Chapter 684 - Devil Sword Conference?

Chapter 684 - Devil Sword Conference?

“Guying has never felt fear before in his life because there was basically nothing in this world that could threaten our Sun Moon Divine Hall. But the strength of that Old Man Duotian has transcended the ordinary and entered into the realm of the divine, something that surpasses the ancient and illuminates the new. He personally said that destroying our Sun Moon Divine Hall would be as easy as flipping a single hand… and as an Elder of our Divine Hall, someone who is responsible for defending our ten thousand year legacy, it was something that I could not take lightly.

“Besides Old Man Duotian, that Yun Che also causes my blood to run cold. When I was waiting for the Heavenly Monarch to return, I took the time to collate and pore through all the information I could find on Yun Che. And what I found indicated that this person is possessed of an extremely arrogant and unyielding character. Moreover, he will avenge even the smallest of grievances, and his methods are both vicious and merciless. All of those who have offended him or made an enemy out of him, every single one of those people have met a miserable end. In the past, within the territory of the huge Divine Phoenix Sect, he dared to give them a fierce slap across the face despite having no backup at all. Given his temperament, if he ever gains sufficient strength, he will definitely come to take his revenge on the Young Master, and in doing so, he will implicate and bring calamity to our entire Sun Moon Divine Hall! Moreover… moreover…”

Ye Guying inhaled deeply before continuing, “Heavenly Monarch, I won’t lie to you. Him not wanting to break his vow to not kill was only one of the reasons why that Old Man Duotian let us go that day. The other reason… the more important reason, was actually that he was rebuking his own disciple and admonishing him to not rely on him but instead rely on his own strength to settle his own quarrels… and he even personally said that Yun Che only needed three more years to be unrivalled under the heavens and in six years, he would have enough strength to trample over our Sun Moon Divine Hall!”

Ye Meixie, “…”

“If this was only a potential threat, we could simply weed it out before it has a chance to blossom. But standing behind this threat is the Old Man Duotian, who we simply cannot afford to provoke. So we can only stand witness to his continuous growth. Given his unfathomably fast advancement in the profound, it might really not be mere fantasy to believe that he could actually be unrivalled under the heavens within the span of a few years! In addition, with his temperament and his previous conduct, the threat he poses to our Sun Moon Divine Hall… is definitely not something we can afford to take lightly!”

Ye Guying’s words caused Ye Meixie’s eyelids to faintly tremble and caused his brows to knit together even more tightly. After a short period of time, he suddenly asked in a calm tone of voice, “Han’er has mentioned this to me before. Three years ago, in the Primordial Profound Ark, Supreme Ocean Palace’s Jade-faced Demon Monarch, Ji Qianrou, had acted against him before in order to protect Yun Che. Did this actually happen?”

“Indeed, what you have said is true.” Ye Guying nodded his head. Regarding this matter, more than half of Sun Moon Divine Hall knew about it as well. and that was because when Ye Xinghan had returned from the Divine Phoenix Empire all those years ago, he remained in a state of constant rage for many days… and one of the people he cursed was that very Ji Qianrou.

“Hm.” Ye Meixie lapsed into a studied silence before he slowly said, “Before the sun sets today, use my name to make a sound transmission to Supreme Ocean Palace’s Grand Elder Mo Chenfeng, and request that he sends out one more invitation card to invite Yun Che to participate in the Devil Sword Conference that will take place in several month’s time! Since Ji Qianrou and Yun Che have some history together, he would be the most suitable person to relay this message.”

“Devil Sword Conference?” Ye Guying raised his head and his face was clouded with suspicion, but after a brief contemplation, he spoke, “Could it be that the reason why Heavenly Monarch paid a visit to Supreme Ocean Palace was due to matters concerning the Devil Sword Conference?”

“That’s right,” Ye Meixie said as he faintly nodded his head.

“That devil sword, could it be…”

“Naturally it is that Heavenly Sin Divine Sword!” Ye Meixie answered as he gave a cold snort.

“The Heavenly Sin Divine Sword that went missing for one thousand years, it was actually in the hands of Supreme Ocean Palace all along?” Ye Guying asked with a shocked expression on his face. “I had thought that…”

“No!” Ye Meixie said in a cold, emotionless voice, “Supreme Ocean Palace is merely organizing the Devil Sword Conference, but the ones who suggested holding this meeting in the first place was Mighty Heavenly Sword Region.”

“Ah, so it was as I thought! So Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is admitting that they stole away the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword all those years ago?”

“Humph!” Ye Meixie gave a cold laugh, “Did you actually expect that sly old fox Xuanyuan Wentian to admit to such a thing? According to his own words, they had only recently found this sword in some remote and desolate region. After recognizing that the sword was actually the Eternal Night Royal Family’s Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, they proclaimed that this divine sword should not be monopolized by their Mighty Heavenly Sword Region alone, but it was something that should be shared with all the heroes of the realm. Thus, he proactively suggested holding this Devil Sword Conference. And in order to make it clear that he didn’t have any selfish ambition or dark schemes involving the sword, he also proactively suggested that the Devil Sword Conference not be held in Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and even directly passed the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword to Supreme Ocean Palace.”

“Mighty Heavenly Sword Region must take us all for fools!” Ye Guying said with sunken brows, “One thousand years ago, the Four Sacred Grounds joined hands to eradicate the Eternal Night Royal Family, but it was only after we had done the deed that we discovered we were all being used by Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! The Eternal Night Royal Family was consigned to oblivion while the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword disappeared as well. In all likelihood, it had long ago fallen into the hands of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region! So organizing this so-called ‘Devil Sword Conference’ clearly indicates that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region spent an entire millennium unsuccessfully trying to discover the secrets of the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword, so now they have no choice but to borrow our strength as well.”

“It is indeed as you have said. But the gimmick behind this Devil Sword Conference is sufficient inducement to entice everyone.” Ye Meixie continued as his voice grew soft, “Xuanyuan Wentian personally said that it is extremely likely that the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword contains the secret of attaining divinity!”

“This…” Ye Guying lapsed into a short stupor before shaking his head resolutely. “Those are merely cheap words flung our way by Xuanyuan Wentian, it definitely isn’t possible! If not, how could the guardians of this sword, the Eternal Night Royal Family, have been purged!”

“The secret of attaining divinity. Even though it is clear that this is something cooked up by Xuanyuan Wentian to reel us in, for those of us who have lingered at the peak of the Sovereign Profound Realm for hundreds of years without being able to advance even a step further, it is irresistibly enticing. Moreover…” Ye Meixie’s tone changed and his pupil’s grew dark as he continued, “It might not just be empty words.”

“The Heavenly Monarch’s meaning is…”

“One thousand years ago, the strength of the King of Eternal Night was the weakest amongst the rulers of the Five Sacred Grounds. But when he went berserk and devilized, it took fourteen hours of fierce battle and the combined might of the leaders of the other Sacred Grounds along with seventeen elders to defeat him! And even though his flesh was destroyed, his soul did not dissipate. Not only that, it was fully preserved and all the might we could muster was not enough to destroy it. In the end, we could only pay a huge price to seal him into a soul coffin and allow him to dissipate naturally.

“Till this day, the power displayed by the King of Eternal Night after he went berserk still causes my heart to tremble with fear. Death of the body but not the soul is a divine power that transcends the Sovereign Profound Realm. Every time I think of it, I have this profound feeling that this ability cannot be so easily dismissed as a byproduct of devilization… and if one was to say that this was the power of someone who had transcended the Sovereign Profound Realm and taken half a step into the Divine Profound Realm, it isn’t beyond the bounds of logic.”

“…” Ye Guying did not say anything. He had not been present at the fierce battle with the King of Eternal Night all those years ago, nor did he have the qualifications to be present. So he was unable to truly understand Ye Meixie’s words.

Ye Meixie turned around and continued, “Those invited to the Devil Sword Conference all possess the ability to attempt to decipher the secret behind the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword. Only the strongest individuals and powers in the Profound Sky Continent will be present. Considering Yun Che’s ability to kill our Divine Hall’s protectorates, he possesses the qualifications to attend. Given his haughty nature, he should not reject attending a meeting of the strongest powers in the realm. And at that time…”

Ye Meixie did not continue to speak, and despite the glow of the Sun Moon Totem, his pupils were so dark they did not contain a hint of light. Ye Guying rose out of his chair and replied in a respectful tone, “I obey the will of the Heavenly Monarch.”

“You may go… Ask Han’er to attend to me after this.”

“Yes.” Ye Guying retreated two steps before soundlessly leaving.

At the same time: Blue Wind Nation, Floating Cloud City.

Even if one were to beat Yun Che to death, he would not have thought that the name he had casually thought of, “Duotian,” actually belonged to a real person! To think that it was the name of a mythical powerhouse who existed ten thousand years ago and had the strength to shake both the heavens and the earth.

Furthermore, not only did this not expose a flaw in his plan, it actually caused the deterrent he had created to multiply exponentially!

To the point where even Ye Meixie had given personal instructions to not interfere with him!

It had also created the opportunity for him to be invited to the Devil Sword Conference.

At this time, Yun Che, who was unaware of all that was happening, had just flown out and arrived in the area east of Floating Cloud City. He floated hundreds of meters above as he coldly eyed the ground below.

The two hundred thousand Divine Phoenix soldiers were spread across the rolling hills of the land below. They were split into units of ten, a hundred or a thousand. All the movement they were making caused the ground to rumble, producing the incessant sound of rumbling which came from every direction.

Xiao Lingxi had informed him that after the Divine Phoenix Army had arrived, they had never chosen to garrison themselves in Floating Cloud City. From the second day of their arrival, they had engaged in these actions… the concentrated and muffled sounds of explosions continued nearly unabated and had already continued for close to six months. The common consensus among the people of the Floating Cloud City was that the Divine Phoenix Army were training their troops.

But Yun Che was naturally not so naive as to believe that they were really training their troops… because it was impossible that the invincible Divine Phoenix Army was formed and moulded using such a ridiculous method.

But after observing them for a long period of time, he still could not puzzle together what this huge DIvine Phoenix Army was trying to accomplish…The broken and damaged ground had clearly been flipped over countless of times. The movements, range, and frequency of the actions of the Divine Phoenix Army were all uniform and it was clear that “training” for half a year had drilled these actions into their bones.

“Jasmine can you see what exactly they are doing?” Yun Che asked as his brows pinched together.

“Hmph, do you need to ask me when it comes to these kinds of things?” Jasmine replied huffily.

Yun Che’s mouth bent at a crooked angle and he activated “Hidden Flowing Lightning.” causing his presence to be completely concealed. After that, he silently descended and hid himself at the edge of the Divine Phoenix Army’s encampment.

Before too long, a soldier of the Divine Phoenix Army left his “training squad” and slowly shuffled his way towards where Yun Che was hiding, mumbling something incomprehensible under his breath while trying to loosen the armor around his waist. When he had reached a “convenient” spot that was behind a tall rock, a hand flashed out of thin air and locked onto his throat.

The soldier felt his neck was being held by iron clamps that were as heavy as thousands of kilograms as his eyes bulged out and some of his blood vessels exploded. He could not utter even a single sound despite his shock and horror. Yun Che coldly looked at him and profound light flashed on his arm. His Profound Handle instantly broke through the soldier’s mental defenses and embedded itself into his soul. Following that, memories flowed like water into Yun Che’s mind.

In a flash, Yun Che withdrew his Profound Handle, and with a casual flick of his hand, he threw the soldier to the ground. The soldier’s eyes were still stretched wide open, but he was no longer breathing.

After Yun Che had absorbed the soldier’s memories, not only were his doubts not cleared up, but his brows knit together even more tightly. That was because the information he had retrieved from the soldier indicated that his orders were to undergo special training in this location.

The content of this special training was to gather up all of one’s profound energy and smash it against the ground. The louder the better and the heavier the better… if anyone was caught slacking, they would be slapped with heavy punishments, and the punishments were severe to the point where soldiers could be executed on the spot.

However Yun Che did not come away completely empty handed. At the very least, he now knew one person’s name, likeness and the location he was normally at!

Feng Huwei—the great commander of these two hundred thousand Divine Phoenix Soldiers, the famed and brilliant Great General Huwei of the Divine Phoenix Empire. He was someone who possessed the bloodline of the Phoenix and also belonged to the Divine Phoenix Sect.

The most important thing, however… was that when the Divine Phoenix Army descended upon the Floating Cloud City, it was him who tried to seize Xiao Lingxi! If not for the aid of Fen Juechen, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

Yun Che’s gaze shot towards the south-east… that was where Feng Huwei’s large tent was located! In an instant, he had morphed into an after-image that was hard to discern with the naked eye as he rushed towards that location. An icy-cold killing intent rippled in those calm eyes.

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