Chapter 671 - False Bravado

Chapter 671 - False Bravado

“Yun… Che!” Looking at Yun Che’s coldly smiling face, unspeakable resentment and loathing erupted in Ye Xinghan’s heart. Back then, it was this small fry, who was not even significant enough to be counted as a worm when compared to his lofty status as the Young Master of Sun Moon Divine Hall, who completely wrecked his plans in the Primordial Profound Ark! If not for Yun Che, he would have already obtained Feng Xue’er’s Divine Phoenix body, and his current strength would have broken through to the Sovereign Profound Realm while his rate of growth would be far greater than what it was today… All of his plans had been ruined because of this Yun Che!

When Yun Che had “died” in the Primordial Profound Ark all those years ago, he was still unable to get rid of the hatred in his heart.

And now that three years had passed, he discovered that Yun Che was not actually dead! He had even killed his men, once again wrecking his plans… and even his profound strength had grown by leaps and bounds… to the point where it had even exceeded his own!

When he received Ye Qingsheng’s death imprint, the anger, resentment, and killing intent that he felt in that instant… was so fierce that it felt as if his chest was going to explode!

If not for stone cold logic informing him that he might not be Yun Che’s match anymore, he would have rushed out like a crazed dog and used the cruelest method to brutally kill Yun Che. He stared at Yun Che, the coldness and hatred on his face giving way to a rotten and icy smile. “To think that you still lived… this truly gave this young master a huge surprise! All these years, this young master’s greatest regret was not being able to personally rip you to tiny pieces. To think that you would actually escape from the king of the Underworld and obediently deliver yourself into my hands.”

As he spoke, Ye Xinghan surveyed the background, and his gaze fell upon the ladies of the Frozen Cloud. Immediately, his eyes widened into saucers, and his gaze turned feverishly hot as the expression on his face went from gloomy and cold to one of undisguised, evil depravity. “Yun Che, this young master suddenly feels extremely grateful to you. If not for you, this young master would not have known that Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace was actually such a wonderful place! Who would have thought that in a tiny country that is about to be scattered like ashes, there would actually be so many peerless beauties waiting to be enjoyed by this young master. Tsk…”

Ye Xinghan’s tongue extended out of his mouth as he slowly licked the corner of his lips, and a gulping sound could be heard coming from his throat. His excessively evil and wanton gaze and aura had grown so strong that even his anger and killing intent had been completely swallowed by it. This was definitely not something that Ye Xinghan was faking; he cultivated heretical arts and had his way with countless women, and while he had an insatiable appetite for beauty, his standards were exceedingly high. Regular beautiful women would not even catch his notice. However, the ladies of the Frozen Cloud all had ice-snow skin, features like a cold moon, and possessed a stately and ice-cold temperament. Every single one of them seemed like snow lotuses from Mount Heaven which blossomed amidst the wind and snow; they were like snow fairies who descended to the earth after being exiled from the heavens, haughtily surveying the world in their peerless beauty.

During these thousand years, the number one beauty of Blue Wind Nation had always come from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace without even a single exception!

Also, even if one and only picked a girl from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace… even if she was the plainest one of them all, she would still be a peerless beauty in the outside world, more beautiful than any other women for miles around her. Moreover, their cold and stately temperament was not something that a normal girl could compare to.

So even though Ye Xinghan had countless women at his disposal, he still stared at every single lady of the Frozen Cloud with the depravity of a hungry wolf… and he had an entire two thousand women of Frozen Cloud to stare at! It would not be the least bit exaggerated to say that every single nerve and cell within Ye Xinghan’s body was quivering with excitement. Two thousand women of Frozen Cloud, any single one of them would cause all the women that he kept back in Sun Moon Divine Hall to lose their luster. And those six ladies, who were standing at the forefront, who had the strongest profound energy auras of them all, especially caught his eye, making it almost impossible for him to stop himself from drooling at the mouth…

As for Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he had once heard of them a very long time ago, but an all-women power from the tiny nation of Blue Wind was not even worthwhile for him to remember, much less catch his attention. If not for the name “Xia Qingyue” and the fact that she was part of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, he probably would have never have considered to coming to this kind of place. But never in his wildest dreams did he think that this place was actually a “paradise on earth”!

Sun Moon Divine Hall’s young master, who held beauty as dear to him as life itself, suddenly felt as if he had wasted most of his life. At this time, his attention had already completely switched from Yun Che to the Frozen Cloud ladies behind him…. Compared to these beautiful and bewitching snow fairies, Yun Che’s life was not even worth a damn!

Ye Xinghan’s notoriety for using women to cultivate his heretic arts was something that all the women of Frozen Cloud had heard of before. And what they saw today was far worse than any of the rumors that they had heard. Looking at his obscene and depraved expression, the faces of the ladies of Frozen Cloud were filled with a deep loathing. Murong Qianxue, Chu Yueli, and the rest of the Frozen Cloud Fairies all knitted their brows as the ice spirit around their bodies danced wildly and their hands tightened around the hilts of their ice swords… Today, even if they all had to perish together, they would definitely not allow themselves to be sullied by Ye Xinghan.

“Hahahaha!” After hearing Ye Xinghan’s words, Yun Che did not reveal the slightest bit of fear or anger; instead, he crossed his arms over his chest and let out a wild laugh. “Ye Xinghan, your death is at hand yet you still have the time to build castles in the air. This is simply too hilarious, hahahaha…”

“This young master’s death is at hand?” Ye Xinghan’s eyes slanted as he tilted his head back and let out a loud laugh as well, and it was even louder and more wanton than Yun Che’s laugh. “It looks like even though you have lived for three more years, you have become a pitiful idiot who can’t even tell whose death is actually at hand right now."

“Young Master!” Ye Shi said as he took a step forward. “When this brat saw the Young Master, he was clearly so frightened that he had lost his wits. Hmph, given the Young Master’s status, there is no need to waste your breath on him. Let me go and capture him and leave his fate at the Young Master’s disposal!”

“I will have to trouble Fifteenth Elder then,” Ye Xinghan replied leisurely. “But Fifteenth Elder, remember to be gentle with him. I definitely do not want you to kill him by accident.”

“Just watch me break his legs first!” Ye Shi said with a cold laugh. He circulated all the profound energy in his body and prepared to advance before a figure suddenly flashed in front of him. He was blocked by Ye Guying who gave a low shout, “Wait! Do not take any action yet! Haven’t any of you realized that there is something wrong here?!”

“When we had arrived, they had already gathered here, and they even called out the name ‘Sun Moon Sacred Ark,’ so they clearly knew that we were coming far in advance. Also, not only did they not flee, but they actually purposely waited here!” Ye Guying said coldly, “If they did not have anything to rely on or some scheme lying in wait for us, why would they act in such a manner?! Especially that Yun Che… just look at him, he isn’t the least bit worried or afraid. Rather, he looks like victory has already been grasped in his hand as his prey is about to take the bait!”

This situation was definitely out of the ordinary. After they had arrived and had found Yun Che, the scenario they had been greeted with was completely different from the one they had expected. Ye Shi replied, “There is definitely something weird going on, but I had just used all of my power to survey our present surroundings, and I cannot feel the aura of any strong individual. The strongest aura I have detected is that of the eighth level of the Emperor Profound Realm, and this Yun Che only has a profound strength at the third level of the Emperor Profound Realm! Even though I do not know why they would know of our arrival so far in advance, they did not flee because they clearly knew that even if they fled to the ends of the earth, it would not be enough to escape from our grasp. That Yun Che is simply faking his current attitude… it’s all false bluster and bravado!”

“You really think that he is faking it?” Ye Guying said with sunken brows, “We are all people that have lived for nearly a thousand years, and Yun Che is only slightly over twenty years of age. Do you actually think that any act put on by him could escape our eyes?”

Ye Shi’s eyelids briefly twitched as Ye Shuran and Ye Juanyun both furrowed their brows…. The Yun Che who had stood in front of them had not only taken the initiative to wait for them here, but even as he faced their Sun Moon Divine Hall, he was still calm and composed. They could not detect a hint of fear of anxiety from his expression, gaze, or posture. On the contrary, the only thing that was displayed was continuous arrogance and contempt… they were all old monsters who had lived for several hundred years, and some of them were even close a thousand years old, so they definitely did not believe that a young man of just over twenty years of age could “act” in front of them to such a degree.

In the depths of their heart, they had long ago confirmed that… there was definitely someone who had Yun Che’s back at this present moment!

“So what if there is?” Ye Shi persisted as he gave a contemptuous laugh, “Even if he really has some huge power backing him up… could it be stronger than our Sun Moon Divine Hall? In this Profound Sky Continent, other than the other three Sacred Grounds, is there really anything else that can cause our Sun Moon Divine Hall to tremble?”

Ye Shi’s words may have been arrogant beyond reason, but they were also unshakably true. As one of the premier powers in the Profound Sky Continent, other than the rest of the Sacred Grounds, Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, Supreme Ocean Palace, and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, there was nothing else in this world that they held as their equal. Even if Yun Che gathered all of the profound practitioners in Blue Wind Nation, it would not cause them to even bat an eyelid.

“He defeated the Divine Phoenix Sect by himself and managed to kill Ye Qingsheng and Ye Ziyi despite cultivating for only six years, so I have no reason to believe that he is simply standing here and waiting for death!” Ye Guying said in an incomparably prudent manner, “Moreover, did you not hear what he just said… he said that our Young Master’s death was at hand! He could be bluffing, or if the one who is backing him up really has that kind of power, even if there is only a one in a billion chance of that happening… do you dare take such a risk?!! If anything really happens to the Young Master, not only will we die, but our entire families and even our descendants will all have to die with us!!”

Ye Guying’s words caused Ye Shi’s body to tremble and the complexion of Ye Shuran and Ye Juanyun faces to change. Looking at Yun Che’s extremely confident demeanor and attitude, these elders of Sun Moon Divine Hall, all mighty Monarchs who loomed over the earth, did not dare make any rash or impulsive moves. Instead, they focused all of their spirit as they attempted to search for any hidden profound energy auras in the surrounding area.

“His cheap life, how can it be compared with the safety of our Young Master. It is not that I am being overly cautious and prudent, but his current attitude… is definitely not normal, so he must be hiding some kind of scheme. With the Young Master here, we definitely cannot take such a risk.” Ye Guying calmly said as his eyes narrowed slightly, “Let me first get to the bottom of this! And after we have exposed all of his tricks and supporters and we have confirmed that he poses no threat, then we can kill him!”

“Oh? Why have you lot suddenly gone quiet? Weren’t you shouting about how you were going to capture me? Are you going to do it or what?!” Yun Che casually extended a hand and gestured them to come forward with his finger. This contemptuous action and sight would stoke the fires of rage in even the lowliest of profound practitioners, even moreso for elders of Sun Moon Divine Hall.

Yun Che’s expression was haughty and contemptuous, but the reality was that his back had long ago been drenched in cold sweat. Just now Jasmine had advised him on the strength of these four individuals. There was one who was at the third level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, two were at the fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm, and the one who looked the youngest was actually at the seventh level of the Sovereign Profound Realm… He approached the latter stages of the Sovereign Profound Realm, and he was a monstrous existence that stood on equal ground with a grand elder of the Yun Family! He had predicted that Ye Xinghan would definitely bring along some strong individuals who were at the Monarch level, but the overall level of strength of his party far exceeded what he had expected.

Even Ye Xinghan himself had broken through to the eighth level of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and he was far stronger than he was three years ago.

If Ye Shi had really rushed at him like he intended to, his only choice would have been to whisk away all of the women in the Primordial Profound Ark and flee the scene… and all of the schemes that he had prepared would be rendered useless. But it was good that he had successfully caused the other party to become extremely cautious, allowing him to scrape through the first encounter without any mishap.

Ye Guying slowly strode forward and his body released an aura which was not intense but was as boundless as the sea, and in the span of a few breaths, it had engulfed the entire Snow Region of Extreme Ice. The strength and dread invoked by this aura caused all the women of Frozen Cloud to go pale with fear… because this was power that far exceeded what they knew and even what they could imagine.

“Yun Che.” Ye Guying said in a bland voice, “Even though your talent is not common, in the eyes of our Sun Moon Divine Hall, it is not even worth mentioning. If we want to kill you, it is only a matter of lifting our hands. It is just that before we proceed, I have a few questions I want to ask you, and if you honestly answer them, we can consider sparing the lives of the women behind you.”

These last words spoken by Ye Guying were completely farcical because even if they wanted to do anything to the women of Frozen Cloud, Ye Xinghan would definitely not allow them to. Yun Che eyed him coolly before tilting his head back and breaking out into a huge roaring laugh, “Hahahaha! Kill me? Just one level three Monarch, two level five Monarchs, and one level seven Monarch, and you want to kill me? Hahahaha, this is simply the best joke I’ve heard in ages! Could it be that your entire Sun Moon Divine Hall is made up of presumptuous idiots?!”

Yun Che’s words caused the expressions on the four great elders’ and Ye Xinghan’s face to greatly change… and it was not because of his arrogant and irritating insults, but it was because he had actually correctly stated the exact profound strength of Ye Shuran, Ye Shi, Ye Juanyun, and Ye Guying!

There was not a single mistake contained in his words!!

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