Chapter 418 - Snow Dance (2)

Chapter 418 - Snow Dance (2)

Dragon flesh was originally the world’s most delicious meat. This, added with his expert roasting technique, still made Yun Che, who had almost eaten all of the Flame Dragon’s flesh, secretly gulp.

“Waah… Smells good! Something smells good!”

The fragrant aroma of the dragon meat lured over Princess Snow, who had always been playing with the Snow Phoenix. She stood there, staring unblinkingly at the skewered dragon meat in Yun Che’s hands. Once she came closer, the intensity of the scent assaulted her nose, causing her to unconsciously gulp a few times.

“What is it? It smells so good… This is the first time I’ve smelled something this good.”

Princess Snow was Divine Phoenix Sect’s most precious pearl, the environment she grew up in was one an ordinary girl could never imagine. Accompanying her everyday was the most extravagant of meals. He never knew that the dragon meat he roasted due to his hunger would lure her over, and even made her secretly gulp cutely a few times. Yun Che’s heart throbbed uncontrollably. He stopped burning his phoenix flame, and lifted up the already roasted dragon meat: “This is dragon meat, has Your Highness never eaten it before?”

“Dragon meat? I think I ate it before.” Princess Snow was a bit uncertain: “But, I’ve never smelled such fragrant dragon meat… Can, can you let me have a bit of it? I really want to know how such a fragrant meat tastes.”

Even though she was currently talking with Yun Che, her clear eyes continuously stared at the dragon meat in his hands. That hungry expression caused Yun Che to have an urge to pounce over to kiss her. At the same time, he was a bit sad… In her eyes, it’s fine if I, the number one beautiful man in all of Blue Wind Nation, oh no, all of Profound Sky Continent cannot compare to the Snow Phoenix, but it seems like I can’t even compare to roasted meat...

Toward her hopeful, longing expression, even if Yun Che’s heart was ten times more firm, he still wouldn’t have the power to refuse. He handed over the already roasted dragon meat to Princess Snow, and said magnanimously: “Of course. If Your Highness likes it, you can eat all of these, I still have quite a lot leftover.”

“Really… Thank you.”

Princess Snow happily extended her white arm. Then, when she was a few seconds away from the dragon meat, she withdrew her hands back, and asked embarrassedly: “Can you… throw it over to me?”


“Because royal father said this before, no one is allowed to touch my body, especially men. I can’t not listen to royal father’s words, so… so…”

Yun Che was slightly stunned… Hua Minghai said that during the time before and after Princess Snow turned thirteen, she had never appeared anywhere. This meant that Divine Phoenix Sect was extremely protective of Princess Snow. But he’d never expected that no one was allowed to even touch her body… The protectiveness Divine Phoenix Sect had for her was simply at an incomprehensible extent.

Then, him intruding into Princess Snow’s territory, talking to her at such a close range, being in contact with her for so many days… If Divine Phoenix Sect were to know of this...

Yun Che immediately realized that he had touched upon Divine Phoenix Sect’s huge… it’s greatest taboo yet, one that was several times more taboo than him possessing the Phoenix bloodline!



Since he had already committed such a huge taboo… Then, committing it a little longer is fine! Besides… his grievances with Divine Phoenix Sect was getting progressively harder to dispel!

Yun Che smiled. Without saying anything, he pushed out with his palm, and the dragon meat slowly floated toward Princess Snow. Princess Snow stretched out a hand to take it while shooting Yun Che a light smile: “Then I’m going to eat it.”

As her sweet voice fell, she gently sniffed it, then slightly opened her lips and bit into it with her pearly teeth. The deliciousness instantly made her eyes glow: “Waah~~ So good… too good! So there’s actually such tasty meat in this world…”

The first swallow made the girl react exaggeratedly. She began to take consecutive bites. Her eyes blurred with intoxication as she became completely absorbed in the deliciousness that she had never tasted before. Even though she ate quite impatiently, her table manners were still pleasing, each and every small bite was graceful. As he watched her not wolfing down the food, Yun Che’s gaze gradually became dumbstruck, even his stomach’s hunger was forgotten. On this girl, no matter where on her body, and no matter what she did, she possessed a dazzling, irresistible charm that no one was able to resist.

More than a large half of the dragon meat had quickly been eaten. At this time, the young girl suddenly thought of something. She looked at the remaining dragon meat, then jogged over to the Snow Phoenix: “Little White, I’ll give you something really yummy to eat, this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten, you know!”

Yun Che: “!#¥%……”

Princess Snow placed the dragon meat near the Snow Phoenix’s beak, yet the Snow Phoenix faced up, expressing its refusal. Yun Che walked over and said with a smile: “The Snow Phoenix Beast was born from an extremely cold place and only eats ice, snow, or rain. It doesn’t like eating meat.”

“Oh, so it’s like that.” Princess Snow took back the dragon meat, tilted her head, and then asked quite earnestly: “Snow Phoenix Beast? This name is even weirder sounding than Little Chan. Little White still sounds the best, right, Little White?”

“Then I’ll eat the rest all by myself!”

The young girl sat , leaning against the Snow Phoenix’s soft body and slowly enjoyed the delicacy in her hand. With each bite, an incomparably beautiful smile blossomed on her snowy face. Seeing her like this, Yun Che was once more dazzled. He couldn’t help but uncontrollably blurt out: “If you like it, I can roast it for you every day.”

The young girl blinked her beautiful eyes, then began to laugh happily. Her brows bent into two crescent moons as her eyelashes softly fluttered like butterflies: “Hehe, you’re so nice. I just knew that someone who’s able to become Little White’s owner must be a really good person.”

“...Your Highness, why do you like Little Chan so much?” Yun Che asked.

Without even bothering to think, Princess Snow smiled sweetly in reply: “Because Little White is so beautiful. The most beautiful profound beast I’ve ever seen. Look, Little White’s entire body of white is the same color as my favorite snow.”

“You like… snow?”

“Mn!” After the word “snow” was brought up, Princess Snow lowered the delicious food in her hands. Lifting up her face that was even more fair than snow, she said somewhat absent-mindedly: “I’ve only heard of ‘snow’ from my royal brothers, but I’ve never seen it before. Snow had also never fell upon Divine Phoenix City before, but when I was thirteen years old, a huge snow storm suddenly fell upon Divine Phoenix City… That was when I finally realized how beautiful snow was. The sky fluttered with white snowflakes, making me feel like I was in another world, and when snowflakes landed on my body, they were like beautiful fairies…”

“That day was the happiest day, most exciting day of my life, it was as though I had a beautiful dream. But very quickly, the snow melted. After that, I’ve always longed for snow, but have never seen it ever again. Royal father said that only the north of Divine Phoenix Empire has winter, where people can see snow. But royal father has told me many times that before I turn twenty, I’m not allowed to leave Divine Phoenix Sect... I really don’t know when I can see snow again.”

The young girl sat in a daze, her longing and thirst were distinctively printed in her eyes and expression. Yun Che didn’t know why she would like snow that much, perhaps, only the purest of snow could stir her pure spirit.

“Your Highness, please close your eyes.” Yun Che stood up, and suddenly said mysteriously.

“Ah? Why do I have to close my eyes?” Princess Snow looked at Yun Che in puzzlement.

Yun Che stretched out a hand, with the hollow of his palm facing upwards: “Your Highness doesn’t need to ask. When you open your eyes, you’ll understand.”

“Mn, okay.” Princess Snow apparently thought it was something fun as she closed her eyes with a smile.

Yun Che raised his head, then activated Frozen Cloud Arts… Even though he still had severe injuries on his person, his profound strength had recovered to about thirty percent, he still had enough energy to use Frozen Cloud Arts to make a little snow. Immediately after, a gust of cold wind rose as the surrounding water elements quickly assembled, fusing with the profound energy Yun Che released, transforming into snow that fluttered in the sky, and slowly fell down.

“Your Highness, you can open your eyes now.” Yun Che withdrew his hand and said softly before staring at her jade face, awaiting her reaction.

Princess Snow opened her eyes as a stretch of snowflakes also softly fluttered down on top of her nose. Then, even more snowflakes descended, brushing past her long hair, cheek, and hands… In that moment, Princess Snow went dumbstruck. Her lips opened and her expression grew misty as she stared blankly at everything, as though she had found herself inside a dream.

“It’s snow… snow!”

Princess Snow happily stood up, both her hands cupped the unceasingly falling snowflakes as she happily jumped about in the snow, as though she was a fairy that had found home. Her happiness even seemed to have infected the atmosphere as the breeze became even more gentle.

“It’s really snow… so cold, so beautiful.”

She happily exclaimed in excitement, each sound she made was like the sweetest music in the world. Immersed within the snowflakes and a thin layer of recently accumulated snow, she faced upwards as happiness blossomed on her smiling face, as if she had unrestrainedly released all her joy within the snow.

“Are you the one who made it snow? How did you do it?” Princess Snow tossed the snow cupped in her hands at her own face. She looked at Yun Che with an emotionally moved and thankfulness. But even more so, there was a kind of faint admiration in her gaze.

“Secret.” Yun Che smiled mysteriously. Seeing that she was this overjoyed, a sense of satisfaction rose in Yun Che’s heart.

“Thank you!” Princess Snow smiled in elation. Even though she was curious, she didn’t really want to know the answer that much because she was already submerged in happiness and contentment. She spread out both arms and lightly spun inside the flying snow. Then, she adorably yelled at Yun Che: “I’ll dance for you, okay?”

Without even waiting for Yun Che to response, or perhaps Yun Che had forgotten to reply, Princess Snow let out a heavenly laughter as she picked up the corner of her skirt. She tossed aside her small exquisite shoes and her flawless ankle and feet immediately appeared in Yun Che’s line of sight. The pair of delicate feet that were pure and translucent, snow white and tender, stepped onto the white snow that was unexpectedly less fair than her delicate skin. Each of her toes were like the world’s purest of pearls and jade, they were dainty, and glistened with the luster of gems.

Snowflakes still continued to float down. A small portion had also fallen onto Yun Che’s body. Inside the world of snowflakes, Princess Snow began to gracefully dance. The lower skirt portion of her beautiful phoenix robe fluttered with her elegant movements. Crystals of jade, one after another, let out an enchanting brilliance. Even the golden colored phoenix on her clothing seemed to be gracefully dancing... But, how could the dance of the phoenix even match Princess Snow's beauty that made one breathless? Her delicate and tender body was like duckweed rippling on the surface of the water, like the willow branches swaying in the wind, and was so fantastical that it was like a dream... Even the dance of goddesses in the Heaven's palace, perhaps wouldn't be any greater than this.

Yun Che watched on dumbfoundedly, his gaze fixated without moving for a long time... Her laughter resounded beside his ears and inside his heart. The picture of her lithely dancing within the snow, every single moment was deeply imprinted inside his memories and soul.

He knew, that in his entire lifetime, he'll never be able to forget this graceful dancing silhouette.