Chapter 407 - Overbearing

Chapter 407 - Overbearing

Xiao Qi totally didn't know that Zhi Yan came for the Phoenix Helianthus, otherwise, she definitely would not have sold it before his arrival. However, she was not the least bit panicked as she laughed: “Looks like Sir Zhi just happens to need a stalk of Phoenix Helianthus, you should’ve told me earlier, you know. As long as Sir Zhi opens his mouth, this one would’ve personally delivered it to you at your doorsteps. But unfortunately, the Phoenix Helianthus in this one’s hands has just been sold to another gentleman right before your arrival.”

“What! Sold!?” Zhi Yan’s expression changed as irritation filled his voice: “Sold to who! Who bought it?! It’s the last Phoenix Helianthus, I have to have it no matter what, even if I have to fight for it! Quick, tell me, who did you sell it to?!”

A delighted expression surfaced on the faces of everyone in the room, eyes of mockery all successively shifted towards Yun Che. Xiao Qi said with a smile: “Don’t worry Sir Zhi, the gentleman who just bought the Phoenix Helianthus is still here. Sir Zhi can still have a nice discussion with him. Why, maybe he would even be willing to transfer it to you.”

Xiao Qi slightly turned and swung a hand in Yun Che’s direction: “It’s this gentleman who purchased the last Phoenix Helianthus from this one’s hands for two thousand purple profound coins. Whether or not this gentleman wishes to transfer it to you will depend on Sir Zhi.”

Zhi Yan’s gaze instantly shifted toward Yun Che. After probing his profound strength cultivation, an incomparably clear disdain hug on his face. He came over with huge strides as his entire body released a mighty pressure that would even make a middle stage Sky Profound practitioner find it difficult to breathe: “You’re the one who bought the Phoenix Helianthus? Hmph, you have also heard what I just said earlier. Give the Phoenix Helianthus in your hands to me. Don’t worry, I won’t give you a coin less than the money you used to purchase the Phoenix Helianthus, or else people will say that my Roasting Sun Sect bullies the weak!”

From Zhi Yan’s manner of speaking, he was absolutely not discussing, rather, he was roughly commanding him in a typical tone of voice that came from a strong practitioner to a weak. Yun Che’s expression did not change as he said indifferently: “My apologies, this Phoenix Helianthus is extremely important to me, I won’t be transferring it to you.”

“Hm?” Zhi Yan clearly had never thought that a weak practitioner at merely the Earth Profound Realm would actually dare refuse him, even under the premise that he would not pay a coin less. He didn’t immediately explode, turning his head, he said to Xiao Qi: “Where’s this kid from? Seems like he’s not willing to give me face!”

Before Xiao Qi could reply, Gongsun Yu said delightfully: “Seventh Young Master Zhi, this kid’s obviously not from any ordinary background, or else how could he dare have the confidence to not yield to Seventh Young Master Zhi. Tsk tsk, he’s actually an esteemed guest from the eastern Blue Wind Nation. Hehe, against this esteemed guest from another nation, Seventh Young Master Zhi treat him a bit gentler, in the manner of our great nation, of course.”

“Blue Wind Nation? Hahahaha…”

Once he heard the name “Blue Wind Nation”, Zhi Yan started laughing right away… Previously, when Yun Che had revealed that he was from Blue Wind Nation, Gongsun Yu and company had all erupted in laughter as well, as if the name “Blue Wind Nation” was not a nation’s name, but rather synonymous with a joke.

Growing up in Blue Wind Nation, Yun Che never really felt it, but once he arrived in Divine Phoenix Empire, that was when he realized how much of a miserable existence Blue Wind Nation’s status was in the Profound Sky Continent. Only the words “lowly”, and even “ridiculous” could be used to describe it. He had finally understood why Cang Wanhe had such a deeply resigned, frustrated, and grieved expression on his face when he mentioned the “Seven Nation Ranking Tournament...

People usually had a protective instinct toward their native homeland, and Yun Che obviously was not an exception. The nation he had grown up in was being willfully sneered at and held in contempt by these people as a completely inferior nation… He was incapable of not being filled with rage. However, compared to Divine Phoenix Empire, Blue Wind Nation was indeed just too weak. The disparity between them was like a lamb and a male lion, this was an inevitable fact.

Zhi Yan originally was afraid that Yun Che’s background was extraordinary, which would cause him trouble, but now that he knew Yun Che was from Blue Wind Nation, why would he feel the least bit worried? He said overbearingly: “Kid! This young master’s patience is awfully limited, hurry up and give me the Phoenix Helianthus. If this young master loses all his patience, don’t even mention the Phoenix Helianthus, you won’t even be getting half a profound coin back.”

“Heh! Kid, what kind of status does Seventh Young Master Zhi have? Him agreeing to even speak to you is already a great honor, you’d better not fail to appreciate his kindness.” Gongsun Yu sarcastically said on the side.

Xiao Qi quickly faced Yun Che, and said softly: “Sir, Sir Zhi urgently needs this Phoenix Helianthus, so just give it to him. I believe that Sir Zhi will definitely be grateful, and maybe you two might even become friends!”

Yun Che narrowed his eyes, his voice was still extremely flat: “I said it before, I need this Phoenix Helianthus, not transferring.”

“Very well… Looks like you’re refusing a toast and want to drink some punishment wine instead! I’ll ask you one last time, are you going to give it to me or not?!” All the muscles on Zhi Yan’s body bunched up as his face filled with anger.

Yun Che said coldly: “I was the one who bought the Phoenix Helianthus, so it already belongs to me. I have the final say in what will be done to it! And it’s not you telling me to give, that I’ll give! If you want a Phoenix Helianthus, go look elsewhere, I don’t have time to keep you company.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che immediately turned around with the intent to leave.

“You have the final say? Hahahaha…” Zhi Yan laughed wildly: “Naive kid, your daddy here will properly give you a lesson today. No matter what, in this world, it’s always the one with the harder fist who has the final say!”

Zhi Yan extended a hand, grabbing toward Yun Che’s shoulder. His arm was much more thicker than Yun Che’s thigh. In comparison, Yun Che’s build was simply too frail, as if it was not able to withstand a single blow. He laughed evilly, and just as he was about to grab at Yun Che’s shoulder to lift him up, when he used force, Yun Che actually did not move one bit. Zhi Yan’s eyes widened. The muscles on his arms instantly bulged as his veins popped out and he fiercely lifted… yet Yun Che’s body still did not move one bit. Let alone being lifted, he didn’t even move a single step.

Zhi Yan was inwardly shocked. Even though he faintly sensed that this was unusual, he got even more angrier as he said in exasperation: “I’ll let you have a taste of how hard your daddy’s fists are!”

He released his hand from Yun Che’s shoulder, then formed his grip into a fist. His fist ignited with purple flame as he violently punched toward Yun Che. Beneath the faint agitation, he used no less than ninety nine percent of his strength in this fist, not caring at all if Yun Che died on the spot... The other party was only an inferior profound practitioner from Blue Wind Nation anyway, even if he died, there would be no repercussions.

“Sir Zhi!” Zhi Yan’s actions made Xiao Qi let out an alarmed cry. The others were also shocked. The entire room screeched with profound energy under Zhi Yan’s fist, and it was obvious that he had used all of his strength… No one present had the confidence that they could withstand this fist, and it was very likely that Yun Che would directly become meat paste after this strike.


Zhi Yan’s purple flame ignited fist firmly smashed onto Yun Che’s chest, and released an extremely dull thud. Under the dispersing profound energy, the entire room violently trembled and all the chairs that were not sat on all shattered without exception. A long crack had even appeared on the marble tiles beneath their feet.

How could the strength from someone half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm be minor? It made everyone present tremble with fear. In their apprehension, they were even more shocked that Zhi Yan would use such a heavy hand toward a mere Earth Profound practitioner from Blue Wind Nation. This seemed to be a bit too much, but once they glanced toward Yun Che, they were instantly dumbfounded and they did not dare to believe their own eyes.

Zhi Yan’s hand was still on Yun Che’s chest, but Yun Che wasn’t knocked flying at all. He didn’t even move back half a step, nor did his expression change at all. Instead, the face of Zhi Yan in front of him that was originally filled with arrogance, was unexpectedly covered with an extremely twisted expression… At this time, the light armor on his right arm was suddenly shattered into fragments. Streams and streams of blood rushed out like a flood released from a dam, instantly dyeing his entire arm red.

It was as if Zhi Yan had woken up from a nightmare. He stumbled backwards, and grasped at his perception that he had already lost as his right arm drooped down. He let out a painful moan that he tried his best to stifle as both his pupils enlarged, brimming with deep terror: “You… You…”

“This fist of yours doesn’t seem to be that great.” Yun Che extended a hand and patted the clothes on his chest with a revulsed face. Then, his expression suddenly turned cold as he smashed a fist at Zhi Yan.

Zhi Yan instinctively held out his left arm to block it, but with Yun Che’s Great Way of the Buddha, even if he didn’t use profound energy, his raw arm strength reached up to a terrifying ten thousand kilograms. How was Zhi Yan capable of blocking it? Only a “crack” was heard as Zhi Yan’s arm bones were broken into several pieces. He let out a miserable shriek like that of a dying pig as he was ferociously struck flying, and his entire body sunk deep into the stone wall in the back.

No matter what, they had never expected this kind of scene. Everyone were was stupefied on the spot… What kind of status did Zhi Yan have? What kind of monstrosity was he?! Seventh Young Master of Roasting Sun Sect, half a step into the Emperor Profound at twenty eight years of age! He instantly suffered a crushing defeat beneath Yun Che’s hand, and could not fight back at all!

It was absolutely not because Zhi Yan was weak, or that he had held back; the fist he smashed at Yun Che obviously contained all his strength… Instead, it was because the strength of this Blue Wind practitioner, that they had held in contempt and ridicule, was just too terrifying! Zhi Yan’s attack that contained all his strength had actually not harmed a single hair on his body! Yet his casual fist, had directly shattered the bones on Zhi Yan’s arm… What kind of terrifying body and strength was that?!

A chill rushed up their back… they had always been looking down and sneering at such a terrifying freak! Especially Gongsun Yu, his entire person sat glued to his seat, his complexion was deathly white, and under his shock, his body did not dare to move a single inch.

Yun Che’s figure swayed, and then had already arrived at Zhi Yan’s front. He extended his arm to grab at his throat; as though he was lifting a chick, Zhi Yan’s robust body was directly pulled out from the stone wall, then was fiercely smashed on the ground. He lowered his gaze to look at the bloody-faced Zhi Yan and said indifferently: “Do you still want the Phoenix Helianthus in my hands?”

Before Zhi Yan regained his senses, he had already been directly smashed into serious injuries by Yun Che. He laid on the ground, gasping for breath: “I am… Roasting Sun Sect’s Seventh Young Master… If… If you dare to touch me, Roasting Sun Sect… will never let you get away with it!”

Yun Che narrowed his eyes, and laughed coldly: “Your words are not bad, the one with the harder fist is the one who has the final say in all matters of this world. Yet someone who does not have enough power still dares to be arrogant, now that’s seeking death!!”

As Yun Che’s voice fell, he stomped a leg onto Zhi Yan’s chest. Zhi Yan’s eyes bulged out as he violently spurted out a spray of blood.


The gray haired elderly man who had always stood behind Xiao Qi yelled out, and suddenly took action. A streak of cold light launched toward Yun Che… immediately after, a Throne level might enveloped the entire room. Since the matter had grown to such a state, he definitely could not watch on without lifting a finger. Otherwise, if something permanent happened to Zhi Yan, it was extremely possible for Roasting Sun Sect to take out their anger on Falling Flame Merchant Guild.

“Get out of the way!”

Even though this gray haired old man was a genuine Throne, he was only at the first level of the Emperor Profound Realm, a low level Throne. To Yun Che, he was simply not a threat at all. Without even turning his head, he flung out his arm and a Phoenix Break broke through the air, colliding with that streak of cold light. The cold light completely dispersed instantly, yet Phoenix Break had not diminished at all as it directly smashed at the elderly man’s chest. Startled, the old man hurriedly blocked. After retreating seven or eight steps back, did he barely manage to withstand Phoenix Break’s might. However, both his sleeves had been burnt to a crisp.

“This is… phoenix flame!” The elderly man said in shock: “You’re from the Divine Phoenix Sect!”

Everyone clearly saw and felt the phoenix flame Yun Che had flung out. That was undoubtedly the phoenix flame, it was impossible to falsify, and phoenix flame was a profound flame that only the Divine Phoenix Sect possessed! Someone who was capable of releasing phoenix flames could only be a member of the Divine Phoenix Sect! A person at the pinnacle of the entire Divine Phoenix Empire!

“Hmph!” Yun Che snorted coldly. He didn’t reply, and obviously was not dumb enough to deny it.

Zhi Yao knew that he had kicked upon an iron plate. Under his remaining shock, all he thought was how he was going to dismember Yun Che’s body into ten thousand pieces someday. But once he personally saw Yun Che fling out that phoenix flame, his entire body trembled acutely… He would never be able to return this hatred. Divine Phoenix Sect was an existence that Roasting Sun Sect absolutely could not afford to provoke. His Roasting Sun Sect was known as the number two sect in Divine Phoenix, but the difference in strength between the two was as different as the sky and earth.

“So… So it’s a brother from the Divine Phoenix Sect… It was I, who had eyes but did not see. These injuries are not at all unjust…” Zhi Yan had on a begging attitude. How could he possibly be the least bit arrogant and forceful? “If I had known earlier that it was a brother from Divine Phoenix Sect… even if I had guts as large as the sky, I wouldn’t dare to offend you… If brother doesn’t feel satisfied, please leave me your sound transmission imprint. I… I will personally visit with a gift to apologize another day…”

Being beaten until his bones were shattered, organs receiving injuries, yet still needed to anxiously apologize. This was the huge deterrence and influence Divine Phoenix Sect had in Divine Phoenix Empire. Everyone else in the room had already stood up, and firmly stood in place. They did not even dare to breath in too deeply as they looked at Yun Che with eyes filled with reverence. As for Gongsun Yu, who had been continuously sneering at Yun Che, he was sweating profusely. Both his legs quaked and it seemed as if they would collapse at any time.

That elderly man stepped forward and said while trembling: “For an esteemed customer from Divine Phoenix Sect to be here, this old man had eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai, and even allowed esteemed customer to be disturbed. I truly… deserve death… Xiao Qi, what are you staring blankly for? Why haven’t you given him back his profound coins?”

“Ye… yes.” Xiao Qi was also somewhat pale with nervousness as she fumbled to get the purple profound coins.

“No need.” Yun Che moved his leg away from Zhi Yan’s chest, “You don’t need to be that nervous. I am not the type of trash near my feet that relies on force to bully another. As long as others don’t provoke me, I won’t bother to provoke others… You may continue.”

After he finished speaking, Yun Che no longer paid any attention to anyone as he turned around and walked toward the exit. Everyone followed him with his eyes as he stepped out while secretly heaving a sigh of relief. No one dared to say anything, lest it catch his attention.

Once he arrived in front of Gongsun Yu, Yun Che suddenly tilted his head and coldly looked him in the eye. With a startled cry, both of Gongsun Yu’s legs went limp as he fell on the ground with his butt… Only until Yun Che had walked very far away did he recover his senses. He had nearly lost control of his bladder.

Divine Phoenix Sect ruled over Divine Phoenix Nation for five thousand years, its fame had long been well-established. It’s deterrent force was at a level that other nations were unable to understand… Yun Che couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. If the Blue Wind Emperor was also this strong, the previous turmoil in the imperial family wouldn’t have happened.

Just as he was about to exit the room, a peculiar sensation suddenly came from behind. Yun Che’s footsteps paused, and instantly turned around. Seeing every face filled with reverence, with a few terrified ones, his gaze briefly swept past each and every person. After slightly knitting his brows, he left with slow steps.