Chapter 924 - Confusion

Chapter 924 - Confusion

The death of these people also meant that all the core strength of Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region were completely destroyed. From now on, Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region would continue to exist but they would not be able to recover their name of Sacred Grounds.

Yun Che turned around. When he gazed towards members of Supreme Ocean Palace and Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, all their pupils shrank as they unconsciously stepped back.

“Starting from tomorrow, go and take in the remainder of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall under you. If they resist or if they can not be controlled, just kill them directly. All of their experts have already died here. The rest should be extremely easy for you all to take care of,” Yun Che said with a very indifferent tone.

“As for the resources from Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall, deliver half to Demon Imperial City and split the other half among yourselves.”

Seeing Yun Che didn’t have any intention of killing them, they were already relieved. But after suddenly hearing that they could take half of the resources of two Sacred Grounds, all of them were overjoyed. Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region were both Sacred Grounds with ten thousand years of strength, just like them. There was no question that ten thousand years of accumulation would lead to enormous resources and insider information. To receive half of it between their two Sacred Grounds was a great fortune for them. There was no reason for them not to try their hardest.

With a “bang,” Yun Che threw Ye Xuange, who had gone limp from being scared next to Xia Yuanba’s feet and then said a few words in a low voice to Xia Yuanba. Xia Yuanba’s eyes brightened, then he nodded slightly. He carried Ye Xuange firmly with palms twice the size of Yun Che’s… even until now, Ye Xuange still didn’t understand why Yun Che would give him such “special treatment.”

Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace quickly left the Illusory Demon Realm with Xia Yuanba and Zi Ji leading them. Yun Che accompanied the Little Demon Empress in front of the imperial tomb. He asked in concern, “Caiyi, are you really not going to the Profound Sky Continent to take care of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall personally?”

The Little Demon Empress shook her head slightly, “The ringleaders have already been executed. Everything that has happened now is enough to comfort the souls of Royal Father and the others up in heaven. The rest are just some pawns that were manipulated, just let them die on their own.”

Compared to the Little Demon Empress before who slaughtered all the kin and relatives of Duke Huai Palace and butchered Demon Imperial City, her state of mind now was a lot more peaceful. The edge and might were still the same but the anger and hatred that were once as deep as the ocean were now gone. Yun Che held her softly and said next to her ear, “Caiyi, don’t you worry. There will never be a disaster like the one before ever again.”


Where once they could rely on the Primordial Profound Ark to travel between dimensions, now they could do this through the dimensional profound formation. Following the completion of the dimensional profound formation, Xiao Lie who had his heart set on heading home returned to Floating Cloud City the very first day and a worried Xiao Lingxi was naturally with him.

Xiao Yun, Number Seven Under Heaven, and Xiao Yongan also came back to Floating Cloud City together.

Cang Yue, who had been worried about national affairs, also quickly returned to Blue Wind Imperial City.

A few days later, accompanied by two thousand disciples of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, Yun Che and Feng Xue’er finally came back to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice through the dimensional profound formation.

The fierce battle between the Little Demon Empress and Xuanyuan Wentian caused a large half of the ice and snow to melt in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. Nearly half a year had passed since then in the extremely cold weather here and the land had once again become snowy white. A thick layer of snow and ice was already under their feet; it was just that almost no glaciers existing within their sight.

“Senior Master Murong, are you really going to rebuild Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace yourselves? Do you really not need any help from Demon Imperial City?” Yun Che said to Murong Qianxue and the others.

Murong Qianxue said, “The old Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was built by the ancestors themselves using Frozen Cloud Arts. If the ancestors could do it, we can do it as well. And, under the leadership of Palace Master, the overall strength of our generation is stronger than any other previous generation. The new Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace will only be better.”

“Before that, we will first find the bodies of the ancestors. They were all placed in the deep layers under ice, they should all be secure and unharmed,” said Chu Yueli.

“Alright then,” Yun Che nodded. The ice formed by Frozen Cloud Arts under the permanent freezing weather here would be a hundred times sturdier than glazed bricks and tiles, “I believe during this period of time, everyone already has a well-thought-out plan for the appearance of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

“Palace Master doesn’t have to worry at all. We might even be able to surprise you when it’s done,” Feng Hanxue said with a smile on her face.

The disciples of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace scattered one after another. Back when Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace became flying ashes and dissolving smoke, they were depressed with tear-filled eyes. But now that they had to use their own hands to rebuild the Frozen Asgard, each and every one of them showed excitement and hope.

As he watched them, a smile appeared on Yun Che’s face and he completely stopped worrying. Over these few years, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had encountered many disasters but it could finally be at peace again. He at last did not disappoint the Gong Yuxian who begged in tears and entrusted him with the position of Palace Master.

…And he protected the home where Little Fairy grew up.

“Big Brother Yun, why are there two other dimensional profound formations over there?” Feng Xue’er suddenly pointed towards south. Ahead from the dimensional profound formation that connected the two great continents, there two dimensional profound formations that were a lot smaller comparatively could be seen, “And these two profound formations, I seem… seem to feel some residue aura from our Divine Phoenix Sect.

Yun Che smiled and said, “These two are also dimensional profound formations. The one with lighter profound light connects to Floating Cloud City and the one that has a darker color connects to Phoenix City. These two were both built by your Royal Father using all their power in a month's time.”

“Ah? Royal Father?” Feng Xue’er spoke softly.

“That day at the Ocean Palace, I only mentioned it casually and as expected, he kept it in mind. In Floating Cloud City, there is also a dimensional profound formation that connects to Phoenix City. The reason your Royal Father went through all this trouble is just to make it more convenient for you to go back frequently,” Yun Che looked at Xue’er and said.

“…” Feng Xue’er’s lips moved a little. Her starry eyes became slightly misty as she suddenly said, “Big Brother Yun, I indeed haven’t gone back in a really long time. Royal Father and the others must miss me. Phoenix City should be under reconstruction now and they would most need my help during this time, so I want to go back to Phoenix City for a while.”

Yun Che nodded agreeably, “During this time, I will be in Floating Cloud City. With the connection of the profound formations, we can see each other anytime. Xue’er can stay in Phoenix City during the day and come back into my arms obediently during the night.”

“Big Brother Yun… You… you are getting naughtier and naughtier,” Xue’er pouted playfully as enchanting red clouds emerged on her angelic face.

The two of them parted before the teleportation formations. One returned to Phoenix City and the other returned to Floating Cloud City.

The teleportation formation in Floating Cloud City was set up right in Xiao Family’s courtyard. However, when Yun Che walked out of the teleportation formation, he didn’t go straight to Xiao Lingxi and the others. Instead, he flew up into the air and his spiritual sense instantly shrouded all of Floating Cloud City.

The strength of Yun Che’s spiritual sense now was a lot stronger than before. Every hint of aura in Floating Cloud City clearly appeared under his spiritual senses. Very quickly, he targeted his destination, flew towards east of the city like a strike of lightning, and landed next to a middle-aged man in silver clothing.

When a silhouette suddenly appeared before him, the man in silver clothing immediately became alert, but when he realized that it was Yun Che, he hurriedly bowed down, “This humble one is the palace master of Asura Palace, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. I have waited here many days for Palace Master Yun under the command of Saint Emperor.”

“Many days? You came here this early?” Yun Che mumbled.

“Yes, Palace Master Yun’s order must not be neglected,” the middle-aged man in silver clothing who called himself Luo Chi said in an extremely respectful tone.

“Where is he?” said Yun Che.

“In the small house right behind me,” Luo Chi answered.

“Give Xuanyuan Wendao to me, as for the other one… you will wait here for another day.”


A short moment later, Luo Chi carried a man in black out and placed him next to Yun Che.

Xuanyuan Wendao’s face was sallow. He lost the imposing manner and arrogance that he once had. The way he laid there made him look like a dog with all its bones broken.

“Ugh…” A difficult moan came from Xuanyuan’s throat. He slowly lifted his head and finally saw Yun Che's face. At that instant, it was like he was shocked by lightning, his pupils immediately dilated a few dozen times, “Yun… Yun Che!”

“Hmph,” Yun Che sneered, “Xuanyuan Wendao, do you still recognize this place?”

“Ah… ah…” Xuanyuan Wendao's mouth opened wide. The moment he saw Yun Che, he fell into an abyss of desperation. In his extreme fear, forget about responding, he couldn't even say a single word.

Yun Che picked him up and flew up into the air. He quickly returned to the Xiao Clan, followed an aura, then directly landed in Xiao Lie’s courtyard.

“Che’er, you’re back.”

Seeing Yun Che, Xie Lie put down Xiao Yongan who was just put to sleep down from his arms lightly. His face was filled with a gentle smile, “Since you’re back, you should stay here for a few more days. These past two days, Xi’er has already tidied up and cleaned up your room.”

“Mn, of course I’ll stay for a few more days after leaving home for this long,” Yun Che responded, “Grandfather, I have a present for you.”


Yun Che reached his arms out, sucked over Xuanyuan Wendao who was outside of the door and threw him in front of Xiao Lie.

Xiao Lie jumped and asked in surprise, “Who is this?”

“His name is Xuanyuan Wendao.” Yun Che took a small breath and said each word sharply, “He was the one who murdered Uncle Xiao twenty four years ago!”

“...” Xiao Lie’s body shook violently as if he had heard a thunderclap. The gentle smile on his face became pale all of a sudden.

Yun Che immediately held onto Xiao Lie and he said with his brows lowered, “The mastermind of this whole thing back then is already dead and everyone who participated in it received what they deserved. I only left this man alive… because he should be executed by grandfather yourself.”

In the years Xiao Lie raised him and Xiao Lingxi, the two things that he desired the most for the longest time was to heal his profound veins and to find the murderer who killed Xiao Ying. In the end, Yun Che not only recovered his profound veins, his name had also famous throughout the world. As for the latter, that had become Xiao Lie’s biggest knot in his heart.

But now, the murderer whom he had been searching for, whom he dreamt of killing had finally been found and was right before his eyes. More than twenty years of pain and hatred which had accumulated now surged violently in his soul.

“You… it’s you… you… killed my son… it’s you!”

At this moment, his expression twisted beyond recognition. He, who had always been as calm as water released a strong sadness and an equally strong hostility. Yun Che didn’t comfort or try to stop him because he knew that this was the biggest hatred and sore point in Xiao Lie’s life. He had to work off his anger to his heart’s content and end it himself. If not, his heart and soul would forever be trapped under a heavy shadow and never be truly free.

Xiao Lie suddenly reached out and grabbed Xuanyuan Wendao by the collar and turned his sallow desperate face over. Looking at his sworn enemy who he felt irreconcilable hatred for that murdered his son and destroyed his family, Xiao Lie’s eyes almost burst. His whole body shook uncontrollably, “I… I… I will kill you!!”

In Yun Che’s whole life, he had never seen Xiao Lie showing such a horrifying expression and making such terrifying sounds. He grabbed upwards onto Xuanyuan Wendao’s throat as all of his pain and hatred condensed within his trembling hands…


Right at this moment, the clear sound of an infant’s wail came over. This familiar crying sound caused Xiao Lie’s body to tremble all over. As if by reflex, he tossed Xuanyuan Wendao aside and rushed back into the house. He hurriedly and carefully picked up Xiao Yongan who had suddenly woken up… In the instant that he picked up Xiao Yongan, the hostility on him almost vanished all at once.

“Yongan be good. Don’t cry, don’t cry. It’s great grandfather’s fault, great grandfather must have frightened Yongan…”

Xiao Lie hugged the baby tightly and comforted it with a gentle voice. His slightly lowered eyes were filled with infinite pampering and gentleness. There was not a trace of any hatred or ferociousness just now, as if he had completely forgotten Xuanyuan Wendao’s existence. Very quickly, Xiao Yuanan stopped crying and had fallen back asleep steadily in his arms.

Yun Che, “…”

“Che’er,” Xiao Lie didn’t put Xiao Yongan down. When he faced Xuanyuan Wendao once again, his eyes were already very calm and peaceful, “This man killed my son. I wanted to find him and cut him into pieces even in my dreams. But… these hands of mine are for holding Yongan. They cannot be contaminated by the blood of filth and sin. So, help grandfather sacrifice him before the grave of Yongan’s grandfather and let his soul in heaven be at rest…”

“Alright!” Yun Che promised loudly and he felt an ease in his heart that could not be described with words… This was easier than having Xiao Lie kill Xuanyuan Wendao himself in revenge.

“Mn.” Xiao Lie tightly held onto the child who was fast asleep in his arms. He lifted his head, looked towards the sky, and a slight smile appeared on his face. Even though there was some sadness in his smile, it was much more relaxed and peaceful than any of the smiles that Yun Che had seen on him.

At that moment, Yun Che grabbed Xuanyuan Wendao, went to Xiao Clan’s rear mountains and threw him before Xiao Ying’s tombstone.

“Xuanyuan Wendao, it’s time to send you to reunite with your father.” Yun Che stepped right on top of him and made his head bow deeply in front of Xiao Ying’s tombstone, “Oh no no, when your father died, both his body and soul were burnt to nothing. Even if you walked through all eighteen layers of hell you wouldn’t be able to find him.”

“My Uncle Xiao’s family were a kind-hearted bunch but because of trash like you, this tragedy happened to them… Even if you died ten thousand times, you wouldn’t be able to pay your debts!” Yun Che’s face darkened as he said in hatred, “Go to hell to atone for your sins!”

Phoenix flames instantly burned and Xuanyuan Wendao only had time to make a desperate scream before turning into scattered ashes that sprinkled before Xiao Ying’s grave.

Yun Che took two steps back, bowed deeply towards Xiao Ying’s tombstone, and said in a low voice, “Uncle Xiao,you saved my family back then but encountered disaster because of it. Your kindness was something my Yun Family could hardly return. But today, we finally avenged you. Now that we have avenged you and there are descendants for the Xiao Family, I hope your soul in heaven can smile and be at ease.”

After taking another deep bow, Yun Che flew into the air. Just as he was about to fly back to the Xiao Clan, he suddenly hesitated and then changed directions and flew towards the east side of Floating Cloud City.

A great confusion had always been entrenched in his heart.

It was the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal that was hidden in Floating Cloud City.

What kind of concept was fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal?

The entire Profound Sky Continent couldn’t produce fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal in an average of a hundred years. And a full fifty kilograms suddenly appeared in a Floating Cloud City which was known to be incredibly poor.

The strangest thing was that the process of a large amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystals developing should take a few thousand years, or even ten thousand years. It would definitely release a strong aura during this period of time as well. But those large sects, especially the Four Great Sacred Grounds, with such high quality resources and extremely sharp senses of smell and detection, none of them noticed such a huge divine crystal mine all these years?

It had instead been detected by Divine Phoenix Sect a few years back.

It was as if… these fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal had just suddenly appeared in the recent years.