Chapter 465 - Sky Reaching Ancient Fortress

Chapter 465 - Sky Reaching Ancient Fortress

Ji Qianrou appeared and intentionally stopped Ye Xinghan. To Yun Che, this was an unexpected surprise.

Ji Qianrou’s speech and actions all exuded a demonic aura, but his conceit was not only just written on his face, it was imprinted within his bones —— This was the impression Ji Qianrou left for Yun Che.

The day before, Yun Che had went to look for Ji Qianrou to strike a conversation and helped him cure the toad poison that has been bothering him for years. Partly, it was in order to thank him for speaking on his behalf at the arena, but even more so, it was so that he would owe him a favor… Because to such a self conceited and arrogant person, when he owed a favor, it had be repaid no matter what.

He didn’t expect that, he would receive Ji Qianrou’s repayment so soon.

However, he knew that Ji Qianrou would not kill Ye Xinghan, and how long he was able to block him was also an uncertainty. Therefore, Yun Che didn’t relax one bit as he carried Feng Xue’er and sprinted with all his might, leaving behind a trail of sweat.

Time flowed past quickly. In this barren, empty, yet mysterious and abnormal world, even the flow of time would cause one’s senses to be fuzzy. Yun Che started to feel exhausted; he could no longer tell how long he had been running. It could have been seven to eight hours, or maybe fifteen to sixteen hours. His speed started to slow down before he finally collapsed to a stop and sat on the floor, breathing deeply.

During his previous life in the Azure Cloud Continent, frequently having to escape was already a norm. However, this was the first time in his two lives that he had felt such immense pressure and danger. Because this place was simply too barren. All skills related to hiding, disguising and even anti-tracking abilities were all useless. Otherwise, if this place had been mountainous or was a forested area, even if he were carrying Feng Xue’er, it would not take too much effort for him to shake off Ye Xinghan. Last time, Burning Heaven Clan sent eight elders whose strength and speed largely outclassed him, but he had still tricked them in circles.

“Big brother Yun… You’re sweating a lot…” Feng Xue’er said with her dimly lit eyes.

Yun Che wiped his forehead with his hand and laughed: “To a man, sweating this much is nothing at all. I can only blame myself for not being strong enough and running out of strength so quickly.”

“That’s not true… Big brother Yun is awesome… More awesome than anyone else…” Feng Xue’er gently said: “Are we… safe now?”

“No idea, but we’re probably safe.” Yun Che consoled.

“Look in front!” Jasmine suddenly said.

Yun Che’s concentrated at once and rapidly looked up before becoming stunned.

In front of him, the barren empty land had disappeared and a dark blue wall stood tall there. It was so tall that it blocked the view of the sky and so wide that the ends could not be seen. With Yun Che eyesight, he couldn’t see its boundaries, whether horizontally or vertically.

Directly in front of Yun Che, the bluish black wall had an opened stone door. The stone door was three hundred meters tall and and three hundred meters wide. Everywhere else was filled with many stone windows that were tens of meters tall and wide. Between the windows was just a stretch of grey, it was impossible to tell what was inside.

This is…

Yun Che looked up and his mind went into a trance for some time. In regards to such a massive structure where the borders could not be seen, he should have clearly seen it from hundred of miles away. Furthermore, this place was so barren that even if the infrastructure was a hundred times smaller, it would no doubt be exceptionally out of place and spotted immediately.

However, he had never seen it at all when he was sprinting over. From his vision, this was undoubtedly a barren land previously.

It seemed as though this massive structure had appeared out of thin air!

“From the looks of it, it probably is an ancient massive fortress!” Jasmine carefully said: “Its aura is extremely old and it should be a building of the Primordial Era. It might be something that existed along with the Primordial Profound Ark and not something built in later.”

“Why didn’t I see it previously?” Yun Che asked in surprise: “Jasmine, when did you know it was there?”

“Just now.” Jasmine replied.

“Just now?” Yun Che was in shock.

“You don’t need to be shocked,” Jasmine calmly said: “Even though this fortress is extremely old, the strength of the profound formation on its surface has not completely disappeared. The entire fortress is being covered by a massive primordial protective profound formation. Not only can the primordial protective profound formation protect the fortress from being damaged by nature, it also possesses immense hiding abilities! Though the fortress is massive, unless one comes within three hundred meters of it, one would not be able to detect its existence. Furthermore…”

Jasmine hesitated for a while before continuing: “This primordial profound formation also seem to possess the spatial powers. If my guess is correct, this fortress is likely able to move on its own!”

A fortress that could move on its own?

This already sounded too fantastical.

“Xue’er, according to the records of the Primordial Profound Ark by your sect, were there any mention of this fortress?” Yun Che asked Feng Xue’er, who was beside him.

Feng Xue’er shook her head gently: “I have never heard my father mentioning it, so probably not.”

The whole fortress was bluish black and the design was simple but old. Also, it seemed to give off a mysterious and heavy atmosphere. Yun Che looked at it for sometime and his strength had only seemed to recover a little as he asked: “Jasmine, how big is this fortress?”

“It’s best you don’t try to go around it.” Jasmine replied calmly: “Its massiveness is something beyond your imagination. Even I cannot detect where its boundaries are. If you want to go around it before this world closes, it is simply impossible.”

“That big?!!” Yun Che said in shock.

“You don’t want to go in and look around?” Jasmine calmly said: “This is an structure within the Primordial Profound Ark; even I’m interested in it. All these years, the treasures those people wanted to find from the Primordial Era might be in here.”

Yun Che stood up, and after confirming there was no unusual aura from behind, he lifted his head halfway and walked forward slowly.

Soon, he arrived in front of the fortress doors. At this time, Yun Che was only a few steps from the door and the massive door was completely opened. However, he could still only see a greyish patch, unable to clearly see the inside. He stopped as he held his breath and tried to scout what was beyond the door for a moment before finally stepping in.

It was like he had stepped from one world into another. The light, ambiance, aura, space, even his sight and hearing sensitivity all underwent massive changes. In front of him, was a massive and empty hall. Numerous extremely tall stone pillars stood within the hall. The stone tiles on its base, the walls surrounding it, the top and the enumerated stone pillars were all the same bluish black color, and also emitted an antique smell and aura.

Yun Che turned around. His eyes landed onto the entrance which he had just passed through. It was now a greyish patch like before and he could not see the outside anymore. He thought for a while, before hastily retreating.

The surrounding world changed drastically yet again and Yun Che once again returned to the barren land in which the fortress previously stood. Below his feet was the obvious footprint that he intentionally left behind earlier, proof that this was where he stood earlier.

After confirming that he could exit without obstacle upon entering, Yun Che was relieved and once again entered the fortress.

The hall was massive; even bigger than the ranking tournament’s stadium Yun Che was in the previous day. Yun Che’s eyes swept across the surroundings as he slowly proceeded. The sounds of his footsteps and his intentionally suppressed breathing was exceptionally clear within this massive empty hall.

What exactly is this place?

Yun Che walked for a very long time before he finally saw the end of the hall. On the walls surrounding it, there was a stone door every sixty meters. Some of the doors were open and some closed. Behind the open doors were paths that lead to unknown destinations. At the end of the hall was a huge, round stone stage. The stage was thirty meters tall and three hundred meters wide.

On the right of the stage were very tall stone stairs that led to the second level of the fortress.

“Jasmine, did you discover anything?” Yun Che stopped and asked.

“Actually, I don’t know anything either, but I can confirm that there is no aura from any living things here, nor is there any aura left behind from anyone, other than you, who had just come in. This, is most likely a long forgotten primordial ground! You should take a look around. You might find some unusual discoveries. If you are able to obtain an artifact from the Primordial Era, even if it is the lowest grade, it would undoubtedly be a huge treasure.”

Yun Che nodded. After hesitating for a while, he walked towards the big stone stairs and went up. He didn’t know how many levels were there; even Jasmine was unable to detect just how many levels there were to this fortress, hence, he didn’t even need to try to guess. Even if he found out that there were thousands or tens of thousands of levels, Yun Che would not be shocked.

On the stone stairs, Yun Che slowly ascended and looked downwards at the same time. From the top, he observed the massive hall on the first level. Just as he looked on top of the round stage, he concentrated and stopped ascending.

Because at the time, he seemed to feel a red glow flash past his eyes.

It was exceptionally quiet and was still a field of bluish black. Therefore, even though the red glow was extremely weak, it seemed striking and out of the ordinary. Yun Che didn’t even think as he hugged Feng Xue’er and jumped down from the stone stairs, steadily landing above the stage as he fixated on the position where the red glow was at.

“What did you find?”

“...I’m still not sure.”

Yun Che walked forward as he slowly reached the end of the stage. Then, the weak red glow seemed to flash pass his eyes again, which caused him to hastily stop moving. His eyes firmly fixated on the crack between two bluish black rocks that were on the stone stage.

Yun Che knelt that as he looked closely and indeed, when he focused between the two bluish black rocks, at the narrow crack that was difficult to make out with the human eye, a faintly blinking red glow shot out.

There’s something below here!

Jasmine had said that this was the place left behind from the Primordial Era and was definitely extremely old. But the thing below was still emitting a light. This must be from an unusual artifact that had been left behind.

If it really was some extraordinary treasure, the Sky Poison Pearl should have detected it. Why did the Sky Poison Pearl have absolutely no reaction?

Yun Che stretched out his hand and intensely smashed this crack. A “bang” instantly sounded as his hand bounced back. He felt pain from his skin and bones, yet the two bluish black rocks were perfectly fine, not even damaged in the slightest.

“You want to break it? With your strength, this is definitely not possible! Xia Yuanba is a mid-stage Overlord and he’s still not able to break an ordinary rock from the outside. The rocks within this fortress are much stronger than the rocks outside. Even if you were to attack it at full strength for tens of years, it would not be damaged in the slightest.” Jasmine said ruthlessly.