Chapter 736 - Success

Chapter 736 - Success

The growth in Murong Qianxue’s profound aura continued, and not only did it not gradually slow down, it was even growing at a faster rate. Another fifteen minutes had passed, and the streams of profound energy surrounding Murong Qianxue suddenly turned calm, and then bit by bit, it eventually stopped. Suddenly, the streams which were driven towards the entire Frozen End Divine Hall, reversed and wildly poured into her body.

“What’s going on?” Chu Yueli said in alarm.

The pouring of profound energy streams grew faster, as though the profound energy within the entire space, or even within the entire heaven and earth, were gathering at Murong Qianxue. Murong Qianxue’s eyelashes began to tremble, and a layer of ice-blue radiance slowly appeared around her body. Under the radiance, her skin gradually turned crystal clear like that of the purest flawless white snow. Then faintly, a glorious icy glow, which only a thousand year profound ice could possibly have, could be seen flowing about. Even her initially ink-black long hair had gradually turned into a shallow ice-blue color. It was as though her entire body, at this moment, had now truly possessed what could be called skin of ice and bones of jade.

“This… This is…” The girls of Frozen Cloud were all stunned… The changes in Murong Qianxue’s body were not foreign to them. Whenever Xia Qingyue unleashed the seventh stage of the Frozen End Divine Arts, her body would undergo such a change. In this state, the power of the ice profound arts she used would surge explosively. However, they had only seen such a phenomenon on Xia Qingyue’s body; it had never appeared on anyone else, and it had never appeared in the records of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace either.

At this moment, an ice-blue colored radiance was suddenly released from Murong Qianxue’s body, illuminating the entire Frozen End Divine Hall in a blue luster. Within the silence, layers upon layers of thick ice sheets quickly condensed on the Frozen End Divine Hall’s walls and ground. In the blink of an eye, it turned this stone room, which was made of Heavenly Firm Jade, into a room of ice. In the air, glowing white spots shone, before turning into dancing ice spirits one after another; these ice spirits were far different from the ice spirits they were familiar with. The profound aura and the presence of life emitted by every one of these ice spirits were incomparably rich, as though they were independent creatures, complete with their own lives; even the laughter they made as they danced about could be faintly heard.

These ice spirits willfully flew and danced within the Frozen End Divine Hall, sprinkling down dancing snowflakes. And then, as though they were being attracted by something, all of them flew towards Murong Qianxue and assimilated into her icy jade body. Murong Qianxue’s blue hair fluttered in the air, and at this moment, the ice-blue radiance being emitted from her body turned extremely dense. Even though it looked calm and gentle, it was near blinding to the eyes.

“Senior Master Murong… has completed a great realm breakthrough!” Feng Xue’er lightly called out.

If not because of being afraid of startling Yun Che, their emotions would have long been completely out of control. The moment the ice-blue radiance on Murong Qianxue’s body reached its peak, every single one of them could clearly sense that Murong Qianxue’s profound aura had undergone a complete, qualitative change. Even though it was the Frozen Cloud aura they were extremely familiar with, it was unbelievably rich, deep and vast. It far surpassed former Palace Master Gong Yuxian’s, and had even far surpassed Xian Qingyue’s; someone who had already reached half-step into the Tyrant Profound Realm early on… In their entire lifetime, they had never felt a Frozen Cloud aura that had reached such a high realm.

“It’s the Tyrant Profound Realm… Our Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s first Overlord in history!” Mu Lanyi forcefully held onto her lips, not allowing herself to lose control and shout out with an overly loud voice. The light stirring in her beautiful eyes looked as though they were close to condensing into tears.

“An incredible miracle… Palace Master has really done it.”

Chu Yueli’s lightly raised her jade finger and did a hushing action, causing the girls to immediately lower their voices. With all her might, she suppressed herself from letting out another hint of sound, however, her expression still looked so excited to the point of losing control.

Even if they already had incomparable trust and respect towards Yun Che, when it came to the matter of being able to directly raise one’s profound strength by a single great realm in a short amount of time, it was still something they couldn’t help but doubt… A few years back, when Xia Qingyue became a Throne because of the Emperor Awakening Heart Lotus, it was already a miracle that had never once happened before in the Profound Sky Continent. To directly raise a Throne into an Overlord, within the boundaries of the entire Profound Sky Continent, it was simply an overly exaggerated myth.

It was a million times more incredible than the time when he had said that he could open all of their profound entrances back then.

Three years ago, he brought about a miracle for the entire Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace by allowing the profound strength of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies to rise rapidly in just a short few years, which then made their future achievements unforeseeable.

And now, he once again brought another miracle upon miracles for Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace!

At the same time, they recalled what Grand Palace Master, Feng Qianhui, had said before. If Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace could make it through the thousand year great tribulation, then it would definitely flourish for the next ten thousand years.

And right now in front of them, Yun Che, whom their eyes were tightly fixated on, might… no, he was definitely the person who would bring Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace to a flourishing ten thousand years!

Murong Qianxue’s rise in profound strength did not stop right after her breakthrough into the Tyrant Profound Realm, rather, it continued to rapidly soar. Furthermore, the increase was evidently growing faster. A snowy mist floated on her body as ice spirits flew and danced about. Her profound aura was breaking through the limits with every breath...

First level of the Tyrant Profound Realm...

Second level of the Tyrant Profound Realm…

Third level of the Tyrant Profound Realm…

Fourth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm…

Fifth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm!!

The Frozen Cloud girls were passing through every moment with an astonishment of an extreme degree. To them, breaking through into the Tyrant Profound Realm was already a dream-like miracle. Never did they think that achieving the Tyrant Profound Realm was actually just the beginning. In just less than two short hours, Murong Qianxue’s profound aura continued to surge explosively from the first level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, leading to consecutive breakthroughs, from the first level, to the second level… third level… fourth level...

Only after the fourth breakthrough, and after rising up to mid stage of the fifth level, did it finally slowly come to a stop.

In just a short five hours, Murong Qianxue broke through to become a level five Overlord from a level eight Throne!

The aura on Murong Qianxue’s body began to sink, and the cold air was dispersing bit by bit as well. At this moment, Yun Che’s hands slowly moved away from Murong Qianxue’s body, his chest undulated as he forcefully exhaled. The girls’ eyes also shifted from Murong Qianxue to Yun Che; evidently, the feelings of excitement on every single one of their snow-white faces were already intense to the point of being indescribable with words, and the eyes they used to stare at Yun Che were filled with luster, as though they were looking up to a god.

Yun Che slowly opened his eyes. Following after the relaxation of his body and mind, a large amount of sweat fell off Yun Che’s forehead like rain, and his breathing turned especially hurried.

Three years ago, when he opened the profound entrances for the girls of Frozen Cloud, the entire process was incomparably easy; the amount of fatigue added up was merely a few breaths of time. During the rest of the time, he was mostly touching their jade backs wantonly, taking advantage of them in a justified manner, and the exhausted expression he had at the end was purely an act.

However, it was different this time, as during the entire process, he had to focus his mind and soul. Profound energy, the power of the Great Way of the Buddha, the power of the Sky Poison Pearl and mental energy… All these had to be made use of, and during the four hours or so, he did not dare to have a moment of rest. If not for him possessing the Dragon God Soul, allowing his mental energy to far surpass an average person’s, it was simply impossible to maintain one’s concentration for such a long time with such a large loss of mental energy.

The consumption of profound energy was especially large as well. This time, the fatigued-state he had after completion was completely genuine.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly just like how he imagined, while the effects of five Overlord Pellets had far surpassed his predictions. After all, although they were similarly referred to as Overlord Pellets, the Overlord Pellet refined by Yun Che with the Sky Poison Pearl, whether it was the medicinal energy or effectiveness, had several times surpassed the Overlord Pellet refined by Duke Baoqing Palace of Illusory Demon Realm.

However, to have five Overlord Pellets achieve such an astonishing feat, in the Profound Sky Continent, this could only be done by Yun Che who possessed the Sky Poison Pearl. If it was anyone else, even if ten thousand Overlord Pellets were to be passed to him, it would definitely be impossible to increase a person’s profound strength from mid stage Emperor Profound Realm to mid stage Tyrant Profound Realm in five short hours.

“The time spent was roughly the same as my predictions.” Yun Che opened his eyes, and a relaxed smile surfaced on his sweat-filled face as his calm yet focused gaze landed on Murong Qianxue. A pair of large snowy peaks like a heap of lustering jade was trembling up and down as she breathed. As long as he raised his hands, even without moving his body forward, he could once again firmly grasp them in his hands.

Murong Qianxue’s beautiful eyes had already opened as well. Raising her jade arm, her eyes were trembling and blurry as she felt the majestic profound aura flowing in her body… For a moment, she simply wasn’t able to believe that this power was actually hers.

And, other than the dream-like feeling of obtaining a new lease on life throughout her entire body, there wasn’t a single bit of discomfort… It was as though there wasn’t the least bit of side effects.

“Congratulations, Senior Master Murong. Not only have you become an Overlord, you’re even at the middle stages,” Feng Xue’er smilingly said.

“Senior Sister… This is wonderful, wonderful!”

“Congratulations Senior Sister Murong on becoming an Overlord… The first Overlord in Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace’s history, surpassing the Frozen Cloud Ancestor of a thousand years ago!” Mu Lanyi excitedly said.

Under the intense excitement and unsuppressable joy, Murong Qianxue’s transformation had truly proven that Yun Che’s “astonishing words” earlier weren’t the least bit untrue, rather, it had turned out to be much more astonishing than what he had described! Because, not only had Murong Qianxue broken through and became an Overlord, she had actually directly stepped into the middle stages of the Tyrant Profound Realm!

And this also meant that with Yun Che’s help, their profound strength could also miraculously rise by leaps and bounds, just like Murong Qianxue.

Crossing through a great realm and the dream-like growth in profound strength, naturally, no one other than Murong Qianxue herself could sense it ever so clearly and vividly. With all her might, she suppressed her unquellable excitement, moved from her sitting posture into a kneel, and fully bowed towards Yun Che, “Palace Master, thank you for bestowing another grace of transformation upon me. Palace Master’s grace is difficult to repay even with this Murong Qianxue’s poor lifetime.”

“Senior Master Murong, please do not be so polite.” Yun Che hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed onto her jade arm, “Since I have been entrusted the duty of being the Palace Master of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace by the former Palace Mistress, then, no matter what I do for the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, it is something that should be done.”

“Senior Sister… Murong,” Feng Hanyue could not help but voice out. Then, she spoke with a soft and timid voice, “Don’t you want to… wear some clothes first?”

Murong Qianxue’s body shivered, and only then did she recall that her entire body, at the moment, didn’t have the least bit of cover. Letting out a low “eek” sound, her two arms covered her chest at lightning speed. She opened her jade palm, but the spatial ring on her finger was also destroyed by the swirl of profound energy earlier...

Chu Yueli hurriedly took out a snow robe, stepped forward and placed it on Murong Qianxue’s body. Although Murong Qianxue was maintaining her calm with all her might, her actions of wearing the snow robe was evidently panicky. When she had finally worn it properly, a layer of light glow, which had seemingly never appeared before, emerged on her snow-like face.

Yun Che’s eyes trembled as he gave Feng Hanyue a ruthless glare… It’s all your fault! Would it kill you not to remind her!?

“Cough.” Yun Che let out a heavy cough and said with a stern look, “Senior Master Murong, your profound strength has consecutively risen by seven realms, and you have even crossed the divide of a great realm in the middle of it. You should know that with a breakthrough of such a large degree, it will definitely bring about a loose foundation, and a period of time is also needed to once again familiarize yourself in controlling your profound energy. So, for the next two months, Senior Master Murong, you must definitely solidify your foundation with all your might; the amount of profound energy being circulated cannot surpass seventy percent as well.”

“I understand.” Murong Qianxue was, after all, still a Frozen Cloud Fairy, so her expression was already completely calm… Though in regards to how she felt in her heart, only she would know best.

“It has gotten slightly late today, tomorrow, I will refine the Overlord Pellets for Senior Master Jun and Senior Master Mu, so as to aid the Senior Masters in breaking through into the Tyrant Profound Realm,” Yun Che said while looking at Jun Lianqie and Mu Lanyi. With his current profound strength and mental strength, he could manage to go through the process twice, but three times would be a little strained.

“Thank you, Palace Master,” Jun Lianqie and Mu Lanyi replied at the same time.

“The profound energy possessed by fellow Senior Masters and Junior Masters are grand and rich, and hence refining five Overlord Pellets at the same time is tolerable. In terms of profound cultivation, at the very most, it can be risen up to the fifth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and this is also the limit that can be achieved by the medicinal energy of the Overlord Pellet. Above the fifth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, no matter how many more Overlord Pellets are used, it’s impossible to rise any further. Once all six fellow Senior Masters and Junior Masters have achieved the Tyrant Profound Realm, I will then proceed to open the profound entrances of all senior sisters and junior sisters in the sect, and then, according to their cultivation levels and physiques, I will refine a single half to two Overlord Pellets, allowing them to at least improve by a single great realm.”

Yun Che used a calm tone while he spoke of matters that was capable of dumbfounding any sect in the Profound Sky Continent.

“But, Palace Master. Won’t this delay your own cultivation a lot?” Feng Hanxue said out of concern.

“It won’t.” Yun Che shook his head and said with a smile, “On the contrary, while I’m refining the Overlord Pellet, it tempers my profound energy and mental energy by an extremely high degree. So, to me, it’s a form of cultivation as well. I estimate that after completing all of my senior sisters’ and junior sisters’ improvements, my profound cultivation and mental strength will rise by a huge margin as well.”

Yun Che’s words allowed them to feel slightly at ease. They circled around Murong Qianye, feeling the immense change in her profound aura from her body; even after a long time, the excited and enthusiastic expressions on their faces were unable to be quelled.

Exiting the Frozen End Divine Hall, the outside was already obscured by the color of the night.

“Big Brother Yun, I have a question for you.” Feng Xue’er’s small hand was held by Yun Che. Bathing under the luster of the snow-white light unique to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, they walked towards the ice pavilion at the east side. “Why don’t you use the Overlord Pellet to increase your own profound strength? Even though Big Brother Yun is so incredible, in terms of level of profound strength, you’re still at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm.”

“My profound veins and profound strength regulations are rather different from others. Although my profound strength is only at the Emperor Profound Realm, in terms of realm of power, I have already surpassed the Tyrant Profound Realm, so the Overlord Pellet is completely ineffective on me.” Yun Che was not surprised that Feng Xue’er would ask this question. He believed that Murong Qianxue and the rest of them must have the same doubt in their hearts.

He could only give a very vague reply in that regard.

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