Chapter 919 - Uncontrollable Longing

Chapter 919 - Uncontrollable Longing

Sun Moon Divine Hall, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, and profound practitioners from each nation all left one after another in panic. None of them dared to fight against an evil god.

Xia Yuanba’s physique was already different from ordinary people. After being healed slightly by Yun Che using the energy of heaven and earth, Yuanba had surprisingly already recovered within a short amount of time. Looking at the people around them leaving one by one, he came before Yun Che with a few steps. Yuanba couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart as he said, "Brother-in-law, you have actually… actually become this strong! How did you do it? Could it be that your master has returned?”

“I'll tell you more about it in the future.” Yun Che smiled and said, “Yuanba, Xue’er and I will be returning to the Illusory Demon Realm soon, else they will definitely worry. Do you want to return with us?”

Xia Yuanba's eyes lit up, but they were clouded by hesitation immediately afterward. In the end, he shook his head, “Forget it, I’ll just return later. Um… out of the blue, I became the Sanctuary's master so leaving it all of a sudden doesn’t seem like a good idea. I should return to the Sanctuary first.”

“Hahaha, you're right,” Yun Che laughed loudly.

“Brother-in-law,” Xia Yuanba’s voice lowered, “You’re not really going to… really going to let Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region off the hook like this?”

Yun Che smiled and said, “Yuanba, don’t worry. Those of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary belong to you now. I would certainly not do anything to harm them and I wholeheartedly believe that even though you are still a bit immature now, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary will become better in the future under your leadership.”

“...” Xia Yuanba scratched his head and said softly, “To be honest, I’m not confident at all.”

“But I have full confidence in you. After all, you are someone with the Tyrannical Emperor’s heart.” There was some mysteriousness to Yun Che’s words but he then changed the subject and said, “However, I am very serious about the teleportation formation. For this month, lead Absolute Monarch Sanctuary in focusing on building teleportation formation first. Remember, when working with Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, make good use of their resources. Right now they are a bunch of anxious, headless snakes. They will desperately want to perform well at this task that I ordered. Don’t be unwilling to use them.”

Even though the Primordial Profound Ark had an incomparable strong space travelling ability, it held an enormous individual world within. Every time it traveled, it did not only transport one or two person but an entire world. Because of this, it consumed an incredibly large amount of energy.  Even with the Jade of the Nine Suns’ support, it couldn’t withstand such reckless consumption.

Especially after a round trip to the Azure Cloud Continent, the energy left in the Primordial Profound Ark was immediately down to less than twenty percent. Both the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm were Yun Che’s homes so he would definitely travel back and forth between the two continents frequently. Because of this, building a large enough dimensional teleportation formation was something that had to be done.

And only the Four Great Sacred Grounds had sufficient ability and resources to build a teleportation formation connecting the two continents.

“Uh, I understand,” Xia Yuanba nodded with some confusion.

“Also, take care of two people from Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region for me,” Yun Che’s eyes narrowed slightly.


“ Xuanyuan Wendao, the Young Sword Master of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region who was crippled by me, and the Tenth Elder of Sun Moon Divine Hall, Ye Xuange.”

“Ah?” Xia Yuanba was stunned and said confusedly, “Take care of them how?”

“Just make sure nothing fatal happens to them. I have use for them in a month,” Yun Che said.

Xia Yuanba looked puzzled. Just as he was about to keep asking questions, he saw Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang approaching together behind Yun Che, looking rather nervous. He immediately yelled, “Palace Chief Dongfang, Palace Chief Qin, you two are here too?”

Dongfang Xiu and Qin Wushang walked over and bowed at the same time but before their bodies bent, Yun Che and Xia Yuanba had already both avoided it. Yun Che immediately said, “Two Palace Chiefs, we were both once the official disciples of Blue Wind Profound Palace. We cannot accept this grand courtesy.”

“Yes yes yes.” Xia Yuanba nodded right away.

Qin Wushang sighed deeply, “Historically, my Blue Wind Profound Palace has always been an insignificant existence in the Profound Sky Continent, akin to dust. Even in Blue Wind Nation, we are the laughingstock of those powerful sects. Now, of two people who have walked out of my Blue Wind Profound Palace, one has become the Saint Emperor of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and the other could be called the ruler of everything under heaven. As one of its palace chiefs, I cannot describe this dreamlike glory with any words.”

“Palace Chiefs, you have exaggerated. I believe you two want to ask about Empress Cang Yue?” Yun Che said.

The two of them nodded. Dongfang Xiu said, “Her Majesty has temporarily left for several months now. Seeing Palace Master Yun’s glory today, Her Majesty will certainly be well.”

“You two can rest assured.” Yun Che smiled and said, “Now that Xuanyuan Wentian is dead, there is nothing in this world that can threaten the safety of her and Blue Wind Nation. There was not a day that Blue Wind Nation was not on her mind during her days in the Illusory Demon Realm. In a month, when the teleportation formation is built, she will return to the imperial household. In this month, I will have to trouble you two again.

“If so, then we will rest assured,” the two palace chiefs smiled delightfully.

"Venerable Purple," Yun Che’s tone sharpened as he commanded, “Send someone to guard the two palace chiefs on their trip back to Blue Wind Nation.”

Venerable Purple turned around, hesitated for a moment and immediately walked forward. He said rather respectfully, “Yes… esteemed guests, please.”

Being called “esteemed guests” by a Sacred Ground’s Venerable One and even being guarded on their return trip left the two palace chiefs extremely flattered. Even their footsteps seemed lighter when they left.

Members of Divine Phoenix Sect approached. Leading the crowd was Feng Hengkong. He looked at Yun Che, then shifted his gaze to Feng Xue’er. His mouth opened and closed in silence for a while before he finally spoke with a complicated look, “Yun Che, bring Xue’er back to Phoenix City to visit often.”

“Royal Father, now that Big Brother Yun is this strong, he will no longer be in danger like before. I will come back to visit often with Big Brother Yun.”

“If you really care, you could try to open up one or two dimensional profound formations from Floating Cloud City or Snow Region of Extreme Ice to Phoenix City. This way, if Xue’er wants to go back, wouldn’t it be more convenient?” Yun Che said without expression.

Feng Hengkong’s eyes brightened and nodded his head slightly. Divine Phoenix Sect would not be able to construct a dimensional teleportation formation connecting two continents but connecting two nations… was not something difficult.

“Xue’er…” Feng Hengkong hesitated for a long while but in the end he still didn’t tell her about Feng Ximing. He said unwillingly, “We’re leaving. There are still a lot of things to be taken care of in Phoenix City. You have to take care of yourself, don’t let yourself suffer.”

Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Sun Moon Divine Hall, and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region left one after another and Supreme Ocean Palace began cleaning up after the mess. Divine Phoenix Sect were the last ones to leave. When they had arrived, they prepared their resolve to face death. As they prepared to leave, however, they felt a sense of relaxation that they had never experienced before.

This was due to the fact that not only had their Divine Phoenix Sect completely escaped from the danger of being destroyed, their new Phoenix God had truly awakened. Also, she was obviously stronger than the Ancestral Phoenix God.

After bidding farewell to Xia Yuanba, who had just become the new emperor of the Sanctuary, Yun Che brought Xue’er back to the Illusory Demon Realm that same day, then informed his parents and the Little Demon Empress of Xuanyuan Wentian’s death.

This news spread very quickly in Demon Imperial City. Without a doubt, the Demon Imperial City that was suppressed in shadows for many months burst into cheers. This was not simply the death of one enemy, it was a development that pulled Demon Imperial City and the entire Illusory Demon Realm out of the abyss of destruction.

Demon Imperial City completely lifted their defenses. Those who had escaped Demon Imperial City also returned. The horrible disaster that was thought to happen at any moment had utterly vanished.

On the Profound Sky Continent, the Four Great Sacred Grounds spared no effort building the dimensional teleportation profound formation that Yun Che demanded.

Xuanyuan Wentian was dead and his dream of becoming the ruler of everything under heaven was completely crushed. The Four Great Sacred Grounds had experienced Xuanyuan Wentian’s terror first-hand so it was not difficult to imagine the strength of Yun Che, who had defeated Xuanyuan Wentian. From this day on, they knew clearly in their hearts that they were no longer the top existences in the Profound Sky Continent. Above them, appeared someone who could decide their life and death at will.

This person was also someone that they wronged multiple times before, and on top of that, someone they previously conspired against.

This gave them no choice but to fear Yun Che, no choice but to be as humble and as careful as possible. They didn’t dare slack off at all in his demand for a dimensional teleportation formation.

After Divine Phoenix Sect returned to Divine Phoenix Nation, they started repairing Phoenix City. Feng Hengkong didn’t take Yun Che’s words as a careless suggestion. Instead, he immediately sent out two groups of people to Floating Cloud City and Snow Region of Extreme Ice to start the construction of dimensional profound formations connecting the three locations.

Yun Che’s name was unquestionably once again spread to every corner of the Profound Sky Continent. Only this time, it was hundreds or thousands of times more shocking than any other time before. In merely a couple of days, he was titled by the Profound Sky Continent as “number one throughout all of history.”

Yet Yun Che did not pay attention to any of this. After he returned to the Illusory Demon Realm, he quietly recuperated. After seven or eight days, his wounds healed completely.

Early in the morning, the sun was already up. The sunlight seeped in from underneath the bamboo window and fell onto Yun Che’s body. His eyelids moved a little as he mumbled, “Jasmine, what time is it now?”


He didn’t get any response. Yun Che slowly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed. Looking at the snow white walls, his eyes lost focus.

Jasmine had already been gone for many months.

But he still hadn’t completely walked out of this reality… or rather, he still hadn’t been able to completely accept this reality.

Previously, after Jasmine had left, he encountered Moonflower’s set up and was at the brink of death. Afterwards, he was constantly under the shadow of Xuanyuan Wentian and didn’t have time to care for anything else. Now that Xuanyuan Wentian was dead, there was no one else who could threaten him anymore in this world. With his heart and mind in complete relaxation, his longing for Jasmine came gushing out and couldn’t be stopped.

In his life, the closest person to him was Xiao Lingxi but the person who understood him the best had to be Jasmine.

At first they were just purely using each other, but their relationship changed slowly without them noticing. Until later on, they were no longer just relying on each other emotionally, it became an almost instinctive habit. When Jasmine truly left him, he realized that it was not merely a separation in distance. It was clearly as if his body and soul were being rent.

It was utterly irreparable and would stay eternally broken.

“Jas… mine... “ He called out faintly and lifted his head towards the sky, “Where are you…”

He remained dazed for a few minutes, then left the bed and came outside of the courtyard.

It was still early and with the lifting of defenses, Yun Family’s disciples, who had been tense for many months, were all resting at this time of the day. Because their resting time was increased, it was very quiet in the surrounding area. Yun Che walked very far and saw a middle-aged man in simple white clothing practicing martial arts slowly under an old tree.

When Yun Che saw him, he also happened to see Yun Che. He stopped what he was doing and smiled gently, “Che’er, you’re awake quite early.”

"You’re the one awake too early, Senior Su. Your wounds are not fully healed yet, don’t push yourself,” Yun Che approached and said.

Su Hengshan smiled lightheartedly, patted his chest, and said, “It’s been fine for a long time already. Senior Yun Gu really is like a medical saint of legend. His medical skills are really miraculous. Things like a severing my own life vein, I always thought that even if the Great Firmament Golden Deity was here, it still couldn’t be healed. I never thought that under the miraculous hands of Senior Yun Gu, I am now almost as good as someone who has never been hurt.”

“Of course.” Yun Che also smiled, “At most, in roughly half a month, Senior Su’s profound energy will also completely recover. Has Senior Su gotten used to living here during your recovery?”

Su Hengshan held his smile back slightly but he said even more gently, “About that, I feel quite ashamed. Even though I am the master of a sect, the times that I have stepped out of the Rivereast do not add up to much. Originally I thought it would be difficult to get used to a different kind of life, but contrary to my expectations, I am actually extremely relaxed here.”

Su Hengshan smiled and shook his head, “These days could even be considered the most comfortable days in all my life. I actually don’t even miss life back at Grandwake Sect. It seems like I really am not suitable to be a sect master. This is especially so seeing that Ling’er is safe, found you, and is fortunate enough to have the Medical Saint become her master. Her smile grows warmer by the day and it makes me realize how stupid it was for me to sever my own life vein that day. If I really had died, I cannot imagine what would have become of the smile on Ling’er’s face. Back then I was really… reckless and stupid.”

Thinking back to that day when he severed his own life vein in order to not become a burden on Yun Che so that he could rescue Ling’er without holding anything back, he still felt a lingering fear.

“As long as Senior Su likes it here. From now on, feel free to treat this as your home. Also,” Yun Che smiled mysteriously, “Actually, the thing that Ling'er worried most about is Senior Su’s marriage life. Since you have started a new life in a new world, after Senior Su’s wound is fully healed, you should start considering finding your soulmate in your new life.”

“..." Su Hengshan was stunned. He obviously had never considered this question. He responded awkwardly, “This… Ling’er’s mother passed away early, I…”

“Eh? Father, Big Brother Yun Che, how come you two are both up this early?”

While the two men were conversing, they heard a voice that sounded like the spring water in a quiet valley. Su Ling’er walked towards them with light footsteps, smiled, and looked at the two most important men in her life, “What are you two talking about?”

“Of course it’s matters between men,” Yun Che smiled and said.

Su Ling’er’s pink lips opened slightly and said with her nose up high, “Could you two be talking about… something bad? Big Brother Yun Che, you… you cannot turn my father into a playboy like you.”

“...” Yun Che felt embarrassed all of a sudden and Su Hengshan had already burst into laughter.

“Father, this is not funny. You don’t know that Big Brother Yun Che has Sister Cang Yue, Sister Xue’er, even the Little Demon Empress… and he married another sister when he was only sixteen…” Su Ling’er didn’t need to hide anything in front of her father and started counting all of Yun Che’s “crimes.” At the very end she added, “This is not the same Big Brother Yun Che that I knew in the past…”

“Hahahaha…” Su Hengshan laughed even harder. Who didn’t know Yun Che’s name in Demon Imperial City? These days, he had already known about Yun Che’s complicated situation. He smiled and said, “Ling’er, when you first met Che’er, you were only ten. Of course it would be different.”

“...You wouldn’t understand even if I told you!” Su Ling’er came forward and grabbed Yun Che’s arm, “Big Brother Yun Che, I’m going to gather medicinal herbs outside of the city. Come with me?”

“Gather medicinal herbs?” Yun Che was full of confusion, “Yun Family has all kinds of medicinal herbs, why are you going outside of the city to gather them?”

“Gathering medicinal herbs is not the main purpose. It is mainly to recognize different herbs.” Su Ling’er said seriously, “Master said to become a real doctor, knowing different flowers and medicinal herbs, poisonous plants and insects is the very basics. Master is resting now and cannot be disturbed. So Big Brother Yun Che, you are of course the best suitable temporary Master. Let’s go!”

After finishing her sentence, Su Ling’er blinked playfully… She was the only person in this world aside from him that knew he was once Yun Gu's disciple.

“Ah… Alright.”

Yun Che bade farewell to Su Hengshan and left while linking arms with Su Ling’er.

Seeing the two of them being so intimate with each other from afar, Su Hengshan continued smiling. Having arrived at the Illusory Demon Realm only ten days ago, he already felt that a life like this was perhaps more suited for him. He did not need to take on responsibility or be on guard. There was no more stress, heart breaks, toleration, anger, sadness… From a long time ago, he felt that he was completely unsuited to being a sect master and now he was even more sure of it.

“Looks like, it is indeed time to find myself a partner,” Su Hengshan smiled as he said to himself, “At least it can make Ling'er worry less.”

There was a rather small forest terrain east of Demon Imperial City that was home to hundreds of flora. After entering, Su Ling’er started picking and identifying different types of plants near the edge of the terrain with a serious look on her face.

“Limestone Flower… Parasol Leaves… Coldsilk Buds… this is called… Sage Grass?”

“No, these are Fish Odor Vine,” Yun Che immediately corrected her and said, “It looks similar to Sage Grass but there are some minor difference on their leaves. If you smell it closely, there is an obvious difference. Fish Odor Vines have a slight smell of fish.”

Su Ling’er picked it up carefully, smelled it and exclaimed, “It's true! Big Brother Yun Che, how are you able to recognize it right away even when you are this far away?”

Even though Su Ling’er had recovered her memories from her previous life, for some reason her personality and character were obviously leaning towards this life… She lost the unresolvable depression from her previous life and gained more of the innocence and naivety of a sixteen year old young girl. Yun Che spoke with an elder-like attitude, “Ling’er, you just started learning about medicine, it is pretty impressive for you to be able to identify so much. You don’t have to rush at all. After all, I wandered with Master for twenty years in the Azure Cloud Continent and dealt with different types of medicinal herbs every day. It would be hard to not get to know them well. Later on, as long as I was in contact with the medicinal herb, I didn’t need to look at it. I knew immediately what it was just by slightly smelling it.”

Right after he finished speaking, Yun Che paused there… He could use these words to impress other women but Ling’er already knew all about it since a long time ago.

“Hehe…” Su Ling’er stuck her tongue out towards him, “Yes, yes, yes, Big Brother Yun Che, hurry and come teach me then.”

Under Su Ling’er’s enthusiasm for learning, Yun Che went into mentor mode.

“This red flower is called the Dragonblood Vine. It is useless for curing diseases but it is a medicine that can help practice cultivation.”

“This is a Left Spirit Seed, cold attribute, can be consumed directly…”

“This is a Towerpond Flower, it is a medicinal flower that can be crushed to apply externally and it can cure some snake venom that are not too severe.”

“This is…”

“I know this… it’s Jasmine!”

“...” It was as if Yun Che’s soul had been ruthlessly stabbed by something as he was startled in place.

“Wow! So many Jasmine. I can’t believe they would grow in a place like this. It’s as if someone meticulously planted them here.”

Ahead of them was a moist land with many snow-white Jasmine Flowers blooming all together. At first glance, there were as many as a couple hundred flowers. The flowers were small but they were perfectly pure white. The fragrance was light but it was so elegant that it could cleanse one’s soul.

The Su Ling’er from the “previous life” really liked jasmine flowers and the Su Ling’er now was the same. She was almost hypnotized when admiring the Jasmine sea, even her vigorous curiosity was suppressed. She closed her eyes, took a deep whiff of the Jasmine aroma, then turned around and said smilingly, “Big Brother Yun Che, say, do you think the Jasmine here is…”

She didn’t notice anything unusual with her back turned earlier but she now saw Yun Che’s dull expression and glazed eyes after having turned around. His face was clearly covered with an expression that seem sorrowful. She panicked and immediately threw herself onto Yun Che, “Big Brother Yun Che, what’s wrong?”

“...” Su Ling’er’s call brought him back to reality. He immediately forced a smile and said, “Nothing, I just suddenly thought of something.”

“You mean… thought of someone?” Su Ling’er looked up, feeling Yun Che’s chaotic heartbeat and said softly, “The person related to the jasmine flower, is it a girl?”

“...” Yun Che opened his arms and held Su Ling’er softly. He said guiltily, “Ling’er, you are right by my side. I know I shouldn’t think about someone else but I…”

“Big Brother Yun Che,” Su Ling’er shook her head instead and smiled softly. At this moment, she seemed to have lost the immaturity of a sixteen year old and became the Su Ling’er of the past who had always spoiled him with love, “That's okay, I like the way you are now. Do you remember what I said back then when I was in your arms?”

Yun Che, “...”

“Never let down the girl that is willing to do anything for you again… and never give up on the girl that you are willing to do anything for. If Big Brother Yun Che’s heart is incomplete because of some regret, then my heart will also be incomplete forever,” Su Ling’er mumbled softly, as if she was sleep talking.

After experiencing two lifetimes, experiencing the true meaning of the parting of life and death, then regaining something after losing it, she was very clear on what she wanted and was even more clear about what an incomplete soul felt like.

“She was my master…” Yun Che said softly.

Su Ling’er, “...”

“She left. When she left, everything that she said was relentless. She cut off our master disciple relationship, said that we will never meet again, and told me never to attempt to look for her.” Yun Che closed his eyes. He spoke very calmly. He could reveal the voice suppressed deep down his soul as much as he wanted in front of Su Ling’er, “But I know the things she said weren't true. It must have been hard for her to leave me. Even though I don't know a lot of things about her, her character, thoughts, her concern for me and the reliance she showed towards me sometimes… I know them better than anyone in this world...  but the place she's going is too far away. I might… really never see her again in my life.”

“I made my decision a long time ago to separate from her. But… I overestimated myself. I did not expect to be so uneasy with her not around. I seem to unwittingly see glimpses of her shadow in my heart everyday. I don't know what's wrong with me, it's like I am under some strange spell.”

Su Ling’er tried to picture what that girl could possibly look like quietly in her mind and said gently, “I believe Big Brother Yun Che’s feelings. She must have her reason or difficulties to have said something like that. Even if… you two really don't meet again, you still have us and me. At least, I will never leave you… Even if one day you were to force me to leave, I would shamelessly stick by your side.”

Yun Che didn’t say another word; he only held Su Ling’er even tighter. The two of them lingered together before the jasmine flower field for a long, long time.