicinal force. He only knew after hearing from the description of others that it could temper one’s body and could greatly raise his profound strength.

When it had been taken out, it caused great shock. Even Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng exhibited great longing for it, evident that its usefulness was no small matter—and this was cultivation in the divine way too.

If he used it on himself...

But Mu Bingyun had also specially warned him strictly that he wasn’t able to bear the medicinal power of the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet with his current cultivation so he absolutely should not consume it. Even if he reached the divine way in the future, she had to be there to assist him before he was allowed to consume it.

He had kept those words in his mind yesterday and possessed no thoughts of immediately consuming the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet.

But now...

“Phew…” Yun Che took a deep breath and pinched the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet even tighter.

My body was able to resist the attacks from Ji Hanfeng, an expert with the power of the divine way… so how can it not endure against a little pellet!?

Alongside a close to crazy notion and his reliance on the Dragon God physique, Yun Che finally gritted his teeth and tossed the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet into his mouth and instantly swallowed right after.


In an instant, an instant where he was completely unable to react, Yun Che’s body went cold and the sound of an extremely muffled buzzing sound echoed in his brain.

It was as though a glacier that had been sealed for ten million years had cracked open inside his body. Boundless cold energy gathered and then became countless ice-cold currents that burst outwards. Even the smallest current within them held frightening power that exceeded Yun Che’s expectations.

As though he had been pierced by thousands of arrows, Yun Che instantly kneeled on the ground. He didn’t fear any kind of frost aura but this was still medicine at the divine way level, one whose medicinal force was able to let those in the Divine Origin Realm substantially increase their strength.

Yun Che gritted his teeth as painful groans escaped his mouth. His body which had nearly gone out of control had twisted to the point where it looked as though he was sitting upright. His strong willpower did its best to change the circumstances as the profound energy in his body attempted to guide the frightening medicinal power that roamed in every direction.

I have to… endure it...

A layer of blue light now floated above Yun Che’s body. Even though this layer of blue light was cold, it was not docile. Instead, it moved like a violent flame.

It was not merely the surface of his body either. Every drop of blood, every meridian and every cell in his body were being flooded, infiltrated and bound by that blue light. If he wasn’t able to bear this excessively violent medicinal power, there was no doubt that his entire body might become crippled.

However, Yun Che actually did not try to lead or force the medicinal force outside his body. Instead, he used his profound energy to do his best to collect it all, drawing it to his profound veins and meridians. What he wanted was not just to endure it but absorb as much as possible to refine it!

The blue light became even stronger and more irritable; it was like a blue fire that had been caressed by a gale. The atmosphere in the cultivation room then changed. A light blue vacuum almost thirty meters wide had unwittingly appeared in Yun Che’s surroundings.

Even in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet was considered a high level pellet. Though it was very small, it was still made from the profound core of a high level ice beast using water from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. The medicinal force was supposed to be violent in the first place. Even an Ice Phoenix disciple in the Divine Soul Realm would find it difficult to refine alone. If one was in the Divine Origin Realm, they had to at least have an expert in the Divine Spirit Realm assisting them in the refining process. Refining it alone was no different from seeking death.

As for the Sovereign Profound Realm… that was precisely seeking death.

Furthermore, the pellet Yun Che obtained was one Mu Fengshu had specially set aside for Li Mingcheng. It had the strongest medicinal force out of all the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellets that Freezing Snow Hall gave out as rewards to the top rankers. The origin power contained in this profound core came from an ice beast in the middle stage of the Divine Soul Realm!

If the one who consumed this Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet was not Yun Che and was some other profound practitioner at his level, their profound veins would have exploded in a few breaths under the release of medicinal power. Their bodies would be destroyed both internally and externally, then become ice dust.

The Heretic God’s Profound Veins, the Dragon God’s physique and the protection of the Rage God’s power… all these were the reason why he dared to risk his life!!

Yun Che’s body occasionally swelled and contracted. Sweat poured from his body like a torrential rainfall before immediately turning to ice. Even his skin was gradually beginning to change to a deep blue color. Only his teeth incessantly chattering proved that his willpower had not been crushed during the entire process.