Chapter 409 - One Kneel

Chapter 409 - One Kneel

“You don’t have bother saying all that to distract me.” Yun Che said coldly as he exerted more pressure on the body beneath his foot: “Give me the medicinal powder in your hands too. A mere illusion poison like Dream Butterfly is useless against me!”

The “young woman’s” pupils suddenly seemed to contract for a split second as she felt the danger of the situation. The person in front of her had eyes like ice mirrors, it was the first time in her life she had felt such a dreadful sensation of not being able to hide. What she said about being chased by Overlords was exactly for the purpose of distracting Yun Che, and there was indeed a poison powder between the gaps of her right hand fingers.

All these, had actually been seen through!

Especially the Dream Butterfly, which was an odorless and formless hallucinogen, that was between tightly gripped between her fingers without the slightest hint of being visible… it had actually been called out!

“Who… exactly are you?” The “young woman” asked: “You’re obviously not from the Divine Phoenix Sect, yet you can utilize phoenix flames… You ought to truly have come from Blue Wind Nation… But how can Blue Wind Nation have such a person like you…”

Yun Che’s gaze was crystal clear, and only gazed at him coldly. The person beneath his foot knew that she did not have the right to question him, and barely managed to gasp out: “My disguise had never been seen through by anyone… Can you tell me how exactly you saw me through?”

“I can’t compare to your ability to conceal your tracks, aura, and sound,” Yun Che said indifferently, “But in terms of appearance, you are only a bit worse. As long as it's within six meters of me, if a person was disguising his looks, I can easily see through it with just a glance… Not only do I know that you had changed your appearance, I even know that you are using three layers. Even if you tear off this layer off, the one behind it, and the one behind that are still not your true face… Either you’re so ugly that you’re afraid to be truthfully seen by others, or it’s to conceal your true face for fear that people will know of your true identity…”

“Of course it’s the latter!!” The “young woman” roared emotionally while pulling at her throat: “Look at me disguised as a woman… even if I can’t be considered world-shakingly handsome, just looking at how refreshing and sweet I am would at least say that I’m extraordinarily handsome!! How could I possibly be related to the word ‘ugly’?! You’re ugly… Your entire family’s ugly!”

“Tch!” Yun Che’s mouth twitched, then suddenly released the foot on her body. He turned around and said: “Go.”

The “young man”... Mn, it should be said that the man hastily leapt up from the ground like a carp. He stared at Yun Che’s back with disbelief still visible on his face. Previously, in Falling Flame Merchant Guild, he had personally seen how vicious Yun Che was and originally thought that if he were to land in his hands, he would at least suffer greatly. Never did he expect that he would… release him?

“You’re… you’re releasing me just like that?” He said with wide eyes: “You’re not going to ask who I am? Don’t want to know why I was following you? Re… releasing me just like that?”

“Because you’re not an evil person.” Yun Che replied without turning his head around.

“...How do you know that I’m not an evil person?”

“Hmph, I have seen too many evil people in my lifetime, so I just need a single glance to know if someone is evil.” Yun Che said with half narrowed eyes: “Moreover, you used a sleeping mist instead of a poison mist in the inn. Even though you had been restrained beneath my foot, what you intended to scatter was only an illusion mist. Additionally, there is no killing intent in the gaze you use to look at me… if otherwise, do you really think you could’ve stayed alive til now?”

The man opened his mouth, yet did not seize the chance to escape… Since he had regained his freedom, he was fully confident that even ten Yun Che’s could not catch up to him if he wished to escape. Instead, he took a step forward and asked in puzzlement: “You’re not going to ask why I approached you?”

“I already know why.”

“You… do?”

Yun Che turned around, then looked at him: “You’re here to steal the Phoenix Helianthus on me!”

Yun Che said with firm assertion, not in a questioning way.

“How... How do you know?” The man immediately widened his eyes.

“Such a thing like scent, is usually even more harder to cover up than aura. Volcano Gall, Phoenix Tail Banana, Scorching Blood Fire Ginseng, Purple Yin Samgha, Dragon Reishi Grass, Thousand Insect Purple Asura Vine, Rainy Cloud Flower... These are the medicinal ingredients I smell on your body. Even though you’ve tried your best to eliminate these smells, you’ve touched them all of them within twenty four hours. No matter how you cover it up, there would still be a bit remaining that’s enough for me to distinguish.

The man was completely dumbstruck and stiffened in place as though petrified… All the names of the medicinal ingredients Yun Che had said… none were missing or in excess!!

“If these medicinal ingredients were stored in a spatial ring, not one smell would leak out. This is clearly evident that you had personally come in contact with them, and mixed them together. The results of combining them together would forcefully extend one’s lifespan. In order to prolong someone’s lifespan, it also needs a large amount of Purple Veined Heaven Crystals… It’s only that this forceful longevity would come with an immense pain. In order to keep this pain in check and not conflict with the other ingredients at the same time, only the Phoenix Helianthus that could obstruct all pain in the meridians is able to do that.”

Man: “~!#¥%……”

“You also just happened to start following me after I obtained the Phoenix Helianthus.” Yun Che said indifferently: “Since you approached me for the sake of saving someone’s life and never had any intention of killing me, I too, do not have any reason to make things difficult for you. Stepping on you a few times earlier is enough… You may leave. Stop deluding yourself into thinking that you can steal anything from me.”

After Yun Che finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Up until Yun Che walked more than ten steps, did the man suddenly awaken from his daze. He took a large stride forward and swooshed to Yun Che’s front. It was so fast that Yun Che didn’t even see any afterimages: “Wait, lil’ bro, no wait! Big bro, me offending such a high rank person like yourself was because I overestimated my own abilities, I had eyes but did not see. But… but the Phoenix Helianthus really is extremely important to me, I’m begging you to please give me that Phoenix Helianthus in your hands to me…”

He originally believed that with his abilities, he could’ve easily steal the Phoenix Helianthus from whoever obtained it. He never expected that he would bump into such an absolute monster like Yun Che, and now, he knew that it was impossible for him to steal it from him. Furthermore, Yun Che had magnanimously released him, so he did not have the face to try to play anymore tricks. However, he desperately needed that Phoenix Helianthus even if he had to risk his life to steal it. If stealing didn’t work, the only thing he could do… was beg.

“Don’t worry, I absolutely will not let you give it to me for nothing.” He said with absolute sincerity: “You used two thousand purple profound coins to buy the Phoenix Helianthus from Falling Flame Merchant Guild… I’ll use three thousand… no! Five thousand… no! Ten thousand… I’ll use ten thousand purple profound coins to buy it off you!”

He yelled out an incredibly crazy price, quickly took out a purple shining profound coin card, and looked at Yun Che with a beseeching face.

Yun Che remained unmoved, and slowly shook his head: “If it were any other time, I might’ve been able to transfer it to you. But as of right now, I urgently need this stalk of Phoenix Helianthus to increase my strength. Otherwise, after half a month, I might even lose my life in Divine Phoenix City. Thus, even if you put forth even more money, I would not give it to you.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che directly left.

“Big bro!!”

The man charged forward and firmly gripped his clothes with both hands trembling slightly: “The Phoenix Helianthus in your hands is the last stalk that could be found this year. Please, no matter what, you have to give it to me. If ten thousand purple profound coins is not enough… don’t hesitate to tell me how much you want. As long as I can take that out, I definitely won’t even bat an eye!”

Yun Che resolutely shook his head: “I’ve said it before, it’s not an issue of money. This Phoenix Helianthus concerns my fate. I definitely will not be giving it to anyone else no matter what. Go look elsewhere for one, perhaps you might find another one.”

“If it’s anywhere else that has it, I’ve already gone to all of them.” The man’s face revealed a deep implorement: “Big bro, you have amazing eyes. You even know the exact medicinal ingredients I have come in contact with, so you must know also know how great of a pain would follow after combining them all with Purple Veined Heaven Crystals to extend one’s life. She only has not even one year left to live, my biggest wish right now is to accompany her to pass the last year of her life in peace. How could I possibly have the heart to allow her to suffer through that kind of pain… I went through the greatest amount of efforts, but could only find half a stalk of Phoenix Helianthus. Not only has the other half a stalk of that Phoenix Helianthus been used, its medicinal energy has already substantially dispersed. Its results would be extremely miniscule. My only hope right now lies on that stalk in your hands… Please, I beg of you, give it to me. I swear to god that I’ll definitely repay you back one day.”

Yun Che cast a sidelong glance at him, yet he still shook his head: “Every sort of ability you possess all clearly indicate that you are a genuine thief, but it is evident that your heart is not bad at all. Each one of your words all contain genuine urgency but you, and the person you wish to save, both have nothing to do with me. I am not that generous and benevolent to use an item that is related to the safety of my life to save a total stranger… Just give up, don’t follow me anymore!”

With a swing of his hand, he Star God’s Broken Shadow’d more than thirty meters away.


The sound of knees heavily falling to the ground came from behind Yun Che. Yun Che’s footsteps paused, he turned around, and said with furrowed brows: “You…”

The man knelt on both knees. His face filled with a deep beseechment as his eyes swayed with tears: “Big bro, I have never begged anyone before in my entire life, nor have kneeled to anyone… Even when my parents were alive, I never had the time to kneel to them… I’m begging you… have mercy… She really… only has not even a year left… Please, I’m begging you… even if I have to slave for you…”

Yun Che’s heart was fiercely moved… Even though this was the first day he had met this ghost-like figure whom not even eight Overlords could deal with, he understood what his tears and kneeling signified...

That was all of his pride and dignity...

In his entire life, this was indeed the first time he had ever kneeled to anyone. Otherwise, his knees would not be trembling so acutely. He had on an utterly helpless expression, and if he rejected him again, that helplessness would turn into complete despair...

That expression looked extremely close to himself on that day, when he cried painfully toward the sky while embracing Ling’er’s beautiful corpse...

“Huu…” Yun Che inwardly sighed, but no longer took another step onward. He walked over and said: “The person you want to save, who is she to you?”

“...My wife.” Seeing Yun Che walking back toward him, his eyes brightened with a hopeful radiance: “Big bro, I’m begging you, as long as you give me the Phoenix Helianthus, I’ll agree to any condition you put forth.”

“Tell me, what kind of illness has your wife contracted.” Yun Che asked.

“She didn’t contract an illness.” The man shook his head as his expression grew pained: “Five years ago, our entire family was secretly ambushed by enemies. Both my parents were murdered. They used their lives so my wife and I could escape, but my wife was severely injured at that time, and had been infected by a strange incurable cold poison. All these years, I’ve been doing my utmost so she could continue living on, but this kind of life expansion still cannot persist for long. This year is already the limit…”

“Secretly ambushed?” Yun Che was slightly surprised: “You are an expert in stealth attacks so your parents ought to be even stronger than you. How could you possibly end up this way? Five years ago, your skills shouldn’t be that lower than what you possess right now, right?”

The man revealed a struggling expression, then still slowly said it out in the end: “It’s Sun Moon Divine Hall…”

Yun Che: “!!”

“My family have been thieves for many generations and we happily robbed the rich to help the poor. One of my ancestors had once infiltrated Sun Moon Divine Hall and stole a Tyrant Profound blade. As such, for the past several hundred years, Sun Moon Divine Hall had always been searching for our tracks. Afterwards, I don’t know what kind of searching method they used, but they found one of our bases, and thus calamity descended…”

“I understand. Get up.” Yun Che pulled him up… A special clan of people that were thieves for many generations, an ancestor, and even a Sacred Ground like Sun Moon Divine Hall had come in the picture with a Tyrant Profound blade. This kind of family inevitably possessed a great fame within the Profound Sky Continent.

“Bring me to see your wife.” Yun Che said seriously: “I believe that you wouldn’t let her stay anywhere too far, she ought to be within Divine Phoenix City, right?”

“Ah?” The man was stunned.

“I know a bit of medicine, I can perhaps cure your wife’s injuries and poison. Also, don’t worry, I won’t leak out any information concerning you and your wife. I won’t even bother to check to see what you truly look like.” Yun Che said indifferently.

The man gaped: “But… but… this…”

“No buts.” Yun Che interrupted: “Since you care about her that much, then you can only trust me. Even if the number one genius doctor told you that there is no cure, you still have to trust a person who claims that he might possibly cure her! Because if you miss this opportunity… you might miss the opportunity to save her life!”


Yun Che’s last words suddenly smashed all the hesitation the man possessed. He no longer thought of anything else as he nodded fiercely: “You can even differentiate what kind of medicine I had been in contact with in an instant, so I believe that your medical skills have reached perfection! I believe even more that you would not harm us, and you don’t even have a reason to harm us… If you can truly cure her, my life is yours!”