Chapter 682 - Reunion (2)

Chapter 682 - Reunion (2)

“No!” Yun Che shook his head hard. He looked at Xiao Lie’s blurry eyes and eagerly said, “Grandfather, do you remember that I mentioned ‘Illusory Demon Realm ’after I saved you and Little Aunt from the Burning Heaven Clan?”

“I remember.” Xiao Lie closed his eyes lightly. “That is a very far… an incredibly far place.”

“Back then I told Grandfather that my biological parents are from Illusory Demon Realm. They didn’t get caught by those villains and returned safely back to Illusory Demon Realm in the end, so Grandfather’s biological grandson must have also returned there with them safely. I also promised Grandfather that one day I would find a way to go to Illusory Demon Realm and reunite Grandfather with your own biological grandson. Grandfather, do you know where the Primordial Profound Ark took me during the three years that I was out of contact?”

Xiao Lie, “...”

“It was the Illusory Demon Realm!” Yun Che said loudly, “This must be the arrangement of the heavens. Not long after I arrived there, I found my biological parents!”

As soon as Yun Che said that, Xiao Lie’s weak body shook in response, and his unfocused, blurry eyes immediately started trembling with strange light. “Che’er… what you said… what you just said… is that true?!!”

Back then, his grandson followed Yun Che’s biological parents! If Yun Che found his biological parents, then his child that was with them back then… his biological grandson…

“Ah!!” Xiao Lingxi exclaimed, and she covered her lips with her hands.

“It’s absolutely true! Even if there were ten thousand blades pointed at me, I would never lie to grandfather!” The expression in Yun Che’s eyes was incredibly firm as he said, “Not only did I find my parents, I also…”

Xiao Lie’s body trembled very violently at this moment, and his hands started shaking uncontrollably. His legs that could barely stand straight originally, started standing up little by little while shivering… Yun Che lifted his head in surprise and saw Xiao Lie’s eyes looking straight behind him.

Xiao Yun was at the entrance of the courtyard with Number Seven Under Heaven as he nervously hesitated, wondering whether or not to walk in.

“Father!!” Xiao Lingxi immediately walked up and supported Xiao Lie who suddenly stood up. Yun Che also supported him on his other side right away. He hadn’t said that he found Xiao Yun in Illusory Demon Realm yet, and he didn’t make it clear that he brought him with him, but the way Xiao Lie looked at Xiao Yun and his uncontrollable emotion all of a sudden… Could there really be something like “bloodline connection” that exists in this world?

“Child…” Xiao Lie lifted his arm slowly in Xiao Yun’s direction as Xiao Yun was staring blankly. His voice trembled, and his eyes were misty, “What… what is your name?”

“My…” Xiao Yun pointed at himself blankly. “My… my name is Xiao Yun.”

“Xiao Yun… Xiao… Yun…” Xiao Lie said the name in a trembling voice, and then he nodded slowly and heavily, “Good… good… Born by the Xiao Family, raised by the Yun Family, good name…”

“Father, what are you talking about?” Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes that were gazing at Xiao Yun widened slowly, and her eyes started trembling even harder as she started to piece everything together. “Could he be… so he is…”

Xiao Lie took another difficult step forward with his quivering body. His husky voice was accompanied with deep sorrow and excitement, “You look exactly the same… as your father… when he was young…”

“Ah!” Xiao Lingxi gasped lightly, and was stunned on the spot. Yun Che immediately realized why grandfather would be so excited before he even introduced Xiao Yun and understood why his father said that his grandfather would definitely be able to recognize him the instant his grandfather saw Xiao Yun. The reason was because Xiao Yun actually looked just like his father when his father was young… After all, Xiao Ying and Xiao Yun were biologically father and son.

“You are… my grandfather?” Xiao Yun looked at the old man who was already in tears in front of him, and there was a sour feeling gathering uncontrollably from the tip of his nose to his heart, one that he couldn’t hold back.

The memory back then rose once again in his mind, and it made every word Xiao Lie said sorrowful. “Back then, before your father handed you to your foster father, your mother tattooed the character ‘An’ on your left arm so that they could one day find you again… After you were born, your mother named you Xiao An. That ‘An’ on your left arm is your name and resulted from the hope that you and your foster parents could escape danger safely and that they would be able to reunite with you in the future.”

Xiao Yun was stunned for a long time, and then slowly, he pulled up the sleeve of his left arm. On the forearm close to the top, the small, delicate character “An” was clearly printed there.

Looking just like Xiao Ying from back then, and the “An” on his arm… There was no need for Yun Che’s explanation, everything was already proven incredibly clearly.

“Grandfather,” Yun Che smiled and said, “I didn’t lie to you back then right? I knew that you two will one day reunite. Xiao Yun… he is your grandfather.”

Xiao Yun tried his best to suppress the uncontrollable emotion in his heart. He swiftly stepped forward and kneeled down heavily before Xiao Lie. “Grandson Xiao Yun greets grandfather… grandson is unfilial. I was born more than twenty years but still hadn’t been able to express my filial piety before grandfather, and allowed grandfather to suffer from pain and worry.”

Xiao Lie had been holding his tears back, but the moment he heard Xiao Yun’s words, he burst into tears… he had imagined countless of times what it would be like to reunite with his grandson. But back then, they had personally placed him in danger. Even if he was still alive, he wasn’t able carry out his responsibility of raising him all these years. In addition, even if they were to reunite one day… if his grandson knew what happened back then, it would be reasonable for his grandson to hate him, blame him, and ignore him.

However, not only did he not hate or blame him, on the contrary, he kneeled down in front of him and called himself “unfilial.” This was like the most luxurious gift in the world. He reached out and held onto Xiao Yun’s arms, coming into contact with the closest remaining family that he thought he lost forever and only dared to desire in his dreams. “Good child… how are you unfilial… You are still safe and sound, this is being filial. You are willing to come back, this is filial. Grandfather has wronged you for your entire life, but you are still willing to call me grandfather, this is nothing but filial! All this time, it should be grandfather who should be apologizing!”

“Grandfather, please don’t say that.” Xiao Yun’s eyes were filled with tears. “Big Brother told me everything about what happened back then. Father and Grandfather’s morality both are so high that it reaches the clouds, and you are both incredibly noble people. I am lucky and proud to have a father and grandfather like this. I have never blamed you two for anything. Also, for the more than twenty years in Illusory Demon Realm, my parents treat me like their own, and I have been living great life, better than anyone else, and I haven’t been wronged at all. But grandfather has suffered a lot.”

“To be able to see that you grew up safely into an adult, and so lovable and mature, even if grandfather needed to suffer hundred times or thousands times more, I will not complain. Good child… get up, get up, quick,” Xiao Lie help Xiao Yun up with his trembling arms, and his whole face was covered with tears from his excitement.

Yun Che’s eyes teared up a little as well because he finally accomplished grandfather’s wish. He said softly, “Grandfather, this time Xiao Yun didn’t come here alone. Before he came back, he had already built a family and gained accomplishments. Not only was he bestowed the title of King above tens of thousands of people in Illusory Demon Realm, he also married a princess from a top family.”

Before Yun Che’s voice fell, Number Seven Under Heaven already kneeled down by Xiao Yun’s side and said, “Granddaughter-in-law Little Seven greets grandfather.”

“Good… good…” Everything was too wonderful, one thing after another caught him by surprise. At this moment, the expression on his face and in his eyes possessed excitement, joy, infinite satisfaction, and numerous tears; there was no trace of grayness or deathly stillness anymore.

“Xiao Yun, Seventh Sister, hurry over and hold grandfather.” Yun Che smiled and said, “You all must have a lot of things you want to say to each other since your family just reunited. Grandfather’s body is weak now, and he cannot stand for long, so help him into the room.”

“Mn!” Xiao Yun wiped his tears immediately, grabbed onto Xiao Lie’s arms with Number Seven Under Heaven, and helped him slowly to the room with each on either side. Xiao Lie’s footsteps were slow and cautious, and there were tears and a smile on his face… That deep satisfaction and happiness came directly from his soul.

Yun Che and Xiao Lingxi didn’t follow them in. Xiao Lingxi grabbed onto Yun Che’s clothes tightly. Her eyes were filled with tears from the excitement, and she said softly, “That is really great… This is the first time I saw dad so excited and this joyful. It really is great… so great…”

“He is Father’s biological son and my biological nephew… Our family actually has a chance to reunite.” Xiao Lingxi mumbled in a low voice as if she was talking in her sleep, “Everything, is just like I am dreaming.”

“Yeah, Xiao Yun is the one who should follow the rules and call you Little Aunt.” Yun Che looked at Xiao Lingxi’s blushing cheeks and said seriously, “As for me, I am completely not related to you, and you are actually one year younger than me. Normally, I should call you Little Sister Lingxi, but I called you Little Aunt for so many years all for nothing, it is such a loss.”

“Little Sister… Lingxi?!” Xiao Lingxi immediately pinched her fingers onto Yun Che’s arm and said angrily in her delicate voice, “Is Little Sister Lingxi something you are allowed to call me!? I am your Little Aunt… and I will be forever! You actually dare to show no respect for your senior in front of Little Aunt.”

“Owowow…” Yun Che exaggeratedly yelled and said as if he was wronged, “You clearly knew that we were not related by blood… not even a little bit.”

“My dad is your grandfather, so I am still your senior! You said Xiao Yun is your sworn brother before, and I am Xiao Yun’s Little Aunt, so of course you must also call me Little Aunt as well!” Listing out sufficient reasons, Xiao Lingxi’s face revealed a proud smile. “So don’t think that just because my biological nephew is back you can show no respect for your senior in front of Little Aunt. And you want to call me Little Sister Lingxi? Hmph.”

“Well…” Yun Che stared at Xiao Lingxi in appreciation and smiled. The smile on his face was accompanied with a bit of ill intentions. “Did Little Aunt really forget? In front of Little Aunt, what I am best at is showing no respect for my senior!”

Yun Che had forcefully but gently grabbed hold of Xiao Lingxi’s tender body. Before she could react, Yun Che had already heavily kissed onto her supple lips. The tender cry that was just about to come out of her mouth were entirely drowned out by the scent of man.

“Ah…” Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes widened and cried out a little with her arms subconsciously struggling against Yun Che’s chest . Before, when Yun Che tried to sneak a kiss with her, after he got what he wanted, he would always escape to somewhere far away. But this time, he didn’t escape, and he forced her to not be able to escape. While she was struggling, he was intoxicated by the sweetness between her lips.

Slowly, Xiao Lingxi’s struggling became weaker and weaker, and her arms that were against his chest lost strength, lowered slightly, and then lifted again quietly. She hugged him fearfully. Her thin, delicate neck also lifted up a bit. She started responding to him in a daze, seeming to have forgotten Xiao Lie and Xiao Yun were in the house fifteen meters away and could have see them the entire time. A red blush spread on her snowy face, slowly warmed up her body, and melted her young girl’s shyness.

After a long time, their lips finally separated. Xiao Lingxi leaned on Yun Che’s chest as she panted lightly. Her eyelashes were trembling slightly, her delicate face was red as cherry blossoms, and her eyes were unfocused like the mist, as if she hadn’t woken up from her dream just now. Yun Che’s eyes looked down and he called out to her softly, “Little Aunt…”

“Don’t talk…” Xiao Lingxi’s forehead leaned harder into his chest, and her arms held him even closer, “Just like this… hug me for a while…”

“Mm…” Yun Che stopped talking. The two of them leaned together quietly, feeling each other’s presence and existence and hoping that time could be paused at this moment forever.

crushanapple: The An (安) in Xiao An means safe and peace.

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