Chapter 493 - So it turns out that I’m already this powerful!

Chapter 493 - So it turns out that I’m already this powerful!

Yun Che suddenly moved back, straight into the air above the five. He pushed out both his hands, and three ‘Phoenix Breaks’ flew towards the black-clad trio!

“This young punk is looking for death!”

When Yun Che had passed by before, they paid him absolutely no mind. For an Overlord to squash a Sky Profound was as simple as squashing an ant. They did not expect that the Sky Profound punk would actually come back and extend his hands towards them.

A look of extreme disdain flitted across the eyes of the black-clad trio, and they turned a blind eye to the three blasts of flame, not even making a single movement to block…. The fire of a practitioner at the Sky Profound Realm could not even harm a single hair on their heads. But all of a sudden, the scarlet flame which was tens of meters away was bearing down on their bodies, its speed far surpassing their expectations. As the flames neared, they could feel a horrifying heat, as well as an extremely dangerous aura that caused their hearts to suddenly tighten.

The black-clad trio stopped their attack on the elf girl as they turned around with the swiftest of speeds, extending their hands to receive the onrushing flames. But once their palms came into contact with the flames, their bodies shuddered, as their internal organs were thrown into disarray. They could not afford to remain shocked, they thrust their hands outwards, and used all their strength to resist the blow… Three explosions resounded in the air, and the flames flew apart. But at the same time, the black-clad trio had been forced to retreat many steps, as their arms were numb and their bodies shivered. The weakest of the trio had both his palms charred black.

“Who are you!” The black-clothed man said harshly. Even though he sounded harsh, his eyes were filled with a deep fear, and what he shouted merely sounded fierce. He could only feel the aura of the Sky Profound Realm from Yun Che’s body, but his burnt hands and the numbness in his arms were not a lie… Moreover, this person had fired an attack at three of them at the same time!

Yun Che stepped through the air as he leisurely walked over, looking down on his audience. He coldly laughed, “Three stately Overlords would actually band together to bully two juniors, and they would even hide their appearances while doing so. Surely, you have brought honor to your ancestors!”

“Friend… please you must leave!” The young man who laid on the ground, with his aura being exceptionally weak, raised his head and used his loudest voice to yell, “Thank you for extending your hand towards us in help… but this matter does not concern you… please, you must leave now!”

Even though he saw the three columns of flames, the ones who endured the fire was the black-clad trio; he was naturally unaware of the embarrassment the three men had suffered under those three columns of flames. In his eyes, a single Sky Profound Realm had offended three Overlords; that was no different from courting death. He and the elf girl were destined for death today, and there was no need to implicate an innocent.

Yun Che gave him a single look, but did not respond. This person, who was also named Yun, obviously had an extremely good personality. Even though he was on the brink of death, he was still thinking about others. This had at least made it worthwhile for him to be a busybody and save them.

“Hey, punk, I would advise you to stick your nose out of this. Meddlesome people often have short lives!” The black-clothed man on the left said in a deep voice.

“Hmph, young people are often hot-blooded and impetuous, and like to meddle where they don't belong, that is understandable. But there are many affairs in this world that you do not have the capability to meddle in!” The black-clothed man in the middle said with the same deep and low voice… Their voices all sounded hoarse, and it was obvious they were using faking a voice so as to not allow people to recognize their original voice, “If you leave now, we will treat what had just happened as nothing, and maybe we can even be friends. However, if you do not appreciate… Hmph, if you spoil our plans one more time, then you can’t blame us for the consequences!”

Once the black-clothed man had said his piece, the young man lying on the ground became dumbstruck. Because even though the man sounded harsh, they were three Overlords against a mere Sky Profound who had impeded their actions, yet here they were, trying to use words to intimidate the other party, rather than just exterminating him outright. And even though their voices were harsh, the words used were not fierce in the least. Even the phrase ‘if you do not appreciate our kindness’ was not fully voiced out. It was as if… they actually feared this young man.

The black-clad trio were genuine Overlords. To be able to reach this level, you could not be a fool. Even though the aura Yun Che exuded was that of a Sky Profound practitioner, the previous fire attack had filled their hearts with shock. And despite them announcing their status as Overlords, he still dared to attack them… it was simply too unusual!

“Heh, but it’s too bad that I’m feeling good today. So in regards to this affair, I am definitely going to be a meddler!” Yun Che crossed his arms over his chest as he let out a short bark of laughter, “But I have always been a compassionate and kind man. Regarding the act of killing, I have always been unwilling, so… Either the three of you leave now, or I will send you down to meet the king of hell!”

Yun Che’s words were arrogant to the extreme… Since he had already made his move and decided to save these two, he was fated to offend these three men and the hidden power behind them. Since this was unchangeable, he might as well be as offend them even more.

The gazes of the three men in black sank, and the one in the middle strode forward, speaking in an overcast voice, “Looks like even though we show you respect, you still act so brazenly. Even though we tried to let you off the hook, you deliberately want to court death! If that’s the case, then this daddy will kill you as well!!”

As his voice fell, the black-clothed man rushed into the sky. At the same time, a pitch-black iron spear eight feet long appeared in his hands… This spear was only an Earth Profound Weapon. As an Overlord, his personal weapon naturally would not be a mere Earth Profound Weapon. It was obvious that the black-clothed man did not want to reveal any trace of his identity… including weapons!

That the black-clothed man would immediately use his weapon, showed the fear he had towards Yun Che. His black spear thrust forward, and with a low shout, it was accompanied by a violent blast of energy which swept towards Yun Che’s neck.

“Watch out!” The young man lying in a pool of his own blood saw the black-clothed man make his move, and he yelled out in shock.

Facing the black-clothed man’s attack, Yun Che face revealed a weird expression… It seemed to be an expression of surprise or confusion, as he steadily stretched out his hands, and tried to grab the body of the spear which was streaking towards him.

“Courting death!!”

The black-clothed man saw that Yun Che was not trying to dodge, and did not summon a weapon; it was not even in the correct posture to block the blow. Instead, he was trying to use his bare hands to receive his weapon. And Yun Che’s movements seemed exceptionally lackadaisical. He laughed coldly in his heart, and the profound energy within his arm surged once more, as if he couldn’t wait to destroy this arrogant youth in a single strike.

In the next instant… Yun Che’s extended palm caught the spear with unerring accuracy. Suddenly, the incomparably fierce profound energy wave seemed to meet a boundless mountain wall, and immediately disappeared into nothingness; all that was left was a weak ripple of energy that ruffled Yun Che’s hair. Without waiting for the black-clothed man to show an expression of surprise, Yun Che’s palm lightly flipped, and with a light delicate touch, he stole the spear from the man. Once again, his palm flipped, and with a swing of his arm, the spear fiercely thrust towards the waist of the black-clothed man.


A distorted spatial ripple distinctly appeared on the path the spear traveled. In an instant, the spear had snapped; one half remained in Yun Che’s hands, the other half shot out like a black meteor, and no one knew how far it flew. At the same time, the other thing that was fractured was… the black-clothed man’s body! The instant the black spear landed on his body, his body had literally been snapped in half, breaking into two pieces, with both pieces flying and landing in two different locations.


When the two parts of the black-clothed man’s body fell, two fountains of fresh blood spouted out from the parts which had been severed. The eyes of the black-clothed man was still wide, and his expression was filled with endless horror, shock and disbelief. His death glare was still affixed to Yun Che, his mouth spitting out a ‘You’ in a voice that was hoarse with shock. After that, he stopped moving. Even if he was an Overlord, if his body had been snapped in half, there was no way he could survive.

Yun Che extending his hand, his defensive strength, his stealing of the spear and his counter attack… All of this happened in an instant akin to the flash of a spark. The people below saw the black-clothed man sweep his spear towards Yun Che, and before anyone could react, they saw the man’s body snap in half midair.

The four below were all stunned into lifelessness, and no one breathed. All four people could not believe what had just transpired before their very eyes… It was just an instant, an instant! The black-clothed man died an ignominious death at the hands of this young man! He used the spear that he had instantly snatched from the opponent —— that Earth Profound spear, to snap an Overlord’s body in half!

That was a genuine Overlord! A peerless strong being whose body was one hundred times tougher than stone!

Yun Che, who was still in the air, looked at the splintered spear in his hand, and he himself was rendered dumbfounded.

After enduring the spatial turbulence within the Primordial Profound Ark for two whole years, going through a tempering that was fiercer than any purgatory, his body and his profound energy all received an explosive boost. He was convinced that his current strength far exceeded the strength he had before he entered the Primordial Profound Ark, but he did not actually know how strong he had actually grown… Because in the last two years, only Jasmine had been by his side, and he had not crossed hands with anyone, so he could not ascertain the level of his current strength.

But just now, when he faced three Overlords, he did not feel any pressure at all. That already surprised him greatly. Facing the attack of an Overlord, his expression was relaxed, but in reality his heart was filled with caution… After all, before he had entered the Primordial Profound Ark, an Overlord was an unconquerable existence for him. So when he delivered his counter attack with the spear, he had used ninety percent of his power.

Not to mention, he had not opened any of the Heretic God’s gates.

He naturally did not even think that the counter attack he delivered without even entering the state of Burning Heart could actually snap the body of an Overlord in half.

Even though it was only a level one Overlord… It was still a genuine Tyrant Profound individual!

“So my strength has actually grown by this much.” Yun Che mused in shock as he stared at his arm.

“Hmph, what did you think?” Jasmine said disdainfully, “You thickened your Dragon God’s bloodline by tens of times and you reached the fourth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, do you think all of this is for fun? If you had opened Purgatory’s gate, your strength would have risen by ten times, and your last attack would not have left a single bone on that person’s body intact!”

Yun Che, “...”

So it turns out that I’m already this powerful! Damn… I thought that the lack of pressure I felt from them was a misconception on my part!

Yun Che threw away the broken spear in his hand. After which his body blurred and suddenly he had landed on the ground. He looked at the two black-clothed men who had been frightened out of their wits, smiled, and said, “How about the both of you? How do you want to leave?”

“You… You… You…” The man on the left retreated several steps, both legs trembling, and when he spoke, his teeth chattered violently, making it hard for him to even complete his sentence.

“Let’s go!” The man on the right pulled him along, and using the greatest speed, madly fleeing away from the scene. They passed by the splintered body and one of the black-clothed men stopped to swiftly pick it up… After seeing Yun Che not having any intention to stop them from fleeing, he plucked up his courage and scooted over to pick up the other part of the body. After doing so, he fled away from Yun Che as though he had gone mad.

“Not going to silence them?” Jasmine asked coldly.

“If I silence them, then where are my enemies going to come from? If I don’t have strong enough enemies, how can this be considered a real trial?” Yun Che asked matter-of-factly.

“Hmph! This is totally in line with your death-seeking personality.” Jasmine laughed coldly, but she did not attempt to restrain him in the slightest.