Chapter 688 - Sword Pointed at Divine Phoenix

Chapter 688 - Sword Pointed at Divine Phoenix

“The Divine Phoenix Empire? Why are you going there!” Xiao Lingxi’s expression became panicked. Because towards all of the citizens of Blue Wind Nation now, this was a name like a nightmare. She held Yun Che’s hand tightly and said, “Three years ago, you were in an accident in Divine Phoenix Empire, how could you… how could you…”

“Don’t worry.” Yun Che said,full of confidence, “Three years ago, the Divine Phoenix Empire wasn’t what caused my accident. On the contrary, the Divine Phoenix Empire wasn’t able to do anything to me three years ago, and it is even more impossible for them now.”

“No… no matter what the answer is no! I absolutely do not want you to do anything dangerous anymore!” Xiao Lingxi shook her head in determination and looked to Xiao Lie for help. “Father, hurry and stop Little Che, he is going to do something dangerous again.”

Xiao Lie looked directly at Yun Che. Following with the change of attitude in his heart, his eyes had become a lot clearer than before. He said slowly, “Che’er, are you this eager to go to the Divine Phoenix Empire because you want to force them to retreat?”

“Yes!” Yun Che nodded, “At the least, I am a citizen of Blue Wind Nation, and more importantly, I am the prince consort of the Blue Wind Imperial Family. My homeland was attacked, and Royal Father was murdered. I cannot be silent no matter what. Another day the Divine Phoenix Empire is in our Blue Wind Nation, another day our Blue Wind Nation suffers disaster, so I must go to the Divine Phoenix Empire as soon as possible. There is also a lot of peculiarities with the Divine Phoenix Army’s two hundred thousand soldiers on the east side of the city. If I cannot investigate it, I cannot settle down.”

Xiao Lie nodded his head slowly and said with a light smile, “No matter what, you need to make sure of your own safety. Even if it is for me and Lingxi… do not put yourself in a position of danger.”

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded his head hard and said, “I definitely will.”

Xiao Lingxi immediately started to panic. “Father, you…”

“Lingxi, we can’t stop him.” Xiao Lie chuckled and said with a sense of loss, “Che’er is completely grown up now. The world that he can be in contact with is larger than what we can see with our eyes. Moreover, this time it wasn’t for his own vengeance, but it was for Blue Wind Nation itself. If he could really save countless of people of the Blue Wind from suffering, we can only stand proud. What reason is there for us to stop him?”

“Father…” Xiao Lie’s words melted Xiao Lingxi’s determination into weakness. She lowered her head, bit softly on her lips, and uttered, “But, I am afraid… I am so afraid…”

Five years ago at Heavenly Sword Villa… Three years ago at Primordial Profound Ark… Behind the two times of losing and regaining was two feelings of devastation that also made her collapse. Her mindset changed many times over these years, and it revealed ever so clearly what was most important to her deep down. Now that she reunited with him once again, she only hoped that he would be safe, and would not be suffering from disasters. Everything else… was not that important.

“Little Aunt, don’t worry.” Yun Che comforted her softly, “Three years ago I already broke my promise to you and made you sad over me for that entire period of time. This time, I will definitely not break my promise to you again… At most I’ll be back within a month. Even though this time I am going to the Divine Phoenix Empire, there will not be any actual danger. If you don’t believe, you can ask Xiao Yun.”

“Yes yes yes yes!” Xiao Yun of course nodded his head immediately, “Big Brother is super strong right now, so no matter where he goes, it is very hard to be in danger even if he wanted to be. Also, Big Brother has a very magical Profound Ark, it can instantly soar through space. Even if he is really in danger, he can escape immediately, and no one will be able to catch up. So I don’t worry about Big Brother at all, and Little Aunt doesn’t need to worry about him either.”

Xiao Yun was not deliberately trying to comfort Xiao Lingxi for Yun Che; rather, it was worship and trust towards Yun Che from the bottom of his heart… After all, he was the one who fell the forces of Duke Ming that shrouded the entire Illusory Demon Realm and saved the Demon Emperor’s clan. Duke Ming’s devious mind, force, and ambition were so scary that he almost replaced the Demon Emperor’s clan and ruled the Illusory Demon Realm, but because of Yun Che, their plan was foiled and it ended with their clan being demolished. Also, Sun Moon Divine Hall, whose name was even known in Illusory Demon Realm, when they came with ill intent, they were tricked and played with by Yun Che, and they frantically ran away with their tails tucked between their legs…

On top of that, with the Primordial Profound Ark that can travel through space… Even though Yun Che’s strength was not at the peak, Xiao Yun believed that in this world, it was absolutely harder to take his life than to kill a peak level Monarch. On the contrary, it was those who he targets or who was enemies with him that needed to worry.

“...” Xiao Lingxi bit her lips even harder, her hand that was holding onto Yun Che unwilling to let go. After a good while, she lifted her head and looked at Yun Che with her clear eyes, “Then… can you leave tomorrow? You just came back, and I haven’t had to time to look at you closely… Right, Xiao Yun and Little Seventh are going to the mountains to pay respects to father tomorrow. You can bring them there, so don’t leave today, okay?”

With her soft begging words, how could Yun Che reject? He nodded slightly, “Okay, then I will leave tomorrow… Mn, I haven’t had meal made by Little Aunt in years.”

“Mn…” Xiao Lingxi smiled lightly. She looked quietly at the face that was almost within her reach. The expression in her eyes and her smile all became misty and lost.

Xiao Lie’s eyes were on Xiao Lingxi this whole time. Looking at Xiao Lingxi’s expression now and, the way that she looked at Yun Che, his eyebrows tightened a little. Then they relaxed immediately, and he revealed a light smile at the corner of his mouth.

Night had fallen, there was a fancy dinner on the table, and the atmosphere was joyous. Xiao Lie, who usually doesn’t have much appetite, ate three large bowls of rice. His face glowed brighter and brighter, and he had heartily laughed more today than in the past three years altogether. Maybe he never dreamed that he would be able to eat with his biological grandson at the same table.

After dinner, Yun Che called upon Xiao Yun, “Xiao Yun, come with me for a second, I have something that I need to tell you privately.”

Xiao Yun was dragged all the way out the courtyard by Yun Che. Looking at how serious Yun Che was, Xiao Yun asked somewhat nervously, “Big Brother, is there something very important?”

Yun Che lifted his hand to tap his chin. Then, he stepped closer and said in a low voice, “Actually, when I said that Seventh Sister is pregnant this afternoon… it was fake.”

Xiao Yun was stunned, and then his whole body jumped, “What! Fa… Fake!?”

“Shh!! Lower your voice!!” Yun Che placed his hand on Xiao Yun’s shoulders and said, “The reason I said that was of course not to lie for fun, it was for grandfather!”

“You saw how grandfather’s health situation is!” Yun Che’s expression became serious, “For a person who cultivated profound arts for half of his life, the only reason that he would become like this today was because of the death wish that emerged from his heart for all this time! I heard some people from the Xiao Clan said that, back then, grandfather and grandmother’s relationship was very deep. Not long after grandmother gave birth to Little Aunt, because of Uncle Xiao… which is your father’s death, she died of depression. If it wasn’t to raise me and Little Aunt, grandfather would have left with grandmother. As Little Aunt and I grow up, grandfather’s mental state obviously became worse and worse. During that time, I used revenge and the hope of you still being alive in this world to support him… but three years ago, when the news of my death hit him, it made grandfather birth the thought of death these three years. If it wasn’t for Little Aunt still being here, he might have killed himself already.”

“Now that you and I are back, grandfather is very happy and satisfied. But even so, it wouldn’t be that easy to get rid of his wish for death that he had for three years, and it has almost became a habit. After his wish of all these years is fulfilled, his will of wanting to end his life to accompany grandmother and his son might become stronger, so I had no choice but to make up the story of Seventh Sister being pregnant to give grandfather a larger surprise and something to look forward to.

Listening to Yun Che’s words, Xiao Yun calmed down very quickly. He thought for a while, nodded his head, and said worriedly, “Big Brother makes a lot of sense, but this kind of lie is very easy to see through. Also, lying to Seventh Sister and grandfather, it is… it is not very good no matter what. They are so happy, so if they know that it’s fake, they will definitely be… be very sad.”

“You don’t have to worry about this at all.” Yun Che smiled mysteriously, reached out his hand, and there were two pills the size of a fingernail, one white and one red. “Have these two pills. Take the red one yourself, and give the white one to Seventh Sister, and then… after tonight, Seventh Sister will be pregnant.”

“Ah? Re… really?” Xiao Yun’s mouth opened. He reached out, took the pills from Yun Che’s hand, looked at it with curiosity, and said wonderingly, “There is actually a pill so magical? Really… will it work guaranteed?”

“I can refine a bunch of Overlord Pellets easily, not to mention this type of simple pill for a husband and wife.” Yun Che said very casually, “As long as your Seventh Sister is not on her menstrual cycle today, there will not be a problem at all.”

“Hehe, I, of course wouldn’t doubt Big Brother’s medical skills at all, this is great.” Xiao Yun held the red and white pills in his hand tightly and carefully, and then he lifted his head and asked confusedly, “Big Brother, what did you mean by ‘menstrual cycle’ just now?”

“...” Yun Che immediately recalled Number Seven Under Heaven’s facial color and the pulse that he got casually and said, “This is a medical term, you don’t have to know it. You and Seventh Sister just have to take the pill and everything will work out.”

“Oh! I will go right away!” Xiao Yun nodded, but just as he lifted his leg, he withdrew them back and said somewhat embarrassedly, “But… but how should I tell Seventh Sister? If I tell her that the pregnancy is fake, she might be sad and angry, but if I don’t say it… I don’t know how to tell her about the pill… I’ve never lied to Seventh Sister before, this, this…”

Yun Che rolled his eyes, reached out, took the white pill from Xiao Yun’s hand, jumped up from the ground, and yelled, “Seventh Sister!”

Number Seven Under Heaven in the courtyard turned around and said, “Big Brother Yun, what is the matter?”

Yun Che flicked his fingers, and the white pill flew towards Number Seven Under Heaven. “You just came to Profound Sky Continent, so I’m afraid that the environment would affect the fetus in you, so I prescribed an anti-abortifacient pill for you, take it quickly.”

Number Seven Under Heaven reached out, caught it, took a look at it, and ate it without even thinking. She smiled and said, “Thank you Big Brother Yun.”

In Illusory Demon Realm, everyone knew that Yun Che was a genius doctor who could cure any sickness. His pill couldn’t be bought even with ten of thousands of gold. Even if she believed in ghosts, she wouldn’t suspect a thing about the pill Yun Che prescribed.

Yun Che landed as light as a feather and said to Xiao Yun, “Okay, it is solved.”

Xiao Yun smiled embarrassedly and then took the red pill right away.

Yun Che looked at Xiao Yun and said suddenly, “The leader of the two hundred thousand strong Divine Phoenix Army at the east side of the city was killed by me. Now that they don’t have a leader, they won’t take action very easily. After I go to the Divine Phoenix Empire tomorrow, I cannot predict what will happen, and I cannot predict where the Divine Phoenix Army will go to, but I absolutely cannot rule out the possibility of them getting an order to attack Floating Cloud City… so during this period of time, Floating Cloud City will have to depend on you and Seventh Sister’s protection. If you are unwilling to stain your hands with blood, then take grandfather and Little Aunt, and leave safely right away… or send a sound transmission to me directly. With the Primordial Profound Ark, I can come back anytime.”

“Big Brother, don’t worry. No matter what, even if I put my life on the line, I would not let anything happen to grandfather, Little Aunt, or Seventh Sister,” Xiao Yun exclaimed in determination.

Yun Che turned around, looked to the south, and the expression in his eyes darkened. “Divine Phoenix Empire… Divine Phoenix Sect! Prepare to accept my fury!”

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