Chapter 709 - Trembling Divine Phoenix Sect

Chapter 709 - Trembling Divine Phoenix Sect

When Yun Che made a huge ruckus in Divine Phoenix Sect these past few days, he had always relied on his peerless and absolute speed, so naturally, the Divine Phoenix Sect unconsciously believed that Yun Che’s strength was merely speed itself; he would not have the guts, nor even the qualifications to directly confront them. But today, Feng Yunzhi was blasted to death with a single punch, and now, they could only stare blankly as the combined attacks of three great elders were… directly smashed into six pieces with a single slash by Yun Che!

As though they were being swept away by strong winds, the dilapidated corpses flew off to the distance, drawing six trails of blood that were several tens of meters long in the air.

At that moment, all of the Phoenix disciples’ eyes were seemingly close to fragmenting out of shock, while the Phoenix Elders, whom had come together at full speed to surround him, were even more astonished, as though their souls had left their bodies… They were not just some run-of-the-mill cats and dogs, nor were they regular disciples of the Divine Phoenix Sect. They were Phoenix Elders who held great authority in the entire sect, standing at the peak of the seven nations in the Sky Profound Continent; the might of one of them alone was enough to shake the world!

Yet, with just a single exchange, under a single swing of Yun Che’s sword, they were slashed apart like they were three pieces of decayed deadwood...

No matter how absurd their dreams could be, this was a scene that would have never possibly occurred in their mind… But currently, it was being vividly displayed right before their eyes.

While everyone was shrinking back from the shock, only Feng Hengkong, who seemed to have lost his rationality, did not reduce his speed in the slightest as he charged straight towards Yun Che. When Yun Che’s figure reflected in his scarlet red eyes, he let out an incomparably resentful roar as the flames surrounding his entire body gathered in his right arm, carrying matchless might that could twist space itself. He struck towards Yun Che’s head as he roared, “Yun Che!! We want you dead!!”

“Sect Master, watch out!!”

The crowd of Phoenix Elders were greatly astonished. The scene of three Phoenix Elders being smashed to death with just one of Yun Che’s slash was demonstrated before their eyes, and even if they could not believe what they had just witnessed, they still understood the terrifying strength one had to possess to achieve such a feat. Although Feng Hengkong’s profound strength was at the tenth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, stronger than any single one of the three Phoenix Elders whom Yun Che had killed, his strength was definitely still incomparable to the combined strength of the three Phoenix Elders. With the terrifying strength that Yun Che exploded forth earlier, if he was determined to deal a ruthless blow, then the outcome would certainly be disastrous.

Facing Feng Hengkong’s Phoenix flames, Yun Che revealed a cold smile… Three years ago, Feng Hengkong’s strength was an existence which he could not even hope to look up to. But as of today, the level of strength between the two of them... could be said to have completely flipped.

Yun Che traversed his heavy sword to the back with his left hand. As Phoenix flames burned on his right arm, he smashed straight towards Feng Hengkong… with the exact same movement as Feng Hengkong’s, and the exact same Phoenix flames as Feng Hengkong’s. However, his expression was much more relaxed than Feng Hengkong’s, and even the corner of his lips revealed a touch of heartless contempt. “With just you alone… you’re still unqualified.”

With a loud explosion, the surrounding space violently collapsed within the fumbling waves of flames, as though a volcano had erupted in midair. At the very center where the ocean of fire exploded forth, an incomparably clear crackling sound rang. The arm that Feng Hengkong threw out, under the intense charging force, instantly twisted to the back. In the next instant, his bones shattered directly from the center. An even stronger aftershock followed after, striking straight at his chest. Feng Hengkong’s Phoenix Armor was instantly disintegrated into dust, and his entire body was sent flying away like a cannon ball.

“Sect Master!!”

Several Phoenix Elders hurriedly charged forward to receive Feng Hengkong. In the moment the arms of the person who caught Feng Hengkong upfront made contact with him, before he could even heave a sigh of relief, his expression gravely changed… The immense force that was transmitted to his arms had completely surpassed his expectations. In an instant, his arms were blown away as Feng Hengkong’s body ruthlessly smashed into his chest… A crackling sound echoed out as a large portion of his breastbone shattered and sank, and a large mist of blood sprayed onto Feng Hengkong’s body. The two people stuck together and ruthlessly crashed onto the ground. Under the earth-shattering exploding noise, a large crater thirty meters deep was formed.

This scene made all of the rushing Phoenix Elders to vehemently suck in a cold breath.

Yun Che had already grabbed onto the Heaven Smiting Sword and descended from the skies, aiming straight at Feng Hengkong. At this moment, a loud roar came from the right, “Don’t even think about harming my Sect Master!!”

Second Elder Feng Feiran wielded his Phoenix Sword, and with a speed that transcended his limits, he charged towards Yun Che. Under his great astonishment and fear, the Phoenix flames burning from his entire body surged to the extreme… He wasn’t charging towards Yun Che, but to where Feng Hengkong was. He desperately charged to arrive in front of Feng Hengkong before Yun Che could. But at this moment, the trajectory of Yun Che’s figure suddenly twisted. Yun Che, who was charging towards Feng Hengkong earlier, with twice his former speed, was now suddenly charging towards Feng Feiran.

Feng Feiran, who simply wanted to protect Feng Hengkong with all his heart, had never expected that Yun Che would drop the opportunity to heavily injure or kidnap Feng Hengkong and suddenly change the target of his attack. In addition to his lightning-like speed… the instant Feng Feiran’s pupils shrank, the only action he was able to make in time was to move the Phoenix sword in his hands a centimeter towards his chest...


The sound of a physical body being torn apart reverberated in the skies above Divine Phoenix Sect. With the Heaven Smiting Sword, Feng Feiran’s body, which possessed the protection of profound energy of the Ninth Level of Tyrant Profound Realm, was instantly pierced through like a fragile piece of leather. Under the terrifying force brought by the Heaven Smiting Sword, the blood that splurged out of his body scattered several kilometers away.


Feng Feiran made his final sound; his fading vision was fixated on Yun Che’s cold expression and the gigantic crimson red sword which penetrated his body. His eyes did not carry any hatred, but only exceedingly deep astonishment and disbelief, as though he was residing within a dream… He could not believe, that he, the number two elder of Divine Phoenix Sect, would actually die just like this… And the person who killed him... was actually just a youth who was merely twenty-two years old...

Furthermore, he couldn’t believe that, the strength Yun Che had unleashed, which instantly pierced his body… was actually powerful to the point where… it had completely broken through the limits of the Tyrant Profound Realm!!

“Second… Second Elder…” The eyes of all who had witnessed everything were all shrinking tremendously. Even their shouts were trembling as though they were within a cold gust of wind.

“Heh…” Looking at the many faces that looked as though they had seen a ghost or a god, Yun Che let out a bland, cold laugh. The Golden Crow flames blazed on his body as the Heaven Smiting Sword was swung fiercely downwards...

“Burning Sun Rupture!!”

A fireball, not even three meters long, blazed above the Heaven Smiting Sword, and with a light swing, Yun Che threw it downwards along with Feng Feiran’s corpse.


The fireball, which looked inconspicuous even to the eyes of the most regular Phoenix disciples, had, however, burst into a catastrophic sea of flames the instant it landed, engulfing several tens of Phoenix disciples within it. In an instant… In a mere instant, these Phoenix disciples were burnt off with no traces left behind, unable to even utter a single sound or scream before their deaths.

Nightmarish scenes followed one after another… This was truly a nightmare. Back then, they were exasperated at how Yun Che escaped with his extreme speed. But today, they finally understood that him running away... was simply his bestowal of heavenly grace and mercy. After witnessing Yun Che’s heaven-defying speed, they finally experienced Yun Che’s current strength… which was completely no less terrifying than his speed.

The present Phoenix Elders had all charged to Feng Hengkong’s side. Several tens of elders were gathered in a single place, yet it did not give them the slightest sense of security. Every single one of their pupils were intensely shrinking and enlarging, and not even a single one of them dared to charge towards Yun Che.

Yun Che’s gaze turned around at this moment, and the bodies of the Phoenix Elders trembled intensely at the same instant. However, Yun Che did not charge down once again. He lightly furrowed his brows, and coldly looked at Feng Hengkong who was at the center of the large crater. Feng Hengkong’s face had already distorted to an incomparable extent, “Feng Hengkong, you truly have to thank the heavens for bestowing you with a good daughter… You’re simply unfit to be her father though. If it weren't for Xue'er, I would have crippled all of your limbs even if I spared your life today.

“Though you have already foolishly wasted the three opportunities that I have bestowed you, on Xue’er’s behalf, I will still continue to give you chances. Of course you can still continue to waste them. However, the consequences of wasting chances, will only become more severe… Allow me to look forward to tomorrow with great expectations, hahahahaha!!”

Amidst the loud laughter, Yun Che rose into the sky, and in a blink of an eye, his figure was enveloped by the clouds.

Following Yun Che’s departure, the nightmare seemed to have ceased for the time being. However, the tremor felt by the Divine Phoenix Sect was still unable to stop even after a long time.

“Royal Father, are you alright?”

“Sect Master…”

Feng Hengkong’s arm was shattered and blood flowed from the corner of his lips, but the damage he suffered on his entire body was not severe. Instead, it was the Phoenix Elder who caught him that was unconscious from heavy injuries. Everyone present could see that this was clearly Yun Che showing mercy, otherwise, he could have possibly taken Feng Hengkong’s life immediately.

With listless eyes, Feng Hengkong gazed towards the sky as his lips severely trembled, “Impossible… How could this possibly be his strength… Impossible… This is impossible…”

Feng Hengkong’s words were everyone’s sorrowful chant as well. Three years ago, even though Yun Che’s performance had shocked the seven nations, but at the utmost limit, it was merely at the late levels of the Emperor Profound Realm. Though he was a peerless-like existence among the young generation, in front of the almighty Phoenix Elders, he was merely an ant that could be killed with a casual flick of a finger.

Since then, a total of three years had passed… Merely three years had passed!!

Blasting Feng Yunzhi to death with a single fist, smashing apart three Phoenix Elders with a single swing of his sword, heavily injuring Feng Hengkong and a Phoenix Elder with a single strike, and even slaughtering Feng Feiran, ranked number two among the Phoenix Elders, with a single sword strike. This was strength that required at least the power of a half-step Monarch… or even possibly an existence who had already stepped into the Sovereign Profound Realm!

With three years worth of time, how could there possibly be… a heaven-defying growth that completely went against all logic!?

“Impossible… Impossible!!!”

Feng Hengkong lamented, and then he fiercely puked out a large mouthful of fresh blood. His face turned deathly pale as he fell to the ground.

“Sect Master!!”

“Royal Father!!!”

In response to Feng Hengkong were merely mournful cries.


Several hundred meters below Phoenix City, in an absolute forbidden ground that even princes and Phoenix Elders could not casually approach.

The place was surrounded by flames, forming what seemed to be a boundless blazing sea. Furthermore, all the flames were not ordinary profound flames, but incomparably hot Phoenix flames.

At this moment, footsteps, which sounded a little heavy, reverberated within this Phoenix flames-filled forbidden ground. Following after, the light from the swaying flames revealed Feng Hengkong’s face. As the Divine Phoenix Emperor, he, who would usually hold his head up high, did not dare to let out even the slightest bit of his prideful demeanor and emperor’s aura at this moment. As he moved, he was even making an effort to have his head lowered.

His footsteps gradually slowed down, and finally, in the deepest part of the flames, he stopped on his tracks. Then, he heavily knelt down and drooped his head even more deeply.

Amidst the light swaying of the blazing Phoenix flames, a blurry figure appeared faintly. A calm yet heavy voice sounded from this figure, “Hengkong, the Phoenix’s aura has been in turmoil the past few days, what’s the problem?”

In front of this figure, Feng Hengkong deeply prostrated his body, “This child is incapable, Royal Father, please bestow punishment upon me.”

“Your energy and blood are in chaos, and even your mind and soul are in devastated states. Just who had pushed you to such lengths?” The voice sounded from the flames turned a little heavier, “Is it a certain Sacred Ground?”

“No.” Feng Hengkong did not dare to rise from his prostrating posture, “It’s… It’s Yun Che.”

“That youth of three years ago, the one who defeated our sect’s young generation, and even saved Xue’er?” His voice carried slight astonishment.

“Yes… But he did not die in the Primordial Profound Ark three years ago, and now he has returned alive… Because of the matter concerning Blue Wind Empire, he has arrived to exact revenge.”

“I see… The expert aiding him, who is it?” The voice within the flames was still solemn and calm.

Feng Hengkong took a deep breath, “He’s… the only one.”

The Phoenix flames quietly burned, swayed, and seethed. However, within the entire fiery space, not a single sound was made for a long while. Feng Hengkong’s upper body had completely laid on the ground, not daring to make a single move.

Only after exactly ten breaths had passed did the voice once again sounded. “Tianyu, Tianqing, the both of you provide Feng Hengkong with support. After the task is finished, return immediately.”


Several tens of kilometers within the sea of flames, two old and solemn responses echoed out.

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