Chapter 954 - It’s Hard to Die

Chapter 954 - It’s Hard to Die

In the Ice Profound Realm, Yun Che was still in a harsh battle against the Winterfrost Direwolf without knowing that the examination was already approaching the end.

After fighting eleven waves of Winterfrost Direwolves, Yun Che was already covered in wounds and blood but the overflowing aura in his body didn’t seem to decrease at all. It was even more berserk than before. Even his eyes revealed a light that was even more violent than the Winterfrost Direwolves.

“Die… Red Purgatory Lotus!!”


The Golden Crow flames exploded crazily in the narrow space and the Winterfrost Direwolves that were charging towards him all shrieked and was swallowed by the exploding fire lotus; a large half of them directly burnt into pieces.


In the sea of fire that spread out, a dangerous aura suddenly approached and an undead Winterfrost Direwolf jumped out from the sea of fire with flames all over his body. The wolf claws that were tainted with blood clawed towards Yun Che with a terrifying power and hatred.


The afterimage was ripped apart in an instant. Yun Che reached out his palms after teleporting and condensed the air into ice. An ice cone almost two meters long merciless stabbed directly through the flame covered body of an Winterfrost Direwolf.

The Winterfrost Direwolf was already severely wounded from the burning and upon being stabbed through by the ice cone, it shrieked and disappeared in a light before it even landed on the ground.

At this point, the eleventh wave, an entire group of eleven Winterfrost Direwolves was killed by Yun Che.


Yun Che took a deep, long breath. There were wounds on his body everywhere but if one looked closely, one would notice that even though these wounds looked frightening, none of them were deep enough to reach bone.

His energy consumption was extremely small because he hadn’tused the Heaven Smiting Sword. Up to now, he was only slightly short of breath.

“Roughly fifteen minutes should’ve passed by now,” Yun Che said to himself. While he was fighting against the Winterfrost Direwolves, he had also been estimating the time in his mind because Mu Sushan told him that fifteen minutes was roughly the time he had to stay alive for him to barely make it through the final examination.

“But…” Yun Che knitted his brows and mumbled, “Was that person called Mu Sushan trying to trick me? Lasting for fifteen minutes seems a bit too easy. This kind of challenge shouldn’t be too hard for those one thousand strong divine way practitioners who made their way through the Snowstorm Realm. It shouldn’t be too difficult to last fifteen minutes even for the weakest person, right?”

Aside from the pressure Yun Che felt when he first faced the Winterfrost Direwolves, after he observed the way they attacked and their weaknesses, the ten waves that followed were all relatively easy for him and didn’t consume much of his energy… And he completely believed that if he used the Heaven Smiting Sword, not to mention getting wounded, even if the Winterfrost Direwolves all attacked him at once, they wouldn’t be able to get within ten steps of him.

The people taking this final examination with him all had the power of the divine way. Facing those Winterfrost Direwolves that had great strength and speed but had relatively fragile bodies, even if they faced multiple direwolves at the same time, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Just to be safe, should I…

Just as Yun Che was thinking and hesitating, a blue light flashed around him… the twelfth wave of Winterfrost Direwolves appeared in the blue light.

The twelve of them appeared at the same time at the twelfth wave!

Twelve violent auras instantly locked onto Yun Che but he still didn’t react immediately, because he was still hesitating on whether to end it now or continue a wave or two more… In the end, he chose the latter.

That Mu Sushan was someone who seemed to have integrity and dignity and we are strangers, so there was no reason to lie to me intentionally. The reason I am able to handle this with ease is probably connected to my tolerance to cold and my Star God’s Broken Shadow. It is also possible that I still underestimated my current level of strength.

Thinking of this, Yun Che stood still without moving and let the twelve Winterfrost Direwolves charge towards him.

Aoooo!! Sss… hah!! Bang…

The twelve Winterfrost Direwolves all attacked crazily and an incredibly horrifying disastrous wind storm appeared in the space of the Ice Profound Realm. Several bloody wounds and dozens of claw marks appeared instantly on Yun Che’s body.

But, that was all.

If it was some other profound practitioners, they would’ve been directly torn apart, frozen or turned into bloody pieces under this type of condition.

Yun Che’s body was extremely tough with the existence of the Dragon God marrow. Even in his sleep, his Dragon God’s bloodline was becoming thicker by the second. As of now, not even he knew how strong his Dragon God’s bloodline had become.

Back then when he was battling fiercely with Xuanyuan Wentian, he was able to take Xuanyuan Wentian’s strongest “Absolute Sword of No Return” directly without getting pierced through while his body was under restraint, not to mention the attack of these Winterfrost Direwolves!

The twelve Winterfrost Direwolves clawed and bit him, wounded everywhere on his body but it wasn’t enough to kill Yun Che. Instead, it made him grit his teeth in pain and roar, “You all should just go die!!”

“Yellow Springs Ashes!!”


In a howl, the most extreme Golden Crow flames exploded mercilessly and instantly turned the freezing cold Ice Profound Realm into a golden burning hell of flames. In the horrifying destructive flames, the Winterfrost Direwolves had nowhere to escape didn’t even have a chance to howl and they were all burned to ashes.

After the flames dispersed, the Ice Profound Realm was no longer freezing. Instead, every corner was scorching with a terrifying heat. As for the Winterfrost Direwolves, all of them disappeared without a trace; not even a hair was left.

“That should be it. Sss… took all of this for nothing,” Looking at his bloody arms, Yun Che gritted his teeth in pain. Then he lifted his head and yelled, “I give up.”

Ji Hanfeng said that if one didn’t dare to face death during the examination, one could yell out “I give up” to end the examination directly.

Except he didn’t do it because he was afraid of death.

A white light fell from the void sky and cast on him as he said those words. As the white light flickered, he disappeared from the Ice Profound Realm and the Ice Profound Realm that he was just in collapsed, vanishing into nothingness.

The Ice Profound Realm was not an independent space built by the Freezing Snow Hall, it was only a temporary space created by the power of the profound formation one by one.


A light flashed from the examination profound examination with everyone waiting and a silhouette finally flew out and landed on the ground in a white light.

“It’s Li Mingcheng… Li Mingcheng finally came out!!”

“Impressive… Li Mingcheng is indeed impressive. He actually stayed alive for a hundred breaths of time longer than the second place, so… so amazing.”

“That is of course! He grew up in the Ice Phoenix Realm and he is the nephew of the Main Hall Master of Freezing Snow Hall. We cannot compare to him at all.”

“If we were in another group, we could probably still try to compete for the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet but we were in the same group as Li Mingcheng… that’s so unlucky,” One of the profound practitioners who ranked at the top of the list sighed and said.

The white light on Li Mingcheng disappeared, he was sitting on the ground with his face pale while catching big breaths. It was very normal after experiencing being sieged by the Winterfrost Direwolves but he recovered and stood back up very quickly. At this moment, Ji Hanfeng walked towards him while laughing loudly, “Hahahaha, Junior Brother Mingcheng, you are indeed the one who was given high expectations by the Main Hall Master. You actually remained in the Ice Profound Realm for such a long period of time, that is very impressive.”

Ji Hanfeng’s voice close to Li Mingcheng’s ears quickly turned his face red. The envy, admiration, amazement, and shame around him made him feel like he was floating. He promptly answered in a “humble” tone, “Not at all, compared to Senior Brother, I am still miles behind.”

“Junior Brother Mingcheng, I cannot live up to those words,” Ji Hanfeng smiled and said, “I only made it past the eighth wave of Winterfrost Direwolves in the Ice Profound Realm back then and I already thought that was impressive. Based on Junior Brother’s time, you should have made it past at least ten waves. I am far from having your qualifications. From this, within ten years, Junior Brother Mingcheng’s cultivation will surpass mine. When the time comes, I will have to rely on Junior Brother Mingcheng in Freezing Snow Hall.”

Before this, Ji Hanfeng was just discreetly fawning over him. But now that he witnessed how shockingly well Li Mingcheng did, he was already praising him in front of everyone without hiding it. Even though Li Mingcheng was still not strong enough compared to him, with his qualification and identity, he would definitely be an enormous tree in the Freezing Snow Hall. As a intelligent person, of course Ji Hanfeng would choose to pick the most suitable moment to grab on tight.

“Ahhaha, what is Senior Brother Hanfeng talking about, you are flattering me,” Li Mingcheng acted as if he was afraid but he couldn’t hide the pride and arrogance that were deep within his eyes. He then couldn’t wait and said softly, “Senior Brother Hanfeng, the Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet…”

“Hehe, is there someone else who could have taken it?” Ji Hanfeng shot him a look in response and then turned around to sweep his eyes across the profound practitioners that passed the final examination, already standing in a tidy formation. He said loudly announced, “Very good, the examinations for our group are all completed at this point. First let’s congratulate all the junior brothers and sisters. After going through three rounds of examination, you have all qualified to become disciples of Freezing Snow Hall. After receiving the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade that will belong to you later, you will all officially be our Freezing Snow Hall’s disciples. I wish you all to achieve great things from now on, make our ancestors proud!”

“And, as the first place of the examination this time, as well as the most talented new disciple among our group,” Ji Hanfeng raised his palms and slowly picked up the “Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet.” Everyone’s eyes were attracted beneath the dreamy blue light and stuck on it like a magnet. All of their eyes revealed a deep desire and envy, especially Li Mingcheng; his limbs shook and his eyes brightened up in excitement. He was itching to go up there and hold the sacred pill to his chest immediately.

Ji Hanfeng’s eyes focused on Li Mingcheng at this moment, “This Jadefallen Ice Soul Pellet naturally belongs to…”


Before Ji Hanfeng finished speaking, he was interrupted by a calm voice. Ji Hanfeng’s face darkened immediately but he immediately realized that the voice that interrupted him came from Mu Sushan who had been observing at the side this whole time. His face calmed down right away as he turned around and lowered his head. He said respectfully, “General Manager Sushan, is there something that you would like to… enlighten this disciple on?”

Mu Sushan reached out his hand and pointed at the examination’s profound formation, “Did you not notice that the profound light from the profound formation has yet to disappear?”

Ji Hanfeng looked at the examination profound formation with confusion. He was slightly stunned and then he suddenly reacted. The expression in his face changed abruptly as he stuttered, “What… what is going on?”

All of the profound practitioners were all still looking at the profound formation which had bright white light shooting toward the sky with confusion. Li Mingcheng was also stunned in place.

“Ji Hanfeng, this is not the first time you’ve hosted an examination. You should know very well that this profound formation exists for the examination. After the examination is completed, the profound light will naturally disappear. However, it is still here operating, proving that the examination has not truly ended. There is still one more examinee in the Ice Profound Realm.”

“This disciple of course understand this. But… but this shouldn’t have happened. This disciple has counted already, those nine hundred people who were eliminated had already all left. After Li Mingcheng completed the examination, all of the ninety-nine people who passed the examination are all here. Not one more and not one less. And with Yun Che, who escaped before the examination even started…”

Ji Hanfeng suddenly choked on his words and his pupils expanded slightly, “Could it be…”