Chapter 734 - Disobeying the Law of Heaven

Chapter 734 - Disobeying the Law of Heaven

“If there are no other complications, she should be the first person in history to have received a complete inheritance from a Phoenix Soul… In other words, it can no longer be called something as simple as an inheritance. It would be more accurate to say that the Phoenix Divine Spirit bestowed its entire being upon a human. For these Divine Spirits, entities who have loftily looked down upon all existence since ancient times, to convert the very last flames of its existence into power for a pitiful human without leaving even a trace of its existence behind and basically destroying every last shred of dignity and majesty that comes with being a Divine Spirit... This is something that should be impossible for an ancient Divine Spirit to do. So, for the Phoenix Divine Spirit of the Divine Phoenix Sect to do such a thing, there must have been an extremely unique reason behind it.”

A scene that had occurred in the Illusory Demon Realm’s Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley appeared in Jasmine’s mind; that time when the Golden Crow Divine Spirit had said something absolutely astounding…

“So you’re saying that I… erm, will not create any negative side-effects? What is the reason for that?” Yun Che asked. Clearly this was the matter that he was the most concerned about at the moment!

“It’s because you have the Dragon God’s bloodline along with both the Dragon God’s marrow and the Dragon God’s soul! Even though your Dragon God inheritance is not as complete as Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix inheritance, your body can still be considered a ‘body of the Dragon God’, so it is compatible with Feng Xue’er’s ‘body of the Phoenix God’!” Jasmine said calmly and sincerely, “Do you remember how Chu Yuechan, whose profound strength had been crippled and who was at death’s doorstep, recovered five years ago? It was only by relying on your Dragon God vital yang that her life was saved and her injuries were healed, and she even had a breakthrough in her profound strength!”

“Feng Xue’er, who possesses the ‘body of the Phoenix God’, is an extremely good training incubator for dual cultivation. The Phoenix vital yin in particular will cause her partner’s body, bloodline, and profound strength to be refined and become more powerful! You, who possesses the ‘body of the Dragon God’, also happen to be an extremely good training incubator for women practicing dual cultivation. Even though you lost your vital yang long ago and your Dragon God power is not as pure as Feng Xue’er’s phoenix power, the plane of the Dragon God’s power still surpasses that of the Phoenix. Not only will it not contaminate and clog up the Phoenix power that she has yet to fully awaken—it will actually speed up the rate of its awakening and give her an even stronger physique and lifeforce.”

“Presently, the power of your Golden Crow flames far surpasses that of your Phoenix flames because your Golden Crow bloodline is three times thicker than that of your Phoenix bloodline. The level of the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World also exceeds that of the World Ode of the Phoenix. However, if you acquire Feng Xue’er’s Phoenix vital yin and continue to have sexual intercourse with her on a regular basis, that situation may end up being completely reversed.”

“Ah, so it’s like that….” Yun Che’s fingers drummed against his chin and, as he digested the meaning of Jasmine’s words, his gaze became more and more intense.

“Ah, are you thinking of how to deceive Feng Xue’er so you can do whatever you want to her?” Jasmine asked in a low voice.

“Mn, after all, Xue’er is… Uh, no… I’m not, I’m definitely not!” Yun Che shook his head in a flustered manner before assuming an upright and moral stance. “Xue’er is an innocent and pure girl, so how I possibly bring myself to do such a… ah, harmful thing to her! Moreover, even if I really wanted to do something… I can’t win her in the first place.”

“Hmph.” Jasmine gave a cold smile filled with disdain. Yun Che might be able to deceive everyone else in this world, but he would never be able to trick Jasmine. She continued in a chilly voice, “If you are talking about strength, the Little Demon Empress is ten times stronger than the current Feng Xue’er! And, if you are talking about intelligence and experience, she is more than hundred times greater! If she wanted to kill you, it would be no different from crushing an ant. But, in the end, she was still harmed by the terrible lecher that you are… still harmed…”

Jasmine paused for a long time after that as she was simply unable to find the words that could describe the situation with the Little Demon Empress… After the Little Demon Empress and Yun Che got married, they had spent every single day completely engrossed in each other’s bodies and, under Yun Che’s “tutelage” and “guidance,” the Little Demon Empress, who possessed the greatest profound strength in this world and single-handedly ruled the Illusory Demon Realm, was manipulated to become even more wanton than the most debauched courtesan—only she herself remained unaware of it. She was even under the impression that these actions were something that a wife ought to be doing in the first place.

During that time, Jasmine spent every single day as red as an apple before she sealed both her senses of sight and hearing in frustration.

“Oh, I get it, I get it.” Yun Che’s eyebrows made an arch before he smiled merrily, “I’m actually not as great as you make me sound. For example, my master Jasmine practically wanted to kill me just because I hugged her once….”

“Get out!!”


A huge bang resonated in the center of Yun Che’s mind, shaking him so badly that the world seemed to go white.

After that, Jasmine refused to pay any more attention to him.

“Big Brother Yun!!”

Both Feng Xue’er and the Snow Phoenix flew down from above before landing in front of Yun Che. Feng Xue’er’s cheeks glowed a warm red as the purest and most flawless smile lit up on her face, “This place is even better than I had imagined it to be. It is practically like the heaven that my royal father spoke of… Big Brother Yun, you… your eyes are really weird... and your smile is strange too.”

“...” Yun Che swiftly masked the strangeness in his eyes and assumed a solemn expression before breaking out into a smile. “Because Xue’er is simply so beautiful that I became mesmerised by you without noticing.” He moved sideways and pointed to the west. “Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is approximately one hundred kilometers west of here. That is where you can really see the most beautiful sights in the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice.”

“Mn!” Feng Xue’er nodded her head vigorously and stretched out her tiny, white jade hand towards Yun Che. “Let Little White take us to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace then!”

Yun Che took Feng Xue’er’s hand and he leaped onto the back of the Snow Phoenix. They raced through the drifting snow and the icy winds, headed towards Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

Murong Qianxue, Jun Lianqie and the four others who had received the sound transmission long ago waited at the main entrance of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. When they saw the Snow Phoenix flying in the distance, their beautiful eyes lit up with delight as they flew out to greet them…. Even though Yun Che had only been the master of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace for a short month, he had already saved them from disaster twice over. His power, charisma, sense of responsibility, and wholehearted benevolence made these ladies of snow and ice feel deep admiration for him, not at all repulsed by his position as a male Palace Master. The outcome of events between him and the Divine Phoenix Sect had long ago spread far and wide, causing the entire sect to be filled with even more joy and pride.

Stalks of exotic flowers and rare herbs that looked like icicles bloomed all around Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. They flickered with a crystalline luminescence and were unimaginably enchanting, causing Feng Xue’er to cry out in delight and wonder. These strange flowers and herbs were nurtured by the purest ice energy. Completely unblemished, they seemed to resemble Feng Xue’er who was also pure and flawless.

Yun Che held Feng Xue’er’s hand as they both flew down the back of the Snow Phoenix. They landed in front of Murong Qianxue, Mu Lanyi, Jun Lianqie, Chu Yueli, Feng Hanyue, and Feng Hanxue. “My fellow Senior Masters and Junior Masters, I have returned.”

“We welcome the Palace Master.” Murong Qianxue said as she came forward. She looked at Feng Xue’er who was at Yun Che’s side and her beautiful eyes were filled with deep shock. “Palace Master, who is the girl at your side?”

“Ah, she’s really pretty.” Feng Hanyue’s lips parted and a small cry of surprise escaped from within.

“Mn… I really want to hug her too.” Feng Hanxue said, nodding her head in approval as she stared at Feng Xue’er without blinking.

They had all come for the sake of welcoming Yun Che back but now all of their attention was focused on Feng Xue’er. Her charming appearance was something that even these ladies of snow and ice could not help but gasp at in a daze.

Feng Xue’er curtsied as she spoke in a soft, gentle voice, “Divine Phoenix Sect’s Feng Xue’er greets the Senior Masters and Junior Masters of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”

Even though the girls in front of her all seemed close to her in age and could at most be called older sisters, since Yun Che had called them Senior Masters and Junior Masters, she had to follow suit.

“Divine Phoenix Sect’s…” This name caused Murong Qianxue and the rest of them to immediately become startled. Besides the Four Sacred Grounds, this was the number one sect in the Profound Sky Continent, a supreme existence that all of the sects within the Seven Nations could only gaze at from below. Immediately, all of them let out a startled cry at the same time. “Princess Snow!?”

“Yup.” Yun Che said bluntly as he nodded his head, “In the coming months, I will remain here and Xue’er will be staying here with me as well. I will put in all my effort into ensuring that the profound strength of all the Senior Masters and Junior Masters, and even the profound strength of all of the Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters, rises by at least an entire realm.”

Yun Che’s words shifted their focus from Feng Xue’er back to him. Yun Che had said the same thing before he left for the Divine Phoenix Sect and, right this moment, he said it again. Yet those words still managed to stun them completely. Chu Yueli said in a soft voice, “Palace Master… are you really capable of that?”

It was not that they did not believe Yun Che. The words that he spoke were simply inconceivable. Even the Four Sacred Grounds that had lorded over the realm for ten thousand years were definitely not able to perform such a feat.

Yun Che smiled with confidence as he replied, “Even though I do not dare to guarantee that mistakes won’t be made, I am certain that I will accomplish at least ninety percent of what I set out to do. Senior Master Murong, I will have to trouble you to inform all the Senior Sister and Junior Sisters of my return and what I have just said so that they can prepare themselves. From today onwards, they must stop all of their profound energy cultivation. Instead, they should focus on using the Frozen Heart Art to calm their hearts and stabilize their internal energy.”

“Also, please help prepare an ice pavilion for Xue’er. The closer it is to mine, the better.” Yun Che said calmly and righteously.

“Understood… Palace Master, do we need to convene a grand meeting for our sect?” Murong Qianxue asked.

“No, there is no need to but I request that all the Senior Masters and Junior Masters immediately use the Frozen Heart Art to stabilize their internal energy. Four hours from now I will be waiting for the six Senior and Junior Masters at Frozen End Divine Hall.”

Yun Che’s words made it clear that he was going to start helping them raise their profound strength from today onwards… and it was going to be an increase of one entire realm!

Their hearts and souls throbbed and they found it hard to keep calm. Three years ago, after Yun Che had opened all of their Profound Entrances, the six of them immediately saw their profound strength increase by leaps and bounds. All of them entered the Emperor Profound Realm and Murong Qianxue, who was the strongest among them, had even reached the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm. If their profound strength really increased by an entire realm, it would mean that all six of them would become Overlords…

The Tyrant Profound Realm, a realm that they had never even dared to dream of before. It was also a legendary realm that no one had ever entered in the history of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

They had no way of knowing what would happen four hours from now They also could not imagine what kind of method would allow a Throne to directly transcend boundaries and transform into an Overlord in a short period of time.

Under Yun Che’s instructions, the Frozen Cloud Seven Fairies returned to their cultivation ice pavilions and used the Frozen Heart Art to stabilize their internal energy.

Yun Che continued to hold Feng Xue’er’s hand and, even when they were in front of Murong Qianxue and the others, he had not let go. After they left, Yun Che brought her towards the main gate. “Xue’er, the interior of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace is also very beautiful. There are many exotic flowers and rare herbs within that you won’t be able to see elsewhere. The walls, rooms, and ice lanterns… all of them are made from snow and ice. There are also ice corals of different shapes and sizes. Right, there is also an icy pool that refuses to freeze even in place as cold as this! You will definitely like it here.”

“Before, even when I looked at it from far away, I already felt that it was so pretty. I wish that I could stay in such a place forever just to wake up to this sight every day.” Feng Xue’er said in a voice filled with anticipation.

“I happen to be the Palace Master of this place! Xue’er can naturally come whenever she wants to, but the cold energy in this place may slightly affect the awakening of your Phoenix power.” Yun Che said as he faintly smiled. Cold directly opposed the nature of Phoenix flames. Given Feng Xue’er’s level of strength, however, any negative side effects would be very faint.

“That doesn’t matter at all!” Feng Xue’er said as she laughed, looking as if she did not have a single care in the world before she asking curiously. “Oh, right. The six Senior and Junior Masters from earlier all have a profound strength at the Emperor Profound Realm. If their strength was able to increase by one entire realm, then they would enter the Tyrant Profound Realm… does such an awesome method really exist?”

“We will need to use this.” Yun Che opened his hand upwards. In the center of his palm lay an Overlord Pellet that he had refined the night before.

After he had retrieved the forty-nine different ingredients from the Black Moon Merchant Guild the day before, Yun Che used the Sky Poison Pearl to refine all of them and, in the end, he had managed to refine a full three thousand Overlord Pellets. The entire process had only taken less than a quarter of an hour.

The value of the Overlord Pellet could clearly be measured from the reactions it got from the Illusory Demon Realm’s Twelve Guardian Families and the Profound Sky Continent’s Zi Ji. Zi Ji was someone who stood at the highest pinnacle of the Profound Sky Continent and his appraisal of the Overlord Pellet was simply that “one pellet would be able to astound the world”. Right now, in Yun Che’s possession, there were thousands of them… and every single one of them was of the highest quality without exception.

Yun Che had no doubt that, within the Profound Sky Continent, these three thousand Overlord Pellets would definitely be called a “violation of natural order”. When further supplemented by Yun Che’s abilities, Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, which could only be viewed as a middling sect in the Profound Sky continent, would transform into one of the supreme sects within the Profound Sky Continent in the span of a few short months!!

This short time would be equivalent to other sects' foundation and accumulation over the course of several thousand years!!

Moreover, the Sky Poison Pearl, which was ranked among Heavenly Profound Treasures, was already considered a heaven defying artifact. It was natural that it could easily produce such items which "violated the natural order". This was the single best way that Yun Che could think of in order to raise the power of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace in the shortest amount of time.

Feng Xue’er used her fingers to pick up the Overlord Pellet and, after she used her profound energy to lightly probe it, astonishment flooded her face. “Ah! What a powerful medicine. It is even more powerful than the most precious medicine within my family, the Rising Phoenix Pellet. Furthermore… it feels like it is very hard to control the medicinal strength of this medicine. Just how are we going to use this to raise profound strength… Well, since Brother Yun said that it could, then it will definitely be able to.”

“You will know when the time comes. Let’s go, I’ll bring you on a tour around Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.”


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