Chapter 692 - Lost Control

Chapter 692 - Lost Control

Thinking about Feng Xue’er, Yun Che immediately became silent. It wasn’t that she didn’t stop them, but it was because she was in a coma and couldn’t stop them… this relieved a certain part of his heart. But when facing the Divine Phoenix Sect, how should he face the Feng Xue’er who had just woken up?

Zi Ji also didn’t speak. He smiled, looked at Yun Che, and the light in his eyes were so condensed and solid that it seemed to be piercing through Yun Che’s heart and soul. At this moment, Yun Che lifted his head; the expression on his face and his eyes had calmed down. “Senior Zi, this junior is visiting your noble Merchant Guild once again because of several matters. Does Senior Zi still remember the ‘Netherworld Udumbara Flower’ that this junior asked you about three years ago?”

“Oh? You are still looking for that item?” Zi Ji shook his head slowly. “These years, this old man has occasionally investigated whether or not the Netherworld Udumbara Flower still exists in this world. But unfortunately, there are already very few who knew about this flower, not to mention those who have seen it. These years, followed with more and more humans in the Profound Sky Continent, the yang energy in the continent has surpassed the yin. The Netherworld Udumbara Flower is an extremely yin, demonic, and evil item. It should have gone completely extinct on Profound Sky Continent thousands of years ago. Furthermore, with time moving forward, unless a calamity that destroys the world appears out of nowhere, the yang energy in Profound Sky Continent will only become stronger and stronger. In other words, the already extinct Netherworld Udumbara Flower will never appear ever again.

“At least that is how it is in Profound Sky Continent.”

Last time, Zi Ji’s answer was that the Netherworld Udumbara Flower had gone extinct and that it shouldn’t appear again. This time, the answer was the same… and he was even more sure of it. Yun Che showed disappointment on his face, but then asked immediately, “I remember that Senior Zi said last time that the last Netherworld Udumbara Flower sighting that was recorded in Profound Sky Continent was one thousand and three hundred years ago. Then… can Senior Zi tell me, where the last Netherworld Udumbara Flower was found back then?”

The reason that Yun Che asked this question was obviously because he wanted to go check out the place that the last recorded Netherworld Udumbara Flower was found. Since the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was able to grow there, that meant that the place must be extremely yin and evil. Even though more than a thousand of years have passed, there… was a possibility that the environment might not have changed too much.

Of course, the possibility of it was next to nothing. After all, with one thousand and three hundred years, this course of history was not a short one. Even the Blue Wind Imperial Family only had a thousand years of history. The reason he would ask was because he didn’t want to give up on even the most remote hope. But, what surprised him was that after he finished this sentence, he clearly saw that Zi Ji’s facial expression became stiff for a second, even the casual smile on his face disappeared.

“...I cannot tell you,” Zi Ji shook his head slightly and said slowly.

Zi Ji’s reaction caused Yun Che’s eyebrows to twitch. He placed his hand onto the stone table and said, “Very well! Then I will buy this information from Senior Zi! Senior Zi only needs to tell me the name of that place and where it is located! Name any price… as long as I can afford it!”

“No!” Zi Ji still shook his head. “On this matter, I cannot tell you the answer, and I cannot sell it to you as information.”

“Why? Could that place… have some exceptional hidden secret?” Yun Che asked aggressively.

Zi Ji shut his eyes slightly and said, “Because that place, is a ‘secret ground.’ Since it’s a ‘secret ground,’ not mentioning entering, even the people who know about it, in this world, are as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns… At least in the Profound Sky Seven Nations, including the Divine Phoenix Sect, no one knows about it. Also, in that ‘secret ground’ now, there are no longer any Netherworld Udumbara Flowers.”

Even the Divine Phoenix Sect didn’t know about it the “secret ground” Zi Ji was referring to, so it was naturally an absolutely unusual existence. Yun Che didn’t think that the Netherworld Udumbara Flower that he asked about with tiny hope would have him come across an incredibly mysterious… and even somewhat strange “secret ground.”

Seeing Zi Ji’s attitude, Yun Che knew that no matter how he asked, he wouldn’t be able to find out the answer to it. He locked his eyebrows tight, stopped wasting his breath, and nodded in an especially calm manner. “I see… since it is such a ‘secret ground’, then this junior should not look into it.”

But he kept what Zi Ji said before in his mind.

“Then, three years ago, this junior asked for help to find Chu Yuechan… does Senior Zi have any information on that matter?”

Yun Che spoke in a very calm manner, but when he was speaking, his fingers clenched uncontrollably, which revealed that his mind was definitely not as calm as he looked on the surface. Three years of time, searching for Chu Yuechan, who has very distinguishable traits… He believed that with Black Moon Merchant Guild’s information network that shrouds the Profound Sky, no matter what, there should be some news. Even if it was just traces of it.

“Sigh…” But just as Yun Che finished speaking, he heard Zi Ji sigh softly, and his heart sank immediately.

“Three years ago, not long after you asked my Black Moon to search for Chu Yuechan, you died on the Primordial Profound Ark. At that time, everyone thought you had no chance of surviving, so Black Moon didn’t continue to look for Chu Yuechan. Half a year later, Spiritual Master Ancient Blue, from Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, suddenly came and asked me to look for Chu Yuechan… Searching for Chu Yuechan was secondary, but there was an extreme possibility that your descendant is by her side. The heart of his disciple, Xia Yuanba, was filled with anger and hatred because of your death, and it was long lasting. Cultivating under this mindset would cause him to easily have a fiendish rebound. After Ancient Blue understood everything about your past, he hoped that he could find your descendant to resolve the hatred in Xia Yuanba’s heart. Because of this, I personally used Black Moon’s information network to find out Chu Yuechan’s whereabouts, and the search directly covered Profound Sky Seven Nations.”

“And? Did you find her?!” Yun Che held his breath and asked.

Zi Ji gave him a deep look and said, “Spiritual Master Ancient Blue and I have been friends for a few hundred years, and I received his help multiple times. This was the first time he personally asked me for something, so of course I did everything I could. But, using all of Black Moon's information gathering power which covers the entire Profound Sky Seven Nations, including Divine Phoenix, for a whole ten months, we still didn't find anything. Therefore, the most likely possibility… is that she is already dead.”

“What did you say?!!” Yun Che stood up suddenly, and following with a large exploding sound, a crack that was more than one feet long appeared on the stone table beneath his palm. His calm face turned ferocious, and his eyes were red like blood. “You’re saying that she… is dead?!”

“I know better than you how strong the information gathering ability of the Black Moon Merchant Guild is. Chu Yuechan should be extremely easy to find, but no matter what we did, we couldn’t find any trace of her… Sigh, this is indeed the worst, but also the most likely, or even the only possible conclusion,” Zi Ji sighed and said.

“You’re lying!!” Yun Che’s pupils dilated, he reached out suddenly, grabbed harshly onto Zi Ji’s collar and pulled him up from his stone chair, “You say she’s dead?! What evidence do you have to say she’s dead?! Do you know who Chu Yuechan is?! She is my, Yun Che’s, woman, the leader of the Frozen Cloud’s Seven Fairies, the most beautiful fairy in Blue Wind Nation! Anyone who sees her wouldn’t be able to forget her for the rest of their lives! Even though she gave up her profound arts, her profound strength still exists. In Blue Wind Nation, there is no one who could kill her!! What do you mean that she’s dead!”

“Sir… Sir Master Yun!” Yun Che’s action surprised the three young girls in colorful clothes. Zi Ji’s position was so high that even when Feng Hengkong saw him, he would bow to him immediately. For anyone to dare to grab his collar so rude and violently… and even on Black Moon Merchant Guild’s territory.

Zi Ji had lived for close to a thousand years, but there weren’t many people who would speak loudly to him, and no one has ever dared to treat him like this. However, his expression was still calm, and he did not express anger at all. On the contrary, after momentary of surprise, he felt impressed deep down… Once a profound practitioner had reached a high level, they would be arrogant and cold to emotions, especially towards women. Not mentioning Overlords and Monarchs who looked down to the world, even Thrones who dominate a territory would see them as toys that they can have as much as they want. Even if they especially valued a certain woman, they could not be compared to the cultivation of profound way.

But the young man in front of him who was hard to read and had deep eyes that even he couldn’t see through up close lost control of his emotions like this because of the news of the woman’s death.

“With Chu Yuechan’s profound strength, it is indeed difficult for her to find an equal match in Blue Wind Nation. But, when Black Moon started searching for Chu Yuechan, Divine Phoenix’s invasion on Blue Wind had already been in progress for a few months. Blue Wind Nation was already a mess with disasters everywhere, and there were countless deceased. Each Divine Phoenix Army had at least a high level Throne or even an Overlord, so Chu Yuechan would not be a match for them. If she ran into the Divine Phoenix Army, it would be difficult for her to even escape. The only possibility that the branch could think of when Black Moon has searched for this long but wasn’t able to find anything was during those months…”

“Shut up!!”


The stone table exploded, and Zi Ji was pushed back several steps. Yun Che held his fist tightly while his whole body was trembling;his eyes were red like a vicious, blood-thirsty wolf. He pointed at Zi Ji and roared, “What Black Moon Merchant Guild! The reason you couldn’t find my little fairy is because of your own incapability. You made empty promises and even curse that she’s already dead… I’ll tell you, even if all of the people from Black Moon Merchant Guild are dead, she wouldn’t even be missing a hair!!”

“Huu…” Yun Che breathed a heavy breath, and his voice suddenly lowered, “What kind of crappy Black Moon Merchant Guild is this, you’re just a bunch of incapable people. You dare say you have a heritage that spans thousands of years, yet you can’t even find a single person… this is absolutely a waste of my time and friendship!!”

Yun Che swung his hand while cursing and turned around to leave.

From when Black Moon Merchant Guild’s name became well-known in Profound Sky until now, it had been thousands of years. In these thousands of years, no one had ever dared to behave rudely on the territory of the Black Moon Merchant Guild. No one had even dared to be disrespectful to the people of the Black Moon Merchant Guild. On the contrary, the higher the plane of the person, the more they respect and fear the Black Moon Merchant Guild.

For Yun Che to act like this at the Black Moon Merchant Guild… its headquarters at that… and on the seventh floor of its headquarters, he was definitely the first one in history to yell at Zi Ji like this.

Zi Ji’s eyebrows moved, slightly tightened, and then relaxed. He was still not mad; on the contrary, he laughed bitterly and then said to the three young girls that were already frightened into not knowing what to do, “Sigh, go get him back.”

The three young girls were stunned all at once, and then they flew out one after the other to Yun Che’s side like three butterflies. One person blocked Yun Che’s path, and the other two each grabbed onto Yun Che’s arm. “Sir Yun, please calm down. Mister Zi was only reporting the result of the investigation, he definitely did not intend for it to be a curse… Maybe, it was indeed an oversight of the information network. We sisters apologize to Sir Yun for the Black Moon Merchant Guild, we only ask Sir Yun to calm your anger.”

One more step and Yun Che would be able to collapse directly onto the chest of the young girl in green. He stopped, lifted his head, closed his eyes, and his chest rose and fell severely. It was then when he finally started to slowly calm down… He raged in this Black Moon Merchant Guild, and his words were filled with insults. If it was someone else, just by humiliating the Black Moon Merchant Guild, even if the person had ten lives, the person would die here. But he got such “special treatment,” and he knew the main reason was his “mysterious master” who didn’t actually exist.

He turned around, faced Zi Ji, and his expression was calm again. “Senior Zi, this junior was not able to control my emotions for a moment, please forgive my rude words and actions.”

“You don’t need to take it to heart.” Zi Ji shook his head and smiled. He lifted his arm, and the shattered stone table that was broken by Yun Che in front of him disappeared and was replaced with an identical, complete stone table. “If you don’t mind, drink some more with this old man.”