Chapter 449 - Xue’er’s Heart

Chapter 449 - Xue’er’s Heart

Feng Xue’er’s profound aura was soft and gentle, not in the least aggressive and oppressive, but everyone present felt a kind of gentle, yet completely irresistible feeling of suffocation.

Yun Che was the closest to Feng Xue’er, and felt it the most clearly. He looked at Feng Xue’er, his heart flooded with deep shock and disbelief, and also an indescribably illusory feeling.

Previously, when Xia Yuanba arrived, the tyrant aura from his body caused Yun Che to feel an extreme sensation of shock. However, although Feng Xue’er’s aura didn’t contain the slightest degree of Xia Yuanba’s tyrannical overbearingness, the feeling it brought Yun Che was far more boundless and ethereal than what Xia Yuanba had…

It was like the difference between a tranquil ocean and a monstrous tidal wave!

Xia Yuanba’s sudden frightening change in strength was both shocking and unbelievable to Yun Che, but it didn’t go as far as to cause him to turn pale with astonishment. He was certain that if he had enough time, he would also be able to reach that kind of realm. But Feng Xue’er’s aura… the feeling it brought Yun Che was actually… an enormous power that simply shouldn’t belong to this world! It was realm that he was simply incapable of touching or pursuing with his current level.

She had saved him, and taught him the World Ode of the Phoenix… The Xue’er that was as beautiful as an angel and as flawless as a fairy. The Xue’er that was fond of pure snow and had the most simple and beautiful smiling countenance. The Xue’er that had the most ethereal fairy voice, calling him “Big Brother Yun” and making pinky promises. The Xue’er that had snuggled against him intimately, and danced for him within the snow…

She was actually… situated someplace he couldn’t even look up to… a mythical, dream-like realm…

He was certain these feelings weren’t misperceptions, because his line of sight was directly facing the Four Great Sacred Grounds’ seats… With unparalleled clarity, he saw the incomparably violent change in expression on all the faces of those from the Four Sacred Grounds… A change in expression that was many times greater than when they had seen the eighteen year old Overlord Xia Yuanba.

He was also finally starting to understand why Princess Snow’s standing in the Divine Phoenix Sect was so revered and extraordinary… On the seats, she was actually sitting on equal footing with Feng Hengkong; even the princes had to sit in the secondary seats. He also understood why Feng Hengkong’s protectiveness towards Feng Xue’er had reached such a peak…

“Master, her strength… what level is it at?”

From Feng Xue’er’s body, Xia Yuanba felt the same indescribable oppressive sensation. With his current profound realm, after Feng Xue’er released her profound aura, he was actually still incapable of detecting her level. Seeing Spiritual Master Ancient Blue’s expression of shock, Xia Yuanba couldn’t resist but ask.

Spiritual Master Ancient Blue restrained his expression and took a deep breath before his mental state was able to calm down. He said: “She is the Divine Phoenix Empire’s Princess Snow I told you about on the way here… Feng Xue’er. She is only sixteen years old this year, and her profound strength… is actually… half-step… from the Sovereign Profound!”

“!!!!” Xia Yuanba’s entire body froze for an instant, incapable of speaking for quite a while. The current him was already not the Xia Yuanba of old, who was unclear about the concept of levels. He was incomparably clear that a sixteen year old half step into the Sovereign Profound was an extremely frightening concept!

“It looks like that rumor is true…” Spiritual Master Ancient Blue said with an extremely low voice, thinking aloud about something Xia Yuanba didn’t understand.

“It looks like that rumor is true.” At nearly the same time, Ling Kun’s gaze slanted towards Ye Xinghan while saying the exact same statement.

“Of course it’s true!” Ye Xinghan was so moved and excited that his entire body trembled. His gaze released an unprecedented glow: “This news was told to me by ‘that person’; how could it be false. Moreover, ‘that person’ will immediately help me obtain this most perfect woman… this most perfect incubator! If I can obtain her and the ‘Nine Profound Exquisite Body’ Elder Ling has spoken of simultaneously, I would cast away all other women without the slightest hesitation!!”

Ye Xinghan appeared so excited that he looked to be bordering on madness. When he spoke of “that person”, a crimson silhouette instantaneously swept through his gaze.

“Ahhhhh, this Ling Kun’s vision is never incorrect. I believe that not long from now, Young Hall Master can become Profound Sky’s number one expert, a monarch that no one will be able to stand side-by-side with… I congratulate Young Hall Master in advance.” Ling Kun said as he smiled with squinting eyes.

Other than Ancient Blue, who was a Monarch, the three people from the Sacred Grounds that made frequent contact with Monarchs, and those from the Divine Phoenix Sect that were aware of Feng Xue’er’s secret, there was not a single person in the stadium that was capable of detecting the level of Feng Xue’er’s profound energy, yet it was sufficient for them to feel how terrifying it was; it was just like a heavenly plane. In comparison to the Yun Che that stood across from her, his aura was simply so small and weak it was as if it didn’t exist at all.

Princess Snow was renowned throughout the world because she was Divine Phoenix Sect’s only princess, but even more so because of her “Profound Sky’s number one beauty” peerless complexion. No one would have thought her profound strength was actually frightening to this extent. And even though they were personally witnessing and feeling it, they still froze for a very long time, unable to snap back into reality, and were even more incapable of believing everything.

And at this time, the Phoenix flame on Feng Xue’er’s body suddenly died out, and the wisps of golden light between her eyebrows also faded away.

Yun Che stared at her blankly… He really wanted to gaze at her eyes. He wanted to know whether her view of him was still that tender, trusting, and intimate… or if it was filled with anger, disappointment, and grief…

At this time, Feng Xue’er suddenly turned around gracefully, and asked Feng Hengkong: “Royal father, Xue’er has a question; may I request royal father to provide an explanation?”

Feng Hengkong blanked for a moment, then nodded slowly: “Xue’er, speak.”

Feng Xue’er nodded, then said lightly: “Royal father once mentioned the rules of the Seven Nation Ranking Tournament to Xue’er. If Xue’er hasn’t remembered incorrectly, in the Ranking Tournament, one nation should only send out a maximum of ten people. Our Divine Phoenix Nation’s ten participants… Fourteenth Brother, and Senior Brother Feibai and the others, were already defeated under Yun… Che’s hand, which also signifies that our Divine Phoenix Nation has already lost to Blue Wind Empire. In that case, why don’t you declare Blue Wind Nation as the victor right away? Also, why did royal father still want Xue’er to come here?”

The entire stadium became completely quiet. Everyone was well aware of Feng Hengkong’s goal. This was already unrelated to the ranking tournament; he wanted Feng Xue’er to enter the stadium because even though they had suffered a crushing defeat in terms of bloodline, after their defeat in the ranking tournament, they would be able to retrieve the dignity of the Divine Phoenix Empire’s strength, prestige, and bloodline through Feng Xue’er revealing her astonishing strength.

Otherwise, after today, the entire Profound Sky Continent would know that Divine Phoenix Sect’s Phoenix bloodline was defeated by a Phoenix bloodline which had come into being elsewhere. At that time, not only the six nations, even the citizens of Divine Phoenix Empire would gradually have more and more questions.

And Feng Xue’er did just that. She had revealed her profound aura for a short span of a few breaths’ time, and even the people from the Sacred Grounds were thoroughly shocked, let alone those from the seven nations.

Thus, although Feng Xue’er appeared to have asked a very foolish question, this question was unexpectedly difficult to answer. Because fundamentally, Divine Phoenix Sect was just not resigned to their loss, and they wanted to make use of Princess Snow to fish up some face… so much that they didn’t hesitate to use, or should it be said that they had no other choice but to reveal their trump card they had protected and kept hidden for many years, to the world.

Feng Hengkong didn’t speak for a while. Feng Ximing stood up hurriedly, and voiced: “Xue’er, the reason is actually very simple. What you need to do right now is raise your hand lightly and knock Yun Che down. As for the reason, royal father will tell you later. Even though the ranking tournament has already ended, and the result is that we did indeed lose to Yun Che, we must prove to everyone that we lost merely because we didn’t send out our strongest expert. Regardless of whether it is strength or bloodline, our Divine Phoenix Sect is insurmountable.”

Feng Xue’er shook her head slowly, then said lightly: “If… it’s like this… Xue’er is willing to concede directly.”

Feng Xue’er’s words caused Yun Che to feel moved, and caused the faces of everyone in the Divine Phoenix Sect to fill with surprise. Feng Feiyan said immediately: “Xue’er, this matter isn’t as simple as you think it is. This matter concerns the honor and dignity of our entire Divine Phoenix Empire.”

Feng Xue’er replied with a light voice: “In Xue’er’s world, Xue’er is completely unable to understand why this kind of matter concerns the honor and dignity of the Divine Phoenix Nation in anyway. Is it that honor must mean victory in victory and defeat? And dignity must mean strength in strength and weakness?”

“Yun Che clearly defeated Fourteenth Brother in a fair one versus one fight. Fourteenth Brother was defeated, yet the nine senior brothers whom we had originally agreed not to send out joined hands onstage. Furthermore, once they came up, their attacks were sufficient to be deadly… Yun Che also clearly defeated Senior Brother Feibai and the others, why wouldn’t you be willing to announce his victory? Rather, you want me… someone who obviously shouldn’t participate in the ranking tournament, to go on stage…”

“The Phoenix bloodline on his body obviously doesn’t come from our bloodline, yet why must you deny it so persistently?”

No one would have thought the ordinarily sweet-tempered Feng Xue’er, would actually speak these words suddenly… It was like she was questioning, like she was puzzled, yet it was also like an inquisition.

Feng Ximing opened his mouth, and said with some difficulty: “Xue’er, royal brother knows you have a very kind-hearted temperament, and might think that we are being a bit excessive. But, but… some things really aren’t as simple as you think… Moreover, we can’t completely ascertain his bloodline doesn’t come from our Divine Phoenix Sect; there’s still a sliver of chance that it is…”

“No, royal brother is incorrect.” Feng Xue’er shook her head lightly: “Xue’er can prove that his bloodline indeed does not come from our sect.”

The entire stadium suddenly became a field of bewilderment. Feng Xue’er turned around, extended her hand, her palm facing Yun Che’s forehead. A wisp of flame flickered along her palm, and in the area between Yun Che’s eyebrows, a spot of golden light glimmered, then rapidly formed a golden flame shape.

Yun Che: “...”

“Go... Golden Phoenix Imprint!” Feng Hengkong and company startled, and looked at the golden colored phoenix mark between Yun Che’s eyebrows with faces full of shock.

“On Xue’er’s body is Phoenix blood and power directly bestowed by the Phoenix God, so, Xue’er can instantly distinguish whether the Phoenix bloodline in his body came from the lineage of the Phoenix God.” Feng Xue’er said slowly: “The Phoenix God also said before, that the golden colored phoenix imprint will only appear on the body of the person who carries the purest Phoenix blood. His Phoenix imprint is golden, which proves the Phoenix bloodline within his body was bestowed upon him the most directly, and not a bloodline passed on from previous generations.”

Feng Ximing was transfixed to the golden imprint on Yun Che’s forehead, and stared fixedly for quite a while: “Xue’er, this… this…”

Feng Xue’er faced Divine Phoenix Sect’s seats, her voice like a leisurely cloud: “Xue’er knows Xue’er disobeyed your wishes, and must have made you all disappointed and angry. However, there are many things that Xue’er truly doesn’t understand… Our Divine Phoenix Nation was defeated, and another person possessing the Phoenix inheritance has appeared from within the Profound Sky. Royal father, royal brother… is this not something worth being happy about? Why would you deny all this regardless of everything? You clearly want to protect Divine Phoenix Nation’s honor and dignity, yet why are you trying so hard to destroy them?”

Feng Hengkong’s mouth opened, unable to utter even half a word for a while. This was because, in her entire life, this was the first time Feng Xue’er had spoken so much at one time, with those kinds of words… As the father who believed he understood her the best, he was directly frozen stupid in this instant.

“Xue’er is fond of everything she has, and is proud that she was born and raised in Divine Phoenix Nation. Since a very young age, Xue’er has known that the Divine Phoenix Nation is the largest empire in the Profound Sky Continent, and is also the most powerful nation in terms of strength… however, why does Xue’er feel that her homeland is so tiny all of a sudden… really so tiny…”

“The Seven Nation Ranking Tournament has already existed for many years, and Divine Phoenix Nation has won every single year in the past. This time, our Divine Phoenix Nation was defeated by Blue Wind Nation, and Blue Wind Nation used its own strength to defeat Divine Phoenix… Although Divine Phoenix lost, it doesn’t mean that Divine Phoenix has become weak. Rather, it means that someone from the six nations that can defeat the Divine Phoenix has finally appeared. Not only is this a breakthrough for Blue Wind Nation, it is also a breakthrough for the profound practitioning world of our entire seven nations. Could it be that this isn’t something all profound practitioners should be happy about? Being forthcoming and declaring our defeat while proclaiming the victor to everyone, isn’t this something a large nation must do, the most ordinary of conduct?”

“Senior Brother Feibai and the others attacked Yun Che as nine, and from the get-go they attacked with sufficient lethality. When Yun Che defeated them, he clearly could’ve easily killed them all, yet he didn’t do so. However, not one person from our Divine Phoenix expressed any gratitude; rather, we’ve continued to make things difficult for him… In terms of bearing and moral character, Divine Phoenix has thoroughly lost to Blue Wind. Even in terms of dignity, we’ve thrown it all away ourselves.”

The mouths of the people from the Divine Phoenix Sect gaped wide; not a single person could speak. Yun Che stared at Feng Xue’er blankly, also speechless for a long time.

“Our Divine Phoenix Sect’s strength comes from the Phoenix God’s inheritance. Without the Phoenix God’s bestowal, there wouldn’t be today’s Divine Phoenix Sect. Every one of us Divine Phoenix disciples should harbor the most devout gratitude… Yun Che’s bloodline is also from the Phoenix, and he is even the direct inheritor from the Phoenix God’s spirit. But, why is it that you all think of denying it by fair means or foul, and only think of using the cruelest methods to erase it rather than seeing him as someone connected, as a clansman through bloodline, mutually assisting each other and developing the Phoenix Spirit’s bloodline and power together… From this kind of selfishness, Xue’er cannot see any honor or dignity; it only makes Xue’er feel foreign and afraid…”