Chapter 783 - Blooming of the Udumbara

Chapter 783 - Blooming of the Udumbara

“Haa… haa… haa…”

At last, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign finished his transformation. However, for something that would have taken a mere instant in the past, even he had not imagined it now required such a long period of time. Now transformed, the aura of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign had grown immensely, the dark devil energy surrounding his body doubling in thickness and density. Yet, his expression lacked any hint of arrogance or complacency that typically came with absolute power. Rather, it seemed to radiate with sinister fury… and hatred.

Since he was not the same Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign he was one million years ago, this transformation had further delayed the full restoration of his life origin by at least another thousand years!!

He had felt this very clearly… had he chosen not to transform, he would have very possibly met his end by Yun Che’s hands on this very day!

“In my current state, this king will need no more than ten breaths to kill you!!


The transformation had greatly increased the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s power, but the enormous burden it put on him made him feel as if his body was going to fall apart at any moment. Without any further delay, he took to the air with a furious roar and rushed towards Yun Che. The sudden change in speed spread waves of alarm through Yun Che’s heart.

After the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign transformed, his speed had also massively increased. Yun Che immediately determined that the current speed of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign exceeded his own when he was using Extreme Mirage Lightning! This also meant that even if this place was a wide and boundless region instead of the cramped Moon Slaughter Devil Nest, he could forget about using speed to escape!

Devil energy swirled in the air as sinister winds whistled about. As the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign shot into the air, he had caused all the broken stone fragments to whirl upwards. The terrifying and incredible wind pressure had actually gouged deep grooves into the incredibly tough ground!

His two dark devil claws had grown twice as large and were wrapped in dark light. They seemed to morph into dragon claws as they ripped at Yun Che… Though they were three hundred meters away, they still caused Yun Che’s body to freeze as his feet seemed to sink into the ground.

Yun Che’s gaze focused coldly. After taking a deep breath, he used Star God’s Broken Shadow to instantly escape.


The claws of the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign smashed fiercely onto the ground, immediately shattering all the stone walls in a thirty-meter radius. Even Yun Che, who had managed to dodge in the nick of time, was smashed in the chest by the roaring and billowing dark energy waves. He let out a low moan as he rolled backwards.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign sent blow after blow flying through the air without much aiming yet all of them immediately home in on Yun Che. His body was sent flying through the air as an enormous dark shadow completely engulfed him.

Yun Che swiftly turned around in midair. All of the profound energy in his body circulated as the figure of the Phoenix and Golden Crow simultaneously appeared behind his back. His left arm also lit up with a strange blue light as the vermillion flashing greatsword, wreathed in the divine fires of both the Phoenix and the Golden Crow, exploded downwards.

Even though Yun Che was facing the transformed Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign who had gotten significantly stronger, he still decided to go with a simple head-to-head clash!


Darkness and flames instantly clashed and interweaved, becoming an ocean of catastrophic energy that blindly engulfed everything within the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

Within this ocean of calamitous energy, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign howled in anger as his long hair fluttered haphazardly in the wind. He felt his power being obstructed and immediately raised his head to let out a great laugh… However, this laughter lasted for just a split second before it cut off… because his power had actually been unable to break through the resistance and destroy Yun Che. Instead, all he could see was his power being forced to a ten-meter standstill, unable to advance even an inch further.

“Wha… what!?” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s pupils grew large. He could feel that there hadn’t been any change to Yun Che’s aura, but beside him, another aura had suddenly appeared! This aura was roughly only half as strong as Yun Che himself but together with Yun Che, it had managed to somehow block his power!

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign let out another furious roar as he raised both of his bone-plated arms. Those shockingly huge arms began to swell up even more before he began to launch a torrent of blows at Yun Che. Terrifying dark devil energy surged like a tsunami as they exploded towards Yun Che, who had nowhere left to run or hide.

“Haah!!” Yun Che let out a furious shout of his own as he swung the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword with all his strength. Every sword stroke launched a profound energy storm that was powerful enough to annihilate everything that stood in its path. Beside him, the Profound Handle which had taken the form of a heavy sword also danced alongside the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. Both heavy swords wove a dance of blades as they formed an extremely tyrannical and powerful “Heavy Sword Domain” around Yun Che which expelled the dark devil energy out of it.

“This… this is impossible!!”

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s scalp went numb as his pupils grew even larger. When Yun Che held off his attacks before, it had already far exceeded his expectations. Moreover, it also forced him to pay a heavy price and transform into his battle form. He had thought that once he released all of his power, he would have the power to completely flatten Yun Che and that would have been as easy as flipping his palm. Not once had he ever imagined that the attack he launched after his transformation would actually be completely blocked by Yun Che!

He released his power in a frenzy and every single time he attacked, he did so with all of his might. He held nothing back. Even after thousands of continuous blows, Yun Che still stood there alive, having smashed aside every single one of his attacks!!


The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s fluttering hair immediately stood on end as the imprint of the blood moon on his chest shone with a ghastly and terrifying crimson black light. Every single devil tattoo on his body also began to shine with a frightening, bloody light.

All of the dark devil energy came to a stop in that very instant and an absolute silence instantly settled over the world. It was as if time itself had suddenly stopped. Following that, the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign let out a howl which seemed to come from the depths of purgatory as all the darkness energy in the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest began to dance furiously as they merged together to form a gigantic devil god that seemed to come from the depths of the underworld. The giant mass of darkness energy surged forward, swallowing up the tiny and insignificant Yun Che into the boundless and endless darkness.

“Eternal Night’s Oblivion!!”

The boundless darkness pressed down from all directions as it devoured light, devoured space and even devoured his heavy sword storm. In the next instant, it might just devour him and his profound handle completely as well.

No shock or fear appeared on Yun Che’s face. His gaze grew dark and cold and the flames on his body, which were burning with all their might, intensified by yet another degree. Raising both the greatsword in his hand and the heavy sword that the Profound Handle had become at the same time, he released two vast and boundless auras which would even cause the heavens and earth to lose color.

“Destroying Sky Decimating Earth!!”


The terrifying explosion consumed all the other sounds in this tiny world.

Terrifying energy explosions spread all over the place as both the air and the ground shook. Even space itself recoiled at this dreadful energy as the shrill wail of space being torn asunder echoed through the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

Following that, three kilometers of space instantly collapsed. In front of this kind of power, space itself had become as weak and fragile as a thin sheet of paper.

Black holes of various sizes instantly flashed into existence before fading out as quick as they appeared.

Yun Che and the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign naturally had to endure the massive impact and aftershocks left in the wake of the rampaging energy explosions.

The two of them were forced three hundred meters apart. If not for the extremely hard and durable black stone walls blocking their flight, they might have been pushed tens of kilometers away by the impact.

Yun Che leaned on a stone wall as he slowly got to his feet. By the time he stood up, the black stone wall collapsed with a loud bang.

Streams of blood poured down the blade of the Heaven Smiting Sword. His arms had largely borne the impact of that terrifying energy blast. The webs between his thumb and his index finger on both hands were split, many wounds had appeared on both his arms and he had sustained more than ten fractures by the impact alone. But he did not feel the slightest bit of pain… He just felt a numbness that was overly intense, so intense that he lost nearly all feeling in both his arms. It was his willpower and determination alone that allowed him to still firmly grasp that five-hundred-thousand-kilogram sword.

The Profound Handle had disappeared as well. It had been blasted to pieces by that energy blast—but the Profound Handle was a power that came from his bloodline. Even if it was shattered another ten thousand times, he could still summon it once again.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s injuries looked far lighter than Yun Che’s. Other than the chest bone that Yun Che had previously broken, only the bone spike on his right arm had been snapped, as blood freely flowed down that arm.

But that was just how things appeared. In reality, his situation was far worse than Yun Che. Because if Yun Che activated his Profound Handle, he only increased the consumption of his profound energy.

But when the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was transformed, not only did he consume more energy, his body also had to endure an enormous burden! And he had just been desperately using all of his power in spite of this, so one could well imagine what the consequences would be.

If Yun Che got a bit closer, he would be able to see that the scales and bone plating on his body were astonishingly covered with many tiny cracks.

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s body went limp as he sank to the ground numbly, unable to climb up for quite some time. The dark pupils of his eyes contracted fearfully as though he was trapped in a nightmare.

“Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign… have you… already… reached your limit!?”

Yun Che dragged the Heaven Smiting Sword behind him as he walked slowly towards the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. His voice had become hoarse, his feet felt like lead, and his breathing had become incredibly heavy and rough. Whether it was the Profound Handle or the “Destroying Sky Decimating Earth” technique, all of them had consumed an extremely large amount of his energy. Coupled with the wounds he had sustained on his arms and his internal organs, he was in an incredibly bad state.

But he could tell that the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign was in even worse shape than he was! Even though he could still maintain his transformation, his aura had dropped to the point where it was even weaker than Yun Che’s.

Even if the wounds on his body were ten times worse, Yun Che would not waste time worrying over things… because he absolutely could not give the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign a chance to catch his breath.

“You… you aren’t… human!!” The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign forced himself to his feet. He tried with all his might to gather devil energy but it was as if his devil body had transformed into a leaky wooden bucket. No matter how he tried to gather his energy, he was unable to suppress Yun Che’s aura.

So now, he was completely incapable of believing that Yun Che was a human being… Given a human being’s weak physique, how could he have a vitality and endurance that even exceeded his own!

“Sorry to disappoint you! I am a human being raised on the very soil of the Profound Sky Continent! Today is the day that you will die… and it is the result of looking down on humans!”

The feeling in his arms began to come back as intense pain replaced numbness. Yun Che started gasping heavily as he tightened his grip around the Heaven Smiting Sword.

“Heeheeheehee… Kekekehahahaha… Huhuhuhu… Wahahahaha…”

It was at this moment that an extremely dreadful and sinister laugh rang out from the depths of the cave behind the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. It sounded like laughter and wailing mixed together, and just hearing it would cause one’s blood to go cold as all the fear in one’s body congealed to one spot.

Yun Che’s feet subconsciously ground to a halt. That was the sound emitted by the Netherworld Udumbara Flower. From what he remembered, he had only heard the ghastly wailing of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower when his group had come within a hundred and fifty meters of it. Whether it was due to them leaving or his vicious battle with the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign, once he left that radius, he was no longer able to hear that sound.

Right now, he was standing roughly one and a half kilometers away from the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, yet he could clearly hear that ghostly wail, as if it was right by his ear! Furthermore, it sounded even more sinister and soul-shaking than before. Just hearing it caused Yun Che’s heart to tremble.

At this moment, a wild and triumphant smile suddenly appeared on the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign’s face.

“The heavens are aiding this king… ha… hahahahaha!!”

The Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign let out a wild and crazy laugh as he crazily circulated all the remaining energy in his body. He allowed all the wounds on his body to split open and as a fierce current of darkness energy streamed around his body, he rushed towards the depths of the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

Yun Che was dazed for an instant. But following that, his expression changed. Could it be that…

“You need to stop him immediately!!” Jasmine suddenly shouted. “It must be because the Netherworld Udumbara fully bloomed! It holds a giant amount of nether yin energy and if he consumes it, not only will his soul origin be repaired fully, it will also replenish his strength and rapidly heal all his wounds!”


All of the profound energy in Yun Che’s body flared as the wounds all over his arms ripped open, spraying fresh blood everywhere. He immediately put the Heaven Smiting Sword away, his body blurring into streak of lightning as he chased after the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign.

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