Chapter 675 - Flee in Disorder

Chapter 675 - Flee in Disorder

“Se… Senior, please wait!!” Ye Guying panicked and Ye Xinghan’s way. “We will obey Senior’s order to leave immediately, and will not disturb Senior anymore…”

Ye Guying’s expression and eyes lost the steady and calm he previously had., even his voice was noticeably trembling. He changed how he addressed the black-robed old man from “distinguished one” to Senior as well. Ye Shi… the elder of their Sun Moon Divine Hall, a mid-stage Monarch who looked down upon the world, and even had a lofty position in Sun Moon Divine Hall, had managed to be casually burned into nothingness by a small flame that was set off by the black-robed old man. This strength was so terrifying and so incomparable…

His unbelievably overbearing aura was just an aura, but they clearly witnessed the process of turning Ye Shi into nothingness as they were just within thirty meters! That was strength that completely exceeded their knowledge and imagination! To turn a mid-stage Monarch into nothingness with such ease, not mentioning the Saint Emperor, Sovereign of the Seas, Heavenly Monarch, or the Sword Master the four rulers of Four Great Sacred Grounds, even the one and only Phoenix Spirit, who was half-step Profound God back then, wouldn’t be able to do it!

Even if it was the phoenix flames released by the Phoenix Spirit’s strength with all its might that could cover the sky, a mid-stage Monarch would still be able to somewhat resist.

But this black-robed old man lit up icy-blue flames the size of his fists with just a wave of his hand.

The density and the power of this ball of icy-blue flames must be so strong l that it was on a level they cannot even imagine. The law that it involved was definitely more than one or two great realms from the limit that they could understand!

There was actually such a terrifying person that exists in this world!

Thinking on it now, the reason he let them leave just now was not because of fear towards Sun Moon Divine Hall… but it was clearly because he despised to even lay his hands on them!

“Hmph!” the black-robed old man scoffed lightly, the icy-blue flames in his palm swayed. “I let you leave just now, but you deliberately provoked me and made me break my ten thousand year vow to not kill. Now you want to leave? How can I let you off so easily!”

The black-robed old man’s voice was not calm like water like before anymore, but there was some anger in it now, and obviously, it was anger of breaking his vow! The “ten thousand year vow” that came from his mouth shocked everyone that was in his presence… This scary old man’s lifespan… was actually more than ten thousand years!!

To have a ten thousand year lifespan, how scary was this old man’s realm?!

That ball of icy-blue flames danced around a bit in the center of the black-robed old man’s palm, and from that, Ye Guying and the others’ hearts cramped up. The image of Ye Shi miserably dying reappeared in their minds like a nightmare, and they were on the verge of dying in the same miserable way!

“Senior, calm your anger!” Ye Guying cupped his hands, kneeled down, and said in a humble and panicked manner, “No matter how overconfident we are, we would definitely not dare to offend Senior master. Just now it was really just for us to be able to give an explanation when we return to Sun Moon Divine Hall. That was why we suggested to compare our strength a little with Senior… The reason Elder Ye Shi died in the hands of Senior was because he wasn’t good enough. It cannot be blamed on Senior at all. I, as the Ninth Elder of Sun Moon Divine Hall, promise that after Senior raises your hand high in mercy and let us go today, our Sun Moon Divine Hall will definitely not hold you accountable for what happened with Elder Ye Shi, and the grudge with your disciple would also be done for once and for all…”

As one of the top ten elders of Sun Moon Divine Hall, Ye Guying hadn’t showed such a humble attitude for many years. But in front of this black-robed old man, how could he dare to display his usual attitude? He could not even wait to crawl onto the ground now because it would be as easy as waving his hand for him to kill them! And his murderous intent had already been incited! If he really attacks… Ye Shi didn’t even have the ability to struggle, so they wouldn’t be able toeither! Not only would they all to die, they would have died for nothing!

This was the scariest person that they had encountered in their whole lives, and it was also the first time that they faced a real deadly threat, how could they dare to be rash! Even if it was the Elder of Sun Moon, under the shadow of true death, they could only beg for their lives with everything they had.

“Heh, not accountable?” The black-robed old man laughed softly in disdain. “You think I am afraid of being ‘held accountable’ by Sun Moon Divine Hall!? The Sacred Grounds that are too high to be reached, in my eyes… demolishing your Sun Moon Divine Hall is as simple as waving my hand!”

His voice was calm, but it shocked everyone’s hearts and souls tremendously. “To demolish your Sun Moon Divine Hall is as simple as waving my hand,” such presumptuous words, who else in this world would dare to say that? If they heard something like this before today, Ye Guying and the others would definitely treat it as the biggest joke in the world, but at this moment, what they felt wasn’t ridicule and contempt but was deep shock and fear… The terrifying image of Ye Shi being casually burned into nothingness by a little spark t emerged before their eyes again and caused chills to run through their entire bodies.

Ye Guying said in panic, “Yes, yes… Senior is a master from another world. Sun Moon Divine Hall must not be worth mentioning in your eyes. But… if anything happened to Young Master today, even if it is Senior, my Sun Moon Divine Hall would not rest easily. Even though it is impossible to do anything to Senior, Senior is a master who has not been in contact with the mundane world for many years, I suppose you would not be willing to induce this type of ‘little trouble.’ Also…” Ye Guying came up with an idea in the spur of the moment, stayed calm, and said, “Senior is angry because you broke your vow to not kill unintentionally. But killing comes from the heart. If there isn’t really any intent to kill, it doesn’t count as breaking your vow. Senior didn’t kill Ye Shi intentionally, it was only because Ye Shi wasn’t strong enough and was overconfident when catching Senior’s divine flames. That’s why his spirit perished… Ye Shi died because of himself, not because of Senior, so Senior actually didn’t break your vow.”

“Now that Senior has murderous intent against us, if you kill us all, then you would really be breaking your vow! Senior is an unparalleled master in this world, and we are just commoners who are not worth mentioning. There is no need for Senior to break your vow because of insignificant us and taint your clear heart that has been closed off from the world.”

“Ninth Elder is extremely right!” Ye Juanyun immediately followed up, “Even though there is a misunderstanding between your disciple Yun Che and us, but… more than ten of us died by Yun Che’s hand, and we have never even hurt a single hair of your disciple! Senior has upheld his vow for many years, so you must have a big heart and your heart is like the master creator of the vault of heaven…”

“Say no more!”

A calm voice interrupted Ye Juanyun. The black-robed old man slowly retracted his palm, the ball of icy-blue flames also disappeared, and the murderous intent that slightly filled the air also dispersed, but that overbearing pressure that coverd the sky still existed and was heavily bearing down on their hearts and souls. “Even though you said what you said to live, it is also reasonable. Nevermind, you all can leave. After today, you can never come back here!”

Everyone from Sun Moon Divine Hall lifted their heads, as if they heard a voice from heaven. For the first time in their lives, they had the feeling of “escaping from death.” Ye Guying said in a trembling voice, “Thank you Senior for your mercy! My Sun Moon Divine Hall will remember Senior’s grace…” His voice stuttered, but he took a breath and then said, “Allow Junior to ask, may Senior grace us your great name! In the future, no matter where Senior goes, my Sun Moon Divine Hall will definitely retreat and keep our distance. And we will absolutely not offend anyone related to Senior.”

What Ye Guying had said was absolutely not to take revenge after finding out his name… Ye Shi died miserably, but the strength of the black-robed old man completely exceeded their knowledge, so they didn’t even consider getting revenge. As for “retreat and keep their distance,” this was not false at all! This level of horrifying existence, they just hoped they never encountered it ever again in their lives.

“Great name?” The black-robed old man slowly said, “What can you do even if you know? In this world, my name has not existed for a long time. If it wasn’t because I accepted my last disciple under destiny, the rest of my life will no longer be in contact with the mundane world.

“My name is Duotian! Duotian is the name!”

“Heaven… Seizer…” Ye Guying said it in a low voice. This was indeed an unfamiliar name that he had never heard before, and it was also the wildest name that he had ever heard! How wild or how strong would a person be to dare to use “Duotian” as his name!

“Senior Duotian, we will leave right this moment! If you have time in the future, I wish you would descend and come be a guest at our Divine Hall. Our whole Divine Hall must greet you!” Ye Guying’s footsteps had already started backing off faster and faster while he was speaking. He could not wait to fly away from this place immediately. What he said was half to settle the black-robed old man’s emotions, and the other half was naturally to try to make nice with him. Because such a horrifying person, even if he cannot make friends with him, he absolutely cannot become enemies with him.

When they immediately turned around and prepared to fly towards the Sun Moon Sacred Ark, a voice suddenly sounded behind their backs,


Yun Che was the one who had spoken. It seemed like because of impatience and unwillingness that his voice was especially deep. Ye Guying and the others stopped their footsteps and chills were running down their backs… The black-robed old man let them go, but this didn’t mean Yun Che let them off the hook! If Yun Che strongly asked the black-robed old man to keep them all here…

“Che’er, no need to say much.”

Before Yun Che could say anything, the voice of the black-robed old man had already sounded calmly, “Master knows what you want to say. You really thought that master let them go because I despised laying my hands on them or am unwilling to break my vow? Wrong!”

His voice became a little harsher now, “Master taught you a long time ago, unless there is really a threat on your life, you cannot borrow master’s strength and cannot become reliant on it! Master knows that you hate these people to the bones because of the matter of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace,and impatiently want to put them to death, but it is to my limit to make them leave. If you want them dead, you can only use your own strength to do so!!”

“Six years ago when we met as master and disciple, you were only a cripple with crippled profound veins. Master repaired your profound veins, guided you for three years, and none of the younger generations of the Seven Nations could be a match to you! Three years ago, master broke the space and brought you back from the Primordial Profound Ark, and until now, with your strength, you can already battle a Monarch! Even though you can’t kill them now, if you cultivate with your heart under master, in three more years, you would be able to kill any one of them with just a wave of your hand! In three more years, the whole Sun Moon Divine Hall will be under your feet. There is no need to harm your cultivating heart yourself today just for today’s pleasure!”

These words were all said to Yun Che by the black-robed old man, but hearing this, every single person of Sun Moon Divine Hall trembled in fear.

In six years of time… from a cripple with crippled profound veins to having the strength to battle against a Monarch… It merely took six years!!

This was such a horrifying concept!!

And they all clearly knew that these words were definitely not false! Because according to their investigation of Yun Che over these past three years, six years ago, he was really just a cripple with crippled veins. The people from the city that he lived in for more than ten years all knew about him, and he was even the laughing stock of the entire city!!

At first, when he revealed his strengths at the Divine Phoenix Sect, he only cultivated profound strength for a short three years!

They finally found the answer to this terrifying fact today. It was because, behind him, there was such a horrifying master! It was a thousand times more horrifying than what they had once imagined!!

With six years, from a cripple to the strength of the level of a Monarch, even though their Four Great Sacred Grounds looked down to the whole world, they could never achieve that themselves.

There was also a sentence that every one of them heard clearly… The reason Yun Che was still alive, wasn’t because he wasn’t trapped in the Primordial Profound Ark like they had guessed but was because he was saved by the black-robed old man from the Primordial Profound Ark!!

Which means, he could actually travel through space between the Profound Sky Continent and the Primordial Profound Ark!!

An indescribable shock trembled in their hearts and souls. As the strongest Monarchs of the Profound Sky Continent, they couldn’t begin to understand the realm that the black-robed old man was in… Compared to it, it was like a completely different world.

Yun Che lowered his head and said, “Master is right, disciple will remember it.”

His voice was very soft and low. This arrogant, wild Yun Che who dared to face the Divine Phoenix Sect alone, and even had the guts to offend Sun Moon Divine Hall seemed to be especially respectful and toned down in front of his master.

Ye Guying grabbed Ye Xinghan’s arm, rushed into the sky as fast as he could, and did not dare to stay any longer… Six years and he was able to battle Monarchs… Three more years and he could kill any one of them… Three more years and he can step on all of Sun Moon Divine Hall as he pleased… These words were just like a curse that lingered within his heart and soul.

He started to feel like becoming enemies with this Yun Che, who they looked down upon before, seemed to be the biggest mistake that they had ever committed over these years!

alyschu: Duotian = Heaven Seizer, one who seizes the heavens, etc etc.

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