Chapter 956 - Starpicker Stone

Chapter 956 - Starpicker Stone

“Senior Sushan, you…” Mu Xiaolan was stunned all of a sudden.

Mu Sushan stepped forward and said respectfully, “Yun Che, no one has ever passed the Freezing Snow Hall’s examination without having profound strength at the divine way in the history of our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and your rank is even beyond everyone else! Even though there is no possibility for cheating in the Ice Profound Realm, not mentioning the people here, even if the Great Realm King came here personally, she would question the results. I am sure you know this clearly in your heart.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Thus, as the general manager of Freezing Snow Hall, I order you to prove that you didn’t cheat in the Ice Profound Realm examination. You cannot refuse this!” Mu Sushan’s brows lowered slightly, “Because this is no longer simply about the result of the examination. If you cannot provide proof, then not only will you lose your qualification of entering Freezing Snow Hall, you will also be punished severely!”

“Senior Sushan, you you you… how could you… ahhh!” Mu Xiaolan stomped her foot in panic.

Li Mingcheng started laughing triumphantly and his eyes were filled with pity when looking at Yun Che. Most of the other profound practitioners revealed gloating expressions as well. Because this time, it was the general manager who spoke up personally.

“Senior Sushan is the general manager of our Freezing Snow Hall. His position in Freezing Snow Hall is almost the same as the Main Hall Master. Each of Senior Sushan’s words weighs a ton. Our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is a divine holy ground, how can we allow a small fry like you to tarnish it!? Yun Che, what do you have to say for yourself this time?” Ji Hanfeng said in a harsh tone.

Yun Che looked at Mu Sushan carefully. He didn’t feel any trace of hostility towards him, instead, it was more like a deep curiosity and exploration.

“Alright, how can I prove myself?” Yun Che looked at Mu Sushan and asked helplessly.

“Naturally you will prove with your strength,” Mu Sushan said with a faint smile, “Li Mingcheng’s suggestion is very good. If you used your own strength to remain in the Ice Profound Realm for a long period of time, there is no reason for you to not be able to go head-to-head against Li Mingcheng. You will fight against Li Mingcheng and after five moves, the results will be clear. Li Mingcheng, you are the first one to accuse Yun Che for cheating, so I shall trouble you to take care of this matter.”

Hearing Mu Sushan’s “approval,” Li Mingcheng was a bit flattered all of a sudden and said immediately, “This disciple will definitely make an all-out effort. Senior Sushan can be assured of this.”

His expression became serious as he faced Yun Che and said tauntingly, “Here, Yun Che, use all of your power and let me witness the strength of the first place of the Ice Profound Realm’s examination! I will not take back what I said just now, only five moves. If you don’t fall within five moves, you win. If you didn’t cheat, it should be the easiest thing in the world with your strength which won against me in the examination.”

However, Yun Che ignored him and said while still looking at Mu Sushan, “Senior Sushan, your identity is unusual. In this place, I naturally do not have the power to resist your command and I indeed am not able to refute what Senior Sushan has said just now. But there is something I wish to address.”

“Oh?” Mu Sushan looked at his expression with some interest.

“Very simple,” Yun Che said indifferently, “If I go against Li Mingcheng and lose within five moves, not only will I lose my qualification to enter Freezing Snow Hall, I will also be ‘punished severely’ as you have said earlier. The consequences are so severe that it is terrifying to think about. But, if I win, that proves that I indeed did not cheat. Then, the accusation on me right now would be without reason and is an unfair treatment! If the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is this strict on seeking justice, then shouldn’t I receive some compensation!?”

“...” Mu Xiaolan was shocked, her eyes widened as she gaped.

“Hahahaha,” Ji Hanfeng laughed carefreely. “Yun Che, if you voluntarily admit it, Senior Sushan might even give you some leeway and lessen the severity of your punishment. But now, even when all is lost, you’re still aiming to shoot the moon. This is simply ridiculous. I am suddenly extremely curious how lowly of a lower realm your birthplace has to be to nurture a gargantuan joke like you.”

“...” Yun Che indifferently swept his gaze at Ji Hanfeng a second time. “Senior Brother Hanfeng, he’s obviously at his wits end and is struggling even though he has already been caught.” Li Mingcheng said with a sneer.

“Hohoho,” Mu Sushan laughed faintly, yet still nodded. “I have been in Freezing Snow Hall for several millennia but I have yet to see a disciple who dared to request ‘compensation,’ let alone someone who has yet to officially join the hall. However, your words have some reason to them. Alright then…”

Mu Sushan reached out his hand and a blue light flashed before him. Immediately afterwards, a meter square, stone that released the dreamy splendor of stars casually floated in the air above him.

Once this strange stone appeared, Mu Xiaolan shrieked out almost instantly, “S-Starpicker Stone!!”

“S-s-s-s-s… Starpicker Stone!!” Ji Hanfeng’s reaction was even more extreme than Mu Xiaolan’s. He raised his head to look at the dreamy starlight and was so startled that his chin almost smashed to the floor.

Upon hearing the name “Starpicker Stone,” Li Mingcheng’s entire body trembled. His mouth gaped open and his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. Half of the other profound practitioners had blank expressions but the other half that knew of the “Starpicker Stone” were all stupefied and weren’t able to breathe.

Starpicker Stone? What the heck was that?

This was Yun Che’s first time hearing and seeing this kind of stone. However, the strange radiance it released was proof that it definitely was not an ordinary object. Judging from everyone’s reactions, this stone was evidently more precious than the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet.

“Right, this is precisely a Starpicker Stone.” Mu Sushan continued with a smile, “This Starpicker Stone is found far above the skies, created after being bathed in starlight for at least three thousand years, something that can only be met but not sought. Its strength and level of rarity is far beyond that of the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet. Forget about Freezing Snow Hall, even if it was an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple, not many would receive such a reward. Now, if you are able to stand victorious under five moves from Li Mingcheng and prove that you did not cheat in any way, you will obtain not only the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet but this Starpicker Stone as well. Does this satisfy you?”

“Ah? Senior Sushan, t-this…” Ji Hanfeng’s brain was temporarily in disorder due to his shock but he immediately recovered. Yun Che’s victory was simply nonexistent. With profound strength at the fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, it was utterly impossible for him to get through just one of Li Mingcheng’s exchanges. In other words, this reward, that even Ice Phoenix disciples would drool over, was basically a feint purely used to silence Yun Che.

Once this idea surfaced in his head, Ji Hanfeng quickly corrected himself, “Senior Sushan is truly adept at handling rewards and punishments. Yun Che, a stone like the Starpicker Stone is one that even I have not touched in all my years in Freezing Snow Hall. Senior Sushan has given you huge face this time. Do you have anything else to say?”

Li Mingcheng’s breathing had become more rapid and only after a long while did he shift his gaze away from the Starpicker Stone. He thought to himself in his mind, “Not only is this Freezing Snow Hall general manager easy to talk with, his actions are so generous as well. It seems like I must curry favor with this one after entering Freezing Snow Hall…”

“Alright,” Yun Che nodded, then turned around to face Li Mingcheng. “You may begin.”

There was no meaning in staying his hand now that it had come to this point.

“Yun Che, you…”

“Xiaolan, come over here,” Mu Xiaolan still wanted to say something to Yun Che but she was interrupted by Mu Sushan. She obediently stepped back and stood next to Mu Sushan.

She was already greatly regretting bringing Yun Che from the Profound Sky Continent.

Sigh and he just had to also be Master’s savior.

What should I do…

Freezing Snow Hall’s examination had already reached its end and the other groups of examinees were also mostly done. More and more people were being lured in by the activity and came circling over. Included among them were recently passed profound practitioners and the Freezing Snow Hall disciples that supervised and maintained order amongst the examinees.

“Hey! I’ll say this first, you two are just exchanging pointers. You can’t… definitely can’t injure each other!” Mu Xiaolan said in a loud voice. Since the situation could no longer be avoided, the only thing she could do was try to prevent an accident from happening to Yun Che. After all, in front of a power at the divine way, the middle stage of the Sovereign Profound Realm… was just too weak. If Li Mingcheng put a little more strength in his moves, Yun Che would definitely get injured.

“Since they’re exchanging blows, it must be at full power, so how could they not get injured?” Ji Hanfeng said solemnly. “However, Senior Sister Xiaolan has reminded me of something. Li Mingcheng, Yun Che, this is Freezing Snow Hall. When you two exchange blows, even if you gain the advantage, you mustn’t lose all proprietary and deal a killing blow. Otherwise, the repercussions are inexcusable! Getting injured however, is unavoidable. No matter the outcome, no matter how great of an injury either of you suffer, the other party cannot argue against it. Otherwise, I’m afraid everyone would look down on you.”

Yun Che was still someone Mu Xiaolan had brought over. Even though he definitely did not believe that Yun Che was that important to Mu Bingyun, he wasn’t brave enough to let Yun Che die.

And from the meaning in his words, as long as Yun Che did not die, suffering any kind of injury would not be a problem at all.

Li Mingcheng instantly understood as the corner of his mouth hooked up.

“You… Ji Hanfeng, you’re doing this on purpose!” Mu Xiaolan angrily stated.

“Alright,” Mu Sushan actually reached out a hand to block Mu Xiaolan. “What Ji Hanfeng said isn’t wrong. It is hard to prevent injuries from happening in an exchange of blows. If injuries cannot be made, then the exchange would be meaningless. You may begin.”

Mu Sushan’s words seemed to manifest his disapproval of Yun Che, causing the smile on Li Mingcheng’s face to become even more willful. He casually stood in front of Yun Che. “Yun Che, don’t be nervous. Don’t worry, I will be lenient enough on you. Take out your weapon. Oh, it’s best if you reveal the profound artifact that you used to cheat through the Ice Profound Realm. It must be powerful. Take it out, let me experience it.”

The surroundings immediately filled with the roars of laughter.

“No need,” Yun Che stood still, not a tinge of nervousness in any part of his body.

“You don’t even want to use a weapon? Oh that’s right, the outcome will be the same anyways.” Li Mingcheng laughed. He pressed his right hand behind him and stretched out his left to Yun Che. “Come, you go first then. I’ve given you enough time to store up energy so you’d better not disappoint me.”

“Heh.” Yun Che chuckled and then immediately put both his hands behind him. “Since you are the challenger, you should be the one going first.”

“Pfft…” The roars of laughter in the surroundings immediately erupted.

“...” Mu Xiaolan used her hands to hold her face.

However, Mu Sushan, who stood beside her, firmly locked his deep gaze on Yun Che without shifting it in the slightest.

Yun Che’s profound strength aura was only at the fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm; he had repeatedly confirmed this so it definitely couldn’t be wrong. Yun Che also definitely was not able to conceal his profound strength before him, even with the help of a profound artifact.

However, whether it be his expression or his aura, they both revealed an experience that seemed to have undergone a hundred lifetimes of change. His confidence and serenity also seemed to have gone through a myriad life and death situations. All this could not be faked.

This youth...

“Heh… heh heh…” Li Mingcheng instantly erupted in laughter. “I’m afraid it’ll be hard to find someone like you once every ten thousand years. This has completely widened my eyes. Alright, alright, then I’ll go along with your suggestion.”

While smiling darkly, Li Mingcheng suddenly jumped and his left hand casually lowered, as though it was aiming at Yun Che’s chest. The instant he acted, an ice-cold frost energy instantly gathered in the space around Yun Che, freezing everything in an ice seal.

When he offered “five moves,” he originally wanted to play with him for a while but he was unable to tolerate Yun Che’s “pretending to be strong” attitude. Since more and more spectators were also gathering, this was just the chance for him to display his strength before the new disciples.