Chapter 499 - Yun Family’s Circumstances

Chapter 499 - Yun Family’s Circumstances

Yun Che lifted his head. Somewhere in the north-eastern part of the city, there was indeed a purple radiance rushing into the skies. Only that this purple radiance was a little weak; if one did not pay attention to it, one would simply not notice it.

“What is that purple radiance?” Yun Che asked.

Yun Xiao’s expression darkened slightly, and said: “That is the radiance of our Yun family’s ancestral monument. Our Yun family cultivates lightning attribute profound arts, the profound energy appears as a purple color when released; the stronger the profound strength, the deeper the purple. Also… Brother Yun, have you heard of the profound handle?”

Yun Che nodded: “Yes, is it the bloodline skill that solely belongs to the Yun family?”

“Mn.” While speaking about the profound handle, sadness evidently flashed across Yun Xiao’s face. He continued: “The limit of the profound handle, just happens to be purple colored, and because of that, purple has always been the most sacred of color to the Yun family. In the Yun family, all disciples will release their maximum profound strengths towards the ancestral monument on their birthday, thereby maintaining the eternal purple radiance being released by the ancestral monument. According to father, hundred of years ago, during Yun family’s flourishing period, the radiance of the ancestral monument would shine upon half of the skies of the Demon Imperial City, yet now… it’s just like what you are seeing, weak to the extent that it is hard to even detect. Accordingly, the weakness of the purple radiance of the ancestral monument directly reflects the great fall in the Yun family’s combined strength…”

“The Demon King being dead or alive would affect the Yun family to such a large degree?” Yun Che said in astonishment.

“If it is simply whether my grandfather is alive or not, it would definitely not be the case. This matter implicates many other issues…” Yun Xiao’s expression dimmed.

Yun Che became silent for some time, slowed down his flight and said: “Yun Xiao, could you describe to me in detail the reason behind the Yun family’s decline? I am after all, a Yun, and am very curious… Of course, if it is not convenient, then it’s alright.”

“Yun Xiao shook his head: “This is not an issue of convenience, because in the Illusory Demon Realm, it is not a secret at all. You can easily inquire about it. If Brother Yun wants to know about it, I have no reason to conceal the truth.”

Yun Xiao raised his head slightly, his expression revealing his sadness: “Hundred of years ago, the Yun family was indeed prominent for a time. Due to the ability to employ profound handles, the position of being head of the Twelve Guardian Families was never threatened. It could be said that in the entire Illusory Demon Realm, apart from the Illusory Demon Royal Family… which is the Demon Emperor’s Clan that the Twelve Guardian Families protects, the Yun family was the strongest. The Yun family was loyal and devoted to the Demon Royal Family, the Illusory Demon Royal Family had always relied heavily on the Yun family, even the Illusory Demon Royal Family’s most precious treasure —— the Mirror of Samsara, was handed over to the Yun family to guard… In grandfather’s generation, the relationship between grandfather and the Lord Demon Emperor was not only that of a ruler and subject; they were raised together, experienced much together, and were the closest of friends. They were, without exaggeration, friends who would die for each other. We are people of the Yun family, however, grandfather was named the bestowed the title ‘Demon King’ by the Demon Emperor. It was evident that the hidden meaning behind was the ability to sit on the same level as the Demon Emperor; it was the greatest honor of our Yun family, a distinction which the other eleven Guardian Families could not even begin to admire.”

“However, about two hundred years ago, a force from another continent appeared. They were from a place called the Profound Sky Continent, they used some sort of method to build a transportation formation which could shuttle between millions of kilometers over the sea, and reached the Illusory Demon Realm. Their arrival was not simply to visit; it was to invade us, they also somehow knew that our Illusory Demon Realm’s Illusory Demon Royal Family possessed a Heavenly Profound Treasure which had an ability that opposed the heavens, thus, wanting to steal it, all of them were incredibly strong, and every time they came, they would bring extremely strong escaping devices while invading the Demon Imperial City, leaving us with no other options. Within a hundred years, they had invaded more than twenty times. A hundred years ago, the Lord Demon Emperor could no longer take it; after another invasion he personally pursued them to the area where they employed their escaping formation. He rashly rushed into one of the escaping formations which they could not disengage in time, following the other party into the Profound Sky Continent. Not long after, news of the death of Lord Demon Emperor arrived… there was no news after that.”

Yun Che: “...”

“Every one of these invaders were dreadfully strong. Even though Lord Demon Emperor was really strong, in the opponent’s territory, there was only the possibility of death; even the Demon Emperor’s Clan accepted the matter. However, my grandfather still could not believe that the Demon Emperor had died. Afterwards, grandfather used Yun family’s secret device to forcibly slice a spatial passage to the Profound Sky Continent. Then, ignoring all advice, he brought the family’s ten strongest Grand Elders, and headed towards the Profound Sky Continent to search for the Demon Emperor.”

“The ten strongest Grand Elders?” Yun Che was slightly shocked.

“Mm.” Yun Xiao nodded: “Along with grandfather, they were the Yun family’s eleven strongest seniors at that time. However after that, none of them returned. Until a few months ago, news came from the Profound Sky Continent, saying that grandfather had been captured alive and imprisoned. The captors wanted our Yun family to exchange the Demon Emperor’s Treasure which the Yun family has been guarding for generations to exchange for grandfather’s life. Only, the majority believed that grandfather had already died, that those from the Profound Sky Continent saying that grandfather was captured was simply to trick the Yun family into taking the bait.”

Yun Che: “...”

“The Yun family had lost its eleven strongest core experts, dropping from the top of the Twelve Guardian Families to being the weakest. The most critical part was that when grandfather headed for the Profound Sky Continent, he had brought along the Illusory Demon Royal Family’s Demon Emperor Seal. To the Illusory Demon Royal Family, the Demon Emperor’s Seal was even more important than the Mirror of Samsara; it concerned the Demon Emperor’s succession ceremony. After that, they all said that not only did grandfather rashly give his own life away, he had also caused Illusory Demon Royal Family’s most important item to be lost… and this ultimate crime, couldn’t help but be the burden of the entire Yun family. The Yun family was punished; not only were the resources they received every year decreased by five-fold, they also could not enter ‘Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’ within a hundred years.”

“The cutting down of resources, and even not being able to enter the area of optimum cultivation and vast fortunes would not affect the older generation much, however, the effect on the younger generation was incomparably huge. This also caused the strength of Yun family’s newer generation of disciples to lose out greatly to the other guardian families; even the strength of the profound handle could not make up for the loss.”

“Not long after the incident concerning the Demon Emperor and grandfather, the Illusory Demon Royal Family had no choice but to appoint a new Demon Emperor. Thus, Lord Demon Emperor’s only son succeeded the throne… However, due to the Demon Emperor’s Seal being missing, the succession ceremony could not proceed. Thus, there was no ‘Golden Crow Divine Imprint’, thereby making him unable to truly become the real Demon Emperor, only being able to be called the ‘Little Demon Emperor’... On the second day after succeeding the throne, the Little Demon Emperor married the Little Demon Empress. However, nobody had thought that on the night of the marriage, the Little Demon Emperor did not return to the bridal chamber… He had instead left a note, saying that since his father was still unavenged, he was not fit to complete the marriage, and even said that if he did not return within three years, the Little Demon Empress was to be the Illusory Demon Emperor… However, not even ten days after, news came from the Profound Sky Continent that the Little Demon Emperor had died.”

Yun Che: “...”

Within the Profound Sky Continent, the Four Sacred Grounds were incomparably divine existences. It was rumored that they guarded the entire Profound Sky Continent, isolating dangers which came from other continents, especially against the “covetous” and “ambitious” Illusory Demon Realm. In the rumors from the Profound Sky Continent, the Illusory Demon Realm was dreadful and ferocious, always wanting to conquer the Profound Sky Continent… the people of the Illusory Demon Realm were all labelled as evil “demons”.

Yet whatever Yun Che was hearing, actually completely contradicted the rumors within the Profound Sky Continent.

The evil one was not the Illusory Demon Realm which was constantly being framed, but the Sacred Grounds who were treated as holy guardians...

“After that?” Yun Che asked disappointedly.

Yun Xiao continued: “After that, the Little Demon Empress succeeded the throne, becoming the new Illusory Demon Emperor. Thereafter… our Yun family experienced another tremendous blow, because of news that from the Profound Sky Continent saying that my grandfather was not yet dead, but was imprisoned. Twenty five years ago, father could not take it anymore and activated the secret device again with mother. They quietly headed towards the Profound Sky Continent to search for grandfather, at that time, I was not born yet… Three years later, my parents finally came back. Although they were alive, they were severely injured, and due to them fleeing for a long period of time, they did not have the luxury of tending to their wounds, causing the profound veins in their entire bodies to deteriorate; their profound strengths were basically crippled. As for me, I was unfortunately conceived in the Profound Sky Continent, dragging down my parents as they were attempting to flee… Then, they safely brought me back to the Illusory Demon Realm.”

Speaking till there, Yun Xiao dipped his head, not allowing Yun Che to see the expression in his eyes. Then, he lowered his voice and continued: “The number of strong practitioners in the Yun family was originally zilch; after mother’s and father’s bodies were crippled, it was another huge blow to the Yun family’s potential. And the most severe issue was, when mother and father were heading towards the Profound Sky Continent, they had brought along the Illusory Demon Royal Family’s guarded treasure —— the Mirror of Samsara. Although they had returned to the Illusory Demon Realm… they had lost the Mirror of Samsara. The Yun family which had committed the crime of losing the Demon Emperor’s Seal had yet again committed another grave crime, and from that, we suffered an even more severe punishment; the resources received every year lessened again, and we could never enter the ‘Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley’ ever again. The Illusory Demon Royal Clan was in such a huge rage that they even wanted to kick our Yun family out of the Twelve Guardian Families.”

“Since it is such an important object, before they headed to the Profound Sky Continent, they would have been aware of the dangers ahead. Why did they bring it with them?” Yun Che asked in puzzlement. This too, was what he had always been baffled over.

Yun Xiao became taciturn, hesitating for quite some time before saying in a soft voice: “Mother had once secretly told me that it was actually the Little Demon Empress’ idea.”

“The Little Demon Empress’ idea?"

“Mm. The item known as the Mirror of Samsara had been passed on within the Illusory Demon Royal Clan for many years. Even though it is called a heaven-defying treasure, none of the Demon Emperors had ever found any uses, and no one ever knew what uses it had. Back then, the Little Demon Empress told father, if such a useless treasure could be exchanged for the Demon King’s life, it would be extremely beneficial for the Illusory Demon Realm… After father returned, unable to bring grandfather back, on top of losing the Mirror of Samsara, he did not mention that bringing along the Mirror of Samsara was the Little Demon Empress’ idea, and shouldered all the blame… it was because after the Little Demon Empress succeeded the throne, many naysayers existed within the Illusory Demon Royal Clan. Father did not want the Little Demon Empress to experience an even greater amount of stress. After that, Yun family’s potential dropped by another ten thousand feet, my father’s reputation was even… even…”

Yun Xiao heaved a long sigh. As he thought about his father, his heart ached.

Yun Che slowly digested Yun Xiao’s words. Some of what he had mentioned, matched what Yun Che had heard from Yun Canghai. This proved that Yun Xiao was recounting the details seriously, and was not lying. The two of them were silent for some time, until Yun Che suddenly said in a soft voice: “Yun Xiao, your father is currently still the head of the Yun family, his profound strength has been crippled, and he has even shouldered all of the crimes, yet your family hasn’t forced him to give up the seat?”

“...It’s because of my maternal grandfather.” Yun Xiao said absently: “Grandfather is the head of the Mu family. I still have an uncle, who is the Mu family’s Young Master; they have prestigious statuses in the Demon Imperial City. No matter if it’s grandfather or uncle, the both of them treat mother especially well. Grandfather supporting father is one of the reasons. With the fact that our Yun family’s potential and statuses have been decreasing, if we still wish to remain part of the Twelve Guardian families, we cannot lose Mu family’s support… Only, although father still holds the position of the family head, the number of people who listen to him has been decreasing. Sometimes, father’s authority doesn’t seem to be higher than a slightly high-ranking elder; the Grand Elders have never accepted father… The only reason they would allow father to remain as the family head is only because of Mu family’s might, and the fact that they do not want to lose their support.”