Chapter 727 - Kneel of the Divine Maiden

Chapter 727 - Kneel of the Divine Maiden

“Just about a month ago, we have finished mining all of the Purple Crystal mines, used hundreds of spatial rings to transport it secretly back to Phoenix City, and it is hidden within the forbidden grounds. Once everything is settled, we can start the refining process. The two hundred thousand army would still remain there and continue to behave the same way as before. This is to continue to confuse the Four Great Sacred Grounds, and to attract their attention,” Feng Hengkong said without evading anything. He had a feeling a long time ago that Yun Che’s eyes seem to be able to see through any lies.

“Is that so? Then congratulations that this laboring ‘great plan’ of yours was successfully carried out!” Yun Che scoffed and said.

“Hmph, since I dared to say it out loud, I am naturally prepared. Once our sect finish refining the Purple Veined Divine Crystals, we will gift five kilograms to the Blue Wind Imperial Family!” Feng Hengkong said coldly. To a small nation like Blue Wind, forget about five kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal, the past generations of emperors probably had not even seen a real Purple Veined Divine Crystal. Just Purple Veined Heaven Crystals would be considered as supreme sacred item.

“Five kilograms? Hahahaha!” Yun Che laughed loudly, “These are suppose to belong to our Blue Wind Nation, and the Phoenix Sect Master actually returned as much as five kilograms, such generosity.”

“You…” Feng Hengkong’s whole face showed anger, but just as he was about to return the favor, he saw Feng Xue’er’s eyes, and he swallowed the words that he was about to say. He held his breath, and said in a low voice, “Seven and a half kilograms… This is already my limit.”

“No need, I don’t care for it. You can save it and enjoy it yourselves!”

Yun Che clearly showed disdain on his face. He showed no sign of interest towards the “Purple Veined Divine Crystal” that Feng Hengkong was speaking of, and didn’t even seem to be joking at all. This instantly startled Feng Hengkong… Purple Veined Divine Crystals were the highest, most divine existence in Profound Sky Continent, and it was a sacred item that every profound practitioner desire in their dreams. When he told the truth, he was already prepared to be “extorted” by Yun Che, but he absolutely did not expect that there was actually someone who could resist the temptation of Purple Veined Divine Crystals with contempt.

“But I want to advise Phoenix Sect Master something… You should be careful of another ‘Feng Feiyan’ appearing among the people who know about the Purple Crystal mine!” Yun Che said mockingly.

“I wouldn’t be stupid enough to allow something like this to happen a second time, you don’t have to worry about it.” Feng Hengkong responded coldly. Obviously, he was extremely confident about this matter, because the people within the sect who knew about the Purple Crystal mine were all truly his “trusted subordinates”. Besides himself, Feng Ximing, and Feng Tianwei of the sect master bloodline, the memories of other people who knew of the existence of the Purple Crystal mine were all caged just like Feng Huwei. They could not use any method to tell, write, or transmit it, and if they were soul searched, those memories would disperse immediately.

It was also precisely because of the lesson learned from Feng Feiyan that the Divine Phoenix Sect choose to use such extreme measure.

“I also have something to remind you of,” Feng Hengkong continued speaking, “The reason that things went so smoothly at Floating Cloud City was all thanks to a weirdo called Fen Juechen. He attracted more than ninety percent of focus away from us! And it was said that the reason that he appeared in Floating Cloud City was to kill you! He must already know the news that you’re still alive by now. When the time comes, you’d better not die!”

Yun Che, “...”

“Ah? He wants to kill Big Brother Yun?” Feng Xue’er jumped, but she immediately smiled and comforted, “No problem, Big Brother Yun is so strong, he wouldn’t be in danger for sure. Xue’er will also work hard to protect Big Brother Yun.”

“Xue’er, you… sigh,” Feng Hengkong’s eyebrows twitched, and felt gloomy.

Earlier when Feng Xue’er just appeared, Jasmine had told Yun Che right away that Feng Xue’er’s profound strength now had already reached the eighth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, even surpassing Feng Tianwei. If Feng Xue’er really protected him by his side, it would basically be impossible for Fen Juechen to kill him.

The commotion that Yun Che had caused in Divine Phoenix Nation these days had been all over Blue Wind Imperial City already. Yesterday, when Yun Che sent a sound transmission saying that he would return in the evening today with Feng Hengkong and Princess Snow, Cang Yue was so excited that she didn’t sleep all night. She had been waiting in the Monarch Great Hall since after noon today.

Even though she trust Yun Che indefinitely, she was still worried the whole time during the days of which Yun Che was in Divine Phoenix Nation.

Her greatest desire was for Yun Che to return safely. Compared to that, the results didn’t seem to be that important.

The sky darkened, and dusk had fallen. A large profound ark appeared above Blue Wind Imperial City like a scarlet-red flame, and it caused an uproar in the city. The Divine Phoenix Ark stopped right above the Imperial Palace and landed slowly. Because it was too large, it didn’t land on the ground and instead it floated in midair as the profound aura surrounding it raised fierce currents of hot wind.

“That is the… Divine Phoenix Ark?” Qin Wushang, who had rushed here with Cang Yue, said with his face full of surprise when he saw the enormous object releasing a pressuring heat aura. Blue Wind Nation already had extremely few profound arks, and this was the first time in his life that he saw a profound ark with such momentum.

“That’s right.” Dongfang Xiu nodded slowly, “Back then when I accompanied the previous emperor to the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament, I was lucky to have seen it once.”

“Your majesty said Yun Che, Feng Hengkong, and the legendary Princess Snow are arriving on the Divine Phoenix Ark, and there is not a fourth person… Is that true?” Qin Wushang said in a low voice and his expression showed doubt. The news that came from Divine Phoenix these days said that Yun Che made a huge ruckus in Phoenix City, destroyed the Phoenix God Sculpture, and killed several princes. It was no question that he had antagonized the Divine Phoenix Sect to the point of being absolutely irreconcilable, and only death could put an end to this… Yet yesterday, he suddenly sent a sound transmission like this to Cang Yue.

Even though the message was sent by Yun Che himself and was told by Cang Yue herself, almost no one believed that Feng Hengkong would bring only Princess Snow to follow Yun Che here. He was the emperor of Divine Phoenix, the Phoenix Sect Master, an existence that was the noblest and unparalleled of the Profound Sky’s Seven Nations. Even if he was to head to the weakest Blue Wind that was shrouded by disaster, he shouldn’t be this alone.

“Master told me what the Divine Phoenix Ark looked like, it can’t be wrong! Brother-in-law!” Xia Yuanba’s face was full of excitement. He was about to rush over watching the Divine Phoenix Ark that was stopping.

Number One Under Heaven grabbed him, “Don’t go near yet, lest something unexpected happens.”

“That’s right… Yuanba, it is said that Feng Hengkong’s profound strength is at the peak of Tyrant Profound Realm. If something unexpected happened, only you can protect her majesty,” Qin Wushang reminded in a low voice.

“I understand,” Xia Yuanba nodded. He kept a ten step distance from Cang Yue and stopped acting rashly.

When the door of the Divine Phoenix Ark opened, Yun Che was the first one to walk out before slowly landing. Seeing that Yun Che was safe and sound, Cang Yue’s bright eyes flickered with infinite joy. She couldn’t care for the occasion or even her own identity as she moved towards him with her Phoenix robe fluttering, “Husband, you’re back.”

“Mn.” Yun Che held onto Cang Yue’s hand, and then turned over and said, “The ‘esteemed guest’ that I mentioned in the sound transmission is also here already.”

Under the ark’s door which had yet to be closed, a silhouette of a man in scarlet clothes appeared. Feng Hengkong came out of the ark’s door, but he didn’t land immediately, instead he looked around and smelled the smoke in the air.

His dignity as an emperor and his boundless aura was null to Yun Che, but that did not mean it did not affect the others. The moment his silhouette appeared, everyone’s sight uncontrollably fell on him, but they absolutely didn’t dare to look at his eyes; even their breathing and heart beat were stopped at that instant. Their chests and souls seemed to be pressed down by an iron plate as they trembled in fear under the pressure.

“The emperor… of Divine Phoenix!” Without needing Yun Che’s explanation, the heavy and extremely prestigious aura made everyone instantly sure of his identity. An aloof profound strength, aloof position, aloof identity… Under this scarlet clothed man’s gaze and pressure, even people like Dongfang Xiu who was at the peak plane of Blue Wind Nation felt a strong inferiority.

“Yuanba, stay alert at all times,” Dongfang Xiu said in a low voice. Even though he was the Palace Chief of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, he clearly felt like a tiny ant in front of Divine Phoenix’s emperor and Phoenix Sect Master.

None of them knew what exactly happened at Divine Phoenix, and they didn’t know at all why Feng Hengkong was here, so every single one of them were tensed and their backs were soaked with cold sweat.

“He is the emperor of Divine Phoenix, Feng Hengkong.” Yun Che said to Cang Yue, “Don’t worry, he is here as a sinner and won’t do anything to harm us.”

Feng Hengkong’s body sank from midair and landed in front of Yun Che and Cang Yue. From the moment he showed up, the smile on Cang Yue’s has completely frozen, and the hand that was held in Yun Che’s palms also tightened suddenly. She was trying her best to restrain… and restrain… but her body was still shaking uncontrollably. Contained within her beautiful eyes was a hatred so deep, it had engraved itself into her bones and even the depths of her soul.

He was the one who killed her father! Trampled her homeland and citizens… made Blue Wind fall into a hell-like three years! Who also made her suffer through three years of nightmare!

Even though her hatred could fill the sky and earth, her opponent was the overly powered Divine Phoenix, so she never had the extravagant hope that she’ll have the chance to revenge, never thought she’ll see Feng Hengkong, or even one day be able to face the culprit of everything directly…

Cang Yue’s tiny hands turned cold really fast, and Yun Che could clearly feel the shivering of fear from her body and the tremble in her breaths. Yun Che held her hand even tighter and told her that he was right there by her side.

Facing Cang Yue who had lost control of her emotions voice, Feng Hengkong still did not open his mouth, and his aura didn’t decrease at all. Yun Che said lightly, “Feng Hengkong, this is the Imperial Palace of Blue Wind Nation! The one in front of you is the current sovereign of Blue Wind Nation! You haven’t forgotten what you’re here to do, right?”

“Hmph!” Feng Hengkong scoffed softly, “I am here now, and there is not a single guard or elder with me, so how could you possible give us a way out? Empress Cang Yue, I know that I have caused your Blue Wind Nation to suffer from calamity these three years, the entire nation was in chaos, and out of everyone in Blue Wind Nation, you are definitely the one who hates me to the bones. Your royal father was assassinated under a direct order from me! Say however you would like for me to atone for my sins, we will absolutely not twitch at all!!”

Even though Feng Hengkong had already clearly stated that he was here to atone for his sins, his tone and attitude were incredibly aggressive. After all, he was the emperor of the Divine Phoenix. In his eyes, or even to the most ordinary commoner in the Divine Phoenix Nation, Blue Wind Nation was an inferior land, and it has been like this since thousand of years ago when Blue Wind Nation was founded. He could acknowledge the fault and atone for his sin, but he would not show weakness! Because the reason why things developed this way was only because of Yun Che, and not the Blue Wind Imperial Family!

“Divine Phoenix’s emperor… Phoenix Sect Master… Feng Hengkong…” Cang Yue’s face was slightly pale. She kept enough calm and an monarch’s dignity in her expression and voice, but the hatred that was flicking in her beautiful eyes couldn’t be suppressed no matter what, “In these thousand years, my Blue Wind Imperial Family has always been respectful towards your Divine Phoenix, but you actually harmed my Blue Wind in this way… I want you to give me, give my Blue Wind a reason first!!”

Feng Hengkong looked away, assuming an unresponsive posture.

“He is… Divine Phoenix’s… dog emperor!” Behind the crowd, the commander-in-chief of the Blue Wind Army Feng Yunlie grabbed the handle of his sword. His face was completely red with malice and the rushing rage and hatred made more than a dozen wounds on his face seem to burst open… Because of this person, the blood of so many brothers were spilled on the battlefield!!

“Don’t be rash, not only is he the emperor of the Divine Phoenix, he is also the sect master of the Divine Phoenix Sect. Even if there’s ten thousand of you, you won’t be able to hurt a single hair of his,” said Qin Wushang as he looked away.

With a soft “clang,” Feng Yunlie pulled out three inches of his steel blade. He stared at Feng Hengkong, gritted his teeth and said harshly, “The dream that I’ve had the most was when I see this dog emperor, and personally cut him into one thousand eight hundred pieces myself! Now that this dog emperor is right before my eyes, even if he is ten thousand times stronger, I… I… I… wha… whoa…”

It was as if a large hammer suddenly slammed onto Feng Yunlie’s head. His expression that was filled with hatred and his eyes that was gazing forward suddenly became sluggish; even the voice from his mouth slowly became drifty as if he was sleep talking.

Not only Feng Yunlie, but everyone’s expressions and eyes all suddenly become sluggish and hazy at this moment.

Because within their sights, a beautiful, fantasy-like scenery appeared.

A young girl in scarlet clothing landed slowly from the Divine Phoenix Ark. The scarlet color on her Phoenix robes were even richer than Feng Hengkong’s, and the gold color was even more noble, more eye-catching Feng Hengkong’s. When everyone looked towards her, their heart and soul turned like violent waves. Because that was a face and charm that was so beautiful, it was indescribable. The second their gaze fell, their whole person seemed to have instantly fallen into a fantastical dream as they witnessed a young girl walk out from that fantasy…

Feng Xue’er landed softly and walked over slowly. In the past, she would appear occasionally in the sect, but she would be wearing her phoenix jade-glazed coronet and wouldn’t reveal her face. But today, she was here with a pure, guilty, and sincere heart to atone for her sins, and she also got rid of the mask that she used to always wear.

Cang Yue, who was facing Feng Xue’er directly, was also completely stunned. The girl in front of her was so beautiful that it was as if she was a divine maiden who had walked out from heaven, causing people to not dare believe that she would actually appear in the mortal world. As a fellow woman, when she saw Feng Xue’er, her entire soul, willpower, beliefs were all uncontrollably lost; even the burst of hatred towards Feng Hengkong was completely forgotten.

“In this world, there is actually someone whose beauty… can beat Xia Qingyue…” Cang Yue mumbled absentmindedly, and almost forgot Feng Hengkong’s existence.

When Cang Yue was looking at Feng Xue’er, Feng Xue’er was sizing her up as well, and even saw her attachment towards Yun Che from her movements. She walked to Feng Hengkong’s side, stopped, and said softly, “Divine Phoenix’s royal princess Feng Xue’er, greets Empress Cang Yue…”

Her celestial voice was as soft as the wind as it breezed across everyone’s hearts, making all those present feel like their souls were being purified. Feng Xue’er’s head was slightly lowered, and her knees slowly bended…

“Xue’er… What are you doing!!” Feng Xue’er’s actions shocked Feng Hengkong. He yelled loudly, and he even reached out his palm in lightning speed and grabbed onto Feng Xue’er’s shoulders.

However, after her Phoenix soul awakened, Feng Xue’er had the profound strength that could even defeat Feng Tianwei easily; how could Feng Hengkong’s strength be enough to stop her? In Feng Hengkong’s pupils that were enlarged to their largest, Feng Xue’er faced Cang Yue. Her knees touched the ground as she kneeled down properly.

“Xue’er! What are you doing! Get up now… get up! There is no one qualified in this world for you to kneel down to!! Xue’er!!” Feng Hengkong dragged Feng Xue’er’s arms, wanting to pull her up, but despite using all of the strength in his body and the voice in his throat already becoming hoarse, he couldn’t move Feng Xue’er’s body even a little bit.

“There is no one qualified for you to kneel to in this world,” What Feng Hengkong had said was not exaggerated at all. Because not only was she the only princess of Divine Phoenix Empire and Divine Phoenix Sect, she was the future “god” of the Divine Phoenix Sect! Not only that, she was the only one in the entire Profound Sky Continent to have accepted the complete legacy of a divine spirit. She was the person who posessed the most noble of bloodlines, and was the person closest to being a “god”!

When she fully matured, her power would surpass the Saint Emperor, Sovereign of the Seas, Heavenly Monarch and the Sword Master, the four unparalleled Sacred Ground’s masters. The divine bloodline that she possessed was something that others would not be able to get no matter how long they worked or how bountiful their resources were.

So, after the Phoenix God disappeared, there really wasn’t a more noble existence on the Profound Sky Continent than her.

As the emperor of the Divine Phoenix, all fourteen of Feng Hengkong’s sons needed to greet him everyday with bended knees. But all these years, he had never let Feng Xue’er kneel before him. Even if Feng Xue’er wanted to, he wouldn’t allow it, or it could be said that he didn’t dare to accept it.

But now, she kneeled down… in front of the emperor of a lowly nation like Blue Wind.

The emperor of Blue Wind… for the longest time was someone that even the lowest level of the Divine Phoenix disciples would slant their eyes to despise, or even not care for at all.

Her kneeling down had already become a fact; Feng Hengkong couldn’t stop it, and couldn’t even make her stand up. After a long moment of panicking, he sighed in sorrow… How could Feng Xue’er not know that she herself was the second Phoenix God of the Divine Phoenix Sect, and how could she not know the nobleness of her bloodline and identity? However, she still kneeled down in front of the emperor of the small, tiny Blue Wind Nation… all to get him, the father to atone for his sins!

His pressuring aura from before was gone completely, Feng Hengkong’s face was twitching... In the end, the blood debt and sin that he caused was being bore and redempt by Feng Xue’er and him together. This deep regret made this high and mighty emperor of a hundred years can’t help but want to weep loudly.


Feng Hengkong’s knees fell onto the ground heavily… In his whole life, he had only kneeled down to the Phoenix God, to his birth parents, and at this moment, he kneeled down heavily in front of Cang Yue. Seeing Feng Xue’er kneeled down to atone for his sins, how could he deserve to support his dignity as an emperor?

“Divine Phoenix’s emperor Feng Hengkong, for one's own selfish desire, acted disregarding all dissent and stopped at nothing, trampling down the people of Blue Wind as blood flowed in rivers. The sins are most heinous, have aroused great fury from both men and gods, and cannot be forgiven... Today I've only come to ask for Blue Wind's emperor to denounce my sins; even if Blue Wind wishes to take my life, I shall have no complaints nor regrets!”

Feng Hengkong kept his head low, and said these words that he never thought he would say in his life word by word.

The entire Blue Wind Imperial Palace was so silent that if a needle could be heard if it fell. Xia Yuanba, Dongfang Xiu, Qin Wushang, Feng Yunlie and the others were all stunned on the spot; their brains had completely shut down and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing.

Cang Yue was also stunned in place and didn’t know what to do for a moment. Yun Che reached out his hand to Feng Xue’er, but once he took a step forward, he slowly stepped back… He knew that this was too hard on Feng Xue’er. Like Feng Hengkong had yelled, there was no one qualified in this world to make her kneel, not even Feng Xue’er’s father, Feng Hengkong.

But perhaps this could make Feng Xue’er feel a bit better in her heart.

Her soul was too pure and good. When she found out the truth about everything, the sin and blood debt that Feng Hengkong carried heavily pressured onto her soul. During the two day one night journey on the Divine Phoenix Ark, he continuously felt a faint aura of pressure caused by guilt on Feng Xue’er.

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