Chapter 945 - Snow Song Realm

Chapter 945 - Snow Song Realm

The air was completely drained, the surroundings seemed to have disappeared into nothing. A sudden flow of light made Yun Che close his eyes. When he slowly opened his eyes, a world that he couldn’t understand was before his eyes, sometimes dark and sometimes colorful.

His own body was traveling through this world at an extremely fast speed.

“This is a crack in the dimension, you could understand it as the dimensional tunnel.”

He heard Mu Bingyun’s voice near his ears. The three of them stood together, surrounding them was an ice-blue barrier in the shape of a ball and the pattern of the profound formation was flashing brightly on the outside of the barrier.

“We are now traveling through space. This must be your first time. There are a lot more things in the future that will surprise you, hmph,” Mu Xiaolan said rather proudly.

Dimensional travel… dimensional tunnel… dimensional crack?

Yun Che looked at the world around him. A few breaths later, his eyes were blinded by the white flowing light. He quickly shut his eyes and couldn’t reopen them until a while later. He asked confusedly, “We are traveling through dimensions but how is it that we can still hear sound? Also, I don’t seem to feel anything too different.”

“Because there is an isolation barrier,” Mu Bingyun explained. “There is no danger in traveling through dimensions for a short amount of time but traveling through a long distance for a long time could very likely form a dangerous dimensional storm. Even though the dimensional stone we are using is classified as an extremely rare dimensional profound stone, its powers are still limited and cannot be compared with those dimensional profound formations that are powered by a large amount of energy. Because of this, even though it can be carried around, it travels slower and is easier to be tracked. To travel a distance between the Profound Sky Continent and the Snow Song Realm, we must use this barrier that can isolate the dimensional storm.”

“However, upon reaching the Divine Sovereign Realm, one does not need to rely on any outside source to move within the dimension crack. We can live within it for a long time and we will not need to fear a dimensional storm at all.”

Divine Sovereign Realm… Yun Che exclaimed in his heart. He knew about the existence of the Seven Divine Profound Realms from Mu Bingyun and was well aware of how strong the Divine Sovereign Realm was. But this was too distant and ethereal to him. This realm of the divine way was an extravagant hope that he couldn’t begin to wish for.

“Fairy Mu, if I want to return to the Profound Sky Continent someday, could I also use the help of this kind of dimensional stone?” Yun Che asked.

“Hmph, don’t even think about it!” Before Mu Bingyun could respond, Mu Xiaolan had already rolled her eyes at him, “This is a dimensional stone you’re talking about! Anything that has to do with the dimension, even in the God Realm, are all super super precious! Even someone as noble as master could only get one piece of dimensional stone once every one hundred years.”

After she finished speaking, she muttered carefully, “The dimensional stones that Master has saved during her life were almost all used to travel back and forth from the Profound Sky Continent.”

Yun Che, “...”

“You don’t have to worry.” Mu Bingyun said gently, “After you have fulfilled your wish or whenever you want to return, I will have a way to let you return to the Profound Sky Continent. However, I am probably not going to the Blue Pole Star again in my lifetime, so it will be impossible for me to bring you to the God Realm a second time. You must think carefully about when you’re going to return.”

“Mn,” Yun Che nodded, “Thank you Fairy Mu.”

Mu Xiaolan curled her lips slightly and muttered to herself, “Master is way too gentle, she is even this nice to this big bad guy…”

After about fifteen minutes, Mu Bingyun said in a calm voice, “We’re here.”

As soon as Mu Bingyun finished speaking, the world before Yun Che’s eyes instantly changed. It became an endless whiteness with bone chilling wind blowing in his face.

At this moment, they were millions of miles high up in the sky. Looking downwards, an enormous snowy world was below them. Icy mist filled the air and glaciers covered the ground. Every corner of this world seemed to be covered with a thick layer of ice or snow.

The Snow Song Realm, a star realm that had been covered by ice and snow since ancient times.

The first breath that Yun Che took in this world stunned him. The air here was icy cold but it was so unbelievably pure. The breaths that he took actually made his five senses feel clearer.

Even though he was already mentally prepared, the elemental aura in the air and in the entire dimension was still so strong that it shocked him. This was not simply just a few times stronger than the Blue Pole Star, it was at least a few dozen stronger… or even more.

In this world, the power of the Rage God in his body circulated at an increasing speed. The speed in which the energy of heaven and earth flowed into his body was also multiplied by several times. In this kind of environment, there was no question that Yun Che’s profound strength and the speed of his recovery would all increase greatly.

“This is the God Realm?” Yun Che couldn’t help but mumble softly. The creatures here were actually all surviving and cultivating in this kind of environment. Compared to the thickness and purity of the aura here, the aura in Blue Pole Star was almost as turbid and dirty as swamp mud.

Mu Bingyun wasn’t surprised at all by Yun Che’s shock. She spoke calmly, “The level of aura and law in the God Realm cannot be compared with the Blue Pole Star that you lived in. This is the first time you have been here, you will be uncomfortable for a very long time because of the aura here. Dizziness, weakness, and difficulty breathing will be pretty common. You will be able to get completely used to it in about a month. After that, you will discover that the cultivation speed in this world is far superior that the world that you were at.”

“Uncomfortable?” Yun Che stared blankly, “Not at all, I actually feel incredibly comfortable.”

“Oh?” Mu Bingyun looked at Yun Che and noticed that the color of his face was normal. Not only were his eyes not cloudy, they were very clear and the rate of his breathing was very stable. She was a little surprised but she did not take it to heart. She nodded and said, “Maybe it’s because we just arrived, there hasn’t been time for you to develop discomfort. If you feel something unusual later on, there’s no need to be concerned. I will take you back to the Ice Phoenix Realm now.”

Ice Phoenix Realm?

Mu Bingyun reached out and pointed with her hand lightly. A light flashed by and a very thin ice crystal in a standard diamond-square shape about seven meters long appeared ahead of them. As soon as it appeared, it instantly derived a few dozen glittering ice spirits in flowing lights, flickering and dancing while surrounding the ice crystal.

“What’s this?” Yun Che asked in surprise.

“Country bumpkin, just follow us. Stop asking here and there, so annoying.” Mu Xiaolan pushed Yun Che right onto the icicle impatiently with her palms, then she twisted her slim waist and landed on its surface herself as well before turning her back to him.

Yun Che gritted his teeth, watching the petite view of her back… This little girl, a perfect man like myself, she actually can’t stand a single thing I do… could she be a lesbian?

Forget it, you can stay proud for now. When I know my way around here, I must touch your butt three times a day!!

“Let’s go.”

Mu Bingyun said something softly. At that instant, the icicle ripped open space and took the three of them flying toward the white, endless world.

Snow mountains, ice rivers, glaciers… This was totally a world of snow and the ice element was also the dominant force in this world.

The plane here was extremely high and the incredibly thick aura had not yet caused Yun Che the discomfort that Mu Bingyun had mentioned. Instead, he felt more and more comfortable, as if he was in a dreamy fairytale land. As he bathed in the aura of the God Realm, his eyes looked down at the divine region beneath him as his heart surged in billows.

I am finally in this world from the legends… I was already unparalleled in the Blue Pole Star but in this world, I should only be a rather tiny existence.

What’s waiting in front of me… could I really see Jasmine again…

The Golden Crow Soul said if I don’t see her within five years, I will never be able to see her again in my life, why is that…

Yun Che’s hands slowly clenched into fists. Even though the reason he came to the God Realm was absolutely not to chase after power from a higher plane, he was well aware that no matter what plane in was in, the most important thing to have in order to achieve one’s goal more easily was eternally sufficient strength.

In the God Realm, the lifespans of those top strong practitioners were all incredibly long. Their extreme strength was very often accompanied by tens of thousands of years or even a million years of cultivation.

Five years… it was truly far too short a time in this world. To those strong practitioners, it was merely “an instance of a fingersnap,” but he only had such a short amount of time. Even so, before the “Profound God Convention” that Mu Bingyun had mentioned before, the main mission for him in the Snow Song Realm was to do his best to increase his own strength. Because the more power he had, the more hope he would have to see Jasmine.

He also had to keep the three promises he made to the Little Demon Empress while trying to raise his powers at the same time. Don’t seek trouble, don’t get into trouble, don’t cause trouble… In short, the only thing he needed to do in the Snow Song Realm was to devote himself to cultivation.

Yun Che decided like this.

“Fairy Mu, I have a question that I want to ask you,” Yun Che said. “You mentioned before, in order to cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, you need the blood or soul of the Ice Phoenix. Then, does that mean once someone become a disciple of the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, they will be able to receive the blood or soul of the Ice Phoenix? Wouldn’t there be a risk of the bloodline or arts being leaked?”

The Divine Phoenix Sect that inherited the Phoenix bloodline was a sect purely within its family and they were extremely harsh on controlling its bloodline… It was also this reason that contributed to several grudges between him and Divine Phoenix Sect.

Even though they existed in different planes, their natures should be similar. But hearing Mu Bingyun’s description earlier, the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect in the Snow Song Realm didn’t seem to be like that.

“This is not something that can be described in merely a sentence or two.” Mu Bingyun gave Yun Che an answer that slightly surprised him. Mu Bingyun hesitated a little bit and still decided to explain it to him. “A long time ago, the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was a force where half of it was family. Even though they also took disciples from the outside, there were very few of them. It was controlled very harshly and they basically only took in female disciples. But, because the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon was a divine art of the ice element, on top of the environment of the Snow Song Realm, it was extremely difficult for males who cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon to conceive and females to become pregnant.”

Yun Che, “...”

“Reproduction was always the weakest spot of the Snow Song Realm. It is even more so in Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. The most direct consequence is the rapid decrease every generation in the numbers of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect’s disciples.”

“The Divine Ice Phoenix Sect holds a very high position in the Snow Song Realm, so high that it is indispensable. In other star realms, great forces usually stand in great numbers. Several or even sometimes dozens of sects would rule and lead a star realm altogether. But the Snow Song Realm is ruled by only our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and there is no one who can match us. If Divine Ice Phoenix Sect decays just like this, then the position of the Snow Song Realm in the God Realm will also decrease rapidly. Perhaps one day, it would become a lower star realm.”

“Because of this, Divine Ice Phoenix Sect was forced to loosen their sect rules and absorb a large number of gifted disciples. Later on, even those from the lower realms, if they are qualified and pass the examinations, can also join the sect.”

“Then… what about bloodline?” Yun Che asked in curiosity.

“Not everyone who enters the sect can receive the Ice Phoenix bloodline,” Mu Bingyun said. “Such as the disciples of Snowfall Palace. They can only cultivate the other ice element profound arts of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, they are not qualified to touch the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon. It is the same even if you enter Freezing Snow Hall. It’s just that the ice profound arts they can choose are higher in level.”

“And if one can enter Ice Phoenix Palace, they can receive a drop of Ice Phoenix’s blood that is diluted ten thousand times, allowing them to officially cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon. However, with such a thin Ice Phoenix bloodline, it is bound to not be able to pass on to the next generation, so there is no need to worry about the divine blood leaking to outsiders.”

Diluted… ten thousand times…

The corner of Yun Che’s mouth was twitching like crazy… This was too stingy!!

And this was the treatment for high level disciples!!

“If one can enter Divine Ice Phoenix Hall, they can then receive a drop of the Ice Phoenix’s blood that is diluted a thousand times. If they can receive the appreciation of an elder, they might even be bestowed with blood essence that can thicken their divine blood even more.” Mu Bingyun closed her eyes and said, “What I have bestowed on the six people from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was a drop of my blood essence. Not only can it help them cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, it is… enough for them to pass it down five or so generations.”

“...” Yun Che’s lips opened a little. Mu Bingyun indeed had an unusual relationship with Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Perhaps, the great gift she had given was related to her regaining her life because of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

“And if one could become the direct disciple of the Realm King, then they could receive a whole drop of the Ice Phoenix’s origin blood. This is probably the thing that all profound practitioners in the Snow Song Realm desperately desire,” Mu Bingyun said softly.

“...” Yun Che’s eyes stared straight ahead and he couldn’t say anything for a long time.

“Ah,” Mu Bingyun sighed softly. “The divine blood of the ice phoenix is extremely precious and it cannot regenerate. Using a drop means one less drop of blood, so most of the bloodline given to the disciples of Ice Phoenix Palace are not origin blood. Instead they choose the blood essence from a direct inheritor and dilute it. Unless there is someone extremely gifted and talented, then they will be given a whole drop of origin blood and be taught directly by the Realm King…”

“This was also the most helpless thing of my Divine Ice Phoenix Sect. The divine power of divine bloodline of the other forces can be inherited by generations through reproduction and expand their forces. Even if they don’t accept disciples from the outside, they would still be stronger generation after generation. As for our Ice Phoenix clan, the higher we cultivate the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon, the harder it is for us to reproduce. If we only relied on passing down our bloodline, the sect would only be weaker generation after generation. Because of this, we need to rely on accepting a large number of disciples from other clans to continue our prosperity. However, the amount of Ice Phoenix blood is already extremely scarce, there will come a time when it finally runs out. The future of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect… is indeed very worrying.”

After speaking, Mu Bingyun sighed once again. The reason she explained was because she thought Yun Che was surprised by the strange “system” of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect but she completely misunderstood. The reason Yun Che was shocked was that Divine Ice Phoenix Sect… was the number one most stingy sect of this Snow Song Realm!!

High ranking disciples could only receive one ten thousandth of a drop of Ice Phoenix blood… and it could very possibly just be the diluted blood essence of some inheritor.

Core disciples only had one thousandth of a drop of Ice Phoenix blood.

Even though there was an average of only one direct disciple for the Realm King once every thousand years, they were still only given a drop of Ice Phoenix origin blood!?

Within his body, was a total of three drops of the Phoenix blood, six drops of the Dragon God blood, nine drops of the Golden Crow blood… and they were all origin blood!!

He also possessed the Dragon God Marrow and could endlessly produce more of his own Dragon God blood! He would probably be surprised by the degree of thickness his own Dragon God bloodline was right now.

This was the Snow Song Realm, a plane that was a lot higher than the world that he had previously been in… It was actually this miserable here!?

After that, he thought about it harder and then started to understand. The inheritance of the gods in the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm was discovered not that long ago and very few could receive the bestowment… Especially the inheritance of the Dragon God, he was the only one who had passed the trial, so he was naturallyable to directly receive the origin blood.

The only exception was Divine Phoenix Sect. With only five thousand years of history, there was no more origin blood within the Divine Phoenix Sect… Because the last few dozen drops of Phoenix blood were all given to Feng Xue’er.

And in the God Realm, with a million years of history… it was already rare that they could still have some origin blood left. But speaking of which, if it wasn’t for the reproduction limitation the Ice Phoenix clan possessed, they wouldn’t need to forcefully save up some of their origin blood.